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🍽 | GW has a cooking class at home!Chefs from popular restaurants give a video lecture on "a proud dish"


GW has a cooking class at home!Chefs from popular restaurants give a video lecture on "a proud dish"

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For example, "Ultimate Nikujaga" by Kisao Nonaga, the third generation young master of "Nihonbashi Yukari", "Aquapazza" by Yoshimi Hidaka, owner chef of Minami Aoyama "Ristorante Aquapazza", and former Michelin 2-star restaurant chef, Castle "Ginger grilled" by Jiro has been uploaded.

The recipe video service "Kurasil" will be served by the chef of one of the most popular restaurants in Japan from May 2021nd to 5th, 2. → Continue reading

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Yoshimi Hidaka

Yoshimi Hidaka(Yoshimi Hidaka,1957May 10 -)[1]It is,Japan OfCook..Owner and chef of the Italian restaurant "Ristorante ACQUA PAZZA" in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.Libra.Blood type is O type[2].


HyogoKobe CityTo be born[3]..Entered the Japanese Culinary College with the goal of running a coffee shop.Graduated from Japanese Culinary College after studying Italian cooking and management.At the French "Shioya Ijinkan Club" where I had a part-time job when I was a student1978Finding employment[4]..Three years laterKobe Portopia HotelOpened and entered in line with the opening of the French three-star restaurant "Alain Chapel"[3]..After that, enter "Restaurant Hanada" in Ginza, Tokyo[3].1986, Toi.Enter Florence "ENOTECA PINCHIORRI"[5]..Starting from here, in three years, "Enoteca Pinchiorri" "Gualtiero Marchesi" "Dal Pescatore"[6]A total of 14 restaurants from the north to the south of Italy, including famous restaurants such as, have been trained and realize that "the charm of Italian cuisine lies in its local cuisine."[3].

1989, Return home.Appointed as the chef of "Ristorante Yamazaki" in Aoyama, Tokyo[7].

1990May 11, "Ristorante ACQUA PAZZA" opened in Nishi-Azabu.

1996, Opened "Mangia Pesce" (Tokyo)[3].

2001, Moved to Hiroo. Opened "Aqua Vino" on the 1st floor[8].2003, Became the owner chef.

2007, Opened "Yokosuka Aqua Mare" in Yokosuka City Museum of Art[9].

2008In February, "Fenice di Aqua Pazza" was opened in the museum [Satsuma Denshokan] completed at the long-established inn Shiramizukan in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture.[3].

2014From July 7th, NHK Educational Everyone's Today's Menu [Shosuke Tanihara's The Man's Food] Introducing food at Italian Aqua Pazza in the summer[10]

2015On February 2, at the Sanriku Kesennuma food trade fair "25th Review Trade Fair", we introduced Italian cuisine using Kesennuma swordfish as "Ambassador Minato Kesennuma".[11].

2017On August 8, the young staff inadvertently caused a fire and closed "Aqua Vino".

2018At the end of March, "Aqua Pazza" closed.

2018In April, the new "Ristorante Aqua Pazza" opens in Aoyama, Tokyo.[12].

In May 2018, he was interviewed by Tabelog Magazine [Fateful Ingredients] "Aqua Pazza", "Japanese cheese that Chef Hidaka has loved for over 5 years."[13]

2018In November, obtained "Organic Restaurant Certification" (certification body Reefers).[14]

July 2019, 7, `` Top Chef Vegan Event 7'' will be held[15].

2020Obtained organic JAS restaurant certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in November[14].

2020, On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the opening of "Ristorante Aqua Pazza"CoronaAppeared on YouTube channel of YouTube "Chef-Ropia" in April while refraining from business[16]..After that, "Ryomi Hidaka's Acqua Pazza Channel"[17]Delivery.

May 2020, 5, reopened as a limited-time trattoria from the restaurant in Corona[18]

2020On July 7, his own YouTube channel "Yoshimi Hidaka's ACQUA PAZZA sub-channel" was opened.[19].


Encounter with Carbonara

Part-time job at "DONNALOIA" in Kobe for 4 months before entering "Alain Chapel".During that time, I ate all 40 types of pasta menu offered at the restaurant, and continued to eat carbonara every day for the latter two months without getting tired.I always wonder what to do, but in the end, it's so delicious that I choose carbonara.Later, you will realize that this delicious experience was deeply engraved with the style that you are aiming for, "a dish that you can continue to eat without getting tired every day."

What I was looking for.Encounter with Acqua Pazza

At "Don Alfonso" in southern Italy, I came across Aqua Pazza, which simply cooks freshly caught seafood from a local fisherman in salt water.I was impressed by how delicious it was, and I was convinced that this was the dish I was looking for.And even in rural areas, truly freshly caught seafood can only be obtained through a reliable relationship with fishermen.I strongly recognized the importance of reliable relationships with producers.Even after returning to Japan, this feeling has not diminished, and I have been visiting the production areas and building a network.The charm of Italian food is full of local food.And the symbol is Acqua Pazza. "Aqua pazza" became the store name.[20]


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