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🍽 | Low-calorie sweets market, corona sickness has penetrated the eating habits, expanding both frontage and depth

Photo It seems that low-calorie sweeteners are selected with consideration for health and diet. i-stock / kazuma seki

In the low-calorie sweets market, corona sickness has penetrated the eating habits, expanding both frontage and depth

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Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. develops various products in response to diversifying needs.

The low-calorie sweets market, which continues to grow against the backdrop of heightened health consciousness, is accelerating its momentum in the Corona disaster ... → Continue reading

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DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings

DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings Co., Ltd.(English: Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings Co., Ltd.) Is2021May 4ToJapan OfSugar makingA holding company established by the business integration of Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (3rd generation), the largest food company in the industry, and Dainippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd., which is also a major sugar company.


Source: Mitsui Sugar "Completion of business integration with Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd., Retrieved April 2021, 4.

2020March 3, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (our company), Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd.,Nippon Beet Sugar Mfg. Co., Ltd.Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. and Dainippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd., which adopted the holding company method, and Nippon Beet Sugar Mfg. Co., Ltd.Capital and business allianceStarted discussions on.

2020May 10, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (our company) and Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. have signed a final contract regarding business integration.by this2021The prospect April,

  1. Made Dainippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.
  2. On condition that the effect of XNUMX becomes effective, all businesses except group business management and real estate management of Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. will be taken over by the split preparation company and transferred to the holding company.
  3. Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings, The split preparation companyMitsui Sugar (4th generation)Change the trade name to.
  4. The integrated holding company will remain listed under the former Mitsui Sugar Securities Code (2109).

MitsuiIs the largest shareholderMitsui GroupOne company.It is a member of the Mitsui Inter-industry Research Institute (a think tank that reports directly to the Futakikai) and the Monday meeting (a meeting for the purpose of mutual friendship and information exchange between officers of Mitsui Group companies).

With the establishment of the Company following the above-mentioned business integration, it will be newly established as a major shareholder (second place).Mitsubishi CorporationJoined the companyEquity method affiliateIt was decided to correspond to.


Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Manufacturing

Former Dai-Nippon Sugar

  • 1890(23th year of Meiji)- Suzuki TozaburoEstablished Suzuki Sugar Refinery.
  • 1895(Meiji 28) December --With Suzuki Sugar Refinery as its predecessorTokyoOnagi RiverSunamura, Minamikatsushika-gun, Tokyo (currently Tokyo)Koto WardKitasuna), Japan's first modernSugar makingDo businessJapan Refined Sugar Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1896(29th year of Meiji)- Eiichi Shibusawa Japanese refined sugarWas established and became a director[1].
  • 1900(33th year of Meiji)- Tamaki HanemonCentered onHachijojimaPioneer fromOkinawaDaito IslandsSettled in.Tamaki ShokaiWas established and started raw sugar production activities.It has become a "colonial company" that controls the Daito Islands.laterToyo Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.Renamed to.
  • 1906(Meiji 39) November 11-Nihon Seito increased its capital to 14 million yen and changed its trade name.Dai-Nippon SugarRenamed to.
  • December 1906 (Meiji 39) --Entered the sugar industry in Taiwan.
  • 1907(Meiji 40) -Japan's firstSugar cubeStarted manufacturing and sales.
  • 1909(Meiji 42) -Political work was discovered and a suspicious case occurred (Nissu Incident).Eiichi Shibusawa who was a consultantBusinessman OfFujita RaitaAsked him to take office as president and settled the situation.
  • 1927(Showa 2)-Merged with Toyo Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.It will also take over the "colonial management" of the Daito Islands.
  • 1943(Showa 18) -November Nissu Kogyo Co., Ltd.Renamed to.
  • 1945(20) July- Second World WarWith the termination of, all foreign assets including Okinawa will be confiscated.
  • 1946(Showa 21) -US military administration begins in the Daito Islands. Dai-Nippon SugarEnd of "colonial rule" by.
  • 1950(25) April-NewDai-Nippon SugarLaunched.
  • 1956(31) July- polyethyleneReleased sugar in a bag.
  • 1957(Showa 32) July-PresidentAiichiro Fujiyama Shinsuke KishiCabinetMinister of Foreign AffairsResigned because it became, and became president.
  • 1971(46) July- Mitsubishi Corporation, Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. and 3 companies jointlyEast Japan Sugar Co., Ltd.(Current:Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar) Established.Outsourced sugar production.
  • 1972(47) -Developed seasoning and started selling it as "Kokubase".
  • 1982(57) July --In collaboration with Mitsubishi CorporationWest Japan Sugar Co., Ltd.(Current:Kanmon Sugar) Established.Outsourced sugar production.
  • 1984(59) July- Dai-Nippon Sugar, Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. transferred business to a new company with the same name to eliminate the cumulative deficit[Annotation 1]..It will be wholly owned by Mitsubishi Corporation.

Former Meiji Sugar

  • December 1906 (Meiji 39)-As the fourth refined sugar company of Japanese nationalityHanji Soma,Eiichi Shibusawa, With joint investmentTaiwan・ Saltwater Port Agency Madou Branch Office (currently:Tainan CityMadou District) To the grandfatherMeiji Sugar Co., Ltd.Was established.
  • 1909 (42th year of Meiji)May 6 --Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. Bankoda Line (laterLongtian Line, Currently abolished) Opened between Bankoda and Jiali.
  • 1912(Meiji 45) January-Merged with Yokohama Refinery Co., Ltd. and succeeded the Kawasaki Factory.
  • 1916(Taisho 5) February-Taisho Confectionery (later) as a confectionery departmentMeiji Confectionery) Established.
  • 1917(Taisho 6) December --Capital participation in Boso Condensed Milk Co., Ltd. (Business in the dairy industry laterMeiji dairy industryWill be).
  • 1923(Taisho 12th year)- Japanese beet sugar(2st generation) merged (later subsidiary Hokkaido Sugar Mfg. Co., Ltd. changed to Nippon Beet Sugar Mfg. Co., Ltd. (XNUMXnd generation) and revived[Annotation 2])
  • 1945(20) July- Second World WarWith the termination of, all foreign assets will be confiscated.
  • August 1950-As the successor to Meiji Sugar ManufacturingMeito Sangyo Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1952(Showa 27) May-Meito SangyoMeiji Sugar Co., Ltd.Renamed to.
  • 1971(46) July- Dai-Nippon Sugar,Mitsubishi Corporation3 companies jointlyEast Japan Sugar Co., Ltd.(Current:Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar) Established.Outsourced sugar production.
  • 1981(56) February --Started operation of the Chiba factory (the only factory that continues to date).
  • 1983(58) July- Dai-Nippon SugarInvested in West Japan Sugar Co., Ltd., which was established by Mitsubishi Corporation.
  • 1984(59) March-To eliminate the cumulative deficitDai-Nippon SugarBusiness transfer to[Annotation 3]..Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Manufacturing

  • 1996(8) March- Dai-Nippon Sugar Co., Ltd.とMeiji Sugar Co., Ltd.MergedDai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Inauguration.The merger ratio is 1: 1.Former Dai-Nippon Sugar Co., Ltd. ranked 6th in the sales industry, and former Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. ranked 7th, and was No. 1 after the merger.The brand isDai-Nippon Sugar OfRose signContinue.
  • 2001(13) March- Japanese beet sugarStarted joint production of sugar at Kanmon Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • 2002(14) March- Saltwater refined sugar-Daito SugarIn collaboration with two companiesKansai Sugar Co., Ltd.Established.Saltwater port refined sugarOsakaIzumisanoTransferred the factory to Kansai Sugar Co., Ltd.Outsourced sugar production.
  • July 2002- Nissin Sugar・ Started joint production with two companies, Daito Seito and Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar.
  • 2005(17) March- Central Japan Ice SugarCo., Ltd. participates in joint production at Kansai Sugar Co., Ltd.
  • 2020(Reiwa2 years) May-Main storeTokyoChiyoda WardUchisaiwaicho1-chome 1-XNUMX Iino BuildingMoved to the 10th floor[2].
  • October 2020 (Reiwa 2) --Some products handled in the food sector and the Sakai office, which is the manufacturing base for these products, became Mitsubishi Shoji Life Science Co., Ltd.2021May 3Announced that it will be transferred[3].
  • 2021(3nd year of Reiwa)May 3 -"Kokumin Sugar" "QuinoaTransferred part of the food business and products to Mitsubishi Product Life Science Co., Ltd., excluding "Lact Base" and "Lact Meister"[4].

Former Mitsui Sugar-Mitsui Sugar (3rd generation)

Source:Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. Official Homepage "History"

  • 19479 22- Shonan Saccharification Industry Co., Ltd.Founded as.
  • 1949(Showa 24) June- Yokohama Refinery Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to.
  • 1953(Showa 28) June- Tokyo Stock ExchangeFirst section listing.
  • 1961(Showa 36) June- Osaka Stock ExchangeFirst section listing.
  • 1962(Showa 37) December-Osaka Sugar ManufacturingBellmark Education Grant FoundationA bell mark is attached to the product.
  • 1963(Showa 38) December --Shibaura refined sugarThailandAcquired a sugar factory in Shibaura and established a local subsidiary in Shibaura: The Kumphawapi Sugar Co., Ltd.).
  • 1970(Showa 45) November --Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (first generation) merged with Osaka Sugar Co., Ltd. and Shibaura Refinery Co., Ltd.Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (Changed the trade name to (2nd generation).
  • 1972(Showa 47) June- Main officeAddressTheTokyoChuo-kuNihombashi HonmachiMoved to 8-3-XNUMX.
  • 1982(57) January-Established Mitsui Sugar Foods Co., Ltd. and became independent of the secondary product sales department.
  • 1983(58) October --The Kawasaki Factory suspended sugar production and changed the name of the Shibaura Factory to the Eastern Factory.
  • 1984(59) November --Functional sweetener "Palatinose"ofManufacture and saleStart.
  • 1992August (4) --The head office location was moved to 8-8-2 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1994(6) October --Merged with Mitsui Sugar Foods Co., Ltd.
  • 2001(13) June- New Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd.MergedShin Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.In addition, the Chiba factory has joined the main factory.
  • 2002(14) September --The eastern factory was closed, and the production of the factory was consolidated at the Chiba factory the following month.
  • 2005(17) June- Taiwan SugarMerged with K.S. Co., Ltd.Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to (3rd generation).
  • 2011(23) June- ChugokuShanghaiOpened a local representative office in.
  • 2012(24) June- Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd.Became a consolidated subsidiary.
  • July 2012 --Moved the location of the head office to the current address.
  • September 2012-Okayama FactoryRefined sugarEnd of production.
  • 2014(26) April-Due to the company split, part of the food material business was transferred to the consolidated subsidiary Taisho Technos Co., Ltd.
  • April 2014- Nutry Co., Ltd.Became a consolidated subsidiary.
  • 2015(27) June-Okayama factory closed.
  • 2016(28) February --ThailandBangkok cityOpened a local representative office in.
  • 2018(30) October --SIS'10 Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiary Asian Blending Pte. Ltd. became consolidated subsidiaries.
  • 2019(31) February --Closed Nagata factory,Food additiveConsolidated production in the consolidated subsidiary Taisho Technos Co., Ltd.

DM Mitsui Sugar Holdings

  • 2021(2nd year of Reiwa)May 4 --By the business integration of Mitsui Sugar (3rd generation) and Dainippon Meiji SugarDM Mitsui Sugar Holdings Co., Ltd.Inauguration (Details#Overview(See)[5].

Group development

Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. (4th generation) said, "Spoon markKnown for its trademarksugarBesides businesssweetener,preservative,spices,pigment,cold dayWe manufacture and sell food materials such as.2013The sales composition for the fiscal year ended March was 3% in the sugar business, 89.1% in the food materials business, and 9.6% in the real estate business.

In addition, Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Rose sign"ofbrandFor home and business usesugar,seasoningEtc. are manufactured and sold.In addition, sugar production is a joint venture with sugar refiners.Shin Higashi Nihon Sugar,Kanmon Sugar,Kansai Sugar Co., Ltd.Outsourced to[6], "Andean Super Grain"Quinoa』” Is handled.The seasoning isyeastWe sell "Kokubase", an extract-based seasoning, and "Lactbase", a dairy yeast extract.

Affiliated Company

Consolidated subsidiary

Equity method affiliate

Former Meiji Sugar Group

A company derived from the former Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd.In the past, the entire company, including Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd., used the former Meiji Seika logo.

  • Meiji Holdings
    • Meiji Confectionery → Meiji Seika Pharma
    • Meiji dairy industry → Meiji Co., Ltd.
      Both companies are companies separated from the former Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and while maintaining a cooperative relationship as a cognate company, they have been operated as independent companies with no capital relationship.2009In 4 monthPure holding company"Meiji HoldingsWas established and the business was integrated. The business was reorganized in April 2011, and Meiji SeikaMedicineMain businessMeiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.In addition, Meiji Dairy Co., Ltd. integrated the food business of Meiji Seika and removed the word "confectionery / dairy industry".Meiji Co., Ltd.The company name was changed to.
      The relationship between the two companies is not only as a company of the same root, but also before the war at Meiji Seika (andMeiji Shoji) Transferred the dairy division to Meiji Dairies, but there was no capital tie and it was not positioned as an affiliated company.However, human exchanges between companies of the same root are deep, and the Meiji Dairies industry that makes use of the ingredients of Meiji Seikaice cream, Meiji DairiesYogurtMeiji Seika that makes the most ofcandyIn this way, we were developing products in cooperation with each other.
  • Japanese beet sugar
    • Former subsidiary.CurrentlyMeiji HoldingsAlthough it has a strong capital, it has a business alliance with us.



注 釈

  1. ^ Dai-Nippon Sugar Co., Ltd. transferred its business to Nittou Co., Ltd.Nitto after the transferDai-Nippon Sugar Co., Ltd.Renamed to.
  2. ^ Currently an affiliate of Meiji Holdings (former Meiji Seika / former Meiji Dairies)
  3. ^ Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. transferred its business to Meito Sangyo.After the transfer, the name of Meito Sangyo was changed to Meito Sugar.


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