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🍽 | The secret to reproduce at home is ... “Pork rose” How to make “ground meat ramen”, a popular Tianjin dish in Sapporo


The secret to recreating at home is ... "pork rose" How to make "ground meat ramen", a popular Tianjin dish in Sapporo

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As the taste changes, the range of home-cooked rice is likely to widen.

"Chinese Cuisine Shuho" offers Tianjin cuisine, which is rare in Hokkaido.Among them, "ground meat ramen" is a shop ... → Continue reading


An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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