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🍽 | 5 selections of "excellent business Sue recipes" devised by business super enthusiasts! [Adult potato salad, eggplant toro ginger grilled, balmuku ...


5 "excellent business Sue recipes" devised by business super enthusiasts! [Adult potato salad, eggplant toro ginger grilled, balmuku ...

If you write the contents roughly
Mr. Nunokawa, who loves "savings" and "cooking", is currently trying to make "100 yen recipe at a commercial supermarket" by Shunta Fukawa!

This year, a business supermarket that has achieved "national domination" by advancing into all 47 prefectures.Anyway, it's cheap and has a large capacity, and ... → Continue reading

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Shunta Fukawa

Shunta Fukawa(Fukawa Shunta,1992 May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoI'm from Wifeactress OfArisa Nakamura[1].


  • 2007 From around February, he started appearing in variety shows with his parents.In October of the same year, "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei』Appeared in the 8th series and became a full-fledged actor debut.
  • From around April 2020Horikoshi High SchoolEstablished a video production company Fdce with his classmate Ryunosuke Suzuki.
  • April 2021, 4, the actress in August 22 the previous yearArisa NakamuraAnnounced through his Twitter that he was married to[2][1][3]..父のfather'sToshikazu NunokawaAlso posted a congratulatory comment on the blog[4].


  • In "Kinpachi sensei, 3rd grade B", which was her debut as an actor, her mother appeared in the first series as a student, and became the first parent-child student.In the 1th series where Hayato debuted, Tsuchiya also appeared as a mother,Takeda TetsuyaIn the final episode of the words given to each student, he said, "Tell your mother that you have graduated from 3B."father,Toshikazu NunokawaIs2nd Year Class B Senhachi』Appeared in.In addition, KinpachiMaeda GinParent and childKenichi OkamotoParents and children are appearing, but they are not appearing at the same time.
  • Ukon Onoe II TheHorikoshi High SchoolClassmate[6]And a close friend.


TV drama


  • Life expectancy(2009) --The role of Michio Kinashi
  • Chain (2014)-Starring Takumi Yamazaki
  • Lion Dance Boys (2015) --Starring Wataru Takakura
  • Love umbrella(2018) --Tomoyuki Funada



  • Atelier Edge "Flowing Clouds-With Love from DJ to Kamikaze-" (September 2009,All labored hall space zero)-Starring
  • Atelier Edge "Nubatama no Fuchi" -Tags I'll meet you once again- (April 2010, Shinjuku Theater Moliere)
  • Atelier Edge "Chihayafuru God's Land" -Ibun Honnoji Incident- (June 2010,Actor theater)
  • Atelier Edge "Flowing Clouds" (June 2011,New National Theater)-Starring
  • Atelier Edge "Nubatama no Fuchi" Youngest Chairman Performance (October 2011, Haiyuza Theater)
  • Atelier Edge "Holy this night ~ The miracle of the Christmas tree ~(December 2011, duo stage bbs)
  • Atelier Edge "Flowing Clouds" (May 2014, Nakano The Pocket) --Starring / Chair
  • Croquette entertainment life 35th anniversary performance ・ The world that crosses is doubled! ?? (January 2015, Meijiza)
  • Takfes3th performance "kiss(October 2015, Sunshine Theater and other national tours)
  • Atelier Edge "Flowing Clouds" Special Appearance (August 2016, Rikkoukai Hall)
  • Triangle ~ Last day of life ~ (September 2016, Sumida Park Studio Kura)
  • BASARAGaiden ~ KANATA Rainbow Story -Ginkgo- (January 2019, Kinokuniya Hall) --Rasho
  • Passionate Kinema 2019st Performance "We ran away that day so as not to run away from living" (February 2, Shinjuku Live Freak) --Shigure
  • The Great Gatsby In Tokyo (March 2019, DDD Aoyama Theater)-Nick Carraway
  • Famiglia! (April 2019, Mitsukoshi Theater) --Tony
  • The second performance "Counterattack Bouquet (Replay)" (June 2019, Shinjuku Live Freak) --The role of Shigure
  • Atelier Edge "Flowing Clouds" 20th Anniversary Special Appearance (August 2019, Rikkoukai Hall) --Starring: Kotaro Sakamoto


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