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🍽 | Morisanchu / Kurosawa complains about graduating from "Hirunandesu" "I got fired!"


Morisanchu / Kurosawa complains about graduating from "Hirunandesu" "I got fired!"

If you write the contents roughly
Daikichi Hakata appeals that he is trained in the cooking corner of NHK's "Asaichi", which is a regular, saying, "I make snacks, but I watch food almost every day in the morning program."

"Hirunandesu!" Who served as a regular for 8 years. Morisanchu and Kazuko Kurosawa, who graduated from ”, leaked their true intentions ... (Photo courtesy of ...) → Continue reading


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"Asaichi』(Romaji notation: asaichi) IsNHKGeneral televisionで2010(22)May 3からWeekdayBroadcast in the morningInformation program.


At NHK, "Wind tomorrowSince the start of "Well turtleFor about half a century, "" on NHK General TVContinuous tv novel』Broadcast from 8:15, and then continued the pattern of broadcasting news and information programs.

However, according to an NHK survey, it was found that the lifestyle of ordinary households has changed and that the commuting time has been shortened overall, and it was judged that "it has settled down at around 8 am" ().Therefore,"Gegege's wife], The morning drama will be broadcast 15 minutes earlier from 8:00, and a new information program will be organized.[1][Note 1].

From 2010, on NHK General TV, "NHK News Good morning Japan』Ended at 8 o'clock, immediately after the morning drama was transferred, the previous program"Life hot morning, Etc., and decided to organize this program in the time zone from 8:15 to 9:54 immediately after the morning drama (however, 9:00 to 9:05 is "NEWS], Temporarily suspended).

fundamentallyLive broadcastHowever, in spring and summer (high school baseballIt may be recorded and broadcast at the time of the event.A special edition may be broadcast during the golden time (separated into recorded and live broadcasts).

On the official website, this program is positioned as a "large information program", and from "Life Hot Morning", which was composed mainly of living information, in addition to commercial broadcastingWide showHowever, we changed to take up political and social issues and entertainment information that we deal with, and our motto was "digging in from the perspective of consumers."[2]..The target is a housewife in her 40s who has advanced away from NHK, and about half of the staff are women, aiming for a program that draws up "women's needs"[3]As for the program name, it was explained that the wish was put in, "I want to make it a lively program like a" market "filled with the most desired information."

NHK is the same when launching the programLiving information programWas broadcasting at about the same timeTBS"Hanamaru Market』(19969The staff of (start) is pulled out for each production company (so-called head hunt), and the method of the program is adopted to produce the program.[4][5][Note 2]..Also, regarding the first moderator, the moderator of "Hanamaru Market"Hirohide YakumaruUsed to belong toJohnny's OfficeActive members ofYoshihiko Inohara(V6) Was appointed.

2011May 10 - May 11(3 DayIs closed due to holidays)FukushimaAs "Asaichi Fukushima Caravan"Aizuwakamatsu-Iwaki-Fukushima-Shimogo TownBroadcast from.Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) Broadcast as part of reconstruction assistance.

In the program, the co-stars are often nicknamed.The nickname is displayed even when the performers start talking in real-time subtitle broadcasting (example: Inohara → "Inohara ⇒" etc.).

Colorful towels are placed in the studio back.There are many, but when Inohara confirmed by email from the viewer, it became clear that one towel was actually ruffled and dented to make it look like it was folded.2016May 1The studio set was renewed from the broadcast.

The telop was changed from the broadcast on February 2014, 2.

From November 2016, 11InstagramStart[6].

On March 2017, 3, a minor studio change, a renewal of the theme song, and a renewal of telops were carried out.


In the early days, as the mascot character of this program in the studioMini pig(Sometimes I was behind the performers).By viewer votingBoo-chanThe name was decided on (April 4th broadcast, decided by viewer voting by 30Seg and data broadcasting from 4 candidates).But,Foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Miyazaki PrefectureDue to the influence of, the appearance was postponed from the middle of May (the latest situation was reported on the broadcast on June 5, 2010, when the appearance was suspended). Returned with the broadcast on August 6.I returned after waiting for the end of foot-and-mouth disease, but grew uppigI came back, but later stopped appearing.
"Butaman", which is modeled after a pig, has appeared in place of the above-mentioned Boo-chan.It is called Boo-chan by the performers because of its remnants.It looks like a meat bun with a pig's face, and usually there is no body-like part, but every Thursday "JAPAAt the corner to visit Navi's supermarkets, pork and pigs are used because they are pigs that appear with something like a red cloak underneath (sometimes appearing in the studio and getting entangled with Inohara etc.) I am shocked and sad when I see the product.By the way, the main voice of Butaman at this time isVoice actor OfIchiryu Sadatomo(Silent in the corners on other days of the week). In addition to being decorated according to the theme after the news at 9 o'clock, several colors of buns with illustrations will appear during the answer reception of "Sugo Gi Q" every Tuesday. In the special edition "Night, but ... Asaichi" broadcast on August 2014, 8 and December 11, 12, the "Pig Bat", which is not a pig, appeared. He retired from "JAPA Navi" on March 27, 2016, and continues to cast as a mascot.
Introduced on April 2016, 4, in place of the above-mentioned Butaman.It has a round face, a ribbon on the head, and an apron-like torso, but unlike the lid, it has both hands.The voice will continue to be cast by Ichiryusai (in the first broadcast, Inohara et al. Pointed out that "Isn't the voice the same as Boo-chan?").Like his friend, his predecessor, Butaman, he travels to various parts of Japan with JAPA-NAVI.
Appeared from the broadcast on March 2021, 3.The section in charge mainly appears in "Solution! Life Mikata", and the voice is voice actorKaji YukiIs in charge.
Weather forecast subtitles (weather loop)
"Weather loop"NHK Metropolitan Broadcasting Center,NHK Osaka Broadcasting StationIt is displayed in some areas (some areas were adopted from the middle of the year).The weather loop is "NHK News Good morning Japan] Is also displayed (weather information scenes are deleted), but before this program, during the morning drama time (8: 8-15: XNUMX), it will be deleted once.Tokai region(Aichi-Gifu-TripleIn), when the channel is set to NHK General TV, the weather loop is displayed as a data screen under the time with a gap, and it can be deleted and restored by operating the remote control button.However, the two-way implementation date is canceled and is always displayed.On the other handHokkaidoThe weather loop is not displayed in some areas such as rural areas and NHK World Premium. When "Good Morning Japan" was renewed in April 2017, the weather loop moved to the side of the time display (custom font), so the weather loop of this program also moved to the same position.
Posts from viewers
About impressions on the broadcast content and the theme of the dayAudienceからfacsimileと電子 メ ー ルWe are soliciting submissions by There is a day.Posts requesting "unreasonableness" from the performers will also be introduced.Also, in the broadcast on November 2011, 11, working people introduced multiple opinions and impressions about the program at the beginning of the program, at the beginning of the second part, and just before the ending.Later, a sub-theme related to the theme of the day was set, and submissions are being solicited during the broadcast under the name "Chinade Fax".In addition, posts from viewers regarding the content of the morning drama may be introduced.After the cooking corner starts at the end, the female caster moves to the studio corner and introduces the post to be read at the ending with the staff.[7].

Broadcast time / timetable

  • Comprehensive television,NHK World・ Premium weekdays (Monday-Friday)
    • The 1 part
      • Normal time: 8:15-9:00 (45 minutes)
      • Diet broadcastBroadcast: 8:15-8:55 (40 minutes)
    • NEWS
      • Normal time: 9: 00-9: 05[Note 3](Deferred from 8:30)
      • During the Diet broadcast: 8:55 --9:00
    • The 2 part
      • Normal time: 9:05-9:54 (49 minutes)
      • During the Diet broadcast: Broadcast canceled

* In principle, it is closed on public holidays.Also, if emergency news is inserted during the live broadcast, it may be expanded to 9:55.

* In the broadcast on September 2020, 9, the news of the earthquake that occurred mainly in Fukui Prefecture was inserted until around 4:9, so it expanded to 25:10 (for this reason, "Minna no Taiso] Is paused).

Times of DayMonday-ThursdayFridayDuring the Diet broadcast
broadcast content

The 1 part
From this time, Hanamaru Hakata, Daikichi, and Suzuki will appear.

  • opening
  • Woman's News (Monday-Thursday, Irregular)
  • Special feature corner / planning (first half)
  • Quiz and cloudiness (Tuesday)
  • Halletoke Kitchen (Tuesday, irregular)
  • KITCHEN SESSION (Tuesday, irregular)
  • JAPA-NAVI (Thursday)

The 1 part
From this time, Hanamaru Hakata, Daikichi, and Suzuki will appear.[8]

  • opening
  • Premium Talk (Talk Corner)

as usual.However, it is shortened by 5 minutes.

  • Ending (around 8:54)


  • Broadcast the latest news from the news center as regular news.News from 8:55 as a stand-alone program during the Diet broadcast.

The 2 part

  • Special feature corner / planning (second half)
  • Planning at 9 o'clock
  • Outing LIVE (relay corner)
  • Ryogo Matsumaru and Inspiration Time (Thursday)

The 2 part

  • Special!Entertainment

Broadcast canceled

09: 30 around

Komamura appeared from this time.

  • Everyone! Gohan (cooking corner)
  • Selfish Bobby (once a month, Tuesday)

Komamura appeared from this time.

  • Green style (gardening corner)
09: 50 around


  • Special feature corner ・ Introduction of messages sent to the project


  • Introduction of messages sent to performers

* Corners may move back and forth.For each part, some broadcast contents may change (see below).

Pause, etc.

Holidays and New Year holidays (generallyMay 12 - May 1However, (depending on the arrangement of the calendar) is suspended in principle[Note 4]..At this time, there are cases where the news is broadcast at 8:15 -8:20 and cases where the alternative program starts at 8:15.

Diet broadcastWill be a shortened broadcast from 8:15 to 8:55 whenhigh school baseballWhen the broadcast is done,OlympicIt may be suspended or shortened even when a special organization is formed due to such reasons.May 8 TheHiroshima Peace Memorial CeremonyIt will be a delayed start because it will be relayed.In addition, the broadcast time zone of this program isPolitics broadcastIt may be devoted to, and the whole story will be suspended depending on the part or region.Also,House of Representatives general electionorHouse of Councilors ordinary electionThe day after the election day, the "Archipelago Document" that tells the state of the election campaign will be broadcast, so it may be suspended.

In addition, if a natural disaster such as a typhoon or earthquake occurs, or if urgent news comes in during the broadcast of the program, the related news may be inserted and some of the planned content may be omitted, depending on the situation. Cancel the broadcast itself[Note 5]In some cases.

Corner contents

At the beginning of the program, there was an opening CG,Ranka Lee=Ai Nakajima"Interstellar flightWas used, but after a while CG was abolished and it became a form to move directly to the main part. The theme song was set for the first time from April 2018,YUKI"chimeUsed by[9].

From the broadcast on March 2020, 3, the Romanized notation of the telop name of the opening performer introduction was changed in the order of surname → first name.[10].

The opening will introduce one topic of the day, and the special feature will be broadcast with the news at 1 o'clock.Until the first half of 9 o'clock in the main corner, it is flexibly assembled, and there are changes and there are days with two parts. The regular corner will be broadcast in the latter half of 9 o'clock.

When a serious news occurs, the newscaster connects to the news center immediately after the opening greeting of the casters and the newscaster conveys the information (in some cases, the female caster may convey the information in the studio, and the opening greeting is inserted. It may be news from 8:15 without).In addition, the news of celebrities may be dealt with at the opening.At this time, "morning drama reception" may be omitted or shortened.

The special features and regular corners generally follow the plans of the previous programs "Life Hot Morning", "Today's Cooking Plus", and "Hobby Gardening Plus". "Cooperating families" recruited by "Life Hot Morning" can continue to participate (the name has changed to "Asaichi Supporter" since June).

2011 year 3 month 11 dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeAfter the outbreak, we canceled the usual corner and specialized in the contents centered on the earthquake disaster, such as reports on the disaster area, explanations of the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and introduction of faxes and e-mails from viewers. Broadcast. Since April, regular corners such as "JAPA Navi" have been revived.

Irregular at the end of 9 o'clock, but generalE Tele・ Past broadcast times of each program broadcast on BS ("Darwin is here!''Gretel furnace''Masakame TV] Is relatively common) may be broadcast for about 10 minutes.

Regular corner

Woman news
Take up the news that has become a hot topic in the world.The corner at the beginning of the program.
Planning at 9 o'clock
The content is the same as the special feature section of the main corner.Announcers will cover various topics and explain them in the studio with experts.
Direct production LIVE (2010-2011) → Shiny ☆ Japan (2012-2017) → Outing LIVE (2018-)
* Monday-Thursday early 9 o'clock.There is a case of suspension due to special organization.
NHK announcer of the local station of the relay destination, visits one prefecture every week and provides fresh and "profitable" information on local fresh ingredients, products and facilities.Yasuhisa FuruharaEtc. report assault.
(Occasionally, it may be recorded in advance and introduced by the reporter from the studio.)
From March 2016The Perfect"Shiny ☆ Gakuen", which reports on the school, was also broadcast.
If it is not possible to broadcast in a special organization such as high school baseball or the Diet broadcast on the day of the broadcast, the content of that day will be pre-recorded and edited and broadcast on Friday (the corner title will be "Outing REPORT").At this time, the reporter will appear in the studio directly and look back on the recorded contents.
Asaichi rice (2010-2011) → Solution! Gohan (2012-2017) → Everyone! Gohan (2018-)
* Monday-Thursday late 9 o'clock.It may be suspended due to special organization.
We invite top chefs and popular culinary experts to solve the problems that are inherent in daily cooking.
This frame is Nishibori → Komamura and Inohara → Komamura and Hanamaru → Currently, it will proceed only in Komamura as a countermeasure against the new corona.
* Until 2011, "Asaichi Rice" introduced recipes and amazing techniques that transform familiar ingredients into daily themes.
(Monday) "Professional direct transmission." (Tuesday) "Kihon no Ki" (Wednesday) "The classic" (Thursday) "Today's menu Ichioshi".
Asaichi Garden (2010-2012) → Asaichi Green Style (2013-)
* Friday late 9 o'clock.It may be suspended due to special organization.
A popular gardener teaches you how to grow flowers and vegetables and how to grow them vigorously.Also, from 2013, information on interiors will be broadcast about once a month.Similar to the above-mentioned "Everyone! Gohan", Komamura (sub-caster) will be the facilitator, and Hanamaru, Daikichi, and depending on the day, premium talk guests will also participate.As a song when entering this cornerPIZZICATO FIVE"And still" is used.
Selfish hobby
Late 9 o'clock. Hobby project (once a month, Tuesday).
Ryogo Matsumaru and Inspiration Time
Early 9 o'clock. (Thursday) quiz planning.There are also special broadcasts on other days.
Special! Enter (2010-)
* Friday in the early 9 o'clock range.It may be suspended due to special organization.
Each navigator introduces entertainment information on music, books, and movies.

Main corner

Some have changed the title of the previous program "Life Hot Morning" and continue.[Note 6].
Special feature corner
Announcers will cover various topics and explain them in the studio with experts.
Quiz and cloudiness (former title "Sugo Gi Q") (Tuesday)
Introducing life information that you can get to know with a quiz. 3-6 questions.The studio respondents were two guests of the day and one general viewer of the cooperating family (Asaichi supporter), and the correct answer was a cube-shaped (also known as cubeta) tissue box (a pig with the image of a bun from January 2). You can get a stuffed toy face, a quiz and a stuffed toy (a stuffed pig's face in a bowl) after becoming cloudy.The general viewers of the cooperating family respond in pairs with Inohara.In the cloudy weather, general viewers have stopped appearing.Viewers participate in quizzes on TV (data broadcasting, 1Seg)[Note 7]..Regardless of the number of correct answers, if you succeed in sending even once, you can enter the password displayed on the data screen on the broadcast of the day as a computer wallpaper or a mobile phone standby screen (both calendars with images of landscapes according to the season). It can be downloaded (downloadable only on the day of the broadcast. Even after the program ends, the password can be confirmed at any time from the data broadcast of the digital general TV until 1:24 on the day of the broadcast).In addition, you can participate in the quiz as it is without pressing the d button on the remote control (you can answer if "Sugo technique Q is participating" is displayed on the screen. It may differ depending on the model).Even on Tuesdays, the corner may be closed due to circumstances.Great East Japan EarthquakeAfter that, the corner was suspended for a long time, but it resumed from the broadcast on May 2011, 5.There is also an irregular questionnaire format titled "Tell me Q", but the answering procedure is the same as "Sugogi Q" and "Quiz and cloudiness" ("Asaichi is participating" is displayed on the screen. You can answer if you do). A corner that inherits the "Quiz de Natoku!" From "Life Hot Morning".[Note 6]
* Irregular broadcast on Tuesday.
From April 2018, 4.The world's leading chefs will tell you how to cook well in a live broadcast using ingredients from Japanese supermarkets.Up to 17 ingredients can be used in one dish (excluding seasonings).
Halletoke Kitchen
* Irregular broadcast on Tuesday.
The successor to the Dream 3 Chef Series, the three chefs will introduce the recipes that guests want to eat.The person in charge is Takeshi Shinohara for Japanese food, Hitoshi Yamanobe for Chinese food, and Sakura Akimoto for French food.The meaning of haretoke is a coined word that takes two things: "hare's dish (excellent dish that can be made with a little effort)" and "ke's dish (easy dish that can be used as a side dish tonight)".
JAPA-NAVI (October 2010-) (Thursday, may be other days)
Sightseeing spots and gourmet information from all over JapanentertainerAnd local broadcastersannouncerWill introduce.
Starting as "Shun Journey 10" (April 2010-September 4), the corner name was changed to "JAPA" Navi (later "JAPA-NAVI") from October 9.
It broadcasts mainly on Thursdays, but some weeks do not.
Among them, we will introduce the ones sold at the local shops that the program character Anman-chan (formerly Butaman) is visiting at JAPA-NAVI.The performers and guests may be surprised by the high tension of Anman-chan, and Inohara is professing to be a fan of this corner.
Premium Talk (Friday)[Note 8])
A talk corner inviting guests who are active on the front lines of various fields. Taking over "To this person!" From "Life Hot Morning"[Note 6]However, this program is basically broadcast live.At the opening, guests will be asked to ask the viewers what they want to hear by fax or on the official website (the guest name and recruitment notice are always displayed in the upper right corner of the screen).Not only the story of the work that the guest is working on at the time of broadcasting, but also the close-up video of the work, the comment video from the co-star, the video showing the hardships and private life leading up to success, and the guest appeared on NHK in the past. Introducing the video as a treasured video.The caster asks questions unique to each generation and approaches the unknown real face and human charm. "Hello from Studio Park"[Note 9]→ "Your name], Many performers of each NHK program (both terrestrial and BS) also appeared, effectivelyProgram advertisementIt also has a typical element.A person who has a connection with the guest may participate from the middle of the corner.If the morning drama related person (performer, screenwriter, theme song singer) on the air is a guest, it is customary to perform a production linked with the morning drama from the opening.[Note 10][Note 11]..Normally, after the recruitment announcement, the talk starts after the mini corner where the reporter conveys the attention information, but in the case of shortened broadcasting such as broadcasting until 8:54 in the Diet broadcast etc., the talk starts immediately after the recruitment announcement. (Some guests may start talking immediately even if it is not a shortened broadcast).In addition, guests may leave in the early 9 o'clock range (mainly at the end of "Premium Talk") due to schedule reasons.

Premium Talk Guest

2010 Year
2011 Year
2012 Year
2013 Year
2014 Year
2015 Year
2016 Year
2017 Year
2018 Year
2019 Year
2020 Year
2021 Year

Past corner

Gatten collaboration (Wednesday)
as its name suggests,"Try Gatten』Collaboration project.The main focus is on the review of the project that was introduced in "Gatten" in the past and had a great response, but we will also introduce the data that became clearer in the subsequent interviews.
Asaichi! Ni! Sun
Enuichi (irregular)[Note 58], September 2013, 12 -)
After broadcasting a preview version of a featured program scheduled to be broadcast on NHK waves in the near future, the main performers of that program will appear live and will have a studio talk with Inohara and others.In fact, it is a program promotion-specialized version of "Premium Talk".
How is it? Willow ~ (irregular)[Note 59], 2015-)
One of the news that is attracting attention will be picked up, and Yanagisawa (another commentator may be included) will explain the problems and points of that news.
Woman's Flower Road (irregular, 2016-)
A VTR project in which working people interview women who are active in various fields.
Thoroughly Anna
Female Real (February 2014-)
A project that focuses on getting women to confess their real worries by seriously confronting worries that cannot be said to others.
Glitter 40
A large monthly campaign to support shining women in their 40s while learning how to solve women's problems from energetic women.The person in charge is currently working in his 1s. "Welfare network] Is also linked. "Sexless""tits""Mama depression""infertility""Sexual violenceTaking up themes that are not afraid of taboo, such as "Nikkei Entertainment!"The major features of" Asaichi "" and "one of the points supported by viewers"[3].. In September 2010 (childbirth in 9s),Yoko NagayamaAdhere to the situation before and after the first childbirth of advanced maternal age.In addition to appearing in Nagayama and the studio, workingSeiko NodaIn July, such as interviewingsexAs with the project, the content was unique for NHK.
Dream 3 Chef (broadcast once a month on Tuesday)
Dream 3 Chef Competition (2010-March 2015, 3)
Top-class chefs of Japanese, Italian and Chinese cuisine compete for taste and skill.Three popular chefs representing Japan will be proficient in authentic cuisine.This corner was inherited from the previous program "Life Hot Morning"[Note 6]..Japanese foodSadaharu Nakajima, ItalianOchiai, Chinese foodSonseijunIs in charge.
It ended as a regular broadcast on March 2015, 3.After that, it will be broadcast irregularly.
Dream 3 Chef NEO
Expected new star 3 chefs of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine will make seasonal ingredients into a fascinating dish.For Japanese food, Italian food is in charge of Chinese food. From May 2017, 5, French Sakura Akimoto has joined.
Legend kitchen
Invite the world's top chefs to the studio and enjoy "secret recipes" and "superb techniques". Broadcast irregularly as of January 2019.
The torch road that Yasu goes
Irregular planning at 9 o'clock.Yasuhisa Furuhara visits the people who connected the torch at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
Jimoto Dream
Irregular planning at 9 o'clock.Focus on women who work hard toward their dreams.

Current performer

Main caster

Hakata Hanamaru/Daikichi (July 2018, 4 -)
Second generation caster.Responsible for the progress of the program[12][13].
AmendmentNew influenza measures special measures lawBased on Article 32New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)From April to May 2020, 4, when the state of emergency was announced, they will be relayed from different locations (not at home).
Naoko Suzuki(NHK announcer) (March 2021, 3-)
Became the third generation caster.Responsible for the progress of the program[Note 60][Note 61].




NHK announcer unless otherwise specified (irregularly,記者May be in charge). "Life hot morningUntil the announcer reports, "○○ announcer"[Note 63] However, the title of the announcer was omitted in this program, and instead a simple phrase (message) was included on the name (broadcasting stations other than the Tokyo Announcer Room, Metropolitan Area Center, and Japanese Center). In the case of the announcer of, "○○ station (example:" Osaka station "in the case of Osaka broadcasting station) → NHK 〇〇 (example:" NHK Nagoya "in the case of Nagoya broadcasting station)" notation is also added).If the report item is a serious incident or accident, the above phrase may not be displayed or only the reporter notation may be used (in either case, the VTR has an announcer notation for the announcer).Since the Hanamaru-Daikichi-Omi era, phrases have often not been included even in normal content.

Past performers

Main caster

Yoshihiko Inohara(V6/20th Century) (Singer, talent)[16] (December 2010, 3-February 29, 2018)
The first main caster.Responsible for the progress of the program.
It is the first time in history that NHK appoints a person other than staff as the main information program of the time zone.[17].
Working Yumiko(at that timeNHK announcer..Retired from NHK on the day after leaving the board) (March 2010, 3 --March 29, 2018)
The first main caster.Responsible for the progress of the program.
Hideo Yanagisawa(Commentator) (March 2010, 3-March 29, 2018)
The first caster.In charge of commentator and commentary.
During the period when he served as the commentary chairman, he appeared irregularly.In the second regular period, in principle, he did not appear only on the day of "Premium Talk".
In principle, when Yanagisawa was absent, only Inohara and working (or acting casters) proceeded. 
Yurie Omi(NHK announcer at that time. Retired from NHK on March 2021, 3) (April 31, 2018-March 4, 2)[18][19]
The second generation caster.Responsible for the progress of the program[20].


Friday "Specialty! Enter" Navigator

  • Book navigators are calling in expert guests.
  • The announcer is in charge of the facilitator, music and movie navigator.
  • Past navigator

Guest (commentator)

Similar to "Life Hot Morning", 1 to 3 people appear alternately every day on an irregular basis. Amendment in April 2020New influenza measures special measures lawThere are times when there are no guests after the issuance of the state of emergency based on.There are no regular commentators on Fridays (with exceptions).


It's basically a live narration, and the studio part adds supplements to the video and responds to calls from the studio.

Also responsible for the voices of "Butaman-chan" and "Anman-chan".Another faceKodanshiAs a reporter, he has appeared as a reporter.
  • Guest narrator


Survey of the entire Japanese archipelago and dining table

Great East Japan EarthquakeCaused by, "Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIn response to the diffusion of radioactive materials, on October 2011, 10, "Survey of the entire Japanese archipelago and dining table"[23] We broadcast a project entitled.

From 7 households nationwide (Sapporo, Koriyama, Sukagawa, Edogawa, Meguro, Kishiwada, Hatsukaichi), 1 meals (morning, noon, evening) for one week are made into a paste (sample below).Tokyo Metropolitan University-In the laboratory of Professor Masahiro Fukushi, we inspected radioactive substances of "cesium-134" and "cesium-137" using a "germanium semiconductor detector".

However, after being pointed out by the outside that "the numbers are too unnatural", a re-examination after that revealed that the numbers were incorrect, and an apology was broadcast on November 2011, 11.It was found that the cause was improper adjustment of the inspection equipment, and there was no problem with the data itself.It was also found that the test result table for households that cooperated with the test did not indicate "not detected (ND)" but described it as 24 becquerel.

The test results for cesium-134 are as follows:

家庭First number (wrong number)Numerical value after re-examinationDetection limit after re-examination[Note 92]
Hokkaido / Sapporo5.69 Becquerel / kgNot detected (ND)8.2 Becquerel / kg
Fukushima / Sukagawa3.66 Becquerel / kgNot detected (ND)5.7 Becquerel / kg
Tokyo / Edogawa4.05 Becquerel / kgNot detected (ND)5.2 Becquerel / kg
Osaka / Kishiwada3.99 Becquerel / kgNot detected (ND)4.5 Becquerel / kg

The test results for cesium-137 are as follows:

家庭First number (wrong number)Numerical value after re-examinationDetection limit after re-examination[Note 92]
Tokyo / Meguro8.97 Becquerel / kg8.5 Becquerel / kg5.2 Becquerel / kg

In response to this situation, a re-verification program was broadcast on December 2011, 12.

Performer's national broadcast remarks

August 2014, 9,Yukihiro Takiguchi"NHK isNational broadcastingThere was one act stating.After a while, the working person said, "I'm sorry. I didn't notice it and didn't correct it.Public broadcastingis.Of everyoneReception feeIt is made up of "and apologized.[24].

Experiment to sharpen scissors

This is a video that compares the difference in the effect of sharpening the scissors blade of "Sugo Gi Q" broadcast on April 2015, 4 in an experiment, and in the experiment of sharpening scissors with a bowl, the part that is not the blade is sharpened. The result was "no effect"[25]..Many viewers pointed out that point during the broadcast, and on the broadcast on April 2015, 4, we conducted an experiment to sharpen the part called the small blade of scissors again with the bottom of the bowl, and if you sharpen it properly, the bowl Corrected that the sharpness of the scissors returns at the bottom of the[26].

Performer's broadcast prohibited term barrage

May 2015, 5, guestEtsuko Ichihara Broadcast prohibited termsWas repeated, and the working people apologized.[27][28].

News about the Omo mountain climbing water source

On August 2019, 8, "Akki & Yanagi goes! I want to know more about Ishigaki Island, Okinawa", the content about the water source around the planned site of the Ground Self-Defense Force facility was taken up.[29]..However, on September 2019, 9, the Ishigaki City Council passed a protest resolution requesting NHK to make corrections at the final plenary session of the regular meeting, saying that the content was different from the facts.[30]..Of the rivers of the Omo mountain climbing system, the river water introduced in the program is used as agricultural water, but it was said that "about 8% of the tap water of Ishigaki Island is covered", so in the program Consideration should be given to avoid misunderstandings, such as using images of the entire Motoyama water source, and the explanation was insufficient. "We will take the resolution of the local council seriously and make more polite programs."[29].

ス タ ッ フ

  • musics:Yoshikazu Suo
  • Product Manager: Satoru Watanabe
  • Production manager:Katsuhiro Inoue→ Daisaku Kawase → Junichi Katayama
  • Produced by: NHK


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Related program

  • NHK Red and White Singing Battle
    According to Yumiko, "Sister program of" Asaichi "".
    In the same program, as in this program, "NHK News』(20:55 --21: 00) is interrupted and broadcast.
    2010-In 2016 and 2020, a special red and white project was broadcast in December.
    Working is 2012-2015 general moderator (it is said that he was selected because of his achievements in this program.The 63th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』), In 2017Yokohama ArenaBroadcasted fromKeisuke KuwataIn charge of the report.
    In 2014, in addition to live broadcasting of the red and white moderator announcement conference in this program, V2016 belonging to Inohara participated until the same year-6 (Inohara and Yumiko co-starred at the participating singer announcement conference. For details, see "The 65th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』).Also,"Hanako and AnneImmediately after the corner, Inohara and Yumiko appeared in the style of "morning drama reception" and acted as the progress to the next corner.
    In 2015, Inohara was in charge of the white group moderator for the first time, and Inohara and Yumiko became the co-moderator (it is said that he was selected because of his achievements in this program.The 66th NHK Red and White Singing Battle”) Also,“Rare』\ Performer and guest judgeTaiho TsuchiyaとOizumi HiroshiInohara defeated Oizumi in a talk with him.
  • Melody of memories
    The 43rd (2011) was moderated by Inohara and Yumiko.
  • Information LIVE Just Imma!
    2012May 4 -2013May 2On NHK General TVFridayAn information program that was broadcast live at 22:XNUMX.The same staff as this program was in charge of production, and in many cases the content taken up in this program was re-featured.The tentative title of "Just Ima!" Was "Yoruichi".
  • TV 60 years continuous TV novel "What is your morning drama!"(Broadcast on June 2013, 1)
    A special program related to the morning drama that was broadcast in the format of this program by the working MC Matsuda.
  • TV60 NTV x NHK 60th game(NHK/Nippon TVA special program co-produced. Broadcast on Nippon Television Network on February 2013, 2)
    Working is the moderator and Muroi is the guest appearance.In addition, as an announcement of "60th game", the NTV announcer announced this program for the broadcast on February 2 of the same year.Taichi MasuAppeared (also Masu's first appearance on NHK).
  • On the calendar, this is the December !? Jejeje! “Amachan Festival”(Broadcast on June 2013, 12)
    The omnibus of "Ama-chan".A special edition of this program was inserted in the last program, and a special version of the program impression talk (commonly known as "Ama-kei") by Inohara and Yumiko was held.
  • NHK 90 Hours Radio-More Delivery, Important Things-(Broadcast on March 2015, 3. Simultaneous broadcast with Radio 19)
  • NHK Special
    Inohara ・ A special program that works may be broadcast.
  • Hanako and Anne
    Is one of the charactersKiba morning market(Performer:Kubota Masataka) Is derived from this program.

外部 リンク

NHK Synthesis WeekdayMorning information program frame
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NHK General Weekdays 8:15 9:00
Continuous tv novel
[The frame itself is advanced by 15 minutes and continued]
Before the start of this program,Well turtle"
NHK News
[Delay 30 minutes and continue]
Life hot morning
(December 1995, 4-February 3, 2010)
Asaichi Part 1
(July 2010, 3 -)
NHK General Weekdays 9:05 9:54
Life hot morning
(December 1995, 4-February 3, 2010)
Minna no Taiso
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Today's food plus
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Hobby gardening plus
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