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🍴 | Kyotsuhata no Hana Bento to see and taste Ichinoseki / Yamaai Kobo, new release in June

Photo Kiyoan / Wild Flower Bento Incorporating Flowers from Kyotsu Field

Lunch box to see and taste the flowers of Kyotsu field Ichinoseki / Yamaai Kobo, new release in June

If you write the contents roughly
12 items such as Ganmodoki with mulberry tea, Tsukudani of Udo, and Shinoda roll of Mizu are 1080 yen.

Kyotsuhata Yamaai Kobo (Representative Director of Sugata, etc.), an agricultural cooperative corporation in Daito-cho, Ichinoseki City, has released a new work of Seian Bento, "Seian / Wild Flower Bento" ... → Continue reading

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