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🍽 | "Chef is a Detective" The main visual that captures the moment when Hidetoshi Nishijima is about to complete the dish has been unveiled


The main visual that captures the moment when Hidetoshi Nishijima, who is a "chef is a great detective," is about to complete the dish, has been unveiled.

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The chief producer of Masashi Abe said about the main visual, "The goal of this work is [the viewers who watched the drama want to go to this shop].

The main visit of the serial drama "Chef is a Detective" (Monday 5:31 pm), which will start on May 11 on TV Tokyo. → Continue reading

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producer(English: Producer, AbbreviationPorPD) Ismovies,TV program-Radio program-Drama-AnimeSuch asImagethe work,Poster,SignboardSuch asAdsthe work,Musicthe work,Computer gamesworksProduction / Production,IdolBudget procurement and management of production activities, etc.ス タ ッ フIn charge of human resources, etc.Oversee the entire productionRefers to the person in charge of the job and the site[1].DirectorHas a wider range of management and command thanCommercialResponsible for success or failure.


For TV program productionTelevision broadcasting stationとProduction ProductionThere are producers on both sides, giving direction to program production from their respective standpoints.Many broadcasters and production producers are from directors, and in many cases they also serve concurrently.The same applies to the production of radio programs.

Make a movieMovie producer[2]Unlike TV programs, if you don't collect money, you have to cut yourself off or suffer a deficit yourself.In that respect, many TV programs are salaryman producers.executive producer,General·producer,chief・ In some cases, a position that stands above the producer, such as a producer, may be set up.There are also duties such as line producers and associate producers.

For music productionRecord companyとmusician(Lyricist-作曲家-Arranger) AndsingerThere are producers in both entertainment (music) productions to which he belongs, giving direction to the production of works from their respective standpoints, but the initial cost is orders of magnitude smaller than that of movies.Well-known music producers include Jimmy Jam & Lewis, LA & Baby Face, and Teddy Riley.Music production producers are from musicians (eg,Tetsuya Komuro,Tsunku♂,Takeshi Kobayashi,Nakata YasutakaEtc.).

For game production, just like TV and musicGame companyThere are producers in both the production company and the production company.gamecreaterHe may also design and program himself.

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  • executive producer
  • Chief producer
  • Assistant Producer (Associate Producer)-The role often undertaken by a producer with limited functionality.Producer who participates from outside the company.As a general rule, there is no hierarchical relationship with the (in-house) producer.


  • General Producer-Oversees production costs, staff, and direction of work.
  • Co-Producer-Specializes in negotiations with companies and financial aspects.
  • Production Producer-Oversight of work content and work progress.
  • Line Producer-Budget and field supervisor.

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