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🍴 | Local ramen in Nara!It's been over 40 years since we started from ramen stalls!Tenri Stamina Ramen, which is also popular overseas ...


Local ramen in Nara!It's been over 40 years since we started from ramen stalls!Tenri Stamina Ramen, which is also popular overseas ...

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At the ticket vending machine in the store, I was wondering what to order and said, "If you get lost, this is it!

"Tenri Stamina Ramen Kintetsu Nara Ekimae Store" has a shop right next to Kintetsu Nara Station.Founded in 55 (... → Continue reading

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Automatic ticket vending machine

Automatic ticket vending machine(Jidokenbaiki,British: ticket machine or ticket vending machine (TVM)) Means selling ticketsvending machineThat thing. "Tickets", that isticket,チケットKind, specificallyticket-Special express ticket-Boarding ticket-Airline ticket-Admission ticket-food voucherEtc. can be sold automaticallymachineThat.


In 1904, an automatic ticket vending machine was introduced on the Central London Railway in London. In 1977, Pacific Southwest Airlines introduced an automatic boarding pass vending machine for aircraft.

Globally, in the case of railways, depending on the country / regionTicket gateThere are many stations that do not have any, in which case the passengers will be at the ticket vending machines near the stationplatformWe adopted a method of purchasing a ticket at the above ticket vending machine, and after boarding, the conductor will come to check if he / she has a ticket, and if he / she does not, he / she will purchase a ticket (often, a penalty will be added). There are many routes.

From a global perspective, in the case of long-distance trains, ticketing at the counter is common, but in some countries and regions there are railway operators that install reserved seat ticket vending machines inside stations.


1904ToUK OfCentral London Railway (CLR)(CurrentLondon UndergroundAn automatic ticket vending machine was introduced in (predecessor of).

1954ToToronto subwayWhen the business opened, an automatic ticket vending machine (token type) was introduced from the beginning.

1977,Pacific Southwest AirlinesIntroduced an automatic ticket vending machine for boarding passes of aircraft.

European ticket vending machines


French railwayAt (SNCF) stations, seats are reserved by operationTGVA touch panel type reserved seat ticket vending machine that can reserve seats for trains such as these and issue tickets is introduced from early on.The old oneCredit cardBesides, it also supported cash payment,coinOnly availablebillCannot be used, and currently installed ones only accept credit card payments.On the screen言语 TheFrenchBesidesEnglishIt is also possible to display such as. Not only can you reserve and purchase seats by operating a reserved seat ticket vending machine, but onceMinitelNowadays, after making a seat reservation for a train by credit card payment on the Internet, you can also receive the ticket after entering the reservation number etc. at the reserved seat ticket vending machine at the station before boarding.


Trenitalia(Italy) has installed a touch panel type long-distance ticket vending machine in the station yard, and the user can display the language on the screen like those of DB and SNCFItalian(Switching from to English, etc.), departure station, arrival station, boarding date, time zone, train to board, grade, presence or absence of seat reservation on any train (Eurostar ItaliaThis does not apply if you select a train with all seats reserved for all cars). You can select the seat position (window side or aisle side, etc.) when the seat reservation is on any train or when the train selection requires a seat reservation (all seats are specified). Not only devices that support only credit card payments, but also devices that support both cash and credit card payments.


German railwayAt the touch panel type long-distance ticket vending machine installed at the (DB) station, about the movement from the departure station to the arrival stationTrain type(ICE-ICIn addition to the selection of routes (such as), you can also select routes other than those that are usually used, such as vehicle and seat grade (first-class or second-class), whether to reserve a seat or not (reserved seat or unreserved seat). Can also be selected. Change the display language of the screen (similar to reserved seat ticket vending machines such as the TGV of SNCF in France)GermanFrom EnglishTurkishIt can be switched to other languages ​​such as, and it does not support cash payments and only supports credit card payments.

Recently, instead of using a single ticket vending machine to determine the ticket contents, pay, and issue tickets, the user decides the ticket contents to be purchased on the touch panel and the contents are printed.barcodeA device that issues a copy of the paper with a mark and a device that issues a formal ticket after the user reads the barcode on the copy and pays for it are installed separately in the station yard. There is also a method. However, devices dedicated to ticketing and payment support not only credit card payments but also cash payments. In the former device, the user selects the language used, the departure station, the arrival station, the train type, the presence or absence of a seat reservation, etc., as in the conventional ticket vending machine described above. If you do not pay and issue the ticket with the latter device within one hour of issuing the copy, the ticket contents and reservation will be automatically canceled.

Asian ticket vending machines


Republic of ChinaThen,Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail-Taiwan Railway Management BureauIt is installed in. Credit cards and cash cards can be used in addition to cash for those installed on the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail, but cash cards issued outside Taiwan cannot be used. The one installed at the Taiwan Railways Administration is for commuter trains.Section carTickets can be issued for all trains except. Both companies also have a function to receive tickets booked online.


People's Republic of ChinaThen,High speed trainReserved seat ticket vending machines have been introduced in some of the areas. In addition, on June 2011, 6, when purchasing a high-speed rail ticket, a "real name system" was introduced to register the name and ID number, so foreigners can use it except for some areas such as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway. Lost (at the time of purchaseIdentificationIt is necessary to read the Chinese resident ID card, etc.Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwanese ResidentsBecause only IC ID cards issued by the Chinese government are recognized).

South Korea

Korea Railway CorporationInitially, the reserved seat ticket vending machines installed in the city were exclusively for railway members, and they could only receive tickets that had already been settled by reservation or purchased tickets by credit card payment (limited to those issued in South Korea), but after that. With the introduction of a new model, cash payments and non-members can now use it. There is also a refund function for purchased tickets. KTXGyeonggang LineThe latest model introduced in is miniaturized by utilizing a tablet, the operation screen adopts the same thing as the KORAIL reservation application, it supports multiple languages, and it also supports credit cards issued overseas that could not be used before. To do.SRHowever, it has introduced the same terminal as the Korail Corporation.

Japanese automatic ticket vending machine

Introduction history in Japan

1911(Meiji44 years)May 1of"Osaka Mainichi NewspaperAccording to "Self-admission ticket sales box" in OsakaUmeda Station[Avoid ambiguity]There is a record installed in. When you insert a bronze coin into the cut hole and move the button under the cut hole to the right, a pre-printed admission ticket will come out from the exit below, and you can stock up to 2 admission tickets.[1].. From September 9st of the same year, a "printing vending machine" that also printsShimbashi Station-Ueno StationThere is a record installed in[1].. However,"XNUMX-year history of Japanese national railwayThere is no description about these ticket vending machines, and the period of use is unknown.[1].

1926(Taisho15 years)May 4ToTokyo Station-Ueno StationHandle admission tickets atGermanyMade of coin bar type (coinIt is said that it was the first time in Japan that a one-ticket ticket was introduced when the bar was pushed down strongly, but the origin is uncertain. afterwards,1929(Showa4 years)May 12There is also a coin bar type that handles two types of tickets, the first fare section and the next fare section (5 sen and 10 sen). During the warTo collect metalIt will be temporarily removed,1951(Showa 26) Reappeared in March.

Post-war1956Around (Showa 31), the manual type was changed to the electric type.[2].. Initially, it was a relatively simple device that provided pre-printed tickets, meal tickets, and vouchers when a certain amount of money was put in and the lever was operated. Since only one type could be sold with one machine (universal type), many ticket vending machines with different sales prices were lined up.[3].. A (multi-purpose) ticket vending machine that can sell many types of tickets1964In (39), the hard ticket type was1966In (Showa 41), a method of printing on soft tickets was introduced.[2].. Initially, general-purpose ink was used, but if it was too dark, the hands would get dirty, and if it was too thin, the face of the ticket could not be read. To deal with thisDiazo copierThe color is developed by reacting the diazo type or colorless and transparent coloring material using the principle ofChelateThe formula was adopted, and since the late 1970s, due to heatink ribbon,Thermal paperReact and printThermal typeCame to be used[2].

NowTouch panelBy inputting information such as, a wide variety of tickets and meal tickets are printed out at any time and are multifunctional.

On the other hand, in railways since the 2000sPrepaid CardWith the rapid spread of tickets, the need to purchase tickets each time they are used has diminished, so some stations are reducing the number of ticket vending machines without updating machines, and some railway operators are using them. Reserved seat ticket vending machines, which will be described laterCharging machineIn some cases, it is installed as an alternative.Furthermore, at the time of the consumption tax hike in October 2019, there were cases where the automatic ticket vending machines installed at some unmanned stations in JR East were removed.

Used for face printingPrinterAs the printing method of, a dot impact method, a thermal method, or the like is used. In recent years, the thermal type has become the mainstream due to the ease of maintenance, but there is a problem in the durability of printing.

Ticket vending machine for tickets

The automatic ticket vending machine for train tickets is1970 eraSince then, it has become widespread mainly in metropolitan areas. These ticket machinesAutomatic ticket gateIt also has a function to record the information of the ticket piece on the magnetic recording surface coated on the back as well as the printing on the surface of the ticket, assuming the use of. MostRailway stationAnd someBus terminalIt is installed in and mainly sells short-distance tickets.

Available coins, banknotes and cards

Initially, most of the models were exclusively for coins because of their purpose (sale of short-distance, low-priced tickets), and some of them only accept coins that match the amount of the ticket.2010It can still be seen today). For the first timebillCorresponds to1965(Showa 40)Nagoya RailwayHotta StationWith the multi-type electronic ticket vending machine introduced inFive yen coin[Annotation 1],Ten yen coin,Fifty yen coinIn addition toOne hundred yen billWas able to throw in[5].. After that, ticket vending machines that accept banknotes became widespread, but initiallyThousand yen billThe button type that accepts only is the mainstream, and there were not so many ticket vending machines that accept high-value banknotes and pay out XNUMX yen banknotes as change as they are today.[Annotation 2].. To supplement the ticket vending machines that can only use low-value money,Money changerWas installed in some cases.1990 eraThe ones after the second halfXNUMX yen bill-XNUMX yen bill-XNUMX yen billCorresponding to (issued in 2000), it has a function to pay out XNUMX yen bills and XNUMX yen bills as change.

Outside Japan, like in Japan beforecoinTicket vending machines that accept only small bills are the mainstream, but in recent years, not only small bills but also all coins are being accepted.

Issued by own / affiliated companyMagnetic prepaid cardIf it is compatible with, you may be able to purchase a prepaid card at a ticket vending machine, or insert a prepaid card into the insertion slot to purchase tickets. Also,Suica,PASMOな どIC type prepaid cardIf it is a ticket vending machine that supports the above, there are some that can not only purchase tickets and IC prepaid cards, but also add up (charge) the prepaid amount and check / print the IC card usage history. Both of the companies concernedPassenger business rulesOtherClauseFunctions are provided based on.


As mentioned above, the original ticket vending machines mainly handle low-priced tickets, soreceiptWas not issued in many cases, but now there are some that can issue receipts for short-distance tickets purchased in cash. Also,Commuter pass automatic ticket vending machineAnd Shinkansen etc.Ticket vending machines for long-distance ticketsIn many cases, receipts can be issued with the touch of a button. For tickets purchased in cashCollecting billsSometimes having an invalid stamp stamped has the same effect as a receipt.


Railroad operators mistakenly load change into ticket machines (100 Yen coinと10 Yen coinThere are many mistakes (such as putting in the opposite direction), and the bulletin board at the stationWebsiteHas been announced in.

Nowadays, ticket vending machines are mechanized and electronically controlled, and many of them have various additional functions in addition to the basic functions described above.

In Japan, many people press the ticket type button after paying the price, but outside Japan, there are many methods to select the ticket type before paying the price. Those that support both methods (such as JR touch panel type) are also installed. In addition, if the ticket type is selected before the payment is made, the acceptance may be canceled and the change may be paid when the payment amount reaches the price of the ticket.

In addition, some automatic ticket vending machines installed at some border stations of passenger railway companies and stations around them have a function to distinguish between JR company sections (example: past).Minamiotari Station-Tatsuno Station-Maibara Station-Kojima StationSuch). At the beginning of JR, this function was added to all border stations, and stations near border stations (Okayama stationHowever, a function to specify the JR company section was added (because when JR was first established, it was necessary to strictly specify the JR company section).In the case of this ticket vending machine, "○○ company line" is displayed on the ticket if it is on the same route as the issuing company, and if it is a different company, it is displayed as "XX company line" if the route is single. So, when multiple lines branch off at the issuing station or the station on the way, "via XX" and "via XX" were displayed.

In addition, at the Naganawashiro-Samema all-day unmanned station on the JR Hachinohe Line, there are two types of automatic ticket vending machines, one for the Hachinohe Line and one for the Aoimori Railway Line via Hachinohe Station.

At local private railways, vending machines for meal tickets, which will be described later, may be used for tickets.

Reserved-seat ticket vending machine

At JR companies and private railway companies, seat reserved trainsReserved seat ticketThere is a ticket vending machine to sell. For ticket vending machines of JR companies, see "Reserved seat vending machinePlease refer to.

Private railway companies

Private railwayThe introduction of the reserved-seat ticket vending machine in Japan is faster than that of JNR / JR.1990 eraSome companies have introduced it for some time.

  • Odakyu Electric RailwayMany of the automatic ticket vending machines installed at each station in Japan have regular tickets andPASMOIn addition, all reserved seatsLimited express romance carYou can purchase special express tickets and special tickets. In addition, at least one commuter pass can be sold at each station. Some limited express stations, such as Shinjuku Station, may have ticket vending machines where only limited express tickets can be purchased.
  • Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu Limited Express)・Nankai Electric Railway-Tobu RailwayandNagoya RailwayReserved seat limited express tickets (Nagoya Railroad is a special vehicle ticket "Mu-ticket”) Ticket vending machines are outside the ticket gates inside the stationplatformIt is installed inside the ticket gates such as above.
  • Keisei Electric RailwayThen, the number of vacant seats that can be sold is not the three-stage display of "○ (vacant seats)", "△ (only a few remaining)", and "× (no vacant seats)" as seen in Odakyu Electric Railway and Tobu Railway, but specific numbers. Is displayed.

On the Kintetsu Railway, JRAssist Mars"Commuter pass limited express ticket vending machine with remote support" that can handle operators similar to2018Is installed from[6].

Commuter pass vending machine

Commuter passFor a long time, it was sold only at the counter because the purchase procedure is more complicated than that of a regular ticket, such as writing the name on the ticket and having to determine the route. However, due to technological development and cost reduction, private railwayssubwayIn, the commuter pass sales stations (windows) were being consolidated. On April 1986, 4, an automatic ticket vending machine that allows you to purchase Japan's first commuter pass appeared at Hankyu Umeda Station.[7].

Early types had specifications that could not be purchased without old tickets issued in the past, but many new types allow new purchases without old tickets.Items that require a certificate check, such as school commuter passes, are not sold at automatic commuter pass vending machines when new purchases are made, but are often sold at staff counters.If you want to continue purchasing, you can purchase it at the commuter pass vending machine in the same way as a regular commuter pass, but if you purchase it over a period that spans the year, or if you purchase it for the first time in the new year, it is the same as a new purchase. You will need to purchase it at the counter with your certificate.

Since the handling differs depending on the business operator, confirmation is required before purchasing.

Recently, some have a combined function that allows you to issue both a commuter pass and a regular ticket with one unit. in JapanKeikyu CorporationThe first automatic ticket vending machine with multiple functions appeared in Japan, and it is becoming popular all over the country today.[Annotation 3].

  • JR EastIn addition to the "reserved-seat ticket vending machine," the "multifunctional ticket vending machine" also supports the sale of commuter passes. The installation station isMulti-function ticket vending machine installation mapCan be confirmed atGreen WindowAnd stations where reserved seat ticket vending machines are not installed (Tsudayama Station,Yabe Station,Yamate StationYou can also buy a commuter pass.
  • Tokyo MetroThen, "multi-function ticket vending machines (pink automatic ticket vending machines)" are installed at all management stations, and regular tickets and regular ticketsPASMO, You can purchase a commuter pass in addition to the special ticket.
  • Fukuoka City SubwaySome of the automatic ticket vending machines (display type) installed at each station in Japan have regular tickets andOne day ticketEtc. can be purchased. Furthermore, with some display-type ticket vending machines,HayakakenIt is also possible to sell, charge transportation IC cards, and sell commuter passes. Also, if you insert a ticket that you purchased by mistake into a designated place on the ticket vending machine, you can get a free refund. Long time ago,Efu card,Yoka net card-Pretty cardMagnetic type such asBoarding cardWas able to be purchased, but now it is abolished and cannot be purchased or used.

Normally, in the case of continuous purchase, it is a condition that the old commuter pass is issued in-house. If the old commuter pass is issued by another company, you cannot continue to purchase it, so you will have to purchase it as a new "new" ticket. In this case, you may not be able to purchase a commuter pass that requires proof to purchase, such as a new school commuter pass (when purchasing as a "new school commuter pass", you must go to the station where the staff sales office is located. There are many).

Cash voucher shop

In Japan, tickets with high discount rates are sold separatelyCash voucher shopHowever, business hours are often limited due to the formation of a business model. To make up for the short business hours, some ticket shopsvending machineIt is sold by.

Ticket shops buy regular tickets from railway companies and resell them, so print-issuing machines cannot be used. Therefore, vending machines for cigarettes and small items are diverted. It is a mechanism to store tickets in a cigarette-sized case or envelope and sell them. Also, for those that handle high-priced tickets such as the Shinkansen,XNUMX yen bill,XNUMX yen billIt also corresponds to. Therefore, it will be larger than a case or envelope.Youth 18 ticketEtc. are often not available for sale.

For meal tickets and admission tickets

In the past, ticket vending machines were similar to vending machines that paid out plastic plates instead of paper tickets.[Annotation 4]Was widely used. It was possible to manage the remaining number by filling the automatic ticket vending machine with the prepared number of meal tickets. On the other hand, even if there are foodstuffs, if the plate inside the machine runs out, it will be displayed as sold out on the ticket vending machine, and the number of menus and the number of meal tickets that can be accommodated will be physically restricted by the machine. It was. Print-issuing food ticket vending machines that solve such drawbacks have become widespread.

The basic structure is the same as for tickets, but the magnetic encoding function is generally unnecessary. While automatic railroad ticket vending machines use a rear maintenance format that allows maintenance from inside the station office, space-saving food ticket vending machines use a front maintenance format. On the other hand, many of them are equipped with functions such as ticketing functions for meal tickets with stubs, remaining number management, hourly ticketing availability function, and sales management function, which are not required for railways.

In addition to paper (printing), the material of the ticket may be a colored plastic plate (color and menu type are associated). Order details at the same time as purchasekitchenThere is also an ordering system interlocking type that is transmitted to.

Regarding admission ticket vending machines for facilities, etc., the admission ticket itself may be a souvenir, and a simple printing / issuing machine may not be able to meet the needs. Therefore, there are machines that cut and sell roll-shaped printed admission tickets to a specified size. As an advanced form, there is a printable space in a part of it, and there is also a high-performance machine that supports arbitrary printing such as date.

Most ticket vending machines that accept only 2-yen bills and ticket vending machines that accept 500-yen bills and 5-yen bills have the function of paying out only coins as change. In this case, even if the change is 1 yen or more, multiple XNUMX-yen coins are paid out unless the change is out. On the other hand, a ticket vending machine that accepts XNUMX-yen bills and XNUMX-yen bills has a function of paying out bills as change, as in the case of the above-mentioned "for tickets".

Some models are equipped with technology developed for railroad ticket vending machines. In particular,prepaid card・ Non-contact typePrepaid CardThere is a function to purchase coins, a function to insert multiple coins at once, and a barrier-free design with a coin / banknote slot installed at a low position.

On the other hand, on local small and medium-sized private railways and JR off-road lines, there are cases where ticket vending machines for meal tickets, which are relatively cheaper than railway ticket vending machines, are adjusted for railways. Many of these models have enhanced security functions on the assumption that they will be installed at unmanned stations. In the Okayama / Hiroshima area of ​​JR WestICOCAThere is also a corresponding type.

For voting tickets

Betting ticket, Car tickets, boat tickets, etc.Public competition OfVoting ticketAlso, automatic ticket vending machines for facilities inside and outside the venue (Automatic voting machine) Is often sold at. The appearance is a bank ATM (Automatic teller machine), And in order to shorten the sales time, the voters filled in the race, horse (player) number, betting ceremony (win, double win, consecutive single, etc.) in advance.mark sheetTheOCRI will read it and purchase it. To correct mark sheet errors (mechanical reading errors, incorrect entries such as marking non-existent numbers, etc.)Touch panelSchemeLiquid crystal displayIs built in.

As a companion to this, refund the hit voting ticketAutomatic refund machineThere is. Similarly, it looks like a bank ATM, and if you insert a hit voting ticket, you will get a refund (dividend) Will be paid out. As a function, CD (Cash dispenser) Is close.

In recent years, it has both the functions of an automatic voting machine and an automatic refund machine.Automatic voting refund machine] Is being installed. This ticket vending machine not only makes it possible to "use the refund of the hit voting ticket as it is to purchase the voting ticket of another race and receive the fraction in cash", but also the refund function after the deadline of the final race. By switching to the dedicated mode, it helps to eliminate congestion at the refund window.

prepaid card

Phone cardAnd prepaidBoarding cardAnd so onprepaid cardThere is also a model that specializes in selling. Since the selling price of many cards is a multiple of 1000 yen, a ticket vending machine that only accepts 2 yen bills and does not have a change payout function, or accepts bills of XNUMX yen or more and pays out bill change. Many ticket vending machines have functions.

There are a small number of automatic ticket vending machines that sell prepaid cards with a selling price of 50 yen, such as selling one 1-degree telephone card and prepaid cards for copiers. In this case, it also has a function of accepting and paying out coins.

In the prepaid card system for rental TVs in hospitals, it may be installed together with a vending machine and a refund machine used at the time of discharge. There are also card ticket vending machines that can be used in closed spaces such as in-house cafeterias. In that case, it may have an additional charge function.

Telephone card automatic ticket vending machine

In the public telephone booth,Thousand yen billAt 105 degrees (for 1,050 yen)Phone cardThere was a time when a simple card vending machine was installed where you could buy. Also,Public phoneWhere many are lined up,NTTVending machines that can handle up to eight types of telephone cards were also installed at branches.

In both cases, the number of installed units is decreasing due to the low usage rate of public telephones. Also"KDDI Super World CardAn automatic ticket vending machine for international call prepaid cards, such asInternational airportIs installed in[8].

Automatic ticket vending machine for prepaid fare cards

The basic structure is similar to that of a telephone card ticket vending machine, but some prepaid fare card ticket vending machines have a receipt issuing function. The number of automatic ticket vending machines dedicated to prepaid fare cards for railways and buses is rapidly decreasing due to the replacement of the above-mentioned IC tickets and the multifunctionalization of automatic ticket vending machines.Uno Motor VehicleSome businesses have installed bus card ticket vending machines in their cars.

Highway card vending machine (total abolition)

Highwayservice areaEtcHighway cardThe vending machine was installed, but it was removed due to the abolition of the card. It had a receipt issuing function.


As an automatic ticket vending machine for Japanese stamps1904ToYamaguchi There is a "automatic postage stamp postcard vending machine" devised by the inventor, Takanichi Tawaraya, but it was not put into practical use due to difficulty in operation accuracy. (In addition, this ticket vending machine is the oldest existing vending machine in Japan.Communication MuseumIs in the possession)[9].

One periodFumi cardCorresponding mechanical typestampAutomatic ticket vending machines nationwidepost officeIt was expanded to. The basic structure isRoll printed stampsIs cut by the number of sheets sold and sold. Corresponding to the issuance of receipts,PostcardThere were many models that could be sold (consumption tax3%時代のはがき41円及び私製はがきへの貼付に用いる41円切手、主に定形内郵便物に使われる62円切手等は、1円ないし5円硬貨が券売機では扱えないため、10の倍数の金額となる枚数単位での販売となっており、41円時代のはがきや41円切手は10枚単位、62円切手は5枚単位での販売となっていた。10円切手などの、当然に1の位の端数がない金種の切手等は1枚単位で購入可能)。

In addition,ScaleA postal stamp similar to the machine at the post office (Meter stampThere is also a ticket vending machine that prints and issues), and it was called a "certificate stamp vending machine". Since the date is printed on the certificate stamp and it is a substitute for the postmark, the installation location is limited to the post office in principle, and it was necessary to post it on the same day after it was issued. With the spread of print-type ticket vending machines, a method of printing only the amount of money on the same stamp mount at any time was also tried. After that, Fumi card was abolished,convenience storeDue to changes in the situation such as the expansion of stamp sales in Japan, the automatic stamp vending machine was removed.

Overseas, there are cities where ticket vending machines, which are mechanical and produce stamps when coins are inserted, are widespread.

Revenue stamp / revenue stamp

For payment to the countryRevenue stampAndMunicipalitiesFor payment toIncome certificateThere are places where automatic ticket vending machines are set up and sold at government offices. In many cases, the commission amount is fixed for each procedure, so instead of selling each ticket type, it is often sold as a set according to the commission amount in advance.[Annotation 5].

Certificate / cash ticket issuing machine for fee settlement at educational institutions

Some educational institutions, such as universities, do not give or receive cash at the counter when applying for certificate issuance, etc.Certificate stamp(Only valid at that educational institutionCash voucherAnd so-calledfood voucherIn the case of a piece of paper like, and the amount is statedシ ー ルIn some cases, a ticket vending machine is installed to issue a ticket vending machine. Certificate stampApplication formThe application and procedure will be executed with the application attached to or attached to the application form.

Movie theater

TOHO Cinemas,MOVIXSuch asCinema complexThen, you will buy a movie ticket at an automatic ticket vending machine and post it at the entrance before the screening time. that time,Student discount,handicappedWith discounts etc.Disability certificateIt is a system that can be seen cheaply when posted.


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注 釈

  1. ^ At that time, some businesses had fare in units of 5 yen (especially children's fare), so unlike today's minimum of XNUMX yen coins, it was possible to insert up to XNUMX yen coins.
  2. ^ 1970 eraAppeared in the second halfShinkansenThe automatic ticket vending machines (only non-reserved seats at that time) were compatible with high-value banknotes from the beginning.
  3. ^ Not all automatic ticket vending machines support commuter passes, and in many cases only a few of the several automatic ticket vending machines support commuter pass sales.
  4. ^ This type of ticket vending machine is also used at some hot spring facilities.
  5. ^ Example:Yamanashi Prefecture / Fee


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