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🍽 | Fried lunch, fruit sandwiches and gateau chocolate! ?? "Side dish delicatessen Umeda"

Photo Source: Living Sendai Web

From fried chicken lunch to fruit sandwiches and gateau chocolate! ?? "Side dish delicatessen Umeda"

If you write the contents roughly
Side dishes range from 200 yen to 700 yen, and I think the cost performance is very good.

Hello.I'm yumi, a local correspondent.For the past few months, I've been tired from getting up at 5:XNUMX every morning.At that time ... → Continue reading

 Living Sendai Web

We will deliver lunch, events, word-of-mouth information, city news in front of Sendai station, Ichibancho, Izumichuo, Nagamachi, and all over Miyagi.

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COSPA CORPORATION(British: COSPA Inc.) IsTokyoShibuya WardHeadquartered inCosplayFor costumesClothesA company that produces and sells products and conducts character merchandising business.


broccoliSponsoredCosplay dance partyBy Yoshiyuki Matsunaga (currently President and CEO) who planned and produced "Cospa",1995Founded as Costume Paradise Co., Ltd. in May. After that, in developing not only cosplay costumes but also various character content business businesses,1998In February, the trade name was changed to the abbreviation "Cospa Co., Ltd." At this point, the etymology of COSPA was changed to "Content Communication Partner (COntents COmmunication Service PArtner)."

For the production and sale, a formal license is obtained from the copyright holders such as publishers. In addition to handling ready-made outfits, we also accept custom-made outfits in a shape that meets the shape and needs of the orderer.

"G-Store", a directly managed storeShibuya,Akihabara[2],Nagoya,Osaka,Fukuoka,千葉,SendaiIt is deployed in each city of.

In recent years, in addition to cosplay costumes, we have been developing and selling licensed character goods and apparel products with character motifs, as well as hosting various events such as cosplay events as a business of related companies. , Online shopping site for character goods,Cosplay maid cafe"CURE MAID CAFE'" (March 2001),Internet radio"Otozumi", community site "BEWE, Etc.

Brand development

The brand organization was reviewed in April 2005 and divided into 4 systems.

Character apparel and miscellaneous goods
Costumes such as cosplay costumes
Visual band artist goods, miscellaneous goods, toy products
Simple for partiesDisguiseCostume
Two-dimensional COSPA
Character goods for core users such as moe products
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Garage kit-Doll・Mini costumes for dolls.
Formerly the doll brandA-ZONE"C-ZONE", a mini costume brand for dolls.
Kirara Fantasia
Kirara Fantasia Costume All 16 Kirara Lamp Match Plush Claire Cork Polka Canna Linee Sora Al Seeve Sugar Sesame Cardamom Salt Ginger Fennel Mint

Cospa Tabrier Group

A corporate group consisting of four companies including Cospa.Board MemberAre also partially duplicated.

Tablier CommunicationsLtd.
contentProduction/promotionBusiness sector. Planning/sponsoring/operating of various events, planning/production/broadcasting of Internet radio programs, advertisement production/promotion business, content copyright management business, planning and production of network solutions, etc.
Tablier marketingLtd.
Retail businessDepartment. Operates directly managed retail stores, online shopping malls and maid cafes specializing in character-related goods.
Character goods planning department.Trading cards, Planning, manufacturing and sales of various character goods.


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  2. ^ There used to be directly managed stores under the "Cospa" and "XNUMXD Cospa" brands.

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