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Enjoy and enrich your time at home with the long-lasting housework tools of "Daily Tools Okuda Hardware"!

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Every day I'm busy or uncomfortable ... That's why I want to eat delicious food and live comfortably.

How are you guysThis is Michiko.I love to eat like my father who is easy to eat, and I also like to cook. ... → Continue reading

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Delicious rice Kamakura Kasugai rice store

"Delicious rice Kamakura Kasugai rice store』(Delicious rice kamakura, kasugaikomen) is2007May 10からMay 12Until every Thursday from 21:00 to 21:54TV Asahisystem"Thursday dramaJapan broadcast in the frameTV drama.Ishihara promotionProduction.StarringTetsuya Watari.


KanagawaKamakura cityLong-established store inRice grain shopIs the stage.It will be a comedy-like work with a comedy element.

Production announcementYujiro IshiharaThe first timeDeath dayIn 2007May 7, Yujiro'sGraveThere is横 浜 市Tsurumi ku OfZoji TempleMade in.

In this dramaTokushige Satoshi OfwifeAppear in a roleNorika FujiwaraIt is,Jinnai TomonoriIt will be the first TV drama appearance after marriage.Also, for Watari, the drama appearance at the same time is "DivorceIt's been two years since then, and Wataru, Fujiwara, and Tokushige2005The one-shot drama "Broadcast on TV Asahi in SeptemberGion HayashiIt was also the first co-star in two years since.Mizukawa AsamiとTakeshi TsukajiThe same yearMay 9ToFuji Television Network, IncThe one-shot drama aired on the system "Naked general], It will be the second co-star.

Make a showIshihara promotionFor, "My dear detective』(TV Asahi), the first serial drama in 14 years, and the first home drama production.As of 2017, it has not been softened. "Gion Music" "Younger brother], Which is the only serial drama produced by Ishihara International Productions that has not been softened, except for special dramas such as.

At the beginning of the third episode, there was a scene where the whole family watched the rebroadcast of "Seibu Keisatsu" produced by Ishihara International Productions (actually, the famous scenes of car action and explosion were flowing), "Recent TV is like this. There is a self-parody line of Ryuhei who plays, "It's no good because I don't do it!"


Kasugai family

Ryuhei Kasugai
Performance- Tetsuya Watari(Adolescence:Kunimon Watanabe)
He is the president of Kasugai Rice Store, which has been in Kamakura for 100 years, and the leader of the local fire brigade.Known as "Kamakura Dragon".It's easy to get misunderstood because of his stubborn personality, but I really care about the Kasugai family.I always carry a cane with me.He is very kind to Shizuku and is more fond of him than his young grandson Shota.The real reason is that Miyuki promised to protect the drops, but on the contrary, that would hurt the drops.
Kasugai Tae
Performance- Norika Fujiwara(childhood:[1])
Shinpei's wife.I'm pretty bad at cooking (such as grilling salmon to the point of charcoal or adding peanut butter to omelet), but I realize I'm not good at it and continue to cook. (He says he likes that part of Shinpei Motae.) He has a very bright and lively personality that doesn't bother him.Also, it was a little natural, and when I learned that Shizuku had come to the Kasugai family to take revenge on Ryuhei, I was worried about whether to tell everyone or persuade Shizuku, but decided not to ask anything.However, it does not mean that he cannot read the air, and he has the kindness to care for the other person, such as worrying about the drops and detecting the feelings of the circle, and when Ryuhei gets along with his family, he always reconciles in the middle.In fact, he lost his parents when he was young and has a strong admiration for the word "family unity."
Shinpei Kasugai
Performance- Tokushige Satoshi(childhood:Yuki Fujita[2])
The eldest son of the Kasugai family and her husband.Strong and small-minded.I got fired from the company (for unknown reasons) and work at Kasugai Rice Store.He seems to hate Ryuhei quite a bit, but his selfishness resembles his father.
Ukita Yen
Performance- Michiko Haneda(childhood:[3])
The eldest daughter of the Kasugai family.The wife of the prestigious Ukita style Iemoto who is a flower arrangement artist.Known as Hana's older sister.
Kasugai Kaede
Performance- Mizukawa Asami(childhood:Erika Kobayashi[4])
The second daughter of the Kasugai family.Commonly known as a cursed older sister.Always expressionless.I'm drawing only creepy pictures, but I've been in a slump for some years now.I can't eat other people's rice balls.It tends to seem like a dark personality that says only ominous things, but it is more delicate than anyone else.He says that his dream is to become an ordinary bride rather than a painter, but he comes from the belief that he has no talent compared to his older brothers who were excellent when he was young, so he has no choice but to become a bride. It was a dream.However, when he showed his picture to Ryuhei, he said, "I can only draw such a picture, become a painter."Speaking of her masterpiece, when she was 13 years old, there was a picture called "horde of Nephila clavata" that carefully drew one Nephila clavata on the wall of her room every day, and the circle that was sleeping with her at that time screamed every morning. It seems to be.
Sawano Shizuku
Performance- Nanase Hoshii
Ryuhei's secret child.Miyuki's mother dies and comes to Kasugai rice shop.Actually, I came to the Kasugai family for the purpose of Ryuhei's heritage.
Shota Kasugai
Performance- Hiroki Doi
Tae and Shinpei's son.Although he is still young, he has the highest mental age in the Kasugai family and is good at reading the other person's heart.The heir to the Kasugai rice shop was taken care of, and Ryuhei was given strict special training, and even though he had a cold, he was given special training and became measles and was isolated. (But as a result, this is a chance to save the yen).Also in charge of narration in the program.

Kasugai family officials

Chieko Enjoji
Performance- Kimiko Yo(Young day:Elena Natsumi)
Ryuhei's ex-wife and Shinpei, Yen, Kaede's mother.
Miyuki Sawano (act in 2.7)
Performance- Takashima Reiko
Shizuku's mother.I used to run a small restaurant in Kamakura city, but one day I suddenly left under Ryuhei.Sendai cityMoved to and gave birth to and raised drops.
Shizuku's Aunt (act in 6.7)
Performance- Ki Negishi


Kazuhisa Koan
Performance- Takehiko Ono
The chief priest of an old temple in Kamakura.Ryuhei is a childhood friend.
Performance- Takeshi Tsukaji(Drunk Dragon)
An employee of Kasugai Rice Store.I respect Ryuhei.My hobby is surfing and I go out to the sea early in the morning on my days off.He was originally found wandering through a tunnel in the north due to memory loss, and arrived in Kamakura while traveling all over the country.I had Ryuhei make a family register for Kasugai's surname.Surfing was "I could do it."

Ryuhei's friends


Episode 3
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
The last episode of

ス タ ッ フ

Technical staff

  • Shooting-Dai Atsuta, Koichi Kimura
  • Lighting-Shigeru Shiino
  • Recording-Yasuhiro Sato
  • Video-Takashi Otoguro, Akihiro Katsumata
  • SW --Hiroshi Tashiro
  • Edit --Takayuki Shiramizu
  • Line editing-Susumu Yamazaki

Art staff

  • Art Producer-Ryoji Muratake, Fumihiko Nekoya
  • Art Progress --Aiko Mizuno
  • Equipment-Takayuki Hayakawa
  • Props-Mitsuji Matsuoka
  • Decoration-Kazuhiro Abe
  • Tools-Yuki Umezawa
  • Costumes-Asuka Koike
  • Stylist-Yukie Sakamoto, Hiroko Kajiwara
  • Makeup-Kaori Osawa, Kyoko Morita (Tetsuya Watari), Hiromi Sasaki (Norika Fujiwara)

Theme song

Broadcast schedule

Each storyAirdatesubtitledirected byAudience rating
Episode 12007/10/25The best croquette in springKeiichiro Yoshida13.0%
Episode 2August, 200701 daysKenchin-jiru and Nagisa's Sindbad11.7%
Episode 3August, 200708 daysBlue coral reef and matsutake riceKeiichiro Yoshida09.3%
Episode 42007/11/15Hand-rolled sushi of Medaka's brother and sisterTakazo Tamura07.7%
Episode 52007/11/22Arashi ni Shiyaga to curry riceKeiichiro Yoshida06.5%
Episode 62007/11/29Pickle in the night fog and bran Thank you for tonight08.6%
Episode 7August, 200706 daysLike the flow of a dumpling river06.7%
The last episode of2007/12/13Sukiyaki and a good day departure08.3%
Average audience rating 9.0%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)

■Apron of love2007 Autumn Festival Tetsuya Watari & Norika Fujiwara participate in a dream !! The biggest (secret) cooking decisive battle in the history of dream matchThe audience rating at the time of guest appearance, which also serves as a program promotion to, is 8.9%.Cooperation: Ebisuya

Delayed net station


  • "Delicious rice-Kamakura / Kasugai rice store"

The screenwriter Ryota Kosawa has made a novel himself.


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