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🍽 | Tomomi Itano, fluent in Vietnamese food but strict voice in image processing "Suddenly growing in height"

Photo Instagram: From Tomomi Itano (@ tomo.i_0703)

Tomomi Itano, fluent in Vietnamese food, but harsh voice on image processing "Suddenly growing in height"

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I really like Thai food and Vietnamese food with a little spice habit since I became able to eat coriander, "he said, and reported that he enjoyed Vietnamese food in a refreshing pale blue dress.

Tomomi Itano (48), a former member of AKB29 and a singer, updated her Instagram on the 8th.Speaking of Itano ... → Continue reading

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タ イ 料理

タ イ 料理(Thai food) (タイ 語: อาหาร ไทย (Aahar Thai)Southeast Asia OfThailandIt is a dish of.Chugoku,Cambodia,Malaysia,Laos,MyanmarWe are influenced by dishes of neighboring countries such asSpices,Flavored vegetables,HerbsIt is characterized by the fact that it uses a lot of different flavors, and has a variety of combinations of spiciness, sourness, and sweetness.



Staple foodRiceso,Indica speciesThai rice, which is a type of rice, is widely eaten. In the north and northeast, long grain speciesGlutinous riceIs also eaten. For this reason, a side dish (Gap Khao (กับข้าว)=“Rice and (food)” are prepared.Central ThailandIn the basic meal ofSoupIt is generally served with several side dishes such as stir-fried vegetables, meat dishes, etc. In contrast,noodlesKind isLight mealIs positioned.

Meat is豚 肉chickenIs the center,beefConsumption is low.duckMeat orBuffaloYou can also eat meat.FishOutside the coastTilapia,catfishIt is mainly used for river fish such as seafood and is mainly used for fried foods, grilled foods and soups.shrimp(River shrimp),crab,squid,clamsIs also a commonly used ingredient.

In vegetableseggplant,Young rhinoceros(Steamed greens),Pumpkin,Kairan,Pickled rice,Kinsai,Dutch pepper,shallotAre frequently used,Peanuts,Cashew nutsIs often attached.Torpedo bean Ofbeans(สะตอ Sato),Winged bean(ถั่วพู Tua Plou),Northern cowpea(Long beans) Can also be eaten.

The variety of fruits is very rich,watermelon,banana,Dorian,mangosteen,Orange,pineapple,Rambutan,papaya,Buntan,Longan,mango,Reishi,Jackfruit,Rembu,guava,TamarindAnd so on. These are not only eaten raw,juiceI often drink it. Also, before ripening, blue papaya and honey are treated as vegetables, the former beingSomtham, The latter is called Tam CanoesaladIt is also used as a tool for Gaen.


Vietnamese food,Cambodian foodLike the above, the basics of seasoning areFish sauceIs. Thai fish sauceNampula(fish sauce),AnchoviesSuch asFishSalted and fermented fishproteinArises fromamino acidRich in,Soy sauceIt is a liquid seasoning similar to.Puller(pickled fish) Is an opaque fish sauce containing solids of fish meat, and is used for seasoning somtam in Ethan. Although not as good as Nampler,Kapi(กะปิ),Indonesia OfTrashSimilar to solidShrimp pasteIs also used. Also,Pricky Knu(พริกขี้หนูSmall grains calledRed peppersIs often used. This is why many Thai dishes are spicy.Gane(Soup containing so-called Thai curry) is oftenCoconut milkIs used to give a rich flavor to the food.Coriander,lemongrass,Seagull broomSuch asvanilla,KobumikanLeaves of,garlic,shallot,Turmeric(ขมิ้น Kamin),Van turmeric(ข่า Car) And(English edition(กระชาย Krachai) Of rhizome, coriander root, etc.Stir fryUsed for seasoning. For stir frylime(มะนาว Manao) Is often added, and each one is squeezed to add the desired sourness.

Chinese cuisineThe seasoning is used in stir-fried foods and noodle dishes. As for soy sauce, Cyu dam (thick soy sauce) and Cyu Kao (light soy sauce) are used depending on the purpose.SoybeanFermented light yellow Tao Chao (Yellow sauce) AndOyster sauce(ซอสหอยนางรม Sos Hoinanrom) Is also used.

Thai food is said to be delicious when one dish is mixed with spicy, sour, and sweet tastes to create a complex taste. Therefore, in the dining roomsugar(น้ำตาล Namturn),Nampula(น้ำปลา),Red peppersPickled (พริกน้ำส้ม Puri Nam Som) and powdered pepper (พริกป่น Puripon) is a set of containers (regularly served with all the dishes that are served at the table) ..


Ethan,Northern ThailandOriginallyCentral ThailandSince it belongs to a different cultural area than,Insect foodThere are many traditions of cooking, such as using different ingredients,Lao cuisineHas a lot in common with. In the north,Burmese foodCan also be seen.Coconut palmBecause of the unsuitable climate for growing, coconut milk is not often used in traditional dishes. Enjoy state-of-the-art food served during the celebrations and Buddhist events in northern Thailand and EthanCan talkThat.

Since ancient timesArab,PersianThe merchant calledSouthernIsMalay foodAnd indirectlyPersian foodAffected byGane Massaman(Muslim curry) andBiryaniThere are unique dishes such as Kao Moku, which is said to be a kind of. Most in southernmostMuslimLike pork, just like Muslims in other regionsTabooage,Ghee,YogurtIs used for cooking.

Influence of other countries' dishes

Chinese cuisine

Entering modern times, it was the birthplace of many Thai ChineseGuangdongInflux of culture.Chaozhou cuisineCentered onChinese cuisineHas flowed in. Some items have been localized and become standard Thai dishes. For exampleRice noodlesA kind of Quiteo (ก๋วยเตี๋ยว) IsChaozhouof"Rice cake"(Coetiou),Khao Managai TheHainan"Bunchang chicken" (Bungsheng chicken). Also, Chinese for breakfastPorridgeThe habit of eating is widely pervaded in the Thai diet, and jokes (joker.CantonesePorridge) CalledPorridgeSimilar toCantonese styleRestaurants that serve porridge for breakfastA stallThere are many.SaltUsing Chinese-style pickles as a seasoning is also an influence of Chinese cuisine.

Burmese food

Burmese foodThe effect of is mainly seen in northern Thailand. Noodle dishesKhao Soi(Khao Soi) Is typical. Also in this regionLapesoThere was a habit of eating tea like(English editionChopped with leavesGinger,coconutWrap and eat pricchinouMian Come(เมี่ยงคำ) is replacing the habit of eating tea[1].

Vietnamese food

Street foodKhanom Bueang Yuan(ขนมเบื้อง ญวน) IsVietnamese food OfVinceoIs based on.

Malay food

Satay,Roti,Roti MatabaMalay snacks such as, Rocheon (chendol) are often seen mainly at the stalls. In southern Thailand, instead of rice, he sometimes eats roti.

Portuguese food

Foey ToneEtc. of Central ThailandeggThe dessert using isPortuguese foodIs greatly affected. this isPortugueseBloody female court confectionerThao Tone KeeperAttributed to

Manners of eating

Traditionally, food was eaten using hands, but today,forkspoonIs generally used. Usually, hold a fork in your left hand and a spoon in your right hand, and put food on the spoon with the fork and eat. Use a spoon to cut the provided food into a size that is easy to eat. After eating, it is said to be well placed on a plate.chopsticksIs used when eating soup noodles, Chinese food,Japanese cuisineLimited to dining at restaurants. Lifting a bowl and eating is considered a manner violation[2].

If the staple food is glutinous rice, I still use my hands today. Tear off an appropriate amount of steamed glutinous rice, hold it in the palm of your handHand-rolled sushiIt has a cylindrical shape like rice, and it is eaten on a side dish. At this time,Islamic worldUnlike, there is no rule that you have to eat with your right hand only. However, in the old days,BrahminSome people argued that even in Thailand, the left hand permeated as an “unclean hand” in the upper level of culture. However, in central Thailand, where the upper class lived, the method of eating shifted to forks and spoons and no longer used hands. In the Tohoku region and northern region where people have a habit of eating glutinous rice, they still enjoy their meals by using their left hand as if they were their right hand.

Typical Thai food

Light meal/appetizer

  • Torman Puller (ทอด มัน ปลา): Thai styleFried Satsuma.
  • Pac bun (ผัด ผัก บุ้ง):Young rhinocerosStir-fried.
  • Parton Coe (ปาท่อง โก๋):Fritters
  • Roti(โรตี): MalayRoti ChanaiIs based onClothThinly spread, banana,チ ョ コ レ ー ト, Chicken eggs,jamWrap and bake.
  • Roti Mataba: With chickenpotatoStewed with curry powder, onion, garlic, and eggs, wrapped in roti.
  • Sarah Pao (ซาลา เปา): Thai styleBurning package.
  • Khanom Buan Yuan (ขนมเบื้อง ญวน): Thai styleVinceo.. Bangsao (บั๊ญแส่ว) Is also called.

Soup Gane

In addition, the gane using coconut milk (แกง) Is called Thai curry, and is commonly known in Europe, America and Japan,Indian cuisine OfcurryIs a completely different dish with different spices and flavors, Thai people do not call it curry, but there are cases where it is translated as curry so that tourists can understand it even in English menus of Thai restaurants ..

Salads and spices


  • Bummy(บะหมี่):Wheat flour OfChinese noodleFood. It is divided into soup noodles Bammi Nam and fried noodles Bammy Hane.
  • Quatio(ก๋วยเตี๋ยว): It is based on the sardines from ChaozhouRice noodles.. It is used in various noodle dishes such as quaitio naam, soup noodles, quatio han, fried noodles, and pad thai.
  • Khao Soi(Khao Soi): Myanmar style soup noodles made from coconut milk and spices.
  • Pad thai(ผัด ไทย):shrimp,Bean sproutsQuaitio fried with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Pucky Mao(ผัด ขี้ เมา): Spicy stir-fry made with thick quatio.
  • Yen Tar Four: With tofu fermented with red yeast riceTsumireA pink noodle dish based on Tsukune, etc.
  • Khanom Jean(ขนมจีน): For rice noodles like Somen,Thai curryA dish that is eaten with a sauce.

Rice dishes

  • Kao Op Saparoc (ข้าวอบ สับปะรด): hollowed outpineappleMade a bowlcooked rice.
  • Khao Managai(ข้าวมัน ไก่): Boiled whole chicken and cooked rice with the soup. Cut the boiled chicken into pieces and place it on top.
  • joke(joker):egg,GingerSeasoned withPorridgePorridge similar to. Made from broken rice.
  • Kao Tom (ข้าวต้ม): Make by boilingPorridge.
  • Caro Man (ข้าวมัน): Rice cooked with coconut milk.
  • Kao Moku Guy(ข้าวหมก ไก่): Thai style chickenBiryani.
  • Kao Moo Dane(ข้าวหมูแดง):KashakiNose rice.
  • Kao Pat(ข้าว ผัด):Fried Rice.. Add salt to taste with Nampula.
    • Kao Pap Phu (ข้าวผัด ปู): Fried rice with crab.
    • Kao Pak Khun (ข้าวผัด กุ้ง): Fried rice with shrimp.

Meat and fish dishes

  • Khun Op Unsen (กุ้งอบ วุ้น เส้น): Steamed shrimp and vermicelli in a clay pot.
  • Taisuki(สุกี้ยากี้): Thai stylecasserole.. Chinese foodFire potLike meat, boil meat and vegetables with soup stock, eat with a sauce.
  • name(แหนม): Thai style rawsausage.
  • Pooh Pong Curry(ปู ผัด ผง กะหรี่): chopped crabcurryStir-fried with sauce and closed with beaten egg.
  • Prasam Lok (ปลา สาม รส): Fish dish with sour sauce.
  • Huay Rai Pa Nham Puri Pao (หอย ลาย ผัด น้ำ พริกเผา): SpiceyClamsStir fry.
  • Guy Yarn(ไก่ ย่าง):ChickenOpen the whole chicken, flatten it, and grill it over charcoal.LaoFood.
  • Satay(สะเต๊ะ): Of chicken and porkIndonesiaWindstringGrilled.cucumberEat with a dipping sauce.


  • Circu Gati (สาคูก ะทิ):Sago palmStarch orTapioca pearlWithCoconut milk.
  • Foy Tone (ฝอย ทอง):Matsurika,Iran IranHeat the syrup flavored with, drip the yolk of the duck into a thin thread and cook it,Chicken egg noodlesSweets similar to.
  • Khaonhao Mamuan(ข้าว เหนียวมะม่ วง): A dessert consisting of sticky rice cooked in sweet coconut milk and mango.
  • Sankaya (สังขยา): Using coconut milkCustard pudding.. Put the custard liquid in a pumpkin and steam it.สังขยาฟ ักทอง).
  • Rochon Nam Gati(ลอด ช่อง น้ำก ะทิ):ChainWith coconut milk.


Alcoholic beverages

Soft drink


  • (Khao Pat Gapao,th: ข้าวผัด กะเพรา, Gapao stir-fried rice) --Gapao rice is offered at a Thai restaurant in Japan, but this is the name of the dish made in Japan, and what is Gapao in the first place?Holy basilIt means that it is often not understood.Pat Gapao is simply stir-fried Gapao and does not come with rice.


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