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🍴 | 6 kinds of seafood are piled up!Discover a seafood bowl that is too luxurious


Heaps of 6 kinds of seafood!Discover a seafood bowl that is too luxurious

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"Odawara Fishing Port Totomaru Shokudo" is located at "Fishing Port Station TOTOCO Odawara" in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

6 kinds of seafood are full! The recommended menu "Totomaru Summit Don" of "Odawara Fishing Port Totomaru Shokudo" has 6 kinds of seafood in the mountains ... → Continue reading

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Odawara fishing port

Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 14 Minutes 23.38 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 8 min 50.86 sec /35.2398278 degrees north latitude 139.1474611 degrees east longitude / 35.2398278; 139.1474611

Odawara fishing port(Odawara Gyokou)KanagawaOdawara city(I.e.(Hayakawa) Located on the groundType 3 fishing port. alias"Hayakawa fishing port(Hayakawa Port) ".


  • Administrator-Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Fisheries cooperative --Odawara
  • Number of union members-175 (December 2001)
  • Fishing port number --2130020


  • 1950 (25) --Started breakwater construction for "Odawara Fishing Port"[1].
  • 1951 (26)May 12 --Designated as "Type 2 Fishing Port"[1].
  • 1957 (Showa 32) --South breakwater and east breakwater completed[1].
  • 1958 (Showa 33) --Started construction of inner port (main port)[1].
  • 1968 (43)
    • January-"Main port" is completed[1].
    • March-"Odawara City Public Fisheries Regional Wholesale Market" opens[1].
  • 1969 (44)
    • February-Designated as "Type 2 Fishing Port"[1].
    • November-Fishing port management transferred from Odawara City to Kanagawa Prefecture[1].
    • Started maintenance of "new port"[1].
  • 1981 (56) April-"New port" is completed[1].
  • 1991 (3)
    • July-Start of "Minato Morning Market"[1].
    • August-Start of "Odawara Minato Festival"[1].
  • 1993 (5) March-"Odawara City Fisheries Cooperative" is established[1].
  • 1994 (6) --Started maintenance of "reservoir water surface" on the southwest side of "new port" (west side area of ​​new port)[1].
  • 2002 (14)-"Specified fishing port fishing ground maintenance project" started[1].
  • 2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 11 -"Fishing port station TOTOCO OdawaraOpened[2].

Main fish species

Major fisheries


  • Odawara City Public Fisheries Regional Wholesale Market (2nd floor: Fish Market Cafeteria) --To the east of "Main Port".
  • Odawara City Fisheries Cooperative Marine Industry Center-Southwest of "Main Port". "Minato Morning Market" venue.
  • Odawara fishing port exchange promotion facility (Fishing port station TOTOCO Odawara) --Southwest of "New Port" (west side of New Port), southwest of "Nursing Water Surface".


The "Hayakawa Bridge" road (Odawara Fish Street) that goes south from the northeastern part of the fish market (wholesale market) to the east of the main port, especially from the Odawara city area.[3][4][5]), A small restaurant area is formed, and the "Hayakawa Minato Shotenkai" is organized.[6].

The main restaurants and souvenir shops other than the "Fish Market Cafeteria" on the 2nd floor of the fish market (wholesale market) are as follows.

  • Odawara Fish Center
    • BBQ corner
    • Sushi set meal
    • Restaurant Kaiga (seafood dishes / set meals)
    • Beans Harbor (liquor / ice)
    • Central Food Fresh Fish Store (Fresh Fish)
    • Tuna (tuna products, etc.)
    • Maruishi Shoten (processed marine products)
    • Roasted Tako Senbei Odawara
    • Delicious food mark (kamaboko, dried fish, delicacies)
    • Local Material Museum (local vegetables and fruits)
  • Porto Il Chianti (Italian food)
  • Local fish restaurant Furuhausu (seafood dishes / set meals)
  • String shop Hanbei (dried fish)
  • Fisherman rice cafeteria (seafood / set meal)
  • Tuna specialty Kashiwa Fisheries (tuna dishes, etc.)
  • Sajirushi Shokudo (Seafood / Set Meal)
  • Gyogyo Fish Santaro (Seafood)
  • Odawara Fisheries Hall
    • Minato Kitchen Nami (Seafood / Set Meal)
    • Fish cafeteria Ohara (seafood / set meal)
    • Restaurant Kagodaira (seafood dishes / set meals)
    • Meshiya Yamaya (seafood / set meal)
    • Tamayoshi (fried egg)
    • Minato no rice (seafood / set meal)
  • Ayuya (processed marine products)
  • Warabe Saigyodo (seafood dishes / set meals)
  • Odawara Hitotose no Yuki (fruit shaved ice)
  • Odawara Hayakawa Fishing Village
    • Fisherman's Hamayaki Aburiya
    • Seafood bowl shop Kaisen Hayakawa fishing village store
    • Delicious food stalls (oysters and skewers)
    • Souvenir shop Kaneyoshi (kamaboko, dried fish, etc.)

Directions and Parking


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