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🍴 | Ikinari Steak continues to be in a pinch !? A new type of karaage specialty store suddenly closes

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A pinch continues to "Sudden steak" !? A new type of karaage specialty store suddenly closes

If you write the contents roughly
"The restaurant industry is in a difficult situation due to the influence of the corona vortex, but only the karaage specialty stores are growing rapidly.

"Suddenly!"Pepper Food Service Co., Ltd.", which operates "Steak", started fried chicken specialty store "Kara ..." in January this year. → Continue reading


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Restaurant industry

Restaurant industry(Gaishokusangyo)Is家庭OutsideMealI will provide aService industry.Shogakukan"Digital DaijisenAccording to, the "restaurant industry" is "large-scale."Chain storeA general term for the restaurant business by format.Fast foodShops andfamily restaurantSuch. There is[1], restaurantAmong theCompanyIt is said that it refers to something that is deployed on a large scale.

Food service industry in Japan

Japan's first restaurant industry in the narrow sense of "providing a space to eat"Department storeMetMitsukoshiThe cafeteria that opened in April 1907 at the Nihonbashi main store is the starting point.[2].. The term "eating out" isPacific WarDuring the war as part of food control1941 (Showa16) With the restaurant ticket system introduced in April, you can eat with the restaurant ticket distributed.CafeteriaIt became widespread due to the notation "restaurant ticket dining room"[3].. Nowadays, "home meal" and "home meal" derived from hereHalf boardTerminology such asRetro Nim) Is also available.

Full-scale development of the restaurant industry has begun in Japan1970 But"First year of eating outIs said to be[3].. This year was the first in Japan in Julyfamily restaurant"SkylarkThe first store isChuo ExpresswayKunitachi Fuchu ICnearTokyoFuchu-shi5-16-1 (Skylark National Store, nowGustIt is the year when it opened in Kunitachi store)[4].

Also in March 1970,Kentucky Fried Chicken Osaka ExpoOpened an experimental store for the first time in November of the same yearNagoya city OfDiamond City / Meinishi Shopping Center(CurrentAeon Town Meishi) Has opened the first permanent store, the Meisei store.[5](However, the Meisei store will close the following year).

Fast foodAt the store, at that timeDaieiWas a seriesDom Dom HamburgerIn November 1970,Machida-shiOpened the first store in Daiei Haramachida store. Japan's firstHamburgerAs a chain store[6], Daiei-affiliated stores were the main stores.

Next day1971 May 7IsMcDonald'sThe first store opens on the first floor of the Mitsukoshi Ginza store[3][7](Take-outSpecialty store, closed in November 1984), four days later on July 11Yoyogi StationThe Yoyogi store was opened before (existing)[8].米 国McDonald's ThePrivate carThe first store is supposed to come to the storeSuburbShould be made inKanagawaChigasakiInsisted on opening a store in Japan, but still in Japan at that timemotorizationWasn't progressing, at the department store in GinzabrandIt was decided to open a store in Mitsukoshi Ginza store due to gender etc.[8].. In 1970Ginza,ShinjukuEtcPedestrian heavenStarted, and at McDonald's, Shinjuku Niyuki (Shinjuku Alta), Take-out counter-type stores continued to open in department stores in central Tokyo, such as the Mitsukoshi Shinjuku store.

In the 1970s, hamburger chain stores opened one after another, and the following1972 IsMos Burger May 3ToNarimasu Station前Shopping districtOpened an experimental store in June (moved to the current location of the Narimasu store as the first official store),LotteriaIs NihonbashiTakashimayaThe first store is open on the 1st floor of the North Annex[8].

In this way1970 eraFrom family restaurant fast foodChain storeDeployment begins,Mass mediaThe term "restaurant industry" will also appear in[3].. Eating out, which until then was a special occasion for celebrations and events, has become a daily routine for the common people since the 1970s.[3].. further1980 eraFrom the second half1990 eraOverBubble eraIn the background of the booming economy, the unprecedented "GourmetboomOccurstv set OfGourmet programAnd "Delicious Shinbo”Gourmet cartoonEating out is also popularEntertainmentWidely established as one of[3].

現代 の家庭In general, the younger the head of the household, the greater the proportion of eating out in the food expenses, and the single-person household has a larger proportion of eating out than the household with two or more people.[9].

Classification by industry

The definition of eating out generally has a narrow and broad meaning.

"Eating out in a narrow sense isMealRefers to the type of industry that provides meals along with the space to do[Source required][Who?].Cafeteria,Restaurants,Fast food,A coffee shop(Cafe) etc. Generally restaurantThis is the type of industry called.

Stock marketThen.Securities codeAccording to the industry classification in the council, the food service industry in a narrow sensesupermarket,convenience storeSame asRetail tradeIn addition, the companies that deal with "prepared meals"GroceriesIt is classified into.

Example store

History of eating out in Japan

"ChayaAppearedMuromachi PeriodIt is said thatCraftsman songFor medieval iconographic materials, run a simple store in front of the temple and shrine to serve tea food.CraftsmanIn the pre-modern period leading up to the early modern period, the restaurant industry had a close relationship with temples and shrines.

In modern timescityDevelops and travelers come and gostreetAlong the road and a place of worshipShrine, A place with a function of attracting customers such as entertainment facilities has been established, and a distribution network has been developed so that various foodstuffs such as greens, seafood, and dried foods can be stably supplied.RestaurantThe foundation for establishing the restaurant industry has been laid, and it is also an element that shows the economic development and bustling of the city.

Edo PeriodInitially "Izakaya"(Meshiya) appeared, for exampleIbara NishitsuruAccording to "Nishi Tsuruoki Souvenir", Nara Tea (a set menu of tea rice, tofu soup, boiled beans, and boiled beans), which opened in Asakusa in 1657, became popular. From the middle to the latter half of the year, soba shops and absentee teahouses (restaurantIs said to be the origin of. A high-class teahouse for the absentee who keeps the daimyo mansion while there is no daimyo. I was serving kaiseki cuisine),Japanese cuisine tavernIt is said that such business formats have appeared. Also,Side dish"For cooking"Nimai-yaSometimes served as a teahouse (boiled teahouse).

またEdoThen,Japanese buckwheat noodles,sushi,tempuraSuch,A stallThe restaurant industry is flourishing, and as a restaurant in the Edo periodPlayhouseClose to entertainment facilities, etc.Iimori WomanEmployedprostitutionI also had a side job. Because of its nature, restaurants near entertainment facilitiesPhilosopherInformation related to outlaw groups and crimes is easy to concentrate, whileAwakeningIt is pointed out that people with public authority also come and go, and that they have both sides of crime occurrence and security maintenance. The multifaceted nature of these dishes is modern in the prostitution industryPlayground, Security maintenancePolicemenAs the function of the city progresses, it will change to a facility that provides pure food and drink.

Most of these types of business are personal livelihoods, and the relationship was limited to a branch office based on "goodwill division."1960 eraHappened in AmericaFranchiseIn the wake of the boom, franchise-style stores will appear in Japan as well.

1963 ToDuskinOpened the first FC store,Fujiya OfWestern confectioneryOpened the first FC store.1970 ,Japan World ExpositionAt the venueKentucky Fried ChickenOpens, the next1971 ToMcDonald'sOpened in Ginza Mitsukoshi, in the same yearMister DonutAlso opened the first store.family restaurantThen in 1970Skylark,Royal hostIs open.1973 ToYoshinoyaOpened the first franchise store in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, in the same yearShakesAlsoShibuyaThe first store is open in.

1970 eraから1980 eraIsCentral kitchen,POSWas introduced to improve efficiency. The size of the market is1980 To 14 trillion yen, and exceeded 7000 trillion yen in the latter half of the 1980s.[10].. In the 1980s, izakaya that adopted the franchise format appeared, and in 1983, in Tokyo.ShirokiyaThe first store, the Nakano South Exit store, is open.

1990 eraToBubble burstHas slowed growth. On the other hand, land prices and rents have become cheaper due to the fall in land prices due to the bursting of the bubble economy, making it easier to open family restaurants in the city center and in the suburbs of izakaya chains.[10].. Since the late 1990sStarbucksな どDepartment of Foreign InvestmentcoffeeChains are also expanding.

2000 eraIn 2001BSE problem, 2004bird-fluThe epidemic hits related stores. AlsoDrunk drivingThe tightening of crackdowns affected alcohol sales[10].McDonald'sLow price competition such as 80 yen burger was talked about, but profits did not improve and we are trying to break away from low price competition[10].. The Japanese food service industry has entered a mature stage, and the direction is changing from price to quality. In addition, as the quality improves, for example, the level of ramen will rise and the hurdles for opening new stores will rise.[10].

Market size

The size of the market is1997 After peaking in the low 20 trillion yen range[10].. While it is said that the market size will not expand in the future, the number of stores is increasing, and the competition for survival in the industry is expected to intensify due to intensifying competition.Seven & i HoldingsHas announced that it will reduce the number of restaurants in the restaurant sector from 2008 due to the slump in the restaurant sector.

The number of bankruptcies in the food service industry has risen steadily since the 2000s. The number of bankruptcies since 2007 has been around 600 every year. It has been said that the business format depends on the good and bad of the economy, but in 2017, while other industries drastically reduced the number of bankruptcies due to the booming economy, it recorded more than 27 cases, up 700% from the previous year. In addition to rising material costs and labor shortages, the aging of small business owners and the difficulty of successors are also believed to be the background.[11].

According to the company, the top 2015 companies by sales in 20 are as follows.

Top 20 companies by sales in the restaurant industry (2015, listed companies)
RankingCompany nameSales (100 million yen)
1 bitZensho Holdings525,709
2 bitSkylark351,146
3 bitCoro wide234,138
4 bitNippon MacDonald Holdings189,473
5 bitYoshinoya Holdings185,738
6 bitSaizeriya139,277
7 bitRoyal holdings130,327
8 bitWatami128,246
9 bitDoutor Nichires Holdings124,796
10 bitKura Sushi105,306
11 bitCreate Restaurants Holdings103,271
12 bitTridor95,587
13 bitJapan KFC Holdings88,180
14 bitMatsuya Foods83,947
15 bitKappa Create80,320
16 bitKing general food service75,317
17 bitMoss food service71,113
18 bitOsho70,765
19 bitSaint Marc Holdings66,056
20 bitJoyful62,880

A restaurant company with multiple stores

A store specializing in specific dishes

Hamburger,McDonald's,Mos Burger,Lotteria,First kitchen,DOMDOM,Freshness Burger,Wendy's,Daily Queen,Burger King,Lucky clown,Beckers,A & W,Jeff Okinawa,,,Santeole,Umami Burger
RamenDosanko,Daughter girl,,,,Ramen Santoka,World class,Kyushu Jangara,Longevity,GLOBEAT JAPAN,Hidakaya,Korakuen,Ippudo,Osmanthus,Mutsumiya,Taste clock tower,Ramen Jiro,Ganso New Tantanmen Honpo,Ajisen Ramen,Komurasaki,Kokuya,Hideho,Good luck,Chirimentei,8 ramen,Surprised ramen first,Saikaramen,Shinto,Car and ramenThe University of TokyoChinese buckwheat green leaves, Kajiken, Egawatei
Japanese buckwheat noodlesFuji soba,Hankyu soba,Hakosoba,Hydrangea teahouse,Ume Moto,Small bamboo forest,Masudaya,Family house,Komoro Soba,Miyako soba
UdonHanamaru Udon,Yamada Udon,Marugame noodle,Tsurumaru,Folk art of taste,Kineya,Mikasa udon,Iyo noodles
ChamponRinger hat,Champontei head office
GyozaMiyoshi Sapporo,White dumpling shop
pizzaDomino pizza,Pisara,Pizza hut,Pizza California,Strawberry cones,Naples kiln,Pizza pocket
steak-hamburgerPepper lunch,Suddenly steak, Hamburger & Salad Bar Ken,Don,Hungry tiger,Big boy,Surprised donkey,Steak palace,Flying garden,Sharon,Volks
sandwichSubway,Quiznos,Pret a Manger,Lavanderie
BreadTrandor,Vis de France,,,Willy winky,Steiner,Ryoyu bread,The little mermaid,Bakery restaurant bucket, bakery restaurant Saint Marc
Fried chickenKentucky Fried Chicken
Hot dogNathans
donutMister Donut, Dunkin Donut,Crispy cream donut,Donut plant,Tim Hortons,Cafe du monde,Hara donut
coffeeDoutor coffee,Starbucks,Renoir,Komeda's Coffee,Italian tomato,BECK'S COFFEE SHOP,Pronto,Marufuku coffee shop,Saint Marc Cafe,ム ジ カ,Hiro coffee,Tully's coffee,Cafe Beloche,Seattle's Best Coffee,Takakura Town Coffee
Curry and riceCurry House CoCo Ichibanya,Curry shop C & C,Go-go curry,Baltic curry,Curry king,Little spoon,Miyoshino,Curry champion,Karekichi,time
liqueur,Pot,Yoro no Taki,Shirokiya(LOLSuch),Fisherman,Japanese people,Village sarai, XNUMX eight towns,Drunk Tiger Den(HakkendenSuch),Amataro,A tengu,Yagura Chaya,Shoya,Nihonkai Shoya,Yaruki Chaya,Kappogi,Tsukada Farm
beef bowlYoshinoya,Matsuya,Sukiya,Nakau,Kobe Lamputei,Taro Gyudon,Dontei
Grilled meatHorns,Mansei of meat,Yakiniku restaurant,Anrakutei,Lianyuan,Amiyaki Tei,Esophageal garden,Haya,,,Yakiniku Sake House Ebisu
Pork cutletTonkatsu Kazuyuki,Shinjuku Tonkatsu Saboten,Hamakatsu,Katsaya,KYK
ChopsticksDaruma,Kushiya Monogatari
sushiGanko Sushi,,,,Heiroku sushi,Atom Boy,Kappa Sushi,Yuanji Sushi,Kura Sushi,Akindo Sushiro,Hakodate Market,Whirlpool,Marine Police,,,Hama Sushi
ice creamThirty One,Haagen-Dazs,Blue seal,Dipper Dan,Chateraise,Kihachi,Lady boden,Cold Stone Creamery,Dippin Dots,
TaiyakiBite teahouse,Aizuya,Original Tako Masa,Tsukiji Gin Dako,
OkonomiyakiChifusa,Botejyu,Tsuruhashi Fugetsu
rice ball,Tashi

A store specializing in a particular category of food

Cooking category店
casseroleMK restaurant
seafoodRed lobster
Box lunchRelieve more,Hokka Hokka Tei,Honke Kamadoya,Origin bento,Bento Hirai,More and more,Japanese Restaurant Enterprise,Sakiyoken,Empty valve
Italian foodCapricciosa,Saizeriya,Carriageway,Bravo,Italian tomato
Japanese cuisine,Ajidokoro Mikasa,Maid Ookini Cafeteria,Popular dining room solder shop,Miyamoto Munashi,Otoya,Yayoi eaves
Chinese cuisineDumpling king,Osaka Ohsho,Gyoza Manchuria,XNUM X 蓬莱,Toshu,Red tiger dumplings,Ichishin Yokohama,Yipinxiang,Eastern red
Japanese sweetsCandy ume,,,To call,,,Sakado Sohonpo,Genji Zhaoan,Tsuruya Yoshinobu,Tsuruya Hachiman,Kikuya,,,Kogetsu,
Western confectioneryCozy Corner,Chateraise,Fujiya,Morozov,Euheim,Yock Mock, Antenol,Mary chocolate,Hontaka sand shop,Kobe Kaigetsudo,Ginso,Bunmeido,Cyber,Beard Papa's Freshly Made Studio,


Raquel,Orange kitchen,Peter Pan,,,Skylark,Royal host,Denny's,Gust,Bamiyan,Jonathan,Anna Millers,Cocos Japan,Sunday sun,Tomato and associates,Joyful,Japanese food,Tonden,Marumatsu,Bandaro Taro,Mujaki Foods,坂 本,Kisoji,Crab,Waist,Tomato & Associates,Hiramatsu

Food service industry in China

Chugoku,Taiwanな どAsiaIn countries, instead of cooking daily meals at homeA stallIn some areas, it is a culture and tradition to go out and eat. The food service industry is growing against the backdrop of increasing national income and heightened awareness of food safety.[12].. The market size is expected to reach about 2006 trillion yuan in 1 and about 2010 trillion yuan (about 2 trillion yen) in 29, and the employment scale is estimated to be more than 2006 million in 2000. CorporateIs also being actively carried out, and future development is expected to be promising.[12].


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