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🍴 | Kappa Sushi, Beef Toro Yatoro Salmon are lined up! Toro Toro Neta Festival Held


Kappa sushi, beef and simmering salmon are lined up!

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"Saikyo-yaki-style toro mackerel nigiri" (Ninuki 110 yen) uses greasy mackerel, and it is said that it has a moist, thick and elegant taste with the sweet miso unique to Saikyo-yaki style. ..

Kappa Sushi of the Colowide Group will hold the "Toroneta Festival" at all Kappa Sushi stores for a limited time from May 5th to 12th ... → Continue reading

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Two pieces 110 yen

grilled fish

Grilled fish(Grilled fish) isFishBakedCuisine[1].


Japanese cuisineThen.One soup and three vegetablesIt occupies an important position as a pottery.[2] Grilled fishGrilled on an open fireAnd indirect roasting.In direct fire grilling, fish is placed on a net or skewered and grilled directly on a heat source such as charcoal fire or gas over a long heat over high heat in a short time.Indirect roasting includes frying pans, wrapping roasting, and salt pot roasting, and the heat transfer is softer than that of direct fire roasting.[3]Besides fresh fishDried fishIs also used.

Types of grilled fish

Roasted figure
魚をstringStab it into something like a living figure and bake it.Also known as with a tail, it is often used for Shinsen and celebrations.[1].
Grilled with salt
saltGrilled fish on an open fire.Salt is used not only to add flavor but also to bring out the flavor of fish.[3].
→ Teriyaki
Yuan Yaki
→ Yuan Yaki
Spanish mackereletc,Saikyo MisoBake after soaking in.It is used for fish whose constitution and flavor are not suitable for grilling with salt.
eelBake while soaking in sauceHagi YakiIs a type of teriyaki.It may be an established recipe that is different from grilled fish.
Wakasa roast
Dried with saltSweet breamAnd so onliqueurBake with Wakasa ground that uses a lot of.[3]
I used fishMiso Dagaku..Skewer the white-grilled fish, apply Miso Dengaku, and lightly bake it to brown it.
魚にWheat flourSprinkleバ タ ーBaked in etc.[1]
A frying panIn a small amountoilFish grilled with.
Originally, it was baked with the residual heat of the kettle that makes salt, but salt and meringue are mixed and the ingredients are wrapped in a salt kettle and steamed.[3].
salmonEtc.VegetablesBaked with.
Sardinia Assadas (pt: Sardinha assada)
PortugalThe capital ofLisbonOf the specialty dish ofsardineGrilled with salt.Many in the summer of the seasonRestaurantPuts out a grill at the storefront and grills sardines over charcoal.onionSlices andpotatoEtc. are put together and servedRed wineIt goes well with.The price is about 1 per plate and 6EuroAround (1000 yen).
Grilled fish of Sichuan cuisine
Chugoku OfSichuan cuisineThen,ChongqingLike "Manjio Roasted Fish" (Wanjian Kaoyu),草魚Season the river fish with spicy pickled soup, grill it once, and then add more.Red peppersThere are dishes that are boiled in a strong flavored broth.Originally it was a dish that was grilled over an open fire with spicy seasoning, but now it is a simmered dish that can be seasoned more spicy.However, in some cases, it can be done by grilling directly.

grillHow to bake fish on low heat usingイタリアSuch as地中海Coastal andEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Cambodia,SingaporeSuch asSoutheast AsiaBut you can see it.

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