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🍴 | Matsuya curry enthusiasts from all over the country are delighted.


Matsuya curry enthusiasts from all over the country are delighted.

If you write the contents roughly
Spicy curry roux and big chicken one by one, I've been waiting for this for a year.

The revived "Korokoro Stewed Chicken Curry" is truly delicious.I didn't think it was a horse ...In the beef bowl chain ... → Continue reading


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Roux (food)

Roux(French: roux) IsWheat flourTheバ タ ーStir-fried with[1].RuIs also written (in the product name, written as "Ru").


StarchBecame alpha, variousソ ー ス,curry,stewServe the thickening of food such as. traditionalFrench cuisineOf the basic source ofBechamel sauce,Vlute sauce,Espanol sauceUses roux.


バ タ ーMelt in a pan,Wheat flourAdd. Stir the flour so that it mixes evenly with the butter, and when the non-heated flour is gone, heat it until you get the desired color, and you'll have a roux with a thick consistency and aroma.


It is classified into white roux, yellow roux, and brown roux.[1].. Depending on the heating time and heating power adjustment, you can make from near white to dark colors, and it is pure white.White stewFry from roux to brown.curry,GumboDepending on the sauce and the dish, it can be used as a roux.

Commercial roux

Flour and oil,seasoning(Curry powder,spices, Salt etc.),SoupCooked etc[2]There is a curry product on the market that has been dehydrated and hardened, which is also called "curry roux" or "ru". Products for stews are made in the same way.

Shapes include soap-shaped ones (solid roux), paste-like ones, and flake-like ones. These are collectively called "commercial roux" because they are commercialized as cooking ingredients for the above-mentioned handmade roux.

An example of a manufacturing method for commercial roux


  • Wheat, edible oil
  • Seasoning (spice, etc.)
  • Soup


  1. Heat roasted wheat, edible oil and fat, seasoning and soup together
  2. There are a solid product formed by putting water-dried paste-like sauce in a container to form a soap-like product, a flake-like product, and a paste-like product.
  3. Cool and package


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  2. ^ Vermont curry In addition to the method of cooking and mixing separately, there is a method of cooking by cooking the ingredients together.

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