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🍴 | It's a big hit.FamilyMart's "Seafood Chirashizushi Don" It's amazing that it costs 450 yen with so many ingredients.

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It's a big hit.FamilyMart's "Seafood Chirashizushi Don" It's amazing that it costs 450 yen with so many ingredients.

If you write the contents roughly
Sprinkle a tomato sauce with plenty of flesh and basil on it!

When I went to FamilyMart to buy lunch, I was surprised that "Kaisendon" was on sale ...!This is "Seafood Chirashizushi Don".The seafood bowl is ... → Continue reading

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Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce(British: Tomato sauce) IsTomatoMade based onソ ー スIs the general term for.JapanThen.French cuisineTake an exampleWestern foodWith the systemItalian foodThe salsa di pomodoro, which is the basis of the tomato sauce, is well known.

General recipe in Japan (Italian food version)

  1. Finely chopgarlicとOlive oilPut in and heat over low heat to transfer the aroma.Garlic burns quickly, so put it in a cold pan and heat it.
  2. Finely choppedonionAnd stir-fry carefully so as not to burn, to bring out the sweetness.
  3. whole tomatoThejuicePut in everySpatulaStew while crushing with.At this time, if you likeLaurier,basilAdd.
  4. Boil with slow stirring until the amount is reduced from 2/3 to half.
  5. Finallysalt,pepperAdjust the taste with.

Pasta sauce

pastaThe combination of tomato pasta is often called pomodorino as the basis of tomato pasta.Derived from here, the following sources can be created.

General method of making in Japan (Western version)

Western foodThen,baconAnd multiple flavorsVegetables,chicken carcass-BouillonGive richness withWheat flourSome differences, such as thickening[1]Can be seen.

croquetteUse as a source ofRoll cabbageIt is often used for seasoning.Add ketchup and add boiled spaghettiSpaghetti Napolitanbecome.It is also often used in place of tomato puree.Add more oregano to make a pizza sauce.

  1. Slice in a large potgarlicAfter stir-frying to bring out the aroma, chopped bacon,carrot,celery,onionFry.
  2. Add chopped chicken gala and fry further, flour (basicallyFlourButStrong flourShake and fry further (even if it is also used at stores that offer dishes that use).
  3. Add water (bouillon when not using chicken gala), chop tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato puree, and if you like.Laurier,BasilicoAdd.
  4. Boil over low heat for at least 3 hours to thicken.
  5. Finally,tomato ketchup,Balsamic vinegar,sugar,saltAdjust the taste with etc. and complete.


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