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🍺 | A brewery was born in Niki-cho (NIKIYA FARM & BREWERY-participated in the festival)

Photo Nikiya Festival

A brewery was born in Niki-cho (NIKIYA FARM & BREWERY-participated in the festival)

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Delicious rice is also cultivated in the Oe and Ginzan districts near Kutchan from Niki Town.

The third brewery is scheduled to be completed in Niseko Town, Kutchan Town, and Niki Town in the Shiribeshi region of Hokkaido (excluding Otaru City) ... → Continue reading

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Niki Town

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Fruit Park NikinoImage providedplease.(Year ending March 2021)

Niki Town(Nikicho) isHokkaido OfShiribeshi Promotion BureauLocated in the northern part of the city, it is a town where fruit trees are cultivated.


The town area is the Yoichi River basin and the mountains around it.The Yoichi River enters from the southeastern part of the town and exits north, as if drawing a "" character.The river is upstreamAkaigawa VillageIn the vicinity of the estuary in the downstream partYoichi TownSince it is in the center, Niki Town is located in the middle of the Yoichi River.There are 1 to 2 kilometers wide flat land on both banks in Niki Town, and the width is about 4 kilometers near the most downstream town boundary.The flat land is mainly used for paddy fields up to the Oe area on the river, and in the Niki area, along with the foot of the mountain.果樹 園It is used for.The city center is in the Niki districtNiki StationBefore andNational Route 5Spread along.

The address and place names along the Yoichi River are from the upper side of the river to Onenai, Nagasawaminami, Ginzan, Oe downstream of it, and Minamimachi, Higashimachi, Nishimachi, and Kitamachi in the plain further downstream.In the lower reaches of the Yoichi River, the flat land develops to the east of the river and is narrow to the west.In the narrow western basin, from the upper side of the river, there is Shikaribetsu near the confluence of the Shikaribetsu River, the Tonokawa near the confluence of the Tonokawa River, and Asahidai facing the center of Niki Town across the river.

  • Mountains: Mt. Daikoku (724.8m), Mt. Futatsumori (679.7m), Mt. Ginzan (640.5m), Mt. Chohakuzan (460.8m)
  • Rivers: Yoichi River, Tonokawa, Shikaribetsu River, Pong Shikaribetsu River, Daikoku River, Civil Engineering River

Adjacent municipalities


1879(Meiji12 years)11ToTakekichi Niki(Niki Takeyoshi) et al. 360 people in Tokushima Prefecture (currentlyTokushimaYoshinogawa) Was the beginning of the settlement of Japanese people, and Niki Village was established the following year.The name of Niki Town is named after Takekichi Niki.Focusing on immigrants from Yamaguchi Prefecture1883(Meiji16 years)3Oemura was established in.OeChoshu clanDominatedMr. MouriBecame an ancestor ofHiroe OeName it.1920The population was 5476.From early on in NikiAppleCultivation is flourishing, and the orchards have expanded to date.On the other hand, in OeRiceBecause it was very popularRiceAnd apples were the two pillars of the town's industry. In the second half of the 20th centuryCherry,GrapeThe specific gravity of the fruit tree, which was also added, increased.


Before Edo

  • AinuThere is trade with.
  • 1857(Ansei3 years) The Yoichi luckier set up a Rubeshibe passerby for people crossing the Inaho Pass.Currently, a monument is built on the site.

After the Meiji era


  • Mayor: Seiichiro Sato



Due to the large number of mountains, cultivated land is 10.5% of the area of ​​the town (2002(Heisei14 years)), but the main industry isAgriculture:Is.Especially in the Niki area, fruit trees are cultivated and apples, grapes and cherries are produced.VegetablesIs also actively made.Paddy fields are close to half of cultivated land, but 13% of agricultural output (2002(Heisei14 years)) stays.

  • Number of employees by industry
Primary industry1,048
Primary industry218
Primary industry900

Location company

  • Kurashima Dairy IndustryNiki Factory Co., Ltd. (Nishimachi 3)
  • Kanamoto Yoichi Sales Office (Kitamachi 10)
  • Gokyo Hire (Kitamachi 1)
  • Natural Farm Co., Ltd. (Higashimachi 13)
  • Chemical Soft Niki Factory (Shikaribetsu)
  • Hokushin Mining (Natural Forest)
  • Victory Pork Niki Farm (Nagasawa Minami)

Agricultural cooperative

Financial institution

post office

  • Niki Post Office (former collection and delivery specific office, Kitamachi 4)
  • Ginzan Post Office (former collection and delivery specific office, Ginzan 2)
  • Shikaribetsu Simple Post Office (Shikaribetsu)

* Collection and delivery workYoichi Post OfficeIs in charge

home delivery

公共 機関


  • Yoichi Police StationNiki police box (Kitamachi 6) * Kitamachi, Nishimachi, Higashimachi, Minamimachi, Asahidai, Tonokawa
  • Yoichi Police Station Ginzan Police Box (Ginzan 2) * Nobetsu, Oe, Ginzan, Nagasawa Minami, Nagasawa Nishi, Onenai


Sister cities/partner cities


Tokushima OfKawashimaIs the birthplace of Takekichi Niki, who created Niki Village.1974(ShowaIt became a sister town in 49).Kawajima Town mergedYoshinogawaAs it became a part of, the sister town relationship was dissolved.



Population distribution of Niki, Hokkaido, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Niki Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Niki Town (2005)
■Purple-Niki Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Niki Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Hokkaido High School of Arts(Higashimachi 5) --Closed in 2012Niki Commercial High SchoolWith the function of our school using the siteShimizu TownA private (operated by Kyokei Gakuen) high school with a wide area communication system that was relocated from.
  • Niki Junior High School (Kitamachi 4)
  • Niki Elementary School (Nishimachi 1)
  • Ginzan Elementary School (Ginzan 2)
  • Ginzan Junior High School (Ginzan 2)
  • Oe Elementary School (Oe 1) -Closed in 2011."Oe Community Center" is completed on the site.


Railway line

At the end of 2030Hokkaido ShinkansenShin-Hakodate Hokuto - SapporoIt is planned to pass through the town after the opening, but there will be no station or signal area.


  • Reservation system bus "Niki Bus"
    • Yoichi-Shikaribetsu / Ginzan / Onenai (former Hokkaido Chuo Bus)Ginzan Line)


the most important道路Passes north and south through the townNational Route 5So to the northYoichi Town,OtaruViaSapporoTo the southKyowa TownContact far awayHakodateIt leads to.The road network is well developed because it is connected to the vicinity of Yoichi Town in the north, but the route to contact with other towns and villages is limited.National highway No. 5 goes to Kyowa town in the south by the Inaho tunnel under the Inaho pass.From National Route 5, which leaves the Yoichi River to head for the Inaho Pass,Hokkaido Road 1022 Niki Akaigawa LineBranches and runs along the Yoichi River to the east and enters the neighboring Akaigawa.Hokkaido Road No. 36 Yoichi Akaigawa LineIs connected to Akaigawa Village and Yoichi Town by Hiyamizu Pass, and only a small part of the area near Hiyamizu Pass passes through Niki Town.The left bank (west bank) of the Yoichi River runs south from Yoichi Town to the Shikaribetsu River.Hokkaido Road 755 Shikaribetsu Yoichi LineThen, this road turns northwest and leads to the Shikaribetsu abandoned mine upstream of the Pong Shikaribetsu River.


Area codeIs 0135 (Yoichi MA area).To call the same 0135 Iwanai MA area, you need to call from the area code.

The city code is 32 mainly in the center of Niki Town and 33 in the Ginzan district.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Cultural property

  • Ooe Shrine Old Temple
  • Pioneer origin (old document)
  • Niki Village Founder Niki Takeyoshi's Manuscript Collection (Old Documents)
  • Mori Family Reclaimed Office Draft 15nd Annual Report of Meiji 2 (Old Document)
  • Oemura Jihi (old document)
  • Ooe Shrine Torii Post
  • Takigoro Yamakawa Memorial-Jodai Shrine
  • Niki Village Founder's Monument-Niki Shrine
  • Oe founder Sadaichi Awaya monument
  • Founder Kanjiro Kubo Monument
  • Suzuki Shunro Okinori monument
  • Niki Shrine precincts
  • Akamatsu group in the precincts of Ooe Shrine
  • Kuromatsu in the precincts of Mugenjuji Temple
  • Ginkgo tree of Mugenjuji
  • Ningenji temple precincts
  • Three trunk cedars in the precincts of Jodai Shrine (Bokyoki)
  • Elder "Celebration" Apple Tree (Fruit Tree)
  • Ginkgo tree in the precincts of Ginkgo Temple


  • Rural Park Fruit Park Niki (Higashimachi 15)
  • Ningenji Temple (Ningenji Temple)Hokkaido Sanju Kannon Sacred GroundNo. 6 Fudasho) (Nishimachi 7)
  • Mushroom Kingdom Niki Store (Oe 1)

Celebrity from Niki Town

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