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🍽 | A must-see for women who want to start a business!Business that even women can easily succeed 10


A must-see for women who want to start a business!Business that even women can easily succeed 10

If you write the contents roughly
Web services such as designers and bloggers are businesses that are easy to start using the Internet.

A woman's unique perspective comes into play!Entrepreneurship genre where women can play an active role Just because they are women, hesitate to start a business ... → Continue reading

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Web serviceWhat is (web service)?HTTPApplying Internet-related technologies such asDistributed computingRefers to the one that realized.W3CIn, what are Web services?platformIt is described as providing a standard means for interoperability between different software running above.

As a similar termWeb APIThere is (Web API), but it is almost synonymous.[1]


Distributed computingIt appeared as a new technology that plays a part in, and around 2001, it was taken up by many industry media with great expectations and its recognition increased.However, because the need for it was low in the market, it has not yet become widespread.It is said that the difficulty in standardizing related technologies is also hindering its widespread use.There are systems that are actually in practical use, but the only ones that can be used by general users are those that provide information that can be obtained free of charge, such as map information and weather forecasts, as a Web service. There are many systems that are used only for general purposes.But latelyService-oriented architecture With (SOA) in the limelight, attention is once again on Web services, which are its underlying technology.

Web servicesSOAPIt was planned to be launched all over the world on the premise ofSOAPThe problem was that the standard of the Web application was complicated and that the Web application was small and its utility value was low at the time of the epidemic, so it was only used experimentally.2010 eraAs the web application becomes more sophisticated, it expresses the API within the scope of the HTTP specifications.RESTAnd its inter-service cooperation has come to be utilized.Therefore, it can be said that Web services have been realized in a much simpler form than they were originally.

Applying Web services to connect multiple Web services to build applications and servicesmashupCalled. As a concrete example of mashup using Web service, restaurant information and map information are displayed at the same time based on a certain search result, or products with the same keyword as video content such as YouTube are acquired from amazon.com etc. Depending on how it is used, such as displaying it, it may give the user a high benefit.These services are not limited to major companies, but many individuals participate in them, and various services are created every day.However, since there are few useful Web services themselves, mashups are only positioned as additional services in a very limited field.[Source required]

Other usages

In recent years, away from the technical definition mentioned above, simplyWebProvided aboveServicesOften used in the sense of[2][3]..However, in this senseWeb applicationThere is another word.

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