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🍽 | 500 women who have experienced marriage and childbirth As a result of the "Survey on Childbirth and Cooking", the average budget for childbirth is 6 ...

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As a result of the "Survey on Childbirth Celebration and Cooking" by 500 women who have experienced marriage and childbirth, the average budget for childbirth celebration is 6 ...

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We also investigated the talents of moms who we admired, and Keiko Kitagawa, Nozomi Tsuji, Akira Hokuto and others ranked in.

IDEA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., Which handles the lifestyle brand "BRUNO", is nationwide ... → Continue reading


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Nozomi Tsuji

Some items in this page have different characters depending on the environment. In official notation"A street' Of" 辶 '(Shinnyo) Is one point.
Characters contained in this item"A street'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as.

Nozomi Tsuji(Nozomi Tsuji,1987May 6 -) isJapan Oftalent,singer,YouTuber.. Real name,Nozomi Tsuji(Nozomi Sugiura, Maiden name:A street)[1][2]. Nickname isTsuji-chan,OfSuch.First personNon.

TokyoItabashi kuI'm fromUpfront createBelongs(YU-M EntertainmentAnd business alliance).FormerHello! ProjectA member.Former "Morning Musume.』4th term member.WFormer leader of (Double You).Weight 45 kg.Height 153 cm[3].. My husbandAn actor OfSugiura Taiyo..My brother-in-law (husband's brother) is a guitaristTakao Sugiura.





  • October, Hello! Project Futsal Team, "Gatas Brilhantes HP』Goreiro (GK uniform number 12) is selected as a member.The uniform number will be number 2004 after 1.
  • On November 11th, the first solo photo book "No ♥" was released.



  • In February, blessingsmokingBy refraining from performing arts activities due to scandals, he ended his activities as W and moved to activities under the solo name. Apart from the activities of Gatas as well as W, he will be able to move as a solo talent and his work will increase.
  • July 7, Hello! Project 22 Summer Wonderful Heartsland Concert, falling off stage, rightAnkle jointDeltoid ligamentDamaged.Next timeMay 7 OfKonno AsamiAppeared with crutches in his graduation performance.


  • Voice appearance as Athena on April 4stTVO・ TV TOKYOAnime"Lobby and Kerobby] Started broadcasting.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Gal Sone,Tomi AmiTogether with the new unit "GaluruWas formed (the stage name is "Tsujiji"),TsuchiuraDebuted at the event.However, as described later, he immediately withdrew.The substitute isAsami Abe.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,May 5"When Will You Return", a double cast stage with Rika IshikawaAcute GastroenteritisTherefore, it was announced that he would drop off.The substitute is Hitomi Yoshizawa[7].May 5 OfChiakiApologized to the stage performers and watched the stage[8].
  • May 5th, Tsuji has his first child妊娠Yes,An actor OfSugiura TaiyoTo be a child withSports reportReported by[9].. On May 5, we will have a marriage and pregnancy press conference with Sugiura, and then we will be on maternity leave.
  • May 5th, "Robby and Kerobby"Theme song"I'm here!Was released under the name of "Athena (song: Nozomi Tsuji)" and made her solo debut as a singer.The song was released by "Morning Musume." 』Singlecover.
  • On June 6, with Sugiura through an agent at the ward office in TokyoMarriage registrationSubmit.
  • On November 11, at 26:0 am, she gave birth to her first child, a girl.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Amoeba blogでBlogStart[10].
  • January 1st, return to work[11][12].
  • January,Baby main officeIn collaboration with Tsuji himself, he launched a baby clothing brand produced by himself.
  • Graduated from Hello! Project on March 3st. New from next monthFan clubM-line clubBelong to.
  • On October 10th, the first independent book "Tsuji-chan's Ribbon Days" was published by Wanibooks.


  • In February, Gal Mama Magazine "I LOVE mamaFirst appeared in the magazine in the February issue of[13]..Also appeared on the cover in the June issue[14].
  • March 5, first child pregnancy reported[15][16].
  • On December 12, she gave birth to her second child, a boy.[17].


  • On June 6th, on his 17th birthday, he published his book "Nonchanpuru -mother-" from Kodansha.


  • From the end of April, activities including TV appearances will resume.
  • Announced the first child pregnancy on September 9[18].






  • Announced the first child pregnancy on September 6[23].
  • Birth of a second boy on March 12[24].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,YouTubeOpened a channel.The number of subscribers is 2020 as of December 12.


  • From March 11YU-M EntertainmentAnnounced a business tie-up with[25].
  • Produced the children's clothing brand "Ange Charme".


  • "OfThe origin of "" is that Tsuji could not utter "Zo" of "Nozomi" in his childhood. OfBecause I was saying "only"[26].
  • At the age of 18, the actor was 25 at the timeSugiura TaiyoI confessed to him three times, but all of them were refused, and the fourth time I asked him to come to see my concert, and as a result of the confession after this concert, I started dating.[27].
  • myselfasthmaI have revealed on my blog that I am suffering from[28].
  • My husband is called "Ta-kun"[29].
  • Giant hula hoop rotation (30 seconds) World record 12.8 meters (2005)Guinness Book(Description) In the Guinness Book of Records, the place where the name should be "tsuji" is mistakenly described as "tsuju".
  • He is also active as a mama talent and has been running his own children's clothing brand "Ange Charme" since 2020.

Hello! Project

  • Among the members from "Morning Musume."Ishikawa RikaAnd was the leader of "Minimoni."Mari YaguchiAnd deep friendship[26].
    Also, in the same gradeKago AiI got along very well from the time of the audition, and even after my debut, I was so close that I was said to be "twin-like", but due to the smoking problem in my teensDismissalAfter being punished, it became publicly insulated, and after that, the official relationship became confused for about 13 years, but at the "Hello! Project Hina Fes 2019" held on March 3, 30. Participation by two people, re-co-starring for the first time in 2019 years andWReunited[30].
    In addition, I personally care about blessing even after the scandal was dismissed, and in September 2011, blessing attempted suicide.News reportWhen it was done, I posted a comment on my blog that cares about blessing.[31]..After that, in December of the same year, the blessingNaturalizationと妊娠Was reported, and in June 2012birthWhen it was reported, he also posted a comment on his blog to congratulate him on his blessing.
  • "22" is a number that symbolizes Tsuji because he wears a costume with "22" at his debut concert etc.[32].
  • "Morning Musume. 』I confess that I was 1 cm tall and weighed 151 kg at the peak when I belonged to[33].
  • Physical abilityHello! ProjectTop class in the whole.Especially excellent in instantaneous power,Sprint,Arm wrestling,Hula hoop,volleyballKnown for being good at such events[32]..Regarding the hula hoopGuinness BookAlso a record holder[32].
  • Hello! Project by utilizing athletic abilityFutsalOUR TEAMGatas Brilhantes HPGoalkeeper (GK), and recently also served as FP.The uniform number is2003Was number 12 until2004After that it became number one[32].


  • At the time of debutDouble toothWas characteristic[34].. I put a denture in April 2010[35].
  • A gluttonous character that both self and others recognize.On the showFried noodlesThere is an episode in which I regretted and cried, "Because everyone is proud of me" when I couldn't get the game.[36].
  • For hair ornamentsribbonFrequently used and became Tsuji's symbol mark.But,2010ToGoto MakiMother'swakeIt was controversial because he wore a big black ribbon (and a miniskirt) when he attended.[37].
  • Mecha x 2 cool!2003 special program "Private Okamura Girls' High School."Okajo is the lowest in the final exam.In the true idiot ("Summer Jumbo Stupid") battle that took place in the summer of the following year, he managed to escape from the bottom.It was held in the fall two years later.WBC (World Stupid Classic) Final BattleBy then, I attended an English conversation class for three months, but the results were not demonstrated.However, the bottom escaped.





  • I'm here! (May 2007, 5, zetima) --Anime "Lobby and Kerobby] Theme song.
    • "Morning Musume. 16th single "I'm here!』(October 2002, 10) cover.

Cover album

  • Everyone Happy Mom's Song (November 2010, 11)[39]

Video work

  • Alohalo! Mari Yaguchi / Nozomi Tsuji DVD (November 2006, 11, UP-FRONT WORKS)


See also the page of each unit you belong to.


tv set


Special program

  • 21st Century Wright Brothers-Flying Dream Batteries-Narracion (2006, cable TV)
  • Premier's Nest (February 2006, 2, July 3, 7, Fuji TV)
  • Ichiyo's Thoughts (March 2006, 3, Fuji TV)
  • HELLO! PROJECT SPORTS FESTIVAL 2006 (May 2006, 5,Fuji TV 721) --Hello! Project
  • Wonderful Heartsland Hello! Project 2006 (September 2006, 9,NHK-BS2)

Futsal show

  • Futsal in love(2006, Fuji Television)
  • KICK IN! GAROTAS Futsal TV (February 2006, 2, March 19, August 3, 19,BS Fuji)
  • SPHERE LEAGUE Skylark Group Series 2nd Stage (February 2006, 2, Fuji TV 23)
  • SPHERE LEAGUE Skylark Group Series 2nd Stage-Final Penalty Shootout (February 2006, 2, Fuji TV 28)
  • SPHERE LEAGUE Skylark Group Series 2nd Stage-Remake Complete Edition (March 2006, Fuji TV 3)
  • SPHERE LEAGUE Skylark Group Series 3rd Stage (April 2006, 4, Fuji TV 30) --Gatas Brilhantes HP
  • SPHERE LEAGUE Skylark Group Series 4th Stage (May 2006, 5, Fuji TV 13) --Gatas Brilhantes HP
  • KICK IN! GAROTAS Futsal TV (May 2006, 5, June 27, BS Fuji)
  • Futsal 1st Good Will Cup Final Tournament (July 2006, 7, Fuji TV 23) --Gatas Brilhantes HP


Television Animation

Movie version animation

Online delivery

  • Curious nono (September 2006, FLET'S Square "Hello! Project Platinum BB")
  • Moral Women's Junior College Eco-Lab Episode 3 "Escape from Tokyo" (2006,GyaO)-The role of Nozomi
  • Interview with Ameba (June 2009)
  • Tsuji Mama's Tsukuru Cafe (December 2009,NTT DoCoMoMobile phone broadcast "BeeTV")
  • Interview with Nozomi Tsuji Motteco Bookstore (February 2010, 2)


WSee also section.



Photo album



Affiliation unit


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