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🍺 | Goromaru, who has retired from active duty, says, "I want to drink beer and enjoy the France World Cup."

Photo Ayumu Goromaru who participated in the Asahi Breweries press conference

Goromaru, who retired from active duty, said, "I want to drink beer and enjoy the France World Cup."

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Asahi Breweries will become the first Asian company to become a worldwide partner at the World Cup in France, and "Asahi Super Dry" will become the official beer of the tournament.

Former Japan national rugby team FB Goromaru Ayumu (XNUMX), who retired from active duty on the XNUMXth, announced on the XNUMXth that Asahi Breweries' rugby ... → Continue reading

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Asahi beer

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.(British: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.) IsJapanMajor ofbeerAt the manufacturer Asahi Group HoldingsUnder the umbrella of Co., Ltd.subsidiary.


1949(Showa24 years),Dainippon BeerEstablished by splitting a joint-stock company.Mainly after the splitWest JapanJapanese beer from 1954 to 1960market shareで2位を維持していたが、1961年に3位になって以降シェア低下傾向が続き、1980年代前半から中盤は4位寸前の低迷期に陥った。しかし、外部出身の社長主導による社内改革の進展や、現在も主力商品となっている「アサヒスーパードライ」の発売以降、驚異的に経営状態を回復して1988年には2位となり、1998年にはビール単独、2001年にはビール類(ビールと発泡酒の合計)市場におけるシェアで1位となった。

2000 eraからwhisky,BrandySuch asWineBusinessDistilled spiritsWe have made a full-scale entry into such fields through our subsidiaries.

2011May 7,Holding companyWith the transition, "(former) Asahi Breweries, Ltd." became "Asahi Group HoldingsLtd.The trade name was changed to.On the same dayCompany splitThe current corporation "(New) Asahi Breweries, Ltd." (2010May 8Established as "(former) Asahi Group Holdings"), the entire business was transferred.Asahi Breweries finally became a holding company among the four major Japanese beer makers.

ShiramizukaiIs not a member of the Sumitomo Group Public Relations Committee,Sumitomo Bank→Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationDue to the fact that the management team was sent in with the loan ofSumitomo GroupOften treated as a company[2].1985Held inScience ExpoSumitomo GroupPavilionAsahi Breweries was also listed as a member of the Sumitomo EXPO '3 Committee when exhibiting "Sumitomokan 85D --Fantasium".[3].

The golden heat shield glass in the head office building in the photo is made by Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., a member of the same Sumitomo Group Issuikai.Designed by Tsukuba Science City at that time.

CompanyThe slogan is "All for the customer's "good!"』.


1889(Meiji 33) Founded.1949(Showa 24)Dainippon BeerEstablished by splitting a joint-stock company.

The split of Dainippon Beer splits the company with its main brand, Asahi Breweries (sold in Western Japan).Sapporo beerIt took the form of being divided into (sold in eastern Japan), but the Dainippon Beer that promoted this divisionTamesaburo YamamotoAs the managing director became the first president of Asahi Breweries, various speculations were made.Yamamoto was born in Nihon Beer Spa, which was merged with Dainippon Beer, and was a product inherited from the company and was well-known as a national brand.Mitsuya CiderIn addition to Asahi Breweries inheriting these two brands, prewar Dainippon Breweries concentrated capital investment in western Japan, and as a result, most of the state-of-the-art equipment belonged to Asahi Breweries. Met.

Furthermore, since the Asahi brand had been established in western Japan before the war, there was a demand for new Asahi beer mainly in western Japan.Of beermarket share(Share) was 38.7% for Japanese beer (currently Sapporo Breweries) and 36.1% for Asahi beer at the time of the split.Kirin Beer25.3%, the second place among the three companies, continued to be the second place alone until 3, and in 2, the share of Japan, Kirin, and Asahi was the same rate of the three companies due to the distribution of raw materials.[4][5]In 1954, the first place was Kirin, the second place was Asahi, and the third place was Japanese beer, and the company maintained the second place until 1.[4]Yamamoto was also active as a major figure in the Kansai business world.

But,High economic growthWithTokyoAs the concentration on the market progressed, the region-oriented division led by Yamamoto eventually ended, and the market share dropped to the third place in 1961, and the third place was in place until 3.[4]..In the capital Tokyo, it competes with Nippon Beer (renamed Sapporo Breweries in 1964), which has the same roots and is also unfamiliar with the brand name.Even in the Kansai area, which can be said to be the local area,SuntorySince President Yamamoto turned to support when the beer was released, the burden of competing in the same wholesaler eventually occurred, and the draft beer competition in the 1970s was sluggish.

In the mid-1980s, the market share fell below 10%, and in 1985 it was 9.6%, just before being overtaken by Suntory (4%) in 9.2th place, and there is a sense of crisis in the internal situation.[4], Although the assets were sold by 1985[6]Since the management has not experienced a deficit since the split, the seriousness is low, "Sunset beerDespite the situation being ridiculed, there was also an atmosphere of satisfaction with maintaining the status quo.[4].

To remedy this situation, the presidentSumitomo BankIn the past, sent continuously fromマ ツ ダHas experience in rebuilding in a short period of timeMurai TsutomuWas appointed[4]..Murai revitalized the company by working on reforms from the time he took office and bearing fruit, and in that, he said, "I should change the taste and label of the main product beer to let Asahi know his claim and heart." Officially with the taste of the main beer, in response to the growing opinion ofCI markWas decided to change[4]..To grasp the current situationmarketing researchFrom the summer of 1984 to the summer of 1985, a total of 2 people were surveyed on taste and taste in Tokyo and Osaka, saying, "Most consumers, especially young people, not only bitter, but also the taste when they are in the mouth. "We are looking for richness and comfort (sharpness)", and unlike the "heavy taste with strong bitterness" that is the characteristic of conventional main products including other companies in the same industry, changes in consumer perception Product development was promoted based on the concept of "richness and sharpness" that was potentially sought after in Osaka.[4][7].

1986(61) On January 1, the CI activity "New Century Plan", which had been progressing as part of the reform, was announced externally and changed to the new CI mark.On the same day, "Asahi Draft Beer" with the taste of "Koku Kire" and a new label was announced.[4]..Asahi draft beer will go on sale in February of the same year[8].. Continued in March 1986Sumitomo BankSent fromHirotaro HiguchiIs appointed president.At this time, there was talk of selling Asahi to Suntory under the hood, and Higuchi was strongly sent in with the intention of liquidating the company when he took office, but Suntory refused in the sale negotiations. It was decided to change direction by reaching the end[6]..During the same year, aggressive sales promotion activities for individuals and businesses focusing on Asahi draft beer and significantly increased advertising activities were carried out, and Higuchi, who was the new president at that time, also stood at the site of the tasting campaign and listened to the opinions of consumers. As a result, the product became a hit, and the sales volume of the company as a whole increased by 11.9% from the previous year, and the market share returned to 10.4% and 10% level.[4][9].

In March 1986, started a new product development project, codenamed "FX"[10]..The prototype was completed in June of the same year, and FX was highly evaluated by conducting tastings for officers such as Higuchi.Asahi draft beer released in February of the same year performed well, and there were voices from within the company concerned about competition for products within the company at the final stage of FX commercialization, but Higuchi decided to release "FX".[11].. FX was named "FX" on January 1987, 1.Asahi SuperdryWas announced on March 3, the same year.Capital AreaLimited sales started, and the sales volume target for the same year was 100 million boxes per year[11]..Asahi Super Dry was in a modest position among the three new beer products released in Asahi at that time, and the media before and after the release date was small and concise.[4]..However, after the release, additional orders were placed one after another at the wholesaler, and the shipment volume reached 4 boxes as of April of the same year, and in May of the same year, the nationwide sales scheduled around the summer of the same year started ahead of schedule.The sales target was also revised upward to 70 million boxes, and in August of the same year, a capital investment plan was started to increase production capacity by 5% in one year from the sales forecast.In November of the same year, the sales target was further revised upward to 400 million boxes, and the actual sales volume in 8 reached 1 million boxes.[4]..Super Dry December 1987, 12Nikkei circulation newspaper"62 year hit product numbering"[12]It became a hit product that was selected as a Yokozuna in Japan.[4].. In 1988, other companies in the same industryDry beerI challenged withDry warAlso won, and sales and market share recovered dramatically, and the share of the same year recovered to 2nd place, overtaking Sapporo.[4].. Aggressive capital investment in 1989 and 19901990 eraThe management strategy that concentrates management resources on Super Dry and promotes the strengthening of sales strategy and freshness management that specializes in it has been successful.[6],1998(HeiseiIn 10), beer ranked first in the market share in Japan (second in the market share of beer including low-malt beer at that time).[4].

Since the latter half of the 1990s, other companies have been able to improve prices and improve quality.Low-malt beerAsahi said, "While increasing sales ofAsahi will compete with only one dry bottle and beer.Happoshu will not be releasedI once declared[9][13]..The reasons for this are that Super Dry was doing well, and that it took time to solve the problems in the early stages of happoshu development, and the quality that could be put on the market was not reached.[9].. However,deflationWhile the share of happoshu is increasing due to the trend of happoshu, the new beer products released by the company have been sluggish almost every year during that time, and the sales of the flagship product Super Dry have begun to appear. By using barley extract and deep sea water, the problems of the peculiar smell and miscellaneous taste of the prototype at the beginning of development were solved.After the product that satisfied the quality was completed, the policy was changed and the reason was explained as "because the happoshu category was established".2001(13) Entered the happoshu market with "honsei" in February[9][13]..The company ranked second in the share of low-malt beer in 2001 due to the strong performance of the students, and overtook Kirin in the share of Japanese beer (beer and low-malt beer at that time) in 2 for the first time in 2001 years since 1953. Returned to[5][9][14].

After that, there was a tax increase for low-malt beer,2005So-called from (17)Third beerEnter the market.However, as a result of the share competition,2006(18) In the January-June period, Kirin Brewery took over the top market share for the first time in six years, but it rebounded in the second half of the year and maintained the top position by a small margin in the year.

Torii PharmaceuticalWas made a subsidiary in 1987 (62), but in 1998 (10)JTTransferred shares to.

2001(13), there was a capital relationship for some timeNikka WhiskeyAfter acquiring all the shares of, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary.whisky,BrandySuch asWineFull-scale entry into the business.Also,2002In (14)Kyowa Hakko (currently Kyowa Kirin)とAsahi KaseiLiquor business (SakeTake over),Distilled spiritsWe are also entering fields such as.

Of the four major beer companies, it was the only company that maintained the business holding company system until the end, but due to changes in social conditions, the operating company was spun off on July 4, 2011, and was a pure holding company. Shifted to the system.


  • 188911 --Established a limited liability Osaka beer company.
  • 1891 --Completion of Suita Village Brewery (later Asahi Breweries Suita Factory).
  • 1892 -"Asahi beerReleased.
  • 18932 --Changed the company name to Osaka Beer Co., Ltd.
  • 1897May 7 --Opened a full-scale beer hall "Asahiken".
  • 1900 -"Asahi draft beerReleased.
  • 1901 --Sapporo Breweries Co., Ltd. Tokyo Factory completed (later Asahi Breweries Azumabashi Factory → closed in 1985).
  • 1906May 3 --By the joint venture of Osaka Beer, Japanese Beer, and Sapporo BeerDainippon BeerLtd.Established.
  • 1907 --Launch of "Mitsuya Hirano Champagne Cider".
  • 1909 --Launch of "Mitsuya Cider".
  • 1921May 4 --Completion of Hakata Factory of Dainippon Beer Co., Ltd. (later Asahi Breweries Hakata Factory).
  • 192710 --Nippon Beer Izumi Co., Ltd. factory completed (later Asahi Breweries Nishinomiya factory → closed in 2012).
  • 1935 -"Asahi StoutReleased.
  • 1949
  • 195111 -"ValeryOrange ""Will Kilson"Tansan" released.
  • 1952May 4 --Launch of "Total Sugar Mitsuya Cider".
  • 1957 -"Asahi GoldReleased.
  • 1958 --Canned "Asahi Beer" released.
  • 19593 --Launch of canned "Bireley's".
  • 1962 --Completion of Tokyo Omori Factory.
  • 1964 -"Asahi SteinyReleased.
  • 19655 --Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd. factory (beverage division) completed (later Asahi Breweries Hokkaido factory).
  • 1966
    • April-Hokkaido Asahi Breweries, Ltd. factory (beer division) completed (later Asahi Breweries Hokkaido factory).
    • 12 --Completion of Kashiwa Factory (later Asahi Soft Drinks Kashiwa Factory).
  • 1967 --"Mitsuya Remora" released.
  • 1969 -"Asahi Beer HonseiReleased.
  • 1972June --Completion of Fukushima Factory (beverage division).
  • 1973March --Completion of Nagoya factory.
  • 1979March --Completion of Fukushima Factory (beer division).
  • 1980November-Acquired the trademark right of "Bireley's".
  • 1981October-Canned coffee "Mitsuya Coffee" is released.
  • 1983January-Acquired trademark rights for "Walkinson Tansan".
  • 1985October --Declaration of introduction of CI.
  • 1987May 3 --Japan's first dry draft beer "Asahi SuperdryReleased.
  • 1989
    • May 1 - Asahi Breweries, Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
    • 10 month - TokyoSumida-kuOn the site of the former Azumabashi factory in Azumabashi, "Asahi Beer Tower"Complete.
  • 19902 --Canned coffee "JO" released.
  • 1991 --Completion of the Ibaraki factory.
  • 1996 --The soft drink division was spun off andAsahi BeverageEstablished Co., Ltd.
  • 1998 --Completion of Shikoku factory.
  • 2001
    • Low-malt beer"Asahi Honsei"(Current draft) released,Low-malt beerEnter the business.
    • Nikka WhiskeyBecame a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Can Chu-HiGoritchReleased,Chu-HiFull-scale entry into the business.
  • 2002
    • Completed Kanagawa factory.
    • Okinawa's top brand,Orion beerForm a comprehensive business alliance with.
    • Kyowa Hakko Kogyo(Currently: Kyowa Kirin)'s alcoholic beverage business (Kanoka, Daigoro, Cocktail Partner, etc.)Asahi KaseiAcquired the alcoholic beverage business division (Hiriki, seasonal fruit squeezing, etc.).A new company "Kyowa Hakko Kogyo"Asahi Kyowa Liquor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Was established.
  • 2003 --Tokyo Omori Factory closed.
  • 2004
    • PET bottlesWe were planning to release beer with beer, but announced the postponement.
    • Announced that it has agreed to acquire South Korea.
  • 2005
    • Asahi Kyowa liquor manufacturing due to the expiration of the joint venture contract with Kyowa Hakko Kogyo[Annotation 1]Became a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Beer-flavored new alcoholic beverage (so-calledThird beer) "Asahi newborn"(Later newborn 3) released.
    • Chilled beverage makerElbyTheKanebo FoodsAcquired from.
    • LotteLotte Asahi Liquors from South Korea was established to jointly invest with.
  • 2006
    • Baby food makerWakodoTheDaiichi SankyoAcquired from.
    • The third beer following "Newborn 3"Asahi Gubinama.""Asahi GokuumaReleased.
  • 2007
    • Made Wakodo a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Major food manufacturer KagomeAnd business and capital alliance, "TomateReleased.
  • 2008
    • Asahi BeverageBecame a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • Freeze-dried food makerAmano businessAcquired.
    • The head office is located at the Azumabashi Headquarters BuildingTokyoSumida-kuchange to.
    • March-Third beer "Clear AsahiReleased.It will be the first blockbuster product in the same series of alcoholic beverages.
  • 20094 month - AustraliaSoft drink maker (2nd in the country)Schweppes Australia,Cadbury GroupAcquired from.
  • 2010
    • Asahi Breweries Group's unified corporate slogan "Share the excitement.Established.Asahi Beer, Asahi Soft Drinks,Asahi Food & HealthcareThree companies use this slogan.
    • Acquired (P & N), an Australian soft drink maker (3rd in the country), from the founder's family.
    • Sold Korean Haitai beverage.
  • 2011
  • 2012 --Nishinomiya factory closed.

Origin of the brand

There are various theories about the origin of the brand "Asahi" named by Osaka Breweries, but it is the birthplace of the founder, Komayoshi Torii.Sakai CityThe following theories related to are well known.When it was first established, it was written as "Asahi Beer" instead of "Asahi Beer".

"Asahikan" theory
KanseiからTempoOver the yearSakai PortIn parallel with this, a new land was formed in the southern part of the Tate River.Sakaehashi and RyujinYuriAsahikawa flowing to the west ofUchikawaOne of the diversions of.1956The west side of the landfill) was named Asahi-cho, and it was crowded as a scenic place facing the south of Sakai Port. Among them, the Asahi no Ie was known as one of the best teahouses in Sakai.After the Asahi no Ie was closed, Torii, who was the representative of the Sakai brewery association,1888(Meiji21), a social club in the same area for the purpose of promoting exchanges between Sakai brewers and high-ranking government officials and business people.AsahikanWas opened. "Asahikan" was named after "Asahi no Ie", but when entering the beer business, the "Asahi / Asahi" brand was used heavily and named "Asahi Beer".
"Asahi Bridge" theory
Torii's birthplace (currently Sakai City)Sakai WardGoing west from Kainochonishi 2-chome), you will reach "Asahikawa" over Asahikawa, and named "Asahi Beer" with the idea that you will never forget your origin as a brewer.After that, Asahikawa was reclaimed and "Asahibashi" was also removed, but "Asahibashi"Tenchu-gumiIt is a landing site, and at the original bridge point, "Sakai caseAlongside the monument of "Tenchugumi Landing" and the monument of "Tenchugumi Landing", a pair of bridge pillars of "Asahi Bridge" is preserved.In addition, "" located northeast of the site of Torii's birthplace.Xavier ParkAnother pair of bridge pillars of "Asahi Bridge" is preserved in.
Transfer theory from Gisuke Konishi
Beer has been manufactured since 17,Konishi Gisuke ShotenThere is also a theory that the brand name was handed over from.
The Osaka beer brand name "Asahi" was introduced by Gisuke Konishi, who had been selling Asahi beer in Osaka since 1884 (Meiji 17), when he learned of his plans in 1888 (Meiji 21). It is said that he decided to withdraw from the business and handed over the brand "Asahi" to Osaka Beer, which is scheduled to be established, and the company took over this as "Asahi".[15]
There is also a record from a memorandum of Toranoshin Omori of the Osaka branch of Dainippon Beer, saying that Gisuke Konishi told an Osaka beer official, "If you need it, you can use our trademark."[16]

Main products

For Orion brand productsOrion beerSee also section.


Asahi Superdry
Released in November 1987."Dry (KARAKUCHI)"It is also said to be a product that has changed the taste of Japanese beer.It is the only Japanese beer that has an annual sales volume of over 1 million boxes (1 box = 20 large beer bottles = 12.66 liters equivalent), and in 2008 it was converted into 350 ml (ml) cans and the cumulative total number of shipments since its launch Is the largest brand with over 1000 billion bottles.As competitors have shifted to fields such as low-malt beer and so-called new genres, they have a majority share of tax-law beer.By improving the yeast used and fermentation technology to increase the degree of fermentation,sugar contentLower andmaltAuxiliary raw materials other thanRice,corn,starch) Is relatively heavy, andAlcohol degreeWas set to 4.5%, which is slightly higher than the mainstream 5.0% at that time, so-called "Dry / dryI finished it with a taste.
After the hit of Super Dry, all the competitors in 1988Dry beerAlthough it recorded higher sales than the regular new products at that time, it became a competitive state with other products in the company and the image of "Dry beer = Asahi Super Dry" was formed by consumers. As a result, even if other companies advertised dry beer, customers would flow to the original Asahi, which in turn spurred the breakthrough of Super Dry.[4].
"Draft beer NO.1 Asahi Super DryKirin Lager was deheated in 1996 (due to the copy ofdraft beerHowever, in 1997, Kirin Lager fell from the top stock of the year that had been held for 45 years until the previous year, and Super Dry became the top stock of the year.[17].
1990 eraOr laterMolson(Canada)·Qingdao BeerExpansion outside Japan is also underway as a joint venture with (China), etc. (For details, seeAsahi Super Dry #Expansion outside JapanSee).
In 1998, a small bottle of beer "Asahi Super Dry SteinyIs on sale.2007In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the release of "Super Dry", a 350ml slim bottle was also released for a limited time.Okinawa Prefecture·KagoshimaAmami archipelagoPartially from May 2003Orion Breweries, Ltd.Manufacture and sales are outsourced to.
In February 2014, a complete improvement was carried out with quality improvement that introduced the first advanced yeast management technology in the 2th year since its launch.
Asahi Super Dry -Drive Rack- (Black beer)
Released on April 2012, 4.It has appeared as a black beer version of dry beer that has never been seen before.It also became the first horizontal product of the company's "Super Dry" brand.
Asahi Super Dry -Dry Premium-
Since it was sold as a gift-only product in June 2013 and was well received, it will be on sale for the whole year from February 6, 2014.The alcohol content was initially 2%, but has been raised to 18% after full-year sales."Super Dry Yeast" is used for "luxury brewing" that took a lot of time in the brewing process.It features a deep taste and a refreshing, clear and sharp taste.The first premium draft beer in the Super Dry series.
Asahi Super Dry -Dry Premium Fragrant Amber-
Released as a special gift for year-end gifts on November 2014, 11. While retaining the luxurious "richness" and "sharpness" of "Dry Premium," seven types of carefully selected hops and malt extract derived from black malt are used as part of the raw materials to create a deep and mellow flavor. Premium beer with aroma.Alcohol content is 5%.
Asahi Dry Premium Hojo
Released on April 2016, 4.It is a substantial successor to the Super Dry-Dry Premium-series and has an alcohol content of 12%.
Asahi Stout (Stout beer)
Released from 1935 (temporarily suspended during the war,1951It is a very long-lived product that has been reopened) and the only container is a bottle.Before the introduction of CI in the heat treatment manufacturing method and label in the company's productssymbol markIs the only one adopted.Produced only at the Suita Factory (the birthplace of Asahi Breweries)KantoとKansaiMainly sold. As of February 2013, it is manufactured by a major manufacturer in Japan and sold all year round.Top fermentationBeer with Asahi StoutKirin Beerof"Most squeezed There are only two types of stout (top fermentation at the time of renewal on February 2013, 2).
Asahi Premium Draft Beer Ripe
Carefully prepared the selected materials and aged for a long time.You can enjoy the deep taste and high-quality aroma.The catch phrase is "Beer that can only be found at stores. , From 2008, "The impression of the first cup does not fade in the second cup. 』.It is sold mainly at restaurants and other stores, but also at some alcoholic beverage stores.Rice and starch are used as auxiliary ingredients to widen the range of flavors.[18]..Such a thingPremium beerThen it is rare.Until now, medium bottles (500 ml), small bottles (334 ml), commercial barrels (5L / 10L / 19L) and canned beer (350ml) were set for gifts only, but in March 2008 On the 3th, cans (11ml, 250ml, 350ml) were released to the general public.However, after that, sales declined, with 500ml cans being discontinued in late October 250, 2010ml cans being discontinued around summer 10, and 500ml cans being discontinued around March 2011, and only bottles and barrels will be sold again. I was back. In December 350Seven & i GroupAs limited products, 500ml cans and 350ml cans were released.It is currently manufactured at the Suita Factory.
Asahi Orion Draft
Due to the partnership between Asahi and Orion, OkinawaAmami archipelagoEntrusted sales in areas other than.At the time of launch, a small "AsahiThe logo was printed, but it was moved to the bottom from the 2014 spring production.
Asahi Orion Sakura
Orion Breweries sells 100% malt limited beer in Okinawa every year at the end of the year, and Asahi Breweries also sells seasonally at convenience stores nationwide from 2009.
Asahi Orion summer best
The limited beer that Orion Breweries released in early summer in Okinawa will be sold seasonally at convenience stores nationwide from 2014 as Asahi Breweries.
Asahi The Extra
Seven & i GroupLimited merchandise. Limited quantity was released on September 2012, 9 with only 25 ml cans, and the sales situation exceeded the planned sales volume of 350 cases (large bottle equivalent), and it was well received, so 6 ml cans were added on February 2013, 2. It is on sale all year round.It is a 19% malt beer that uses carefully selected malt about 500 times as much as our company, and is characterized by "tasteful richness that spreads from the first bite" prepared with high concentration brewing and high alcohol (alcohol content: 1.8%), and aroma. "Gorgeous fragrance" by using hops and "high quality sharpness" by using carefully selected yeast are realized.It is produced only at the Nagoya factory and shipped nationwide.
Asahi The Dream
2016 year 3month 23 Date released[19]..Initially, the raw materials were composed of three types of raw materials: malt, hops, and starch, but with the complete improvement on February 3, 2017, 2% of sugar was converted to 7% malt as it is, and "Asahi" described later It is the first low-calorie type 50% malt draft beer in 100 years since "Super Malt".Alcohol content is 10%.

Limited to commercial use

Asahi draft beer (1900-)
It was revived after the latter half of the 1950s, and was called "Asahi Honsei" when it was first released.
Announced on January 1986, 1, renewed the taste and label of Asahi draft beer, and started selling in February.Based on market research, the taste was changed to a characteristic of "richness and sharpness", and the development code at that time was "Maruefu (F in Maru)).[20]The popular name was "Kokukire Beer"[18].Professional golfer OfIsao AokiとShoji OzakiAppointedTV commercialPromotional phrase "Even though it is rich, it is sharpHit with.It led to the hit of "Super Dry" released the following year, but from 1990 onward, with the policy of concentrating management resources on "Super Dry", in 1993, production of retail volumes including those for general consumers was started. Canceled.Production of barrel raw products for some restaurants (so-called commercial use) has continued for a long time at the Suita Plant (HokkaidoとKyusyu(Discontinued), but the stores that handle it are also in TokyoBIER REISE '98Several stores such as[20]It was very rare to see it in other areas.Previously, it was not introduced on the website, but from around March 2012, it was listed in the product information "barreled products", and it was not listed again in June 3. In 2012Brand siteWas opened, sales will be expanded nationwide again, and production will be carried out by the Fukushima factory and the Shikoku factory (News Release ・ March 2018, 3).In May 2018, 5ml and 350ml cans were released for general consumers on a limited basis (limited release until the end of July of the same year).In October of the same year, 500ml and 7ml cans were released to the general public again with a complete order reservation system.Furthermore, on September 10, 350, 500ml and 2021ml cans were released to the general public again, but this time they can be purchased without reservation. For CM charactersAragaki YuiIs appointed.Furthermore, on the 11th of 24, Asahi draft beer Kurosei 350ml / 500ml cans will be released to the general public.[21].
Asahi Amber Time (at the time of amber) (1996-)
Premium beer limited to barrels released on December 1996, 12.It is a traditional German Dunkel type, but like Asahi Super Dry etc.Rice-corn-starchAuxiliary raw materials are used.Manufactured at the Fukushima factory.

Low-malt beer

Asahi Style Free
Released on March 2007, 3% sugar.27th in 0 and 2008th in the first half of 11 in terms of beer sales volume by brand[22]..A substantial successor to the "honsei off-time" that existed in the past.It succeeded in leaving the taste while singing 0% sugar, and succeeded in securing its position as a standard product in low-malt beer.Initially, there were only 350 ml cans and 500 ml cans, but due to their popularity2008May 1A 250 ml can was added to.
Asahi Style Free Perfect
Released on May 2016, 5. It is the successor product of "Style Free [Zero Purine]" and realizes 31% sugar, 0mg purine, and 0.00 artificial sweetener.Alcohol is 0%.
Asahi Honsei Series
Asahi Honsei Draft
Red label normal type, released in 2007 as a successor to "Asahi Honsei".
Asahi Honsei Aqua Blue
Blue label, 50% off sugar type, the only product from the beginning.
Following the decline in Super Dry sales2001It was released from.Toyama BayDeep ocean waterHapposhu series using.
Asahi Red Eye
Released on June 2012, 6.Limited time sale at convenience stores (shipment is scheduled to be completed by August of the same year).With beertomato juiceHapposhu made from malt and tomato juice based on the cocktail "Red Eye". Released nationwide on May 2013, 5 in limited quantities.
Asahi Beer Spritzer
Limited release from September 2014, 9.White wine beer cocktail using Chardonnay juice.
Asahi Orion Beer Cocktail
This is a limited-time, limited-edition product released following the "Shikuwasa Beer Cocktail" and the newly released "Pineapple Beer Cocktail" in 2018.A product jointly developed by Asahi Breweries and Orion Breweries, it uses Okinawan mango puree.

New genre (3rd and 4th beer)

All products manufactured as of March 2010Liqueur (foaming) ①("Third beerIt may also be called.In Asahi, "New genre of wheat (origin)It is classified into).

Clear Asahi
Released on March 2008, 3th in 25 and 2008th in the first half of 8 in terms of beer sales volume by brand[22].. As of June 2010, it boasts the highest sales of all manufacturers as "liqueur (foaming) ①".Of raw materialsLow-malt beerUses the "clear-cut two-stage fermentation" manufacturing method used in.The theme is "Umami only. No miscellaneous taste".
リ ニ ュ ー ア ル
  • Shipment in late January 2010-Label design changed ("Clear Asahi" notation changed to larger), taste brushed up.
  • Shipments in late December 2010-Further refinement of label design and taste.Review the barley usage ratio for a clearer aftertaste.
  • Shipments in mid-December 2011-Improved taste and packaging quality.A clearer aftertaste can be achieved by reviewing the ratio of auxiliary ingredients used.
  • Shipments in mid-January 2013-Improved taste and packaging quality.A clearer aftertaste is achieved by reviewing the manufacturing process and raw material ratio.The package is "Creamy foam, clear aftertasteAddition of notation.
  • December 2015 Clear Asahi's first picked scent,2016On February 2, the Clear Asahi Cherry Blossom Feast was released.
Clear Asahi Luxury Zero
Released on February 2017, 2. This is the successor to the second horizontal development product of "Clear Asahi", "Clear Asahi Sugar 21", and the amount of wheat used has been increased 2 times from "Sugar 0" while keeping sugar 0% alcohol.
Clear Asahi Clear Seven
Released on July 2018, 7.Highly fermented manufacturing method that does not use sugar and uses grain raw materials.German pearl hops are used as freezing hops.3% alcohol.
Asahi off
Released on February 2009, 2. "Two offWith the keywordmetabolic syndromeRepresented byLifestyle-related diseasesIt is a "new genre of wheat" that emphasizes low calories and functionality for users who are concerned about problems.As part of the raw materialDietary fiberAnd soy peptide,glutamineOf originamino acidEtc. are included,PurineAchieve 85% off and 70% off sugar respectively.Due to its concept, it is the company's low-malt beer.A new genre version of "style-free" wheatThere is also a view that.Alcohol content is from the launch to the renewal in January 20143.5% or more and less than 4.5%(Actually about 4%)[Annotation 2]However, from the renewal in January 20154% or more and less than 5%It was changed to (actually about 4.5%), but as early as the same yearMay 6From the renewal of3% or more and less than 4%It was changed to (effectively about 3.5%), and at the same time, purines and sugars were reduced to zero, and the calories per 100 ml were significantly reduced (before renewal: 27 kcal → after renewal: 22 kcal).
リ ニ ュ ー ア ル
  • Shipments in late September 2009-Small changes to label design. Added "delicious off" notation.
  • Shipments in late January 2010-The label design has been redesigned again (as it is now, with the large green "Asahi" logo), and the taste itself has been slightly brushed up.
  • Shipments in late February 2011-Further brush up on label design and taste.Review the hop usage ratio to create a more fulfilling taste balance.
  • Shipments in late January 2012-Improved taste and packaging quality.By adjusting the balance of the ingredients, the taste will be even more satisfying.
  • Shipments in early February 2013-Improved taste and packaging quality.By adjusting the balance of the ingredients, the taste will be even more satisfying.other than this,"UmamifermentationWas newly adopted.
  • Shipment in late January 2014-While keeping the "two offs", the amount of malt-derived ingredients (malt extract) used has been increased (compared to conventional products) for a more satisfying taste.In addition, regarding the label design, in order to clearly appeal the content of quality improvement, "Only by increasing the amount of wheat”Is written large in the upper left, and the base liquid color is changed to a dark color.
  • Shipment in mid-January 2015-As mentioned above, the alcohol content has been changed to make the taste more satisfying than conventional products.In addition, regarding the label design, in order to clearly appeal the content of quality improvement, "Only by increasing the alcohol content, you can improve your response!Is written in a band shape in the upper left part.
  • Shipments in late June 2015-as mentioned earlierZero purines (less than 0.5 mg), zero sugar (less than 0.5 g)Renewed to.Change the alcohol content again,3% or more and less than 4% (actually about 3.5%)And some of the raw materials are the finest hops[Annotation 3]Has come to be used.In addition, regarding the label design, "Purine(Zero) ・ Sugar(zero)In addition to the large description, "In order to clearly appeal the content of quality improvement,"Use some of the finest hops to improve the taste!Is written in a band shape in the upper left part.
  • Shipments in late June 2016-In addition to zero sugar and zero purines, zero artificial sweeteners "3 O (zero)Is realized.Furthermore, carefully selected malt was used to enhance the taste of wheat.In addition, regarding the label design, "Purine O (zero), sugar O (zero), artificial sweetener O (zero)In addition to the large description, "In order to clearly appeal the content of quality improvement,"Use carefully selected maltIs written in the upper left part.
Asahi's finest <sharp taste>
It will be on sale from January 2019, 1.We used 29% wheat luxuriously to give it a drinkable taste, and by utilizing our unique high fermentation technology and cool hops, we suppressed astringency and miscellaneous taste and realized sharpness.Due to its conceptNew genre version of wheat of "Asahi Super Dry"There is also a view that.
Asahi The Rich
It will be on sale from March 2020, 3. It is a de facto successor to "Clear Asahi Prime Rich" and was developed with the aim of achieving a taste comparable to premium beer, with a focus on luxury brewing.
Asahi Orion Southern Star
Released for a limited time from May 2010, 5.It has a refreshing and light taste and a sharp feeling.Since then, it has been on sale for a limited time in early summer.
Asahi Orion Zero Life
A product that is light and easy to drink and has no sugar.Limited time and limited quantity products.
Asahi Orion Special X
A dry type product with a limited period and quantity.
Asahi Orion Splash Beat
It is a product that realizes a refreshing sharp taste by high fermentation manufacturing, and is a limited quantity product (it will be a product that has already been discontinued on the Orion side at the time of launch in Asahi).
Asahi Orion Churataimu
Released on July 2013, 7.Alcohol content 23%.Limited quantity and limited time products.A new genre with a refreshing taste and gorgeous aroma that is ideal for drinking in the afternoon on summer holidays.It is a jointly developed product of Asahi Breweries and Orion Breweries, and is manufactured at the Orion Breweries Nago Factory.Asahi Beer's "Clear Pop Fragrance Technology" and Orion Beer's "Two-Stage Filtration" method have been adopted, and Okinawa's water is used as the raw material.Name waterone of"Yanbaru water] Is used. From 2018, the product name will be changed from "Okinawa News".
On the Orion side, it was not released in 2013, but it was released as "Churataimu" from 2014, but it became a form that Asahi combined the name.
Asahi Aqua Zero
Released on May 2014, 5.Alcohol content 20%.With 4% sugar, three types of minerals, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, are supplemented at the preparation stage to achieve a drinkability similar to that of beer.

Beer taste beverage

Asahi Dry Zero
Released on February 2012, 2. 21ml cans and 350ml bottles were released, but the bottle products were sold in small bottles because the restoration of Steiny bottles was abandoned.Immediately after its release, sales were strong, so on June 334, the same year, 6 ml cans were added to the lineup.After that, since the renewal on October 5, 500, the number of calories and sugars has been completely reduced to zero.
Asahi Dry Zero Black
Released on June 2014, 6. It is a horizontal product of "Dry Zero" and has appeared as a black non-alcoholic beer version of beer-taste beer.Unlike the above Asahi Dry Zero, this has achieved zero calories and zero sugar from the beginning.The lineup is only 10 ml cans.
Asahi Dry Zero Free
Released on March 2015, 3. This is the second horizontal product of "Dry Zero," a beer-taste beverage that achieves zero calories, zero sugar, and zero purines.
Asahi Style Balance Non-alcoholic beer taste
Released on June 2015, 6.Indigestible to raw materialsdextrinAddedFoods with functional claims.
Asahi healthy style
Released on February 2016, 2. Like "Style Balance", the raw material contains indigestible dextrin, but this isFood for specified health useCertified by.

Foreign brands

Japan's first licensed draft beer made in a foreign country.100% malt.Initially manufactured at the Suita factory, production has now been transferred to the Fukushima factory.
Bass pale ale
Ale(Top fermentation)Beer.
Hoegaarden White
White beerHowever, it is classified as low-malt beer in Japan.
Stella Artois
Pilsner beer is classified as low-malt beer in Japan.
Abby (Convent) Beer, but in Japan it is classified as low-malt beer.
  • Leffe blonde
  • Leffe brown
  • Refraduse
  • Lef Vieille Cuvée
Pilsner Urquell
Released on May 2018, 4.[23]Canned items will be on sale all year round from April 2021, 4.[24]

Western liquor (whiskey, brandy, wine, etc.)

2001 years,Nikka WhiskeyAsahi Breweries sells whiskey and brandy manufactured by Asahi Breweries by making the company a wholly owned subsidiary.In 2002, it took over the liquor division of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo and put "" under Kyowa Hakko under its umbrella.

Distilled spirits

2002 years,Kyowa Hakko KogyoとAsahi KaseiWas taken over by Kyowa Hakko Kogyo and Asahi Kasei.ShochuHas taken over the sales of, and is making a large number of products.Place of originPart ofMikasa Foods OfAccident riceThe existence of the product that was using the product was discovered, and the product was self-collected.[25], Has resumed shipping since April 2009.


  • SAZAN (released in 2004, manufactured at Nikka Whiskey Miyagikyo Distillery)
  • Shochu Goro (released in 2011, diamond / mellow / Genji's commercial bag-in-box integrated commercial shell shochu)
Brands that took over sales from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo
  • Daigoro
  • Mini Goro
  • Izakaya Dai-chan
  • Diamond
  • Mellow
  • SUN -San-
Brands that took over sales from Asahi Kasei
  • Genji(Currently only 35% 18L bag-in-box sold)

Shochu such as wheat, rice, potatoes, soba

  • Kanoka (Sale was taken over from barley shochu, rice shochu, sweet potato shochu, and Kyowa Hakko Kogyo)
  • Genkai (sold from barley shochu, soba shochu, Kyowa Hakko Kogyo)
  • Tsukasa Satsuma (Authentic sweet potato shochu)


Chu-hi cocktail

In 2002, with Kyowa Hakko KogyoAsahi KaseiThe liquor division of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo and Asahi Kasei took over the sales of chu-hi cocktails (cocktail partner, high riki, seasonal fruit squeezing).Asahi also makes its own brand.

  • Asahi Cocktail Partner --A canned cocktail released by Kyowa Hakko Kogyo in 1997.Currently, it holds the second largest share of low-alcohol beverages.The core brand of Asahi Breweries' low-alcohol beverages. In the renewal in February 2, it was based on 2011 types of cocktail partner Fuwarich series, but in the renewal in March 2, the name was unified to cocktail partner again, and the 5 types that were the old design were also package renewed.Seasonal cans for spring, early summer, summer, autumn, and winter will also be on sale.
    • Cassis orange
    • Salty dog
    • screwdriver
    • Peach & orange
    • Mango & orange
    • Gin and tonic (October 1997-)
    • Moscow Mule (September 2002-)
    • Violet Fizz (February 2007-)
    • Melon & Vanilla (February 2007-)
    • Ocean Blue Fizz (February 2008-)
    • Asahi Cocktail Partner Deer Pink(September 2013-)
      • Mango & yogurt liqueur
      • Tororin Peach & Wine
      • Fragrant cassis & tea
  • Chuhai Hairik --In 1983, Japan's first household use (initially in a bottle)[Annotation 4]) AsAsahi KaseiUnder the umbrellaToyo brewing[Annotation 5]Chu-Hi released by. In April 2006, I changed the contents that had not changed for 4 years.[26], Grapefruit and green apple disappeared shortly after the renewal.
    • Lemon (can, bottle)
    • Oolong split (can only)
    • Plain (bottle only)
  • Asahi High Riki The Special --Released on March 2013, 3.A horizontal product of "Hiriki" developed by Asahi Breweries, it features a strong alcohol content and a strong vodka-based drinkability.
    • Lemon
    • grapefruit
    • Cassis orange
  • Asahi seasonal fruit squeezing refreshing feeling(With pulp)
    • Lemon (April 2007-)
    • Grapefruit (April 2007-)
  • Umeshu soda split that has been aged for five years
  • Asahi Slat --A brand originally launched by Asahi.Achieving a low calorie of 88 kcal (350 ml can) while containing pulp (at that time, it was literally the "minimum calorie", but since January 2010, each company has released 1 kcal chu-hi, which is lower than "Slat". Since it has been released, the notation of "minimum calorie" has been removed due to the improvement in February 70). Renewed in February 2011.
    • Grapefruit sour (February 2009-) * Old, grapefruit with pulp
    • Chardonnay Sour (September 2009-) * Old, refreshing white grapes
    • White peach sour (February 2010-) * Old, refreshing white peach
    • Aloe & White Sour * Old, milky sour
    • Lemon squash sour (February 2011-) * Old, refreshing lemon with pulp ... For the previously released "lemon with pulp"Vitamin CIs added.
    • Pomegranate & Orange Sour (February 2013-)
  • Asahi SPARX --Canned chu-hi with 9% alcohol and 70% off sugar. It will be on sale only at convenience stores on July 2010, 7. It will be renewed on February 6, 2011, and will be sold outside convenience stores.
    • Lemon
    • grapefruit
  • Freshly picked Asahi --Released on April 2016, 4.Alcohol content 5%.Juice squeezed within 9 hours after harvest is used.
    • Fresh lemon
    • Fresh grapefruit
    • Fresh grapes
  • Calpis Sour - CalpisLaunched on December 2013, 12 due to the end of the liquor business
    • Calpis Sour
    • Calpis sour grapes
    • Calpis sour ripe mango
  • Asahi dry shochu highball -Released March 2014, 5
    • Dry shochu highball
    • Dry shochu highball lemon
  • Wilkinson RTD - Carbonated water"WilkinsonA low-alcohol beverage with vodka and gin and tonic added.Alcohol content 5%.
    • Tonic + vodka
    • Ginger ale + vodka
    • Gin and tonic + lemon lime
    • Gin and tonic + bitter grapefruit (for a limited time)
  • KagomeJointly developed product with
    • Tomate ripe tomato fruity cocktail(Tomato liquor, first released in September 2007)
  • "Nikka" brand highball series -Released March 2015, 4
    • Nikka Highball
    • Black Nikka Clear Highball
    • Taketsuru Premium Highball

The above products are usuallyNikka WhiskeyIt is produced at the factory, but depending on the operating status of the factory, it may be affiliated.Asahi BeverageAnd it may be produced at the Asahi Breweries factory.

The brand inherited from Kyowa Fermentation Industry was manufactured by "Asahi Kyowa Liquor Manufacturing", but by 2005, it was all transferred to Nikka Whiskey or Asahi Soft Drinks / Asahi Breweries.The relationship between Asahi Breweries and Asahi Kasei came when the business crisis struck in the 1980s.Sumitomo Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), Asahi Kasei became the largest shareholder and had a business alliance.

Cocktail taste beverage

  • Asahi Zerokaku --Zero calories with 0.00% alcoholCocktail taste beverage"Asahi Double Zero Cocktail" will be released on September 2012, 9 in the form of a complete renewal.
    • Gin and tonic taste
    • Cassis orange taste
    • Chardonnay sparkling taste
    • Rum cola taste
  • Asahi Style Balance Sour Taste --Released on June 2015, 6.Similar to the beer taste of the same brand, it is a food with functional claims.
    • Lemon sour taste
    • Grapefruit sour taste

Plum wine

  • Gentleness plum wine
  • Asahi eight-year storage plum wine
  • Old-fashioned delicious plum wine made by grandma
  • Umeshu family
  • Diamond plum wine
  • Concentrated plum wine
  • Brown sugar concentrated plum wine
  • 5 years aged plum wine Jun Umeshu

Chinese sake

  • China Club Flower Carving

Products released in the past


  • Asahi Beer (heat-treated beer, 1892-1989)
    It was a beer from the beginning of its founding, but since the 1970s, the number of sales has gradually decreased since the mainstay was shifted to "Asahi Raw Beer", and production has continued since then, but the production equipment has been increased to super dry production. It was discontinued in March 1989 because of the allocation and "eventually it did not meet the needs of consumers", ending the 3-year history.
    • Asahi Steiny(Small bottled beer. After heat treated beer is sold out1998"Asahi Super Dry Tiny" is on sale in Japan)
  • Asahi Gold (heat-treated beer, 1957-early 1970s?)
    Initially, it was sold as bottled beer, and the following year, the first canned beer in Japan was released and became a hot topic.As mentioned above, on September 2009, 9, "Asahi Gold Reprint Edition", which was made into draft beer (non-heat treatment, almost the same method as Kirin Lager), is available in cans (29 ml and 350 ml).CVSReleased on a limited basis.
  • Union Beer (for export) --Sold all over Japan before the war.Goddess of Harvest.
  • Asahi Super East (Beer with yeast 1989-,CMInitiallyKen Watanabe, ThenTakaaki EnokiAppeared)
  • Asahi 100% Malt (1987-) This malt beer was announced at the same time as Super Dry, and was handled more than Super Dry at the time of launch.
  • Asahi Draft Beer Z -Zed- (1991-May 1997) Although it is a top-fermented beer, its individuality was weak due to its emphasis on sharpness. The first commercial is for professional golfersGreg Norman, ThenBeat takeshiAppeared and laterChisato Moritaka("Feeling refreshed""Lovely birthdaySee also),Hikaru NishidaAlso appeared.
  • (1991-) For commercialsTakeda TetsuyaとHiroko ShinoAppears.The commercial song isBEGINof"Because this is the beginning. "
  • Asahi Wild Beat (1992-1993) CMKoichi IwakiAppointed.
  • Asahiere 6 (1992-1993) Top-fermentedAle beer.. In the CMFuse HiroshiAppears.
  • Asahi Pure Gold (1993-1994) CMTsutomu YamazakiとYuji MiyakeAppears.
  • Asahi Harvest Festival (Autumn Limited 1994-1996)Kirin BeerIt was an autumn-only beer that was released in a way that competed with "Kirin Akimi". Initially for CMNobuhiko TakadaとHiroko MoriguchiAppears.
  • Asahi Double Yeast (1995-1996, CMUS Rice CLUB)
  • Asahi Shokusai Beer <firm type> (1996-1998)
  • Asahi Shokusai Beer <Mellow Type> (1996-1998)
  • Asahi First Lady (1996-1999) 20% off bitterness.Initially releasedMirror (beer)Although it was made, it was domestically produced in about a year.
  • Asahi First Lady Silky (1999-2000) 20% off the bitterness of the First Lady above.
  • REDS (1997) A renewal of the red beer "Aka no Nama", which was limited to Hiroshima Prefecture, and expanded the sales area.
  • DUNK (1998-1999) The concept was a Dunkel-type beer that you can easily drink. For CMMasayuki SuzukiAppears.Only Steiny bottles and 350ml cans were on sale.
  • Beer Water (1999-2000) A product with 25% less bitterness and a refreshing taste. The concept was to drink beer like water, but the taste isLow-malt beerIt was close to, and sales were sluggish.
  • WiLL Smooth Beer (1999,Matsushita Electric Industrial,Toyota,Kinki Nippon TouristEtc. and "WiLL”Co-launched brand, developed and released)
  • WiLL Sweet Brown Beer (2000, jointly launched and launched the "WiLL" brand with Matsushita Electric Industrial, Toyota Motor, Kinki Nippon Tourist, etc.)
  • Samadhi (2003)
  • Asahi Yeast Number (November 2005)
  • Asahi Mild Aroma (-Discontinued in August 2006)
  • Asahi Super Malt (Discontinued in 2000-August 2006)
    100% malt light beer and low calorie beer.It was hidden behind the overwhelming share of Super Dry from the time of its release, but it was on sale until December 2006.
  • Asahi Fuji(1999-End of production in January 2007)
    Mount FujiPremium beer brewed only with natural water.It was a long-selling product that continued to be manufactured even after the genre of ripening and prime time was released, and was sold for about eight years.
  • Asahi's commitment(Premium beer, InitiallyIto-Yokado,Seven-ElevenAfter the limited release of alcoholic beverage storesNBProduction ended in mid-May 2007.It was a chilled delivery, but the taste was not very unique.
  • The real thrill of Asahi(2007,AEON groupDraft beer sold exclusively at
  • Asahi Prime Time(2006-2009)
    2006May 6Released.100% malt all-malt premium draft beer using fine aroma hops from Germany. Only 350ml cans and 500ml cans are sold.After the canned beer series was added to the company's other premium beer, the Asahi Jukusen series, shipments ended in February 2009.
  • Asahi north craftsman(2006-2010)
    2006May 7ToHokkaidoRenewal of "Northern Craftsman" released for a limited time.The conventional product has achieved a refreshing taste that matches the food of Hokkaido by the "clear filtration manufacturing method" that reduces the astringent component contained in beer, but this time it is rich by the "long-term aging manufacturing method". It enhances the taste and the feeling of drinking. Shipment ended in April 2010.
  • Asahi Royal Brew
    Released on May 2009, 6.AEON groupLimited sale.It is 100% malt and contains three types of raw materials: Czech Saaz hops, North American Cascade hops, and Bitter hops.
  • Asahi evening sound (good)
    Released on May 2010, 7.AEON groupLimited and limited time sale.Using 100% malt, the alcohol content is set to 7%, which is slightly higher.It has both a malt-derived aromatic taste and a pleasant aftertaste.
  • Asahi Rich Foam Premium
    For a limited time in 2010, we will open a storeDepartment store100% malt draft beer that is limited to and sold only in the form of a gift set.We use hops from the Tettnang region of Germany.
  • Asahi Gold Reprint
    Released on May 2009, 9.CVSLimited sale and limited quantity.Whereas the original version (at the time of 1957) Asahi Gold was a heat-treated beer, this reprinted version makes full use of modern brewing technology.It was arranged as faithfully as draft beer.It was discontinued in November of the same year for a limited time, but was re-released on June 11, 2010.There are no store restrictions this time,It will be made to order by reservation.
  • First issue Asahi Breweries reprint
    Released on November 2011, 11. Manufactured at "Osaka Breweries Suitamura Breweries" (currently Asahi Breweries Suita Factory) in 29 (Meiji 1892), the taste of the "first Asahi Breweries", which was the origin of the Asahi brand, was as faithful as possible. Limited time product reproduced in.Although it was heat-treated at the time of its release, it is arranged in draft beer (non-heat-treated) by making full use of modern brewing technology based on the analysis values ​​and prescriptions at the time of manufacture.The package design also faithfully reproduces the label at the time of release, but the company name etc. are the current ones.25% malt.Manufactured only at Suita Factory.
  • Asahi World Beer Travelogue
    • German Merzen type (released on September 2010, 9)
    • Belgian Belgian Ale Type (Released on November 2010, 11)
    A new series of premium beers that will be released in limited quantities.
  • Asahi Organic Premium
    Mail orderPremium draft beer with 100% malt sold for a limited time.The raw materials malt and hopsOrganicAnd no pesticides are used.The order period is from September 2010th to October 9th, 27, and the quantity is limited.
  • Asahi The Master
    Released on May 2009, 5.Draft beer made from 26% malt is a de facto successor to Asahi Prime Time, which will be described later, but it is sold at a regular price range rather than premium beer.It uses German ingredients and brewing methods and is a qualification for beer brewing.MasterIs supervised by an employee who acquired the above in the country.Enjoy the taste of authentic all-malt beer, which is characterized by its richness.It was manufactured only at the Nagoya factory. Manufacture and shipment will end around December 2014.
  • Asahi Kurosei (black beer)
    Launched in October 1995.Until now, black beer had the image of "heavy bitterness", but with its unique manufacturing method, it has been redesigned to be a clean, light and easy-to-drink type of black beer with a sharp edge.After 9 beerIt became a best-selling product with the advertising phrase.
    Production ended in September 2015. Notification of discontinuation in October[27].

Regional beer

These regional beers have their own ties to each region, or have adopted the regulars of popular flagship programs in that region as CM characters.

Low-malt beer

  • Be
    Released in 1982, beer-like light cocktail, beer + juice, alcohol content 2%.
  • Asahi Honsei Series
    • Genuine
    Red label original,Deep ocean wateruse.The successor product isGenuine draft.
    • Asahi Honsei Off Time
    Uses green label and deep sea water.A type with less bitterness.The successor product isStyle free.
    • Asahi Honsei Gold
    Uses gold label and deep sea water.Drinking response type.The de facto successor productLuxury weather.
    • Asahi Honsei Limited Brewing
    Uses brown label and deep sea water. Not for sale exclusively for gifts in 2005.
    • Asahi Honsei Clear Black
    Uses deep sea water. Limited edition for fall 2006 and 2007.
  • Asahi winter gift
    A premium low-malt beer with an amber label, using 3 types of malt and 2007 types of hops, and aged for a long time. It was not for sale as a gift for XNUMX.
  • Asahi Sparkle
    Positioned as a super dry low-malt beer version.This idea was taken over by the later Cool Draft.
  • Asahi wheat scented time (when Mugi Kaoru)
    Released on May 2005, 9.LawsonJointly developed with.Germinated brown rice is used as an auxiliary ingredient, and the malt usage rate is 2% or more and less than 25%, which is about twice that of general low-malt beer. We used the same rich yeast as "Honsei Gold" and "Luxury weather".
  • Asahi luxury weather
    As a successor to "Honsei Gold"200611Released. In addition to using the same rich yeast as "Honsei Gold", a long-term aging method was adopted for low-malt beer. Manufacture and shipment will end in August 2009.
  • Asahi Ginger Draft
    2008Released in September.GingerGinger extract extracted from is added to the raw material, and it is a sparkling liquor characterized by a pungent spicy taste and a sharp throat. Manufacture and shipment will end in October 2009.
  • Asahi Fruit Brewery
    • Fruit brewery apple
    • Fruit brewery raspberry
    • Fruit brewery grapefruit

Beer is divided by fruit juice, but it is called "happoshu" under tax law.

  • WiLL Be Free (2001- Matsushita Electric Industrial(Currently Panasonic),Toyota,Kinki Nippon TouristEtc. and "WiLLDeveloped and released by jointly launching the brand) It was developed as a sparkling liquor that can be enjoyed like a citrus-flavored cocktail.
  • Asahi Cool Draft
    2009May 3It was released from.High-concentration wort is used for the first time in low-malt beer.It features a cool sharpness and a vivid throat.There is also a view that it is a sparkling liquor version of "Super Dry" because of its taste character. It was released with the catchphrase "Let's decide the best happoshu", aiming for a new standard happoshu, but sales are sluggish as the third beer becomes the mainstream of low-priced products. Above, the phenomenon of co-eating with the Happoshu draft occurred, and production and shipment ended in early May 2011.
  • Asahi Super Zero
Released on September 2014, 9.Happoshu with 2 mg of purines and 0% sugar, 0% alcohol. In addition to the blending technology cultivated in the development of non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages such as "Asahi Dry Zero," the use of rice lactic acid fermented liquid as a new raw material has realized a full-fledged drinking response similar to beer.
  • Asahi Style Free [Zero Purine]
Released on April 2015, 4. The first "style-free" horizontal product.Achieves 13% sugar and 0 mg purine. It is a substantial successor to "Super Zero," but alcohol is 0.00%.

New genre (3rd and 4th beer)

  • Asahi Shinsei / Shinsei 3
    2005In April, it was released as Asahi's first third beer, "Asahi Newborn".A beer-flavored brewed alcoholic beverage that uses "soy peptide," a plant-derived ingredient derived from "soy protein," instead of malt and wheat.The same yeast as Asahi Super Dry "Asahi 318Is used. "Other brewed liquor (foaming) ①" classified as "Third beerIt is an alcoholic beverage called.However, six months after its release, the sales of "newborn" were different from those of other companies' third beers ("Kirin Nodogoshi <raw>", "Sapporo Draft One", etc.). In November 3, it was renewed as "Asahi Newborn 2005 (Shinnama Three)" to put in products (CM isAkira Fukuzawa), The conventional "Newborn" manufacturing method was retained, and the "Newborn Triangle Preparation Method" realized a clear taste, but due to the decline in sales, production and shipment ended in February 2009.The technology to realize a dry taste without using wort cultivated in the new birth will be described later in "Asahi Dry ZeroIt has been inherited.
  • Asahi Gubinama.
    Released in May 2006. It is a product that pursues "easy to drink with less bitterness" and is classified as "Other brewed sake (foaming) ①". Like "Newborn 5"soy"Peptide" is used.It has a refreshing aftertaste and is easy to drink.Although it is a setting that contrasts with the "extremeness" described later, it was often displayed side by side. In the spring of 2007, a limited number of cherry blossom design cans were introduced, and the design was renewed based on the current light blue.Performers in a 9-can package limited to production in September and October of the same yearManami KonishiIt appeared with a photo of himself, and in October of the same year, a winter-only "winter soft hop" was introduced. Manufactured and shipped in February 10.As a result, Asahi Breweries withdrew from the "Other Brewed Sake (Effervescent) ①" type.
  • Asahi Extreme(Gokuuma)
    Asahi's firstLiqueur"Third beer". "Low-malt beerTo ""barleySpirits(Distilled liquor) ”Is classified as“ liqueur (foaming) ① ”.As the name suggests, it emphasizes umami, yet it is characterized by its sharpness that does not make you feel a good price. From the shipment in May 2007, the balance of raw materials and the packaging have been renewed to improve the refreshing aftertaste.Along with super dry beer and style-free low-malt beer, we succeeded in gaining the status of a standard product in a new genre.It will play a part in the 5 sales season, when each company is struggling.However, the hit "Clear Asahi" in 2007 surrendered its main position, and sales fell sharply, so production and shipment ended in mid-February 2008.
  • Asahi hydrangea
    Released on October 2007, 10.It is a liqueur-based genre "third beer" next to the above-mentioned "extreme", and is classified as "liqueur (foaming) ①". It has more than "excellence" and realizes a sense of fulfillment of deliciousness, but it is a little thinner and has a gentle taste compared to "wheat squeezing" and Sapporo "wheat and hops" of the same concept.The usage rate of wheat-derived raw materials is 23%, and the remaining 99.9% ishopIs.Conceptually, the competing product Sapporo's "Wheat and hops(Similarly, only barley-derived ingredients and hops) and Suntory's "Golden wheatIs close to. From the second year onward, sales of "wheat and hops" increased, and half a year has passed since the launch of the successor product "wheat squeezed", so production and shipment ended in March 2.
  • Asahi barley squeezing
    2009May 9Released.By using only barley-derived raw materials (malt, barley, barley spirits) and hops as raw materials, and increasing the amount of malt and barley used by 1.5 times (compared to our company), the taste and aroma of barley are further enhanced and firmly. It realizes the goodness of the richness and smoothness.Alcohol content5.5% or more and less than 6.5%..After the following year, sales will decrease,20113ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of the above, the shipment was suspended, and the production and shipment were terminated as it was, and "Ichiban Mugi" became a substantial successor product.
  • Asahi Relaxation Preparation <4VG>
    2010May 9Released.Alcohol content 5%.It brings out the characteristic aroma components of German Weizen beer and finishes it with a rich aroma.20113ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of, the shipment was suspended, and the production and shipment were terminated as it was.
  • Asahi winter gift
    Released on October 2011, 10 and October 4, 2012.Limited to winter.Alcohol content 10%.Part of "Crystal Malt", which has a slightly sweet flavor and has been slowly roasted, is used.
  • Asahi Ichiban Wheat
    Released on March 2011, 3.Alcohol content 1%.The raw material, Happoshu wort, uses 5 times more wort than usual, and has a profound taste using only the most wort, and is characterized by a refreshing sharpness.Naming and logo designKirin Ichiban Shibori Draft BeerI am conscious of. Although the expression "100% wheat" is used, it is based on the expression "100% malt" in beer, and hops are used in the same way as "wheat squeezing" and Sapporo "wheat and hops". .. Manufacture and shipment will end around February 2013.The actual successor product is "Clear Asahi Prime Rich", but Prime Rich uses auxiliary ingredients other than barley, and Asahi's "2% wheat (2007% wheat) has continued since" Ajiwai "released on October 10, 23. Barley-derived ingredients (only malt, barley, barley spirits) and hops are used) ”product released on June 100, 2008SapporoAll disappeared in the form of losing to "wheat and hops".
  • Asahi Direct Shot
    Released on May 2012, 5.Alcohol content 29%.Adopting a "stimulation UP manufacturing method" by optimizing the flavor balance and raw material composition that makes you feel more stimulating with high carbon dioxide gas pressure, the mouthpiece is about 5 times larger than the one used in conventional alcohol canned beverages. A product that uses the world's largest "mega drinking spout" and allows you to experience 1.3 times the stimulation of Clear Asahi. Manufacture and shipment will end around March 1.5.
  • Asahi Japan Gold
    Released on July 2012, 7. Limited time until the end of August.Alcohol content 2%.London OlympicsJapan national team official support product,Hammer throwRepresentative of JapanKoji MurofushiSupervised by players.Only barley-derived ingredients (malt, barley, barley spirits) and hops are used, and some British hops "Kent Golding" are used.It features a gorgeous aroma, a mellow taste, and an amber liquid.
  • Asahi Winning Brew
    Released on January 2013, 1. Limited time until mid-March.Alcohol content 22%.World Baseball ClassicJapan national team official support product.It features a crisp, refreshing taste and aroma using American "nugget hops".
  • Asahi Orion Rich
    2009May 6Released.The manufacturer is Orion Beer, which is classified as "liqueur (foaming) ①".A lot of carefully selected malt is used, and Orion Beer's original technology realizes "soft richness and refreshing throat".Since it was well received, it has been on sale for a limited time in early summer, and due to product improvements on the Orion side, 2012 will be released from June 6th.Orion rich styleReleased as.In addition, since the sale was terminated on the manufacturer Orion side, the limited-time sale was limited to 2012.
  • Asahi Crystal Gold
    Released on July 2014, 1. Limited time until the end of August.Alcohol content 15%.Sochi OlympicsA gorgeous and powerful taste is realized by using "Crystal Malt", which has a slightly sweet flavor, and some fine aroma hops, which are official support products of the Japanese national team.
  • Asahi fluffy
    Released on April 2013, 4.Alcohol degree2% or more and less than 3%(Actually about 2.5%).The refreshing aroma of the rare varieties of citrahop and the flavor of Munich malt provide a relaxing taste.By the way, the calories per 100 ml is about18kcalIt boasted the lowest alcohol and low calories in the series of beer-style alcoholic beverages at the time of 2013. It was discontinued in the form of replacing the "Asahi Aqua Zero" released in May 2014.
  • Asahi Blue Label
    Released on July 2011, 7.Alcohol content 5%.Achieves 4% sugar in a new genre.At the stage of Asahi Breweries' original manufacturing method "late hopping", German "Safia hops" are used to achieve a refreshing taste with zero sugar.Initially, it was scheduled to be released on April 0, 2011, but due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the release was delayed by three months from the original schedule. With the establishment of the brand of the successor product "Asahi Aqua Zero" released on May 4, 5, production and shipment will end around August 3.
リ ニ ュ ー ア ル
Shipments in late January 2012-Improved taste and packaging quality.By reviewing the composition of raw materials, the "clean taste" is further strengthened.
  • Asahi Strong Off
    2010May 3Released.Alcohol content7%..Achieves 60% off sugar while having a high alcohol content.However, unlike strong-type chu-hi, which still maintains a certain position, sales of strong-type third beer fell in a short period of time, and production and shipment ended around December 2014.
  • Clear Asahi Sugar 0 (zero)
    Released on March 2015, 3. The second horizontal product of "Clear Asahi" has achieved zero sugar.17% alcohol.Discontinued with the release of the successor product "Clear Asahi Luxury Zero".
  • Clear Asahi Prime Rich
    Released on March 2013, 3. It is a horizontal product of "Clear Asahi", and the highest concentration of raw wort extract in the company's new genre is finished by the Clear Asahi manufacturing method.Alcohol content is 12%.Discontinued with the release of the successor product "Asahi The Rich".

Beer taste beverage

  • Asahi Point One(Alcohol content 0.1%)
    Asahi was the last major Japanese beer maker to enter the market for its own brand beer-taste beverages, as well as happoshu and the third beer.While other companies' products had 3% alcohol, Point One achieved 0.5%. Manufacturing and shipping will end at the end of July 0.1.
  • Asahi Point Zero(Alcohol content 0.00%)
    2009May 9Released.It is the successor to Point One, and has achieved 0.00% alcohol, similar to Kirin Beer's "Kirin Free," which is a competing product.
  • Asahi Double Zero
    2010May 8Released.In addition to 0.00% alcohol content, zero calories have been achieved. 2011May 7In addition, it has been renewed to emphasize a refreshing aftertaste.The first was produced at the Fukushima factory,Great East Japan EarthquakeThe Fukushima factory was damaged in Japan, and shipments were suspended from March to July 2011.The renewal version is produced at the Ibaraki factory, but the Steiny bottle that was sold in the first generation was sold only in 3 ml cans because the restoration of the line was abandoned.As a result, sales for commercial use are rarely carried out, and due to the impact of the suspension of sales, the share of beer-taste beverages in 7 was the lowest among the four major companies.With the establishment of the brand of "Asahi Dry Zero," which is the successor product to the above, production and shipment ended at the end of April 350.
  • Lowenbrau alcohol-free
    Beer-taste beverage with 100% malt (alcohol content less than 0.5%).Although it was imported from Germany, non-alcoholic products with an alcohol content of 0.00% became the mainstream, and sales declined, so shipments ended around July 2012.

Chu-hi cocktail

The period in parentheses is the release period.

  • Asahi Cocktail Partner(It was released after being taken over from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo and was discontinued)
    • Litchi soda (takeover-September 2003)
    • Lychee Grapefruit (March 2003-February 3)
    • Tom Collins (September 2003-February 9)
    • Lychee & Woolon (September 2004-February 9)
    • Dry Lamb & Coke (February 2005-February 2)
    • Sparkling Daiquiri (May 2006-February 5)
    • Singapore Sling (May 2006-February 5)
    • Vodka Mojito (October 2006-February 10)
    • Lychee Spumoni (February 2007-February 2)
    • Passion Orange (February 2007-February 2)
    • Spicy Salty Dog (February 2007-February 2)
    • Blue Hawaii (May 2007-February 5)
    • Mango Orange (May 2007-February 5)
    • Guarana & Coke (May 2007-February 5)
    • Silky Apple (February 2008-February 2)
    • Mango Mai Tai (February 2008-February 2)
    • Tequila & Coke (May 2008-February 5)
  • Wine cocktail
    • Sunrise Ruby (August 2005-August 8)
    • Rose Peach (August 2005-August 8)
    • Chardonnay Spritzer (August 2005-August 8)
  • Ice cocktail
    • Ice Remontonic (February 2006-February 2)
    • Ice Grapefruit Tonic (February 2006-February 2)
  • Cassis cocktail
    • Cassis Oolong (August 2006-August 8)
    • Cassis White (August 2006-August 8)
    • Cassis Grapefruit (August 2006-August 8)
  • Premium
    • Peach Perini (October 2006-10)
    • Mandarin Mimosa (October 2006-10)
    • Premium Salty Dog (February 2007-June 2)
    • Premium screwdriver (February 2007-June 2)
    • Premium Cassis Orange (June 2007-February 6)
    • Premium Peach Navel (June 2007-February 6)
    • Kyoho and lychee
    • passion fruit
    • Screwdriver (October 1997-February 10 Renewal to Fuwarich series)
    • Salty dog ​​(October 1997-February 10 Renewal to Fuwarich series)
    • Cassis Orange (September 2002-February 9 Renewal to Fuwarich series)
    • Peach & Orange (February 2004-February 2 Renewal to Fuwarich series)
    • Grapefruit sangria (May 2008-sold out due to the Great East Japan Earthquake)
    • Passion Peach (May 2008-Sold out due to the Great East Japan Earthquake)
  • Off-style (80% off sugar)
    • Screwdriver (April 2008-)
    • Salty dog ​​(April 2008-)
    • Lemonade cooler (April 2008-)
    • La France Moscow Mule (July 2008)
    • Cassis Orange (July 2008)
  • Tequila cocktail
    • Strawberry Margarita (August 2007-)
    • Tequila Sunrise (August 2007-)
  • Milk cocktail
    • Cafe & Milk (October 2007-)
    • Strawberry vanilla (October 2007-)
  • Premium --The premium series is "2001 International Bartenders Competition Japan Cup Overall Winner,Yuichi Hoshi(BAR Hoshi owner bartender) ”supervised.
    • Premium screwdriver (2nd generation)
    • Premium salty dog ​​(2nd generation)
  • Asahi Caramel Macchiato Cocktail (released for a limited time on November 2010, 11)
    Flavors other than Peach Perini Mandarin Mimosa are "2001 International Bartenders Competition Japan Cup Overall Winner,Yuichi Hoshi(BAR Hoshi owner bartender) ”supervised.
  • Cocktail Partner Yokohama Cocktail
    • Yokohama Cosmo Clock
    • Yokohama Fruit Dance
    • Yokohama Modern Boy
    • Asahi Cocktail Partner Fuwarich(February 2011-) It has a juicy taste with fruit pulp.
  • Seasonal fruit squeezing --In the spring of 2002Asahi KaseiCan Chu-Hi released by.The initial name was "Hiriki Shunka Shibori", but Asahi Breweries acquired the sales rights for the "Shunka Shibori" brand from Asahi Kasei in September 2002, and changed to "Asahi Shunka Shibori" in February 9. did[28]..The selling point is that it has a high fruit juice feeling, and it is becoming more low-alcohol and high-juice-oriented year by year.There are many flavors (2008 types as of March 3 + 13 type limited to the region).
    • Lemon (April 2002-)
    • Grapefruit (May 2002? ~)
    • Ume (March 2002-)
    • Momo (February 2003-)
    • Apples (September 2003-)
    • Kyoho (September 2002-)
    • Ruby Grapefruit (March 2007-, seasonal products have become a standard item)
    • Muscat (March 2007-)
    • Lemon & Citrus depressa (Okinawa limited, March 2005-)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezing Okinawa series
    • Okinawa Pine & Citrus depressa (March 2006-)
    • Okinawa Passion Fruit & Citrus depressa (February 2007-)
    • Apricot (June 2004-March 6)
    • Lychee (February 2004-March 2)
    • Citrus depressa (March 2002-February 3)
    • Western None (November 2004-March 11) / Happy Western None (March 2005-February 3)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezing Naturia(Asahi color added to the seasonal fruit squeezing brand inherited from Asahi Kasei, fragrance-free)
    • Lemon (April 2004-August 4)
    • Orange (July 2004-August 7)
    • Grapefruit (April 2004-August 4)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezed fruit punch(Chu-Hi, a mixture of 5 types of fruit juice, 2006-2007)
    • Fruit punch sweet (mix of white grapes, apples, peaches, lychees and pineapples)
    • Fruit punch sour (mix of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, lime and passion fruit)
    • Fruit punch banana mix (yogurt taste. Banana, green apple, orange, pear, pineapple mix)
    • Fruit punch Berry mix (yogurt taste. Strawberry, apple, grape, raspberry, cranberry mix)
    • Fruit punch Tokyo parlor (mix of strawberry, pear, grapefruit, muscat, kiwifruit)
    • Fruit punch Osaka mix (milky taste. Mix of orange, apple, banana, peach and pineapple)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezing Okinawa series
    • Okinawa Tankan & Citrus depressa (March 2006-February 3)
    • Okinawa Acerola & Citrus depressa (February 2007-February 2)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezed and melted chu-hi(Non-carbonated)
    • Mango (March 2007-)
    • Peach (March 2007-)
    • La France (September 2007-)
  • Seasonal fruit squeezing refreshing feeling
    • Orange (June 2008-)
  • Hiriki
    • Grapefruit (can only)
    • Green apple (can only)
  • KagomeJointly developed product with
    • ** Vegite(Vegetable and fruit liquor based on Kagome "Vegetable Life 100". Released on March 2008, 3)
    • Veggie

The following are Asahi original brands

  • High club
  • Goritch --Asahi Breweries' first chu-hi brand in a container.
    • Lemon (May 2001-5)
    • Grapefruit (September 2001-9)
    • Dry lime (September 2001-9)
    • Banana (May 2001-5)
    • Pepper flavor (May 2001-5)
    • Plum & Ginseng (September 2001-9)
  • Asahi Super Sour
    • Lemon (May 2002-5)
    • Grapefruit (September 2002-5)
  • Asahi Dry Cooler
    • Lemon (April 2004-August 5)
    • Grapefruit (April 2004-August 5)
    • Ume (January 2005-March 1)
    • Gold Apple (September 2004-March 9)
    • White Grape (September 2004-March 9)
  • Fresh chu-hi Dew --Due to sluggish sales, production was discontinued in 2005 months from April 4 to March 2006.
    • Lemon (April 2005-August 4)
    • Grapefruit (April 2005-August 4)
    • Lychee (February 2005-March 4)
    • Ume (January 2005-March 7)
    • Citrus (soda taste) (July 2005-March 7)
    • Ginger Lemon (September 2005-March 9)
  • Black highball --Black Nikka Clear BlendwhiskyWhiskey carbonated cocktail using.Of the four products, Tonic Dry Ginger will be discontinued in the fall of 4, and the others will be discontinued on March 2006, 2007.
    • Tonic (whiskey + tonic water)
    • Dry ginger (whiskey + ginger ale)
    • Lime cola (whiskey + cola + lime)
    • Lemon & soda (whiskey + carbonated water + lemon)
  • Asahi Book Chuhai --Can Chu-Hi, which is based on authentic shochu and is used as part of alcohol. Discontinued on February 2007, 2.
    • Potato lemon
    • Yuzu wheat
    • Awamori orange
  • Aqua Park(60% off sugar)-No fruit juice.
    • Lemon (April 2007-August 7)
    • Grapefruit (April 2007-August 7)
  • Soup Chuhai
    • Vitamin C Lemon (May 2007-January 5)
    • Citric acid Umeboshi flavor (May 2007-January 5)
  • FAUCHON scented black tea liquor -FranceFosionNon-carbonated black tea liquor (bottled) using tea leaves from the company.It is also on sale in France, the home country of Fauchon.
    Discontinued on February 2007, 2.The alternative is Fauchon Tea Liqueur (in a glass bottle)
    • Cassis & Rose
    • Apple brandy & herbs
    • Caramel & cinnamon
    • Earl Gray & Orange Spirits
  • Frozen cocktail - LotteJoint development with.Similar products from SuntorySeven-ElevenIt was on sale for a limited time, but it was discontinued around the fall of 2006 at the same time as Suntory products.
    • screwdriver
    • Strawberry daiquiri
  • Asahi Chocolat Cocktail (released for a limited time on November 2010, 11)

After the product was released, it was voluntarily recalled because the product with incomplete winding of the can lid and the sealability was impaired may have been shipped.At the same time, the sale was discontinued.

  • Moisturizing fruit chu-hi
    • Grapefruit & lychee (January 2008-)
    • Peach & Passion (January 2008-)
  • Fruit moment(March 2010, 3-November 16)

Many seasonal cans have been released.The year-round product uses luxurious orange taste pon fruit juice (September 2011-)

  • Slat
    • Refreshing plum (September 2010-sold out due to the Great East Japan Earthquake) * Lemon pulp included
    • Refreshing Kyoho (February 2011-Sold out due to the Great East Japan Earthquake) * Orange pulp included
    • Refreshing blood orange (May 2010-February 5) * Orange pulp included

Chuhai cocktail brand inherited from other companies

  • Shitamachi flavored chuhai(The brand was taken over from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo [currently Kyowa Hakko Kirin], but all products were later discontinued.)
  • Juice thief's liquor(The brand was taken over from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, but production of all products was discontinued immediately after that.)
  • Honey black vinegar diet liquor(Asahi KaseiThe brand was taken over from, but production was discontinued shortly thereafter)
  • Sunshower(The brand was taken over from Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, but production was later discontinued)

Cocktail taste beverage

  • Asahi Double Zero Cocktail --Zero calories with 0.00% alcoholCocktail taste beverage.. From October 2011, the specifications are zero sugar (based on nutrition labeling standards), and the tastes of "gin and tonic taste" and "cassis orange taste" have been brushed up.In addition, although only 10 ml cans are sold over the counter, 350 ml cans (released on September 200, 2011), which are ideal for glass size and can be transferred to glasses at restaurants and served as non-alcoholic cocktails, were also set for commercial use. Production ended with the complete renewal of "Asahi Zerokaku" on September 9, 6.
    • Gin and tonic taste (released on September 2010, 9)
    • Cassis Orange Taste (released November 2010, 11)
    • Chardonnay Sparkling Taste (released April 2011, 4)


  • Subaru (PET bottle) -It was imported from Vietnam. With Kyowa Hakko Kogyo in 2002Asahi KaseiIt had been sold by Nikka Whiskey before taking over the liquor division of the company, but in 2011, the brand of shochu was sorted out and the import was terminated in the form of being integrated with Daigoro.
  • Dai-chan (PET bottle / 1.8L paper pack) --Kyowa Shochu, which has been sold by Kyowa Hakko Kogyo. In 2011, the brands of shochu were sorted out, and PET bottles were sold to Daigoro, and 1.8L paper packs were discontinued in the form of being integrated into diamonds. Only continue to sell).
  • Genji(20%は一升瓶/18Lバッグ・イン・ボックス、25%は一升瓶/1.8Lリキパック/18Lバッグ・イン・ボックス、ホワイトリカー35%は1.8L紙パック) - 旭化成から販売を引き継いだ甲類焼酎。2011年に甲類焼酎の銘柄整理を行い、瓶と紙パックはダイヤに、バッグ・イン・ボックスは酎五郎に統合される形で販売を終了した(35%の18Lバッグ・イン・ボックスのみ販売を継続している)。
  • What kind of shochu (PET bottle) --- Shochu, which has been sold by Asahi Kasei. In 2011, the brands of shochu were sorted out, and sales were discontinued in the form of being integrated with Daigoro.
  • Gold Sky (600ml bottle) --Shochu with pure gold leaf, which was taken over from Asahi Kasei.It was a blend of barley shochu. In 2011, the brands of shochu were sorted out and sales were discontinued.
  • Genji Rock (700ml bottle) --Shochu for on the rocks, which was taken over from Asahi Kasei.It was a blend of barley shochu. In 2011, the brands of shochu were sorted out, and sales were discontinued in the form of being integrated with SUN.

Sports Drink

  • Pripps(1986, Swedish sports drink)

Culture / Sports Business

Cultural business / Mesena activities

Art-MusicSupport for exhibitions and concerts centered on, support for presentations by young artists whose evaluation is uncertain, community developmentNPOIn Japan, such as support forCorporate mecenatOne of the most active companies[29].

CSR Activities

Sports business

In sports, working peopleAmerican FootballX Leagueof"Asahi Beer Silver StarSince 2001Baseball representative from JapanAlso serves as the official supplier of.

  • Asahi Beer Silver Star[30]
Of group companiesAsahi BeverageAlsoAsahi Beverage ChallengersThere are two American football teams in the group.

Successive image girls

Successive presidents

Main office

  • Headquarters office TokyoSumida-kuAzumabashi1-chome 23-1
    • Completed in 1989.Known as "Asahi Beer Tower".The amber wall glass and the white outer wall at the top are reminiscent of a beer mug. Registered head office in 2008Chuo-kuKyobashiMoved from 3 and became the head office in both name and reality.
    • Next to the headquarters buildingSuper dry hole OfPhilippe StarckThe object "Flam Doll" (gold flame) by is also famous as a landmark.By shaping the burning flame, it expresses the passion that Asahi Breweries has, but from its unique shape, "shitbuildingIt is sometimes called by a nickname that is not very appreciated.Also, because of its shape, it is often mistaken for the "foam" of beer.The "Super Dry Hall" at the bottom of Fram Doll is built with the image of a torch stand.[32].


  • Suita Factory (Operation in 1891:OsakaSuita City1-45 Nishinoshocho Started operation as "Suita Village Brewery" of Osaka Beer Company, the predecessor. Known as "the birthplace of Asahi Breweries")
  • Hakata Factory (Operation in 1921:Fukuoka CityHakata WardTakeshita 3-1-1)
  • Hokkaido Factory (1966 operation:SapporoShiroishi WardNangodori 4 Minami 1-1 Previously, it was operated as "Hokkaido Asahi Breweries" as a joint venture with the local liquor wholesaler Hokkaido liquor sales)
  • Nagoya Factory (Operation in 1973:Nagoya cityMoriyama WardNishigawaracho 318)
  • Fukushima Factory (Operation in 1979:FukushimaMotomiyaOaza Arai Kamimaehata 1)
  • Ibaraki Factory (Operation in 1991:IbarakiMoriya绿1-1-1)
  • Shikoku Factory (Operation in 1998:EhimeSaijo CityHiuchi 2-6)
  • Kanagawa Factory (Operation in 2002:KanagawaMinamiashigara cityNuta Ceiling 1223)

Nikka Whiskey

Past factories

  • Azumabashi Factory (operated in 1901, closed in 1985:TokyoSumida-ku)
    Sapporo beer at the beginning of operation (currently:Sapporo beer) Was a factory. After the merger of Sapporo Beer, Nihon Beer, and Osaka Beer (predecessor of Asahi Breweries) in 1906 and becoming a factory belonging to Dainippon Beer, in 1949 after the war, when Dainippon Beer was divided into Asahi Beer and Nihon Beer. In addition, the area became a member of Asahi Breweries.Currently the Asahi Breweries headquarters building,River Pier Azumabashi,Sumida Ward OfficeEtc. are built.
  • Tokyo Omori Factory (operated in 1962, closed in 2003: TokyoOta-ku)
    CurrentlyIto-YokadoOmori store etc. are built.
  • Nishinomiya Factory (operated in 1927, closed in 2012:HyogoNishinomiya11-52 Tsutootsukacho 20128Closed to[34])
    Initially scheduled to close in 2011, it was delayed by one year due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Provision / Public Relations

Offer program

In addition,TokushimaLocallyAwa danceDuring the periodFM TokushimaFocusing on the special programs and spot frames of band programsShikoku Broadcasting RadioBut each of the original mini programs will be broadcast in the evening[Annotation 7].

Other than the above programsPT frameIn many cases, they are sponsored without issuing credits.

Corporate PR magazine

  • Corporate PR magazine
    • "Horoniga Tsushin" (issued from 1950 to 1955)
    • "Delicious barrel raw SUCCESS" BOOK ""

Newspaper advertisement

  • Beer making three generations ――In 1960 (Showa 35), it attracted attention as the first document-touch corporate advertisement (one-sided newspaper advertisement) after the war, and won the Mainichi Industrial Design Award.An impressive advertisement with a photo of a beer brewer's grandfather, father, and three generations of parents and children walking side by side in front of the Suita factory.According to the policy of President Tamesaburo Yamamoto at that time, Asahi Breweries was leading Japan in advertising activities including competitors and other industries.

CM performer

Nikka WhiskeyAsahi Breweries is also in charge of the commercials for Asahi Breweries, so the CM performers after April 2001, when the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Breweries, will be described here for convenience.A competitorSuntoryThe feature is that there are many people who have appeared in commercials.

* Basically, TV commercials are described, but those with high special mention are also described.
* Current performers are listed together with past appearances, and those with older appearances are listed in order.On the other hand, the past performers are listed above as the last appearance is closer to the present, and the era is older as it goes down (* unedited).
* In the case of TV commercials, there is usually no information about the end of the broadcast, so the end is unclear, including whether or not it has ended.However, it is clear that the stocks that have been sold out, the stocks that have not seen commercial development for nearly 1 years, and the stocks that have started new commercial development on the same route are finished or the old version is finished, and those are "finished". I wrote.On the other hand, the video distribution CM will not end unless it is deleted.In addition, items with a clear end of the period, such as 1 campaign, 1 cool, and 1 season, are referred to as "1 season" instead of "end".


  • Asahi Honsei Off Time (March 2004-End)
  • Prime Rich (September 2018, 9-February 19-?)[35]
  • Asahi The Master (2009-2010), Clear Asahi (2010)
  • Clear Asahi Prime Rich (2013-?)[35]
With a contract for only one brand, it has been a long-term appearance for over 1 years, and an extremely large number of versions have been produced. The latest version as of the first half of the first half of 10 is one that started broadcasting on January 2020, 2020, but it was decided to postpone it in late March.2020 Tokyo OlympicsBecause it is also a content to publicize, it is no longer broadcast.Fukuyama himself has the longest and most CM appearance, and the runner-up in both length and number isKewpie(August 2007, 8-present).For details, including the source, see "Masaharu Fukuyama #CM"checking.[36]
  • Relaxation training <4VG> (September 2010-9)
  • Asahi Super Dry Japan Special (May 2017-April 5)
  • Freshly picked Asahi (2016-2017)
  • Clear Asahi Clear Seven (June 2018-?)
  • Asahi Dry Premium Fertility (2016-End)
  • Asahi Super Dry Japan Special (2017-1 season).Yasuko MatsuyukiCo-starred with.
  • Asahi Super Dry (2018-?)
  • Clear Asahi (March 2015-End)
  • Asahi Luxury Squeezing (March 2018-?)
  • Asahi Super Dry Instant Cold Dry (July 2018-7 season). Appealing to young people by using it as a commercial for this new product targeting people in their 1s and 20s[36].
  • Asahi Super Dry (November 2019-)
  • Clear Asahi (March 2019 -)
  • "I'll buy it for the time being" (March 2019-February 3-)[46].. "Let's drink and compare"[46].. "Sakurai's Recommendations" (June 2019, 6-7 season)[46].
  • "I like delicious food!" (November 2019, 11-11 season).After this, in this seriesTakahata MikiCo-starring with continues.[46][47]
  • Clear Asahi (March 2019 -)
  • "Recommended by Takahata" (May 2019, 5-February 18-)[46]
  • "I like delicious food!" (November 2019, 11-11 season).After this, in this seriesSakurai ShoCo-starring with continues.[46][47]
  • Asahi Super Dry (November 2019-)
  • "Two Tries" (November 2, 2019-11 season).As a senior salarymanShogi ShibataCo-starred with.[38]
  • "April, New Encounter" (April 4, 2020-4 season).The fifth in the new series.As a head office salaryman and as a factory manager5th generation Onoe KikunosukeCo-starred with.[48][49]
The first as Nogizaka46 is the third new series "Under the Cherry Blossoms, Ale" following the "Son's Homecoming" by Sugada and Kohinata.[39]..After that, it continues to the 4th new series (2nd Nogizaka slope) "Spring, Departure"[50].
  • Asahi The Rich (September 2020, 9-)
  • Asahi Super Dry (January 2021, 1-) Performed with Mai Shiraishi.


  • Clear Asahi (2011-2018)
  • Asahi Luxury Squeezing (2018). As a symbol character of "No. 1 in the new genre of wheat and the" Absolutely Get! "Campaign".[51][Annotation 19]
  • Ichiban Wheat (February 2011-2 season)
  • Asahi Super Dry "Let's give the most thanks of the year" (November 2016, 11-10 season).Co-starred with Chiang Hung-Chie as a couple.[52]
  • Ichiban Wheat (February 2011-2 season)
  • Asahi Super Dry "Let's give the most thanks of the year" (November 2016, 11-10 season).Parent-child co-starring with his mother, Sachiyo Yoshida.[52]
  • Corporate image CM (October 2009-February 10, 2010-End).
  • Asahi Off (April 2011, 4-End).Ryuta SatoCo-starred with.[55]
  • Uemura Aiko --Corporate Image CM (October 2009 --February 10, 2010 --End)
  • Kentaro Minagawa --Corporate image CM (February 2010, 2 --End)
  • Nobuhiko Ochiai --Asahi Super Dry (March 1987 --End).He has been a long-term performer since the launch of this brand, and in the past formed the product image of this brand. Currently performers since 3Fukuyama MasaharuIs compared with.
≪The following is unedited≫
Narration performer
Commercial song provider

Corporate slogan, catch phrase

  • Asahi Beer is your beer (1950s-1970s)
  • LIVE BEER (early 1980s)
  • Always good things from Asahi (early 1980s)
  • LIVE ASAHI FOR LIVE PEOPLE-(Late 1980s-Early 1990s)
  • Quality & Challenge-(Late 1990s-Around 2002)
  • All for the customer's "good!" (Around 2002-2009)
  • Share the excitement. (2010-) This slogan is also used in Asahi Soft Drinks.

The main logo was made by the designer.

Not a corporate slogan or tagline, but since October 2006, for all alcoholic beveragesCMAtDrunk driving is prohibited by law.] Has come to appear.


Low-priced sales that violate the Liquor Tax Law

bottle,BarrelAbout commercial beer such asLiquor tax lawThe company said that it was selling to wholesale companies at a low price in violation ofTokyo National Taxation BureauI received an improvement instruction from20186It was revealed in a newspaper report.The National Taxation Bureau is 20185In the middle, the company20177He pointed out that some transactions such as commercial beer sold to wholesale companies were sold at a price lower than "", which is the wholesale price plus various expenses (transportation costs, labor costs, etc.), and instructed to improve the transactions. Above, it seems that the company was asked to report the improvement results.The Liquor Tax Law was amended in June 2017 to prevent excessive price competition, and it was the first case of detection since then.[58].


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注 釈

  1. ^ It merged with Nikka Whiskey in 2006.
  2. ^ Originally it was planned to be released with an alcohol content of 3%, but there was a history that it was changed to the current alcohol content just before the release.
  3. ^ チ ェ コ・ Some fine aroma hops from Zatz are used.
  4. ^ The originator in the can was in 1984Takara ShuzoTakara can Chu-Hi released by.
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  19. ^ In the past, he appeared in commercials for "Clear Asahi" and Asahi Soft Drinks "Mitsuya Cider" and "Rokujo Barley Tea", but he was temporarily dismissed due to pregnancy and childbirth.This campaign is co-starring with Tortoise, Mukai, Momoi, Honda, Matsushita, Yamaguchi, and Kato, who are used in commercials for new genres of beer such as low-malt beer.
  20. ^ In the past, he also appeared in a commercial for Asahi Soft Drinks "Canned Coffee JO".
  21. ^ In the pastSuntory"Draft beer" "Bee high" "Mug raw",Giraffe"draft beer",SapporoHe has appeared in commercials for "Calorie Half" and "Black Label", and has achieved commercial appearances for all four major beer companies.
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  25. ^ In parallelITO EN"TULLY'S COFFEEIs also appearing in the commercial.
  26. ^ For a while, SuntoryThe premium maltsHe also appeared in the CM.


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