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🍜 | [Takanezawa Town] Gutsuri Men's Rice ☆ Juicy fried chicken in light clothes and miso ramen "Gathering drive-in"

Photo Source: Living Tochigi Web

[Takanezawa Town] Gutsuri Men's Rice ☆ Juicy fried chicken in light clothes and miso ramen "Gathering drive-in"

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In addition to the tatami room, there are counter seats, so you can relax alone or with your family.

Hello.This is the potato beauty of a local correspondent.Rice "..." presented to the local gourmet Takanezawa Champon and Daijosai → Continue reading

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Counter (interior)

counter(British: counter, countertop) IsInteriorHorizontal stand inテ ー ル) Name[1].partitionAlso plays the role ofServicesFace-to-face between the side doing and the side receiving[Note 1]It becomes a format to do.

bank-The office OfWindowMay point to[1]. Also,Shop(retail store)ofcheckout counterAnd空港Check-in counter ・Hotel OffrontIncluding etcService counterThere is also the word.


bar(A bar)Counter barIt is also used in.Counters are often tall, and the high-legged stools that match them have the common name of "perch".[2]. WesternAnd so onglassYou can also see the sight of sliding on the counter and handing it to the customer[3].

In recent years, there has been a subdivision called "U-shaped bar" based on its shape.[4]..The wooden counter is a part of the tasteCherry BlossomsSome use a single plate.Standing drinkIn the case of (some stores do not have chairs), it is simplestainlessThere is also a counter made of.


Counter seatJust insidekitchenIf it is, freshly madeMealThere is a merit that you can receive as it is[5]..Box seats and small risesZashiki-Private roomSome stores have such items[Note 2]..In the case of U-shaped counter seats, the position of the chairs is devised so that the eyes of the customers do not match.

TeppanyakiYatempuraIn shops, etc., there may be a vertical transparent partition in front of the cooking zone to prevent oil splashing on customers.右 利 きWith peopleleft handedPeople can be next to each other.

Ramen shop

Ramen shopThen.Counter seatIs often seen.SubstituteYou can also order smoothly.A table for the clerk to put tableware on may be installed at a higher position just in front of the customer's meal counter.

セ ル フ サ ー ビ ス


Counter kitchen(Japanglish: counter + kitchen)[1]Kind of kitchen (kitchen) Exists.Island kitchen style (sinkとFurnaceThewall(Those that are not placed along)1970 eraWas already born in[6].. in Japan1978ToCleanupIt is said that it became the prototype of "Clean Lady"Counter kitchenWas released[7]..It is basically a face-to-face type, and it is possible to cook and clean up while watching TV, talking with family members, watching over the elderly and small children.[8]The advantages are also pointed out.

On the contraryKitchen counter(British English: Kitchen Worktop) Sometimes refers to a small table with a certain height that is placed in the kitchen.Some also serve as storage.


Crime preventionAbove, some financial institutions have vertical transparent partitions.


There are also various service counters.


  1. ^ On the other hand, hamburger shopsconvenience store OfEat inCounter seats such as corners basically face windows and walls.
  2. ^ family restaurantHowever, some stores have counter seats.

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