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🍽 | Open only on Saturdays and Sundays "Farm Cafe Granma" Itoman special set


Open only on Saturdays and Sundays "Farm Cafe Granma" Itoman special set

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The main menu is the set meal "Anma cuisine" (2 yen with dessert and drink) that includes rice, simmered dishes, and soup car.

[Itoman] Enjoy the dishes made with Itoman ingredients, which the Anmas of Itoman shook their arms.As a member of the Itoman City Tourism Minpaku Subcommittee ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Suizenjina(Gynura bicolor,scientific name : Gynura bicolor) Is native to tropical AsiaAsteraceaeGynuraIt is a perennial plant.


OkinawaThen it ’s called “solder”,KanazawaIn the surrounding area, it is called Kinjiso, Kintokisou.

Origin of scientific name

The scientific name of the genus means "female tail"StigmaBecause it looks like a long tail.Seed nameMeans "two colors" because the colors on the front and back of the leaves are different.

Distribution, morphology

It is said that northern Thailand and southern China are the origins.It is a perennial plant with a plant height of 50 to 90 cm, stems and leaves are slightly fleshy, the leaves are alternate, the leaves are about 10 cm in length, oblong and notched.The leaves have a dull luster, the front is dark green, but the back is bright purple or bronze, and when crushed, red juice comes out.The flowers bloom in summer and are small yellow or orangeHead flowerBut seeds cannot be produced.For this reason, breeding is carried out exclusively by cuttings.


Ishikawa,Kumamoto,OkinawaIt is popular as a local vegetable and is lightly boiled.Ponzu sauceIt is eaten by sprinkling it, soaking it, making soup nuts, tempura, etc.It has a strong scent and sliminess.

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