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🍽 | Hidetoshi Nishijima "I feel like I'm acting in the middle of cooking" The role of the leading chef with extraordinary insight

From the left of the photo, Yu Kamio, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Gaku Hamada, Anna Ishii

Hidetoshi Nishijima "I feel like I'm acting in the middle of cooking" The role of the leading chef with extraordinary insight

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An online press conference was held on Monday, 11.06), and was attended by Gaku Hamada (32), Yu Kamio (51), and Anna Ishii (22).

TV Tokyo drama "Chef is a Detective" starring Hidetoshi Nishijima (50) (started on 31st, Monday, 11.06 later ... → Continue reading

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Yu Kamio

Yu Kamio(Yu Kamio,1970May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

FukushimaIwakiI'm from.I belonged to the Miyazu Room (Miyu Project), but since 2012Hirata OfficeBecame a member.

previousstage name TheSuzuki Yuji, From around January 2006Suzuki YujiAnd changed the notation. The name was changed to "Yu Kamio" in August 2007.



TV drama


Nippon TV


Fuji Television Network, Inc

TV Asahi

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.

Fukushima Central Television

  • (5-minute mini-drama, January 2019, 1-March 12, 3) -The role of master of the dining bar[11][12]





CatchMasterpiece during the 7th year of the theater company

  • "Gin-chan is gone" (October 1994) --Director
  • "Atami Murder Case~ The Longest Spring "(April 2000) --Starring as Denbei Kimura
  • "HAKANA" (PARCO Theater) (July 2002)
  • "Tsukakouhei DoublesBakumatsu Junjoden"(Sugita Shigemichi(Direction) (November 2003) --The role of Kogoro Katsura
  • "Romeo and Juliet(January 2004)-The role of Paris
  • "Yashagaike Pond(Directed by Takashi Miike) (October 2004) --The role of Jutaro, the bone of 10 mounds
  • Kita-ku Tsukakouhei Theater Company Dissolution Performance "Beginner Revolutionary Lecture Hiryuden 80'" (June 2011) --Starring Ippei Yamazaki
  • Tsuka Kohei XNUMXrd Anniversary Special Performance "New Bakumatsu Junjoden" (Shunichi Okamura(Direction) (July 2012) --Ryoma Sakamoto
  • "Hiryuden 21-Autumn of Slaughter <One day, ride on the white wings>" (Directed by Shunichi Okamura) (October 2013) --Ippei Yamazaki
  • Theatrical practice group Desperers 10th Anniversary Performance "New Yabu no Naka-Woman de Al Koto-" (Screenplay / Composition / Director: Koji Iwase) (November 2013)
  • Tsuka Kohei Doubles 2014 "New Bakumatsu Junjoden" (Directed by Shunichi Okamura) (August 2014) --Starring Ryoma Sakamoto

* Appearance stage and many others


Web drama

V cinema

Video work

  • Who Killed the Stanley Black? ~ Who killed Stanley Black? (2007) --Starring[20]
  • Oh! My PROPOSE (2010) --EPISODE 3 Music Producer
  • Diplomat Kosaku Kuroda ~ message1990 (2011) --Soma[21]
  • Ultra zone Episodes 19 and 20 (February 2012, 2, March 26, 3,tvk,Tele ballOthers)-Yamamoto
  • Traveling Ball (2013)-Yu Konno[22]




Movie (dubbed)



  • (2021) --Guardian[27]

Radio Drama

  • FM theater
    • "" Men and Women "Drawn by Nobel Prize-winning Writers" (September 2005, 9,NHK-FM)
    • "Touching Hair" (January 2007, 1)
    • "Prague Spring" (April 2006)


  • 20th FNS Documentary Award Nominee "To Father As Father-Message from Fukushima" (2011)
  • 21st FNS Documentary Award Nominee "For Born Children" (2012)

Audio book

  • Osamu Dazai "Villon's Wife" "Chance"
  • Ango Sakaguchi "I want to hug the sea" "Bad wife theory" "Youth theory" "Life guide"
  • Maurice Lupine "Arsène Lupine" "Arsène Lupine"
  • Maki Tori "The most interesting story of Japanese mythology in the world" "The most mysterious Japanese legend in the world, Kitan"

* Many others



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