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🍴 | "I won't allow myself to be happy" The house where my beautiful mom and I live is a "garbage mansion" ... A spectacular half-life of a student at the University of Tokyo

Photo "Dirty Room Sodachi no Todai Student" (Hamiyama Clinica / Bunkasha)

"I won't allow myself to be happy" The house where my beautiful mom and I live is a "garbage mansion" ... A spectacular half-life of a student at the University of Tokyo

If you write the contents roughly
From the book released this time, the first episode will be posted on a business trip.

"Why did you become a student at the University of Tokyo? To make mom happy?" A toilet at home that has been broken for seven years. ... → Continue reading

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BookWhat is (tankobon)?Series,Complete worksPublished independently, not as one of the booksOurThat is.Basically, it is published in one volume, but if there are many pages, it is published in a separate volume format.[1].Kumetake Kume"US-Europe circulation memoir], The example of "Although it is a book in the world" is considered to be the first appearance (selected version of the Japanese Language Dictionary).

NovelThen,magazine,News (Chinese)In addition to the example in which the works published in the above are published as a book in one book, there are also cases where the work is written for publication as a book, and such an example is a book.Newly writtenThat is.Bookbinding is fine binding (hard cover) Is common, but normal bookbinding (Softcover) Also[2].

In general, books published as books will be priced lower after a few years.PaperbackPublished as.This is called paperback[3]..After being published as a bookNovelsIn some cases, it was published as a paperback.RarelyMiyuki Miyabe"You"Pierre LemaitreExamples of simultaneous release of books and paperback books, such as "Let's meet again in heaven",Kyogoku NatsuhikoLike "Lou-Garoo 2", a book, a novels version,paperback-E-bookIn some cases, the editions will be released at the same time.[4][5].2010From around that time, without going through a bookSuddenly paperbackThere are many examples published as[6].

ComicThen,LabelDespite being serialized in the same format and appearance for each (which applies to the definition of the series), it is called a book.This seems to be because the word in the book is used as a synonym for "magazine publication".[Original research?]..Outside of Japan, Japanese comic books are called "tankōbon".


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