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🍽 | How to make Romanian food "Chiyorba de Regume" that appeared in Resident Evil 8


How to make the Romanian food "Chiyorba de Regume" that appeared in Resident Evil 8

If you write the contents roughly
If you eat this, you will surely have the courage to surpass the Bene Viento House, which is said to be the most fearful of Bio 8.

Can I overcome the scary village if I eat this?Romanian food "Chiyoruba de Regume" Mackerel released on the 8th ... → Continue reading


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Resident Evil Village

"Resident Evil Village』(BIOHAZARD VILLAGE) IsCapcomThan2021May 5Released[3]Game software.Resident evil seriesThis is the 8th work in the main story.

The title in North America is "Resident evil village(Resident Evil Village), the title logo also means the 8th workRoman numerals"VIII" is emphasized in the form of being overlapped[4], In the numbering seriesResident evil 8』Equivalent to[5].

Corresponding hardwarePlayStation 4,Xbox One,PlayStation 5,Xbox Series X / S,computer(Steam/Windows 10 UWP)[6].

The catch phrase is "A village full of wickedness and madness.'[7][8][Annotation 1].


On the time series during the work, "Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil』Located three years later.The main character is the same as the previous workEthan WintersAnd will be the final part of his story[9]..The stage is a village in the mountains, and it is said that there is a big focus on it, as it is said that "this village itself is another hero".[10].

It is a system that develops from the first person perspective (isolated view) adopted in "7".Game engineIs the same work and "Resident Evil RE: 2Was also used inRE engineMade in[11]..In addition, next-generation machines (PS5,Xbox Series X / S) And PC will be the first in the seriesRay tracingAlso corresponds to.

As a privilege of this work, the online battle action game "Resident Evil RE: Bath" which is a 25th anniversary work is attached[12].

Continuing from the previous work, this work is also in JapanZERORating classification is "D (for 17 years old and over)" "normal versionAnd "Z (only for those over 18 years old)", which is more radical in terms of cruel expression and direction.Z Version』Two types are being developed.


2020May 6Announced at the online event "The Future Gaming" for PS5[13].

2021May 1It was announced that it will be released on the release date and for the current model in the biohazard showcase, and on PS5, a visual demo "MAIDEN" that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of this work was delivered on the same day. ..In this trial version, the content aims to escape from prison by manipulating a person other than Ethan, who is the main character of the main story.Also, for models other than PS5, trial versions other than this demo will be distributed.[14].

On April 4, the same year, the enka singerIkuzo YoshiIs his representative song "We're going to TokyoThe CM that sings the parody "We are such a village I don't like Lv.100"YouTubePublished in[15]..The commercial also shows Kichi transformed into a game creature, Lycan.[15].

On May 5, the number of units sold worldwide exceeded 11 million within three days of its release.[16]..On the 27th of the same month, sales exceeded 400 million units.[17]



"Resident Evil Village" is a work set in the world about three and a half years after "Resident Evil 7".[18]..The main character is Ethan Winters[19]で、妻のミアと生まれたばかりの娘ローズマリーと暮らしていたが、クリス・レッドフィールドたちが突然現れ、妻を殺害、イーサンと幼い娘を誘拐して、EuropeBrought to the mysterious village of[19][20][21]..Ethan has to traverse the village to rescue Rosemary[22]..Orcina Dmitresk is a very tall vampire-like aristocrat who lives in Dmitresk Castle with her three daughters.[23][24]..Karl Heisenberg leads a group of werewolf-like creatures called Lykans from modern factories.Salvatore Morrow is active in a reservoir near the village and is known as the "Merman".Donna Benevient controls from the mansion "House Benevient" and controls a doll called Angie.[25]..All homes dominate the village as "worshiped by the villagers" in response to a supreme leader called Mother Miranda.[26].


Nightmare at the Baker familyFebruary 3, about three and a half years after.Ethan Winters and his wife, Mia, traveled to Europe under the direction of BSAA to start a new life while raising their newborn daughter, Rosemary.But one night, a unit led by Chris Redfield raided their home.Chris kills Mia and Ethan and Rosemary are captured.After that, Ethan regained consciousness on the side of the transport vehicle that caused the accident, and went on a dark snowy road in the mountains and lost himself in a nearby village.The village was attacked by violent beastmen called "lycans".

The whole story

Ethan meets the survivors of the village and is hidden indoors, but one of them suddenly transforms into a lycan and all the survivors die.

After that, Ethan thinks that there may be Rose in the castle adjacent to the village and heads for the castle.However, as soon as he enters the castle, he is caught by a mysterious man who freely manipulates metal.After a while, he regained consciousness, where he found the village ruler Mother Miranda and the four aristocrats who served her.The large castle owner Alcina Dimitrescu, the doll-manipulating Kuroko-like woman Donna Benevient, the ugly monster Salvatore Morrow, and the man who controls the magnetic force that captured her, Karl Heisenberg.Ethan, who was cornered by Heisenberg who declared the start of the game, jumped into a hole on the side and escaped underground.There are a number of death traps he sets in the basement, and Ethan sneaks through them and manages to escape.After that, he heads to the front entrance to enter the castle again, where he meets the mysterious merchant Duke.Ethan explores the castle with Duke's advice, and although he is dropped underground and attacked by his three daughters, he defeats Mrs. Dmitresk after a difficult battle.However, there is no Rose in the castle, and instead he discovers a flask with Rose's head in it.Returning to the village, Duke explains that Mother Miranda had Rose divided into four flasks for a special ritual.The remaining three flasks are owned by the four aristocrats, Benevian Morrow Heisenberg, and if all the flasks can be recovered, Rose can be saved.

Determined to collect all the flasks to save Rose, Ethan heads to the Benevient House in a misty valley.There, Benevient shows a strong hallucination, but he manages to break the hallucination, defeat Benevient, and recover the second frass.After that, he heads to the artificial lake and collects Morrow's third flask, where he meets Chris again.Ethan angers Mia's murder, but Chris only tells him to leave without sticking his head any further.Morrow, who mutated into a giant monster fish, attacked there.Ethan opens the locks to drain the lake and defeats Morrow in a village on the bottom of the lake.

Returning to Morrow's hideout, the last four aristocrats, Heisenberg, communicated, "Come to the fort on the outskirts of the village, where you will find the last flask."As Ethan heads for the fort, it is a lycan's nest, attacked by a plethora of lycans.Ethan explores the fort while sneaking through the attacks of the Lycans, defeating Urias in the back and discovering the last flask.Then, there again, Heisenberg sends a message saying, "Put the four flasks in the Holy Grail and come under yourself."Ethan returns to the ritual site, puts the four flasks in the Holy Grail, and a bridge connecting the valleys appears.When I went to the other side of the bridge, there was a big factory there.

Ethan confronts Heisenberg in the factory.Heisenberg is planning a rebellion against Miranda and proposes to Ethan to join hands with him and use Rose's power to defeat Miranda.Ethan refuses, but is pushed into the basement of the factory.BOWs called "Zoldarts" are mass-produced in the basement of the factory, and Ethan manages to return to the ground floor while sneaking through those attacks, but is dropped again by Heisenberg.But there, I met Chris again.When Ethan asks again about Mia's killing, Chris reveals the truth, even though he doesn't want to involve the private sector.

Mia killed by Chris was Miranda, who mimicked the biomotor ability of the same peculiar bacteria as Evelyn.Miranda impersonates Mia to kidnap Rose, and Chris tries to kill Miranda to protect Ethan and Rose, but fails because Miranda mimics a corpse.Chris's subordinates took Ethan and Rose out and escorted them, but Miranda revived on the way and the escort car was wrecked.When Chris rushed to the convoy, there was no longer Ethan or Rose.

After telling Ethan the truth, Chris leaves the factory to destroy the mycorrhiza.Ethan steers a polymer tank that is unaffected by the magnetic force activated by Chris, taking in large amounts of metal to fight and defeat the mutated Heisenberg.However, Miranda appears there, boasting that Rose will be her daughter, and then scrapes Ethan's heart and kills him.

After receiving a report of Ethan's death from his subordinates, Chris leads a special forces to Miranda.Around the same time, BSAA assault teams arrive to control Miranda.Heading to a cave beneath the village, Chris discovers the mycorrhiza that gave birth to Evelyn and was the source of the peculiar bacteria that gave Miranda power.Chris sets an N2 bomb on the mycorrhiza, and when he goes further into the cave, he finds Miranda's laboratory, where he learns about Miranda's purpose.Miranda was over 100 years agoSpanish coldIn order to revive her daughter Eva who died in Japan, she was conducting an immortality experiment with a peculiar bacterium.She was experimenting with villagers to find the best human for Eva's host, and the Lycans and the four aristocrats were all subjects of her experiment.He eventually chose Rose, who inherited Evelyn's special abilities from Ethan and Mia, as the host (and Miranda coached Oswell E. Spencer, who would later establish Umbrella. It becomes clear).Chris explores the lab, but discovers and protects the real Mia who was imprisoned behind him.

Around the same time, Ethan sees Evelyn's hallucinations and speaks to her.According to her, Ethan had already died when she first met Jack Baker three and a half years ago, and now Ethan is reincarnated through a fungus.Later, when Ethan awoke from the hallucination, it was in Duke's carriage.Duke was on his way to the ritual site where Miranda was, helping Ethan who had fallen.Upon arriving at the ritual site, Miranda was performing a ritual there, resurrecting Rose as Eva.Ethan confronts Miranda, but Miranda, who is disturbed by the ritual, turns into a monster and attacks Ethan without giving Rose.Ethan is forced to struggle, but finally succeeds in defeating Miranda and rescuing Rose.However, when Miranda died, the surrounding peculiar bacteria collapsed, but Ethan's body made of the peculiar bacteria also reached its limit and began to collapse.Ethan tells Chris to escape the village with Rose, and at the expense of himself, explodes a bomb on the mycorrhiza, destroying the mycorrhiza, himself, and the village.In a helicopter, Chris tells Mia about Ethan's death and the remorse of not being able to save him.Despite the sadness of Mia who lost Ethan, Chris is informed by his subordinates that the BSAA soldiers sent to the village are BOWs (organic life weapons).In search of the answer, Chris orders his troops to move BSAA to its European headquarters.

Over time, the grown-up Rosemary visits Ethan's grave and is summoned to an organizational mission.


main character

Ethan Winters (Ethan Winters)
Voice- Hidenobu Kiuchi Model-Yaya Chamki[27][28] Motion capture-Todd Soley
The main character of the previous work and this work. 36 years old.Baker House IncidentAfter surviving from, he spent peaceful days with his wife Mia and his beloved daughter Rosemary under the protection of the international organization "BSAA" for bioterrorism.However, the attack on Chris Redfield robbed him of his time of well-being, and he and Rose were abducted by a mysterious village.Ethan challenges Mother Miranda, who controls the village, and the four aristocrats who serve her, in order to regain Rose.
At the end of the game, when he boarded Baker's house alone three years ago, he learned that he had been attacked by Jack Baker and died once.At this time, he was reincarnated by the power of Evelyn's peculiar bacteria, and acquired the power to repeat regeneration while preserving his appearance, ego, and human blood.Even if the limbs are amputated, the abnormal regeneration ability of binding and completely recovering by using a simple treatment or a liquid remedy, the line of Dmitresque's "flavor is missing" in this work, and "3" "You are also a family" and "Not all of us in the family wanted to kill you," Jack Baker said in.[Annotation 2]Is for this reason.
After defeating Miranda, the ability to regenerate by specific bacteria could not keep up due to repeated injuries, and when his right hand collapsed, he realized the limit of his own life, entrusted Rose to escape, and sacrificed himself to mycorrhiza. The bomb that was set up was blown up, and the end of the mycorrhiza was reached.
In the epilogue, Rose inherits the power of Evelyn from Ethan.
Chris Redfield (Chris Redfield)
Voice- Hiroki Tochi Model-Georgie Dandy[29]
The first workWestern-style building caseA character representing the Resident Evil series that appears from, and the main character of the Chris edition.Raccoon CitySpecial forces held by the police station "STARSA hero who was a former member of BSAA and became a founding member of BSAA after fighting numerous bioterrorism incidents including the Western-style building incident.The age is 47 years old at the time of this work.Reborn as a PMC specializing in bioterrorismUmbrellaHe is in the company, and in this work he will lead the elite unit "Hound Wolfhound" under his direct control.His code name is "Alpha".
Attacked the Ethan family who lived in peace and shot and killed Mia.He abducts Ethan and Rose, but his actions are to pursue Miranda, who was the cause of the eradication of the peculiar bacteria, and Mia, who was shot dead in the early stages, was a fake that Miranda was mimicking.However, because Miranda mimicked a corpse, she failed to kill her and later kidnapped Rose.After that, when I was looking for mycorrhiza in the village, I met Ethan again.Despite being angry at the aforementioned attack, he blows up the Heisenberg factory after telling him the truth about the shooting of Mia.
When he learns that Ethan has been killed by Miranda, he leads a unit to aim for mycorrhiza and sets a bomb on the found mycorrhiza.He also discovered and protected the real Mia, who had been trapped in Miranda's lab further back.Mia tells her that Ethan has died, but Mia tells her that she doesn't know that Ethan is special. For the first time, Ethan is a "living corpse" after the Baker House incident three years ago. Know that he was reincarnated as.
At the end, he rushes to Ethan, whose body is about to collapse at the cost of defeating Miranda, but Ethan chooses a self-sacrificing path and is entrusted with Rose by him.After escaping the village with a helicopter with Rose and Mia, she told her of Ethan's death and the remorse of not being able to save him.
Mia Winters (Mia Winters)
Voice- Higuchi Akari Model-Savannah Daniels
Ethan's wife. 36 years old.In the previous work, the biological weapon "Evelyn" developed by the organization to which she belonged went out of control, triggering a tragedy at Baker's residence.At that time, he was infected with Evelyn's fungus and gained some special power while being treated with serum, and it seems that it is inherited by his daughter Rose.
After the incident, he spent peaceful days with his husband Ethan and his beloved daughter Rose under the protection of BSAA, but the days ended with the attack of BSAA captain Chris.
In fact, it turns out that Mia, who was abducted by Miranda before the start of the main story and lived with Ethan during that time, was a fake Miranda aiming for Rose with the ability of a peculiar bacterium.In the prologue, Mia was described as a fake, such as serving Romanian local food to Ethan, trying to avoid past stories in a transitional manner, and being unresponsive to shooting.The real Mia was trapped in Miranda's laboratory and made her an experimental body, but was discovered and rescued by Chris.At the end, he escapes from the village with a helicopter with Chris who brought Rose, but Chris tells him that Ethan has sacrificed himself to destroy the mycorrhiza, and sheds tears of sadness at the death of her husband.
In the Baker House case file created by Zoi, he wrote a thank-you letter to Zoi two years after the case of "7", and added "Don't faint because it's too cute" with a picture of Rose. One side can be seen.In addition, according to the audio data of the interview attached to Zoi's material that can be viewed in this work, it is revealed that the organization to which she belonged at the time of Evelyn's escort is "connection". Under the protection of the BSAA, the fact that he belonged to the organization in return for his cooperation in the investigation was left unquestioned.
Rosemary Winters (Rosemary Winters)
Voice- Eve Yuriyasu(Adult) Model-Linde Baars
Ethan and Mia's only daughter.Nickname is "Rose".Around the second half of life at the beginning of the main story.Taken away by Chris's hand.It was inherited through Ethan and Mia in a way that surpassed Evelyn's abilities, and because of her special abilities, she was targeted by Mother Miranda as a host for her daughter's resuscitation.
Once the body is divided into four flasks, but revived by Miranda's ritual.In the end, he was saved by Ethan, and after he remained at his own expense, he was held by Chris and rescued with his mother, Mia.
In the epilogue, a grown-up figure visiting Ethan's grave was depicted.It looks like Mia, but she looks happy because she is said to have resembled Ethan.When an agent in black who came to pick me up by car called me "Evelyn"[Annotation 3], "Don't call me by that name again!"However, immediately after that, he muttered, "I can't control it yet."


Mother Miranda (Mother Miranda)
Voice- Kinoshita Sayaka Model-Anja Voskresenska[30]
Village ruler.She wears a costume made of black feathers and hides her face with a mask.The villagers have a lot of faith, but they are a mysterious existence.
Spanish coldHe lost his daughter Eva, so his actual age is well over 100 years old.When he wandered in the mountainous stream to pursue suicide with the sadness of losing Eva, he discovered a giant fungal tissue "mycorrhiza" in the northern cave and was infected with a specific bacterium.As a result, aging stops and the body becomes almost immortal, gaining the ability to manipulate cell division and mimic others.Also, get the memory of the dead in the village that was in the mycorrhiza.Since there was also a memory of Eva, I thought about using a peculiar bacterium to revive Eva with another human being as a substitute, and repeated research and experiments.At that time, the villagers manipulated them to worship themselves, so they were called "Mother Miranda" and became the object of worship of the villagers.After that, he developed a parasite "Kadu" that transmits the infection of the fungus from nematodes and parasitized the villagers, but most of the subjects did not fit and mutated to lycans.Some of the subjects with high goodness of fit later became four aristocrats (although Miranda only sees the four aristocrats as pieces).
Evelyn was produced from the specific bacteria and Eva embryos provided to the organization "Connection" that developed Evelyn in "7".He was later given a picture of Evelyn, but thought that Evelyn was not a good host for Eva, even though it was born from Eva's embryo.After that, he learned about Rosemary, the daughter of Ethan, who had been killed by Mia and Jack who had been infected with a specific fungus in the Baker House incident, and turned into a fungal human. He believed that Rose was Eva's vessel and tried to kidnap him. Plan.He abducted Mia and replaced her with mimicry, but was investigated by Chris Redfield for being involved in the connection.
Immediately after Heisenberg was defeated, he appeared in front of Ethan in the form of Mia again, and when he immediately resolved the mimicry and returned to his original form, he began to talk about his purpose and why he kidnapped Rose, and Ethan's heart. And kill him.After that, the mycorrhiza that sleeps in the basement of the place of worship in the village is activated, the entire village is swallowed by the mycorrhiza, and a ritual is performed to revive Eva at the place of worship.With the power of mycorrhiza, each part of Rose is united, the memory of Eva is planted, and Rose is reborn as Eva.However, the idea was missed, and Rose revived with the consciousness of Rose himself.Moreover, the special power of Rose deprives the body of Kadu, and the body begins to collapse.Ethan, who was revived by the power of peculiar bacteria, arrived there.If you don't give him Rose, he takes in Rose and transforms into a divine and horrific monster.The final battle with Ethan is fought, but he is defeated after a deadly battle.While screaming for her daughter's name, her body decays and crumbles into pieces, and Rose, who has been taken in, is rescued safely.However, despite losing his body, only his consciousness becomes a runaway form fused with the mycorrhiza itself, approaching Ethan and Chris who rescued Rose.However, by Chris's hands, the mycorrhiza has already been set with a powerful bomb that can easily blow off the entire village, and at the end Ethan, who remained alone to escape Rose and Chris, activated the bomb switch and the village Everything explodes and disappears.It ended the long life he had spent trying to bring his daughter back to life.
In 1951, when he was a young medical student dying on a snowy road,Oswell E. SpencerIs rescued.Spencer, who was disillusioned with humankind at that time, was shocked by the research on specific bacteria and the idea of ​​"mutating organisms by infection" that he saw in the village, and embodies his ideal "evolution of human beings to higher levels". Convinced of the means, he stayed in the village with Miranda as his lifelong teacher.However, while exchanging opinions with Miranda, while his purpose is "evolution of humankind", his research is still based on the fact that the infectivity of specific bacteria is insufficient due to the difference from Miranda, which aims to "revive his daughter". Spencer, convinced that the field of virus was suitable for achieving his goal, left Miranda without telling him anything.However, Spencer later apologized to Miranda for suddenly leaving,Founder virusI am sending a letter stating that I found.Spencer was involved in the establishmentUmbrellaThe company emblem was originally a coat of arms from a cave in the village of Miranda.
The design concept is "Queen of Crows".
Karl Heisenberg (Karl Heisenberg)
Voice- Hiroshi Shirakuma Model --Joel Hicks Motion Capture --Neil Newbon
Known as "Sir Heisenberg". One of the "four aristocrats" who serve Miranda, who is responsible for the "Iron Horse Family Crest".An engineer based in a factory on the outskirts of the village.A middle-aged man with long wavy gray hair and a beard stored around his mouth, wearing round sunglasses, a hanging scale, a pendant, and a dog tag used by the German army around his neck, and a black soft hat. And wears an olive-colored long coat.A sadist who treats his opponent with a rather crushed attitude, but has a rough and impatient personality, and prefers to hurt other opponents who sometimes have a prominent rough side like a show.
The relationship with other aristocrats is also terrible, especially it seems that it does not warp with Dmitresk, and when it comes to the treatment of the captured Ethan, he is swearing with swear words, mainly for the following reasons. It also has a rebellious spirit against Miranda.
It carries a long iron mallet that looks like a collection of junk, and has the ability to manipulate surrounding iron objects with magnetic force, including it.Due to the influence of Kadu, an organ that closely resembles a "power-generating organ" such as Sibileei is formed in the chest, and since this organ is directly connected to the brain, Heisenberg himself by passing an electric current through the brain to nerves throughout the body. It is possible to freely manipulate iron objects by turning the body of the body into a coil and forming a magnetic field around it.
Originally an engineering genius who lived in the mountains of Eastern Europe, the Heisenberg family operates a Heisenberg factory located just outside the village and serves Mother Miranda along with three other major homes in the mountains. Was.In fact, Heisenberg himself is one of the children who was abducted, given Kadu and brainwashed as a servant.It is a mystery whether Heisenberg himself knows it, but he has a selfish desire to revive Miranda's late daughter and resents that he regards his family (ourselves) as "pieces" and "laboratory". , I was planning to defeat Miranda using Rose.
At the factory, which is the base, he confronts Ethan in a strange shape fused with innumerable pieces of metal and industrial machinery, and tries to kill him with the turbine formed on his back, but he himself who was wound up together He received the main gun of a self-propelled gun, and at the end, he exploded without being admitted to his defeat.
The concept is "Victor Frankenstein"[31].
Salvatore Morrow (Salvatore Moreau)[32]
Voice- Taisuke Nishimura
Known as "Phantom Morrow". One of the "four aristocrats" who serve Miranda, who is responsible for the "mermaid family crest".A large man with a bent waist.He wears a black robe, but on the back underneath it is like a myriad of bumpy bumps, and is a grotesque malformation with tentacles writhing and a pair of eyes on his back (concept art comment). Then, the woman Morrow had a crush on is parasitizing on the back side).It lives hiding in an artificial lake due to the following internal mutations.He likes cheese and often watches old romance movies.
The compatibility rate with Kadu is "slightly low" while the other three are evaluated as "good" and "extremely good".The internal structure of the body has also changed to something similar to fish, and the intelligence has dropped significantly, and all diaries are hiragana.Due to the low adaptation rate, cell division runs out of control irregularly and mutates into a huge monster like a combination of fish and amphibians, and this mutation cannot be controlled by Morrow himself, either due to side effects or even in normal times. I often vomit.For this reason, it has been determined to be the most defective individual among the four aristocrats.
He was the chief of the House of Representatives and dominated an isolated mountain village.A pagan believer led by Miranda, he accepted Kadu.He looked at Miranda like a real mother and called her "mother," "mama," and "Miranda," and was desperate to please her.Morrow's experimental facility is labeled "Morrow Clinic."According to the memorandum, there used to be an assistant.
I knew that Miranda was trying to confront the four aristocrats to try Ethan.
If you sneak through Morrow's onslaught, use a windmill to supply power and open the lock, the water will run out and you will face Morrow directly.Lost to Ethan at the end of the battle, the body expands like a balloon.He screamed for help from Miranda and burst without a trace and died.Even after his death, Ethan still hates him, saying, "I'm a dirty guy until the end! I feel nauseous!"
Morrow's design is inspired by Japanese kappa[33].
Donna Benevient (Donna Beneviento)[34]
Voice- Miyuki Sato Model-Daniela L (Daniela Aiko) (Model of Donna's own face under black costume)
Known as "Puppeteer Donna". One of the "four aristocrats" who serve Miranda, who is responsible for the "family crest of the moon and the sun."A quiet, black-clad woman who looks like a combination of mourning and Kuroko.Her head is covered with a black veil to hide her true face, but the Benevient House is decorated with a portrait of her, and she is a beautiful girl with black hair and a well-organized face.A puppeteer who lives in a mansion in a misty valley, he controls a puppet named "Angie".
Born of a wealthy family of doll makers.He had a gentle personality, but according to the gardener's diary (English version), he avoided the public eye because he had a scar on his face from an early age, and he was extremelySocial phobiaAnd communicated through the doll Angie.He was adopted by Miranda and was given Kadu, but he became severely mentally ill due to the effects of Kadu.Except for the abscess on the right side of the face, unlike the other four aristocrats, it does not significantly deform the body, and the fighting power of the living body is not so far from ordinary people and it is not very high, but it secretes and dissipates special signal substances. By doing so, you can manipulate plants infected with specific bacteria.In addition, by sucking pollen of yellow flowers incorporating specific bacteria, it is possible to induce hallucinations and auditory hallucinations in other organisms.
At the end, he was stabbed to death by being stabbed with scissors many times through Angie, who was sharing his Kadu from Ethan.Like Angie, she collapsed with Kadu exposed from her face and her body collapsed.
Donna's original concept is "ghost".
Angie (Angie)
Voice-Miyuki Sato
One of the dolls operated by Donna.Small and agedBisque doll..Originally a doll that the father of a doll maker left to Donna after his death.He has an innocent personality like a child, speaks in the opposite way to the reticent Donna, and has a bad mouth, and repeatedly rants to others.She wears a bridal gown with a floral crown under the veil and an elegant choker.Angie's face has changed based on the coat of arms of the Benevient family, divided into a crescent moon and the sun.Donna's Kadu is divided into stocks and can be moved without mechanical operation.
Orcina Dmitresque (Alcina Dimitrescu)
Voice- Kikuko Inoue Model-Clear and Helena Mankowska[35][Annotation 4] Motion capture-Maggie Robertson
Known as "Mrs. Dmitresque". One of the "four aristocrats" who serve Miranda, who is responsible for the "Sword Flower Family Crest".The female castle owner of the castle in the village.A 1 cm tall woman wearing a big hat, she has a bewitching beauty.Under Miranda's instructions, he follows three "daughters" and tries to capture Ethan.
Originally a stranger rather than a villager, the Dmitresk family was considered a "fallen aristocrat" when they became Miranda's experimental body.From the description of the file in the works, it seems that it is the oldest of the "four aristocrats" and was born in the early 1900s, and Kadu stopped aging at the age of 44.Metabolism is abnormally improved, regenerative ability is high enough to heal any wound in a few seconds, it is possible to manipulate physical mutations arbitrarily, and the physique is also considerably huge (according to medical reports, if regenerative ability is high) The higher the body size, the larger the body size), but if the metabolism is out of balance due to toxic substances, cell division cannot be controlled.Originally, he had a congenital hereditary blood disease, and his condition worsened due to the acquisition of Kadu, and regular oral intake of human blood is required to maintain his ability to regenerate (male). The woman was a servant as a sacrifice for living blood).Since he is a nobleman in the true sense of the word, not the lord of the village, he looks down on other lords as "spitting when they are in the same line", and in particular, he collides with Heisenberg and is "vulgar and crude." He thought he was a "low-blooded man," and was called by Heisenberg as a "big fucking woman with a figure."
After all three daughters were defeated by Ethan, he himself was stabbed with a poisoned "dead flower dagger" when he hunted down Ethan, and the cell division of the body went out of control.It has a huge and deformed upper body of a person without both arms and changes into a figure reminiscent of a dragon whose mouth opens like a petal, and attacks Ethan with anger.At the end of the battle, he was defeated by Ethan and fell from the tower to take him along, but in the end he could not kill Ethan, and at the end his body collapsed and died, leaving words of grudge against Ethan who had driven himself to ruin.Ethan said, "You are cursed!"
Art director Tomonari Takano claims that her motif was inspired by the 16th-century serial killer Elizabeth Bathory, the Japanese folklore shakuhachi, and Morticia Addams played by Agelica Houston in the 90s.
The three black roses on the chest represent the three sisters, and the wife and the three sisters follow the flow of "ABCD".
By the way, he owns a vineyard in the castle and manufactures and stores wine of the brand "REGINA ROSIE" from the grapes, and since Mia is drinking the same brand of wine at the beginning of the story, Miranda dressed as Mia It seems that he is giving wine for this.
Dmitresque Three Sisters
Three sisters who are the daughters of Mrs. Dmitresk.At the behest of Mrs. Dmitresk, she tries to capture Ethan.
Its true identity is that a colony of wingworms mimics the female figure by planting and feeding the wingworms produced by Kadu on a human female.Therefore, although he is called a "daughter," he is not the actual daughter of Mrs. Dmitresk.The body of the carnivore is ferocious, and it is instinctual behavior to try to prey on Ethan.However, carnivorous insects become rigid when exposed to cold air below 10 degrees Celsius, during which time attacks are possible (ie, they cannot leave the castle).In addition, since carnivorous insects themselves do not have fertility, they have two weaknesses: they cannot be regenerated because they cannot be replaced when the insects that make up the body are killed.
When Ethan struck his weakness, the situation was reversed and he was defeated in the order of Beira, Daniela, and Cassandra.While trying to swing his sword down obsessively to attack Ethan until the end, he froze and stiffened, and his body broke.
Beira Dmitresque (Bela Dimitrescu)
Voice- Rie Tanaka Model-Lisa Goodwin
The daughter of Mrs. Dmitresk and the eldest daughter of three sisters.Hair is blonde and pendant is red.Among the three sisters, he is quiet and the smartest.
Cassandra Dmitresque (Cassandra Dimitrescu)
Voice- Sachiko Kojima Model-Elisa Duncan
The daughter of Mrs. Dmitresk and the second daughter of three sisters.The hair is black and the pendant is yellow.A sadist murder pleasurer who enjoys murder.
Daniela Dmitresque (Daniela Dimitrescu)
Voice- Muranaka Satoshi Model-Karolina
The daughter of Mrs. Dmitresk and the third daughter of three sisters.The hair is brown and the pendant is green.Crazy and obsessed with delusions, he is a dangerous person with a vector different from his sister Cassandra.

Hound Wolfhound

A private army unit led by Chris.
Amber Eyes (Umber Eyes) / Roland Elba (Rolando Elba)
Voice- Yamagishi Haruo
A veteran male member of the Hound Wolfhound.Sniper.According to the terminal of the small church, he was collecting and analyzing hyphae with Nighthowl.According to the setting illustration, he is black and looks the same as or older than Chris.
The name has the meaning of "amber eyes".
Kay Nine (Canine) / Dion Wilson (Dion Wilson)
Voice- Kazuhiro Fusegawa
A male member of the Hound Wolfhound.In charge of communication.According to the setting material, it looks like a serious person wearing two-block glasses.
The name has the meaning of "canidae".
robot (Lobo) / John Perlman (John Perlman)
Voice- Sakaki Kosuke
A male member of the Hound Wolfhound.Operate a machine gun.I have fought with Chris in the Middle East in the past.According to the terminal of the small church, he was searching the laboratory with Tundra and KN.According to the setting material, he wears a bandana on his head, wears sunglasses, has a beard, and looks the same as or older than Chris.
The name means "high wolf".
Night Howl (Night Howl) / Charlie Graham (Charlie graham)
Voice- Shigeo Kiyama
A male member of the Hound Wolfhound.Young handler.According to the setting material, he is a beautiful boy with all-back brown hair or red hair and a beard and looks young.
The name means "howling at night".
Tundra (Tundra) / Emily Berkhof (Emily Berkhoff)
Voice- Farahnaz Nikrayi
A female member of the Hound Wolfhound.I'm a womanDEA..According to the setting material, a beautiful woman with a slightly darker face.
The name has the same spelling as "tundra" and comes from "tundra wolf".


Duke (The Duke)
Voice- Tea wind forest
A merchant man Ethan encounters in the village.
Although he is a giant who fits comfortably in the carriage of his own carriage, he has stalls everywhere Ethan goes, such as various parts of the village, a room in the castle, and even a huge elevator in the factory, with the motto "Business can be anywhere".
It is also revealed that he was a weirdo who traded calmly in a crazy village, and that he was visiting a business talk with a file in Dmitresque Castle.In addition to being familiar with the information on Mother Miranda, the background of the village, and the four aristocrats who serve her, there are many mysteries such as knowing the existence of a flasked rose for some reason. It also has an aspect as a shop.His identity was not revealed until the end, and he responded to Ethan, saying, "I don't even know myself."
Primarily raises his specific stats by offering "sale of items", "modification of weapons", "sale of items", and the carcasses of animals captured by Ethan as the story progresses to some extent. "Cooking" is also a service.
"Resident evil 4The character in the same standing position as the weapons merchant who appeared in.I don't know if it's related, but sometimes I talk about the imitation of a weapons merchant as an "old friend's habit."However, unlike the weapons merchants who existed in multiple bodies, the sale and purchase in this work is only for Duke individuals, and it is impossible to kill them (direct aiming is not possible, there is no collision detection with the blast, but praise and fanning Take various reactions such as).
Name isRomanianIt means "duke" (GermanBut the meaning is "public").Even today, the title of Duke (Duke) still exists in England.
Prophet (The Hag)
Voice- Kiyoko Miyazawa Model-Cliah
A mysterious old woman who knows about Rose.Later, it turns out that he was Miranda, who was mimicking an old woman.
Hag (hag or hug) is a suspicious old woman who appears in English folklore and is sometimes translated as "demon woman" or "you woman".In addition, it has the meaning of "demon" in Italian, and in any case, it is a name that implies and ridicules that Miranda is imitating an old woman.
Elena Lup (Elena Lupu)
Voice- Hinako Takahashi Model-Elisa Duncan
Leonardo's daughter.Protects his injured father Leonardo and evacuates to Luisa's mansion.Although Leonardo is upset when he becomes a lycan, he has a strong personality to immediately take a gun and repel it.He couldn't abandon his lycanized father in the attic and fell into a mansion that burned together.
Leonard Lup (Leonardo Lupu)
Voice- Shozo Sasaki Model-Louis Barker
Elena's father.He was injured at the time of his appearance, turned into a lycan in Luisa's mansion, killed all the refugees, and was temporarily repulsed by Elena, but fell into a mansion that burned with Elena in the attic.
Lupu means "wolf" in Romanian.
Luisa (Luiza)
Voice- Yoshiko Takemura Model-Zhanna Tase
He was calling on the survivors to evacuate to his mansion on the radio.Killed by lycanized Leonardo.
Sebastian (Sebastian)
Voice- Shohei Kajikawa
An injured man evacuating to Luisa's mansion.Killed by lycanized Leonardo.
Roxane (Roxana)
Voice --Model --Sophiya Dezhakam
A woman evacuating to Luisa's mansion.Killed by lycanized Leonardo.
Anton (Anton)
Voice- Hiroya Egashira
A drunken man evacuating to Luisa's mansion.Killed by lycanized Leonardo.
Julian (Iulian)
A man who was entrusted with the lookout of the mansion by Luisa.Immediately after the mansion collapsed, Miranda killed him in front of Ethan.
Grigori Stan (Grigori Stan)
Model-Stephen Grief
The first man Ethan met when he visited the village.Lykan's whereabouts are known by firing Ethan by mistake for Lykan, and he hands the gun to Ethan in preparation for the attack.Taken to Lycan on the roof.


Evelyn (Eveline)
Voice- Morohoshi Sumire
A biological weapon in the shape of a girl who is the main cause of the previous work "Resident Evil 7".It was defeated by Ethan as the last boss of the previous work, but in this work it appears in the spiritual world of Ethan who was put into a suspended state by Miranda.He revealed the secret hidden in his body.
Eva (Eva)
Miranda's real daughter. Born in June 1909, he died in August 6 due to the Spanish flu.Miranda was trying to bring Eva back to life.
Claudia Benevient (Claudia Beneviento)
A person who only knows the name and mummified figure in the gardener's diary and casket.It seems to be a close relative of Donna, but details are unknown.There is a tomb on the way to the Benevient House, and if you look at the tombstone, you can see that it was born in 1987 and was born in 1996.You can see the mummified corpse by using the item.
The main character of the trial version "MAIDEN" that depicts the events a few days before the main story.It is set only with a girl and does not speak at all.At the end, it was killed and infected by Dmitresque, and in the product version, it turned into Moroaika and attacked Ethan.If you defeat Moroaika with a mutated Ingrid, you can get the necklace you had before you were alive.



A human being parasitized by Kadu and unable to adapt has transformedWolf ManA creature that looks like.It has sharp fangs and claws and attacks living villagers and livestock.
They settle in groups in a fort northeast of the village.He has the intelligence to use weapons to control horses, and has high physical ability such as jumping over steps that are taller than his body and easily climbing walls.
Name isGreekIt is derived from "lycanthrope" which means werewolf and human wolf.
Lycan (Large)
An individual that is larger and tougher than a normal lycan.It is used as armor and weapons by covering the metal surface to protect the head and tying metal pieces to the limbs.
A giant beastman who surpasses Lycan, transformed from a human who had a relatively high adaptability to the parasite Kadu.Holds a huge hammer as a weapon.He is acting with a flock of lycans and shows a gesture as if he were controlling the beastmen.
It boasts the strength to swing a hammer lightly and the physical ability to jump up to the height of the roof of a house.
The name means "huge" in Romanian.
A beast with a physique comparable to a bear, which was transformed by Morrow's research when an experimental body was given wolf blood to the spinal cord in addition to Kadu.Extremely ferocious, it attacks survivors indiscriminately.
The name means "werewolf" in Romanian.
Valcolac Alpha
An individual that is one size larger and more powerful than Valcolac.Only one appears in the fallow land after the repulsion of Morrow.
The name is a combination of the Romanian "werewolf" and "alpha", which refers to the top of the wolf herd.

Dmitresque Castle

Moro Aika
A mummy-like creature in a robe wandering around the castle.It moves very slowly, but attacks with weapons such as swords.After defeating Dmitresk, things without robes will appear in the village.The true identity is the end of the girls who are the victims of the Dmitresks.
"Moroaică" indicates that she is a woman in "moroi", the name of a vampire in Romanian folklore.SuffixA combination of "Aika (-oaică)".
A flying Moroaika whose tongue protrudes strangely due to blood sucking and its arms are deformed like bat wings.It flies over the castle and attacks Ethan from the sky.Although it is highly maneuverable and avoids trajectory, it has low physical strength.After defeating Dmitresk, it will appear in the village.
"Sanka" is a Romanian folklore female devil.
Beira, Cassandra, Daniela
Daughters of Mrs. Dmitresque.A myriad of black feather bugs gather to mimic a woman, and her body can be freely dispersed.Therefore, in normal times, physical attacks such as bullets do not work at all.Sudden temperature changes (especially cold air) are a weak point, and if you expose yourself to outside cold air in a certain way, your body will become stiff and you will be able to attack.
Orcina Domitresque
Lord of Dmitresque Castle.He wanders around the castle and relentlessly chases after Ethan.Instantly stretches and cuts your fingernails.Its sharpness is enough to cut off Ethan's arm with a sword.However, since it stops when the claws are put out and is stored immediately after the attack, it will not hit if it escapes at a distance unless it is a narrow road.In addition, it has excellent regeneration ability and can repair scratches instantly even if it is shot, so it cannot be defeated.
Mutant Domitresque
The boss of Dmitresque Castle.Dmitresk, who was stabbed by Ethan with a dead flower dagger and lost his metabolic balance, turned into a creature as a counterattack.He said, "You are the second person to see this figure other than Miranda."
Underneath the body of Dmitresk, which has lost both arms due to bleaching with a tentacle-like outer shell, it has the lower body of a huge pterosaur that splits like petals and opens its mandible.The ugly appearance can be said to be the violence of his wife, and Ethan ironically said, "I finally got the appearance that suits the contents."
Although it is a huge body, it has the ability to fly around the citadel, destroy a part of the wall, and control countless worms like its daughters.

Benevient House

Donna Benevient & Angie
The owner of the Benevient House and his beloved doll.Using the pollen of a flower that incorporates a peculiar bacterium, Ethan is hallucinated and hide-and-seek looking for Angie hiding somewhere in the house.You need to find Angie three times, and if you haven't found it for a while, many dolls will attack you with something like a knife sticking out of your body. If you are attacked by a doll three times, the game is over.It is the only enemy character in this game that does not mutate into a strange creature because it gained Kadu and became a hallucinatory specialization by plant manipulation.Only Angie appears during the battle, but Donna's corpse appears beside Angie after the battle, and Donna's shadow appears during the first attack, so Donna herself hides with hallucinations and Angie. It can be seen that he was with him (or pretended to be Angie).

Artificial lake

Mutant Morrow
The boss of the artificial lake.Salvatore Morrow has an abnormality in his body and is mutated when he falls into the lake.It has an ugly appearance with countless eyes and tentacles on a giant body that looks like a combination of a fish and a salamander, and has a Morrow body in its mouth.It is possible to walk because it has legs, but its true value lies in its high-speed movement in the water, and it wanders in the lake and interferes with swallowing Ethan, who moves on the water.In the boss battle where the lake water was drained and went up to the land, acidic vomit was blown away.

Heisenberg factory

BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory.The appearance is similar to Moroaika, but the body is male.He wears metal goggles on his head.The origin of the name is "Screamer" in German.
Zoldart Ein
BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory.Unlike Howler, it has a muscular body.Metal goggles are attached to the head and an electric drill is attached to the right arm.A red control nucleus is exposed on the right chest, which is a weak point.The name "Zoldart" means "soldier" in German, and "Ain" means the number "1" in German.
Zoldart Zwei
BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory.Unlike Ein, electric drills are attached to both arms, and the red control nucleus is attached to the back side.The goggles have been removed and replaced with a metal mask and respiratory tract covering the nose and mouth. "Zwei" means the number "2" in German.
Zoldart Jet
BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory.Electric drills are attached to both arms, and the upper body including the head is covered with metal armor.With a jet pack on his back, he can fly around in the air for a short time.It also makes a rush attack using the output of the jet.The red control nucleus is attached to the right chest.
Zoldart Panzer
BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory. An offensive and defensive Zoldart with three electric drills attached to each of the left and right arms, and the whole body covered with armor in which junk parts are randomly connected.Since the control core of the weak point attached to the right chest is also covered with armor, it is necessary to remove the armor of the whole body by attack in order to expose the weak point. "Panzer" means "tank" in German, but in the old days it meant "armor".
BOW produced by Heisenberg at the factory.A middle boss who often appears in front of Ethan in the factory and pursues it.A propeller with a chainsaw as a blade and an electric drill are attached to the head, and the upper body is covered with armor in which junk parts are randomly connected.The red control nucleus is attached to the back.
Due to its structure, it is invincible to attack from the front, but as a result of increasing the output too much, it can only rush and it has a defect that it causes thermal runaway if it receives a large amount of damage, so Heisenberg called it a "failure work". It had been. "Sturm" is the German word for "storm" and means "charge".
Mutant Heisenberg
Factory boss.Heisenberg's metal in the factory area is attracted by magnetic force and fused together.It looks like a huge motorcycle carrying a crane and a circular saw.In addition to various weapons equipped throughout the body, it attacks by manipulating the steel frame with magnetic force.You will be fighting in a polymer armed vehicle prepared by Chris.


Urias Strilla
Urias, one size larger, is the guardian of mycorrhiza.It has a mace with a huge thorny iron ball.
Due to the strong influence of mycorrhiza, it has a strong body and physical strength, and does not accept shooting from the front.The weak point is the back where the fused peculiar bacteria are exposed.
The name is Romanian and means "giant guard".
Mutant Miranda
The final boss of this work, with Mother Miranda releasing the power of specific bacteria and mutating.Probably because it is compatible with specific bacteria, its power is very strong, and even mycorrhiza can be manipulated freely.The face is covered with peculiar bacteria and has sharp nails on the tips of long fingers.By making full use of mimicry ability, the shape and size of feathers made of peculiar bacteria are changed, and they transform into three types of morphology.


Urias Drac
A giant boss with a male body, also known as "Jikininki".
There are two, one in the Benevient family's graveyard and the other in the sawmill.
It has a strong body and is quite durable.Hold a huge battle ax and swing around to attack.The graveyard and the sawmill Uriash Drak look different, and the graveyard is still in a humanoid shape except for the swelling of the back and the body, but the color is ashy and dirty with soil. It tastes good, and although the sawmill is humanoid and has a flesh-colored body, it looks like the face and body have melted and healed to some extent, as if after being attacked by sulfuric acid or burned. ing.
The name is a Romanian word for Urias, which means "giant," and DRAC, which means "devil."

Appearance weapon

Melee weapon

A worn-out knife stuck on the desk of a house in the village.The power is the lowest, but there is no limit to the number of times it can be used, so it is useful when destroying objects and saving ammo.
Karambit knife
A tactical knife with a curved blade used by Chris.It is more powerful than a normal knife and has a quick slashing swing when not in a stance.If you purchase it at the extra shop, you can use it even when operating Ethan.
A laser blade that can be used when purchased at an extra shop.The color of the light blade can be changed with the action button while holding.As for the color of the light blade, red has the property of specializing in power, blue has the property of knocking back to the enemy when the guard is successful, and green has the property of recovering physical strength when hitting the enemy.If you keep holding it, a light blade will come out from the handle and it will become a double-edged sword, and the attack motion will use both blades and the attack range will be widened.

Hand gun

A standard hand gun handed to you by the first villager you meet when you arrive in the village.The performance is the weakest, but at least it can withstand battle. "Cz75Subcompact model.
It's in a dial lock somewhere in the village.A hand gun capable of fully automatic shooting.
V61 custom
A fully automatic shooting machine pistol that can be purchased at the shop.Boasts the highest performance among hand guns.Contrary to the name, the model is "Vz 85".
A hand gun that appears in the Chris edition in the latter half of the story.Chris has customized it and comes standard with suppressor, laser module, datsite stock.Despite being semi-automatic, it has the highest rate of fire among handguns.If you purchase it at the extra shop, you can use it even when operating Ethan.
Samurai Edge <AW Model 01>
An anti-BOW hand gun made by the new Umbrella that also appeared in Resident Evil 7. If you purchase the DLC "Trauma Pack", you can purchase it at the Duke Shop.Performance is slightly stronger than the initial state of "LEMI", but it cannot be modified.
A hand gun carried by members of the Hound Wolfhound (excluding Amber Eyes) as a sidearm.Not available to players.Glock 17 is the prototype[Annotation 5].
MA51 GQ Custom
A hand gun carried by Amber Eyes as a sidearm.Not available to players. "M1911Is based on the Marine Corps refurbishment model "M45A1 CQBP".


A standard pump action shotgun available in a village home.It is engraved.
W870 TAC
A pump-action shotgun available in a hut in the garden in front of the Benevient House.Sawed-off specifications.The pellet spreads widely and has the property of easily involving multiple enemies.
An automatic shotgun that can be purchased at the shop.Boasts the highest performance of any shotgun.Contrary to semi-auto, the rate of fire is stationary, but it has the advantage of being able to reload all at once because it is a removable magazine.The diffusion of pellets is narrow, and it has the property of easily concentrating pellets on a single enemy.
Thor Hammer AW Model 02
An automatic shotgun owned by BSAA's BOW unit.Not available to players.


M1851 Wolfsbain
A high-powered Magnum revolver available at Morrow's laboratory.Unlike the actual product, it is a cartridge type and uses a 50 caliber magnum bullet.It is engraved.
A high-powered automatic magnum that can be purchased at the shop after the second lap.Boasts the highest performance in Magnum.Uses 2 caliber magnum bullets not found in the actual product.

Assault rifle

Assault rifle used by Chris.Possessed by Chris and Kay Nine, Nighthowl and Tundra.The barrel and gas system have been shortened to the limit of the pistol class, and modern customs such as the Dat Sight, Foregrip, PEQ laser module, and suppressor have been applied.If you purchase it at the extra shop, you can use it even when operating Ethan.
An assault rifle that can be purchased at the extra shop.Front sight and rear sight are not installed.

Sniper rifle

F2 rifle
Bolt-action sniper rifle available on the roof of Dmitresque Castle.By default, the magnification of the scope is low and the camera shake when holding it is large, so it is difficult to use, but by attaching modified parts, it transforms into an excellent sniper rifle.The feature is that the power increase when hitting a key point is the largest. "MAS 36 rifleIs based on the "FR F2", which has been modified to a sniper specification.
A semi-automatic sniper rifle owned by Amber Eyes.It is temporarily owned by Chris during the game, but it cannot be fired just by using it instead of a telescope.


GM 79
A single-shot grenade launcher available at the watermill.Can be switched between explosive bullets and flash bullets.It is engraved.
Hand Cannon PZ
A single-action revolver that uses sniper rifle ammunition that can be purchased at the Extra Shop.If you modify the power to the limit, it will have power comparable to Magnum.The big advantage is that it can be used more affordably than Magnum because of the ammunition used.The name is "Pfeifer Zeliska」に似ているが、外観は「マグナムリサーチ BFR45-70」に近いものとなっている。
Rocket pistol MK1
A pistol that can fire rockets that can be purchased at the extra shop.Although its power is poor, it can explode at the point of impact and scare or blow away enemies within range.Even if it is within the range, it has the property of not being damaged.The actual product does not explode like a grenade.
Pipe grenade
Homemade grenade.Can be created by crafting.Explodes over time after throwing, damaging enemies within range.Of course, if you are within the range, you will be damaged.
Installation type pressure sensitive land mine.Can be created by crafting.When an enemy gets on a land mine, it detonates and causes great damage.Although the range is narrow, it can involve multiple enemies.It can be recovered and re-installed before it explodes.It does not detonate even if it rides on it, and it does not suffer damage even if it is within range.
PT machine gun
A machine gun owned by Robo in the Chris edition in the latter half of the story.Not available to players.

Game stage

This work is set in a village in the mountains, which is said to be in Eastern Europe.Since the time is February, the village is covered with snow.Although the story is straightforward, this work is based in a village and explores each facility in the village such as castles and lakes.

The area that is the center of the village and the base of Ethan.Many buildings are like wooden huts.There is no sign of people due to the attack of Lycan, and it is severely devastated.In addition to the myriad of lycans, the occasional ferocious Valcolac also appears.At first, the area that can be searched is limited, but by advancing the story and obtaining keys etc., the range that can be searched will expand.
Most of the villagers were victims of Lycan when Ethan visited, and many villagers had been taken away by Miranda and others as the basis of the experiment.At the end of the story, the villagers seemed to be wiped out, and after Miranda eroded the entire village with peculiar bacteria, the mycorrhizas were finally blown up and disappeared.
Dmitresque Castle
A castle towering in the northern part of the village.The lord of the castle is Orcina Domitresque, a four-noble family.The inside of the castle is quite large, with a main building and an annex, and luxurious furnishings are placed here and there.At first glance, it has a gorgeous interior that imitates the aristocratic culture of medieval Europe, but behind it is a kitchen painted with blood, an armory with cruel weapons and torture tools, and cut-off limbs. You can see the cruel addiction and work of the castle owners, such as the prison where the dead bodies are hung.
In the basement, there is a test site for Mrs. Dmitresk, a prison, and a wine cellar, around which Moro Aika roams, and countless Sankas fly around on the roof of the castle.In addition, three "daughters" of Mrs. Dmitresk attack.
Benevient House
The residence of the Benevient family in a misty valley in the northwestern part of the village.The Lord is Donna Benevient, a four-noble family.According to Duke, anyone who enters the mansion will never be able to return.Many dolls are displayed in the mansion.In addition, many yellow flowers incorporating specific bacteria are planted in the garden, and those who enter the mansion can show a strong hallucination by the action of pollen of these flowers.
Artificial lake
A dam lake located on the southern outskirts of the village.The residence of the four aristocrats, Salvatore Morrow.According to Duke, the lake is home to terrifying monsters.There are vast tunnels around the lake, which Morrow himself lives in, and Chris and other Houndwolfhounds have also set up temporary bases.Originally there seems to be a village, and it is sinking to the bottom of the lake. There are two large windmills that power the lockgear.In addition, at the top of the adjacent mountain, there is a "Morrow Clinic" that Morrow used as an experimental facility.
Heisenberg factory
A factory located in the southwestern part of the village.Karl Heisenberg's hideout for the four aristocrats.According to Duke, the factory has unimaginable horror.The building visible above the ground is a small part of the factory, with a vast and intricate underground space inside, where mechanized corpse soldier Zoldart is mass-produced.
Forest fort
A fort located in the forest in the northeastern part of the village.It is a nest of lycans, in which a large number of lycans live, and Urias is the boss of the lycans.
A village sawmill located between Dmitresque Castle and the Forest Fort.
Ritual ground
A place of worship for ceremonies in the western part of the village.Stone statues of the four aristocrats, who are said to be the ancestors of the village, are placed on all sides, and the Holy Grail is enshrined on the central altar, where the rose flasks recovered from the four aristocrats can be stored.In addition, a mark very similar to the umbrella company emblem is drawn on the altar.

the term

Lei is the Romanian currency and is the plural of Leu.
Specific bacteria
A type of fungus that propagates mainly in the mycorrhiza in the basement of the village.It is the original species of E-type specific bacteria developed by Connection in the previous work.
Mycorrhiza of peculiar fungus in the underground cave of the village.It is shaped like a giant foetation.Memories of people who died from peculiar bacteria, including Miranda's daughter Eva, have been accumulated.
A parasite created by Miranda from nematodes that carries the infection of specific bacteria, "4", "5』Appeared in place of Praga.It looks like a foetation that resembles a mycorrhiza.If the host is compatible with Kadu, it will have abilities that are far from humans, but if it is not compatible, it will lose intelligence and become a lycan.
According to the medical report, the higher the regenerative ability of the conforming person, the larger the physique.
In addition, by parasitizing a corpse, it can be revived as Moroaika or Zoldart (Howler), and by parasitizing an inorganic substance such as a doll, it can be freely manipulated without using mechanical operations.
Kadu means "gift" in Romanian, and the model isNematode.
A mechanized corpse soldier developed by Heisenberg in his factory as a countermeasure against Miranda.The body is a human male corpse, and instead of the heart, Kadu is embedded in the chest, and the behavior is stabilized by sending pseudo brain waves through electrodes from the control headgear attached to the head (in this state). The individual is Howler).Furthermore, it was created by fusing machines such as control devices and power tools there.Improvements and enhancements are underway, including types such as Ein Zwei Jet Panzer.All types have electric drills on their arms, and their weaknesses are the red controls on their chest or back.Soldat means soldier in German.
Dead flower dagger
A dagger that is painted with all the poisons of all ages, east and west.It is a medieval item, and it is said that the former castle owner, who was obsessed with delusions, made it to defeat demons and demons.A weakness of Mrs. Dmitresk, she was once assassinated by a man with this dagger.So the wife sealed the dagger with the man's body in a tower away from the castle.
Abbreviation for Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. In the face of the situation that "biological weapons spread by the demolition of Umbrella are being abused all over the world", the "Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies", a union of pharmaceutical companies, feared the pursuit of responsibility from international public opinion and jointly contributed funds 2003 A bioterrorism countermeasure unit formed from 2004 to XNUMX.In this work, he is acting differently from Chris, and at the same time as Miranda starts the ritual, he sends members to the village, but radical methods such as setting fire to the village are conspicuous, and Chris is also questioned.In the epilogue, it was found that the member sent to destroy the mycorrhiza was a humanoid BOW (Bio Organic Weapon).
Hound Wolfhound
An elite unit under the direct control of Chris.Although he belongs to BSAA, Chris has been warned by the headquarters because he has personalized it and operates it independently.In addition, the Hound Wolfhound is saying and acting as if it is far from BSAA (it is unknown whether the Hound Wolfhound itself is seconded to the Blue Umbrella).
All members are named after the wolf, the name of the corps.The codename of Captain Chris is "Alpha", which is the highest name for a flock of wolves.
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella of a private military company that appeared in "Resident Evil 7".Although not appearing directly in this work, Chris has a recovery ampoule with Umbrella letters and a logo.



The inventory screen of this work is designed like "Resident Evil 4", and it is possible to have the merchant Duke expand the size of the attache case by advancing the game.

In addition, the range of crafting elements has expanded, and items such as various ammunition can be crafted by purchasing recipes as well as recovery medicine.

In addition to being able to buy and sell various items as in "Resident Evil 4", you can also strengthen firearms and hunt animals in various parts of the village to obtain cooking ingredients and cook them in Duke. The range of play is expanding, such as strengthening the status value by receiving it.

On the battle side, the guard implemented from the previous work "Resident Evil 7" is still alive, and it is possible to kick the enemy from the state of being assembled with the guard or the enemy and take time.

In the exploration part, there are routes that can be detoured other than the main route, and the familiar Easter egg element from the previous work "7" and the treasure hunt element introduced in "Resident Evil 4" are also adopted.

Differences depending on the model

Free upgrade from PS4 version to PS5 version, Xbox ONE version to Xbox Series X / S version is possible (PS4 disc version requires disc recognition, so PS5 digital edition cannot upgrade)[38][39].

Output resolution and frame rate for each model[40]
ModelResolution / frame rate
PS54K HDR / 60 fps
Xbox Series X
PS5 (when ray tracing is selected)4K HDR / 45 fps
Xbox Series X (when ray tracing is selected)
Xbox series s1440p HDR / 45 fps
Xbox Series S (when ray tracing is selected)1440p HDR / 30 fps
PS4 PRO1080p / 60 fps
Xbox ONE X
PS4 PRO (when high resolution mode is selected)4K HDR / 30 fps
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Movie directorRichard RaaphorstIs a horror movie created and designed by the creature designs of the Sturm and Zoldart series that appear in this work.Weapon human It claims to be very similar to the creatures in Frankenstein's Army, and although it doesn't complain, it asks Capcom for their opinions.Specifically, the movie fan Twitter user says that "Sturm" of this work is very similar to "Japan Head" of the weapon human, and the Zoldart system of this work is very similar to "Keroider" "Desmerder" of the weapon human By catching the eye and reporting it to the director, the trouble was discovered.[41].

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注 釈

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  2. ^ His son Lucas was trying to kill Ethan at his own will.
  3. ^ A nickname that ridiculed Rose's origin, which was said by security personnel when she was protected.
  4. ^ Helena Mankowska is named in the ED credits.
  5. ^ Custom parts related to the design of the military brand "Volk Tactical Gear", which supervised the equipment of Chris and Hound Wolfhound in this work, are incorporated.


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