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🍴 | [Settsu] "Men" Maritozzo tastes refreshing cream and fruit


[Settsu] "Men" Maritozzo tastes refreshing cream and fruit

If you write the contents roughly
"Homemade chicken ham and avocado sandwich" that is healthy and vivid and pleasing to the eye.

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Bird ham

Bird hamWhat is (Torihamu)?HamHas a texturechickenCuisine.

Chicken breastUsingSmokedWhat is a general ham, such as not following the procedure ofIngredients,recipeIs very different. "channel 2Was devised by the user.


As the name suggests, the texture is very similar to ham.

Good qualityproteinIs abundant, and even lower when the skin is removedfatIs.It was devised through repeated experiments with the aim of how to eat the cheapest breast meat among chickens.IngredientsIt is also characterized by its low cost.

Dissemination of recipes

2001 May 42channelCooking board内 のthreadThe inventor (post number 89) wrote the recipe in "Chicken Breast VS Momo".[1]..Initially, there were many "chicken ham" notations, but on May 5, the same year, an independent "chicken ham thread" was created.[2]Then, the "Torihamu" notation first appeared at this time, and this notation gradually became mainstream.Due to these factors, it was derived and generalized on the Internet as a dish that originated in 2channel.[3].

August 2001, 7,Cook padInuserIntroduced the recipe as "(゜ д ゜) Umar 2chan's bird ham"[4].

2002 March 3All AboutIn the article "Topics on the bulletin board! How to make chicken ham and recipes" in "ABC of Cooking", a recipe slightly modified by the guide was posted.[5].

2003 On May 5, a special feature was set up and the recipe was introduced in the July 22 issue of Yahoo BB Magazine "Hot Topics ONLINE".[6].

2004 In April, a guide to All About "Cooking ABC"rice cookerDevised a cooking method using[7].

2006 May 4broadcastof"Hanamaru Market"ofcorner"Tokumaru" (Theme: chicken breast meat)[3] EasyHistoryA slightly modified recipe was introduced.Very popular with the performers, after the broadcastAudienceThe same year, partly because the response was very large.May 8It will be the best work in the broadcast "Shitte Tokumaru Grand Prix" and "How to improve the deliciousness you get".Overwhelmingly high in the "Shitte Tokumaru Grand Prize" selected by the performers from each best workVotesWon the best work and the grand prize[8][9]..Since then, it has been introduced several times at Hanamaru Market.

  • 2007 May 1Broadcast "Tokumaru" (Theme:2007 trendAnticipationGourmet)so"2006 It was briefly introduced as "Recipe that got the most feedback from viewers"[8],that timeModerator OfKumiko OkaeSaid, "I make it from time to time."
  • 2008 May 8Introducing the recipe of Torihamu-Hanamaru version-as a "legendary recipe" in the broadcast "Tokumaru" (theme: saving recipe collection)[10].
  • 2009 May 8Introduced in the broadcast "Tokumaru" (Theme: Shitokumaru Grand Prix decided today! The pinnacle of Marutoku tricks) "Recipe selected for the 2006 Shitokumaru Grand Prix"[9].
  • 2011 May 2Introduced as one of the "Hanamaru hit series if you have this" in the broadcast "Tokumaru" (theme: salt chicken)[11].

2009 May 9Broadcast of "JA Zen-Noh Presents Yusuke Tanaka's dining table cheering party』(TBS Radio), Guest appearanceFood stylist OfMaronIntroduced a slightly modified recipe[12].

2010 eraSince entering, recipes that have been greatly arranged by individuals as shown below have also appeared and are introduced.

2010 May 4Broadcast of "a life』(Tokai TV), Introducing recipes arranged by honey cooking researchers[13].. Broadcast on March 12, the same year, "Today's dishes』(NHK),Yuji WakiyaIntroducing a recipe that has been greatly arranged[14].. Broadcast on March 12, the same year, "PON!』(Nippon TV) At the inner corner "I'm sorry, I'm sorry it's too easy!"Chinami HamauchiIntroducing a recipe that has been greatly arranged[15].

2011 May 3Broadcast of "App & UP!』(Kansai TV) Introduces a recipe that has been greatly arranged[16].

2012 May 1,Hatena Bookmark News-Neta Rika (Yahoo! JAPAN)Introduced as a popular recipe of 2channel in the article "Tamori style & Hirano Remi recipe! Let's eat reasonable" chicken breast "deliciously"[17].

Basic recipe

InitialRecipes"For bird breasts,salt,pepperRub in, etc.zipperluckFoodsave袋Put in空 気Pull outRefrigerator About 2 minutes after storing for about 15 daysboil"something like.The basic recipe has not changed even after a dozen years have passed since the recipe appeared, but various ideas and variations have been created by individual ideas.


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