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🍜 | Champontei Sohonke will hold a big thank you thank you price (6 yen) sale on June 1st


Champontei Sohonke will hold a big thank you thank you price (6 yen) sale on June 1st

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* Champon-tei Sohonke Honmachi store, Awajimachi store, Nishinakajima store, El Hirakata store, Yamashina Nishino store, and Shijo Karasuma store are currently open for a short time, but June 6st is 1:20 (LO 00:19). We will be open until.

Champon-tei Sohonke (all Dream Foods stores) thank you very much on Tuesday, June 2021, 6 Thank you price ... → Continue reading

 Shiga Tsushin

Local media that provides information on Shiga and Kyoto.
The scenery and delicious food are also posted,
Mainly operates website and Instagram.

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Shijo Karasuma

Japan > Kinki > Kyoto > Kyoto City > Shimogyo Ward > Shijo Karasuma

Shijo Karasuma(Shijokarasuma)KyotoKyoto CityShimogyo WardIt is inShijo-doriとKarasuma-doriIt is the name of the intersection where and the surrounding area.Representing Kyoto CityBusiness district.


Shijo KawaramachiThe area from to Shijo Karasuma is the current city of Kyoto.City centerIs.Around the Shijo Kawaramachi intersectionDepartment storeWhile it is the center of commerce, the area around the Shijo Karasuma intersectionWest JapanOn behalf ofFinancial StreetOne of theMega bank,Local bankKyoto branch, etc.bank,Securities companyThere are many,The financial and business center of Kyoto(Central business district, CBD).Once upon a timeKyoto Stock ExchangeWas also located in this area.However, it is a large company that represents Kyoto City.Nidec,Nintendo,WacoalEtc. are headquartered in the suburbs from the suburbs of the city, not here.

Along Shijo-doriKawaramachi StreetContinue fromShopping districtThere is.In addition, the district centered on Karasuma Shijo is "Tanaji districtIt is known as an area with extremely high land prices in Kyoto City.

In addition, the name of the intersection is customarily called "Shijo Karasuma", but when referring to the place heading north and south from the intersection (along Karasuma Dori), it is called "Karasuma Shijo". (About the relationship between street names and how to call themKyoto City #GeographySee).

Role as a transportation hub

The railway station at the Shijo Karasuma intersection passes through the basement of Shijo-dori.HankyuKyoto LineStation (Karasuma Station) And go through Karasuma DoriMunicipal subwayKarasuma LineStation (Shijo Station), And each lineTransfer stationIt has become.In addition, without distinguishing between the two, collectivelyShijo Karasuma StationIs sometimes called.

There used to be the "Shijo Karasuma City Bus Center", which was the starting and ending point for many systems.[1]..Even after the bus center is abolishedMunicipal busIt is the starting and ending point of many systems centering on.

Main facilities

Southwest side
Northeast side
Southeast side



Transit Bus

Shijo Karasuma (Subway Shijo Station) stop

Kyoto Municipal Bus

Kyoto bus

Keihan Bus

  • Saigyo platform
    • Route 83: For Shijo Omiya
    • Route 83A:Via Gion / Kawada / Nishinoyama Danchi For Daigo Bus Terminal
    • Route 85:Via Gion / Kawada / Nishinoyama Danchi For Otaku
    • Route 87:Via Gion, Kawada, Nishinoyama Danchi, Daigo Station, Ogurisu Danchi Keihan Rokujizo line
    • Route 88:Via Gion, Shimizu-yaki housing complex, Daigo station, Ogurisu housing complex Keihan Rokujizo line
    • Route 88C:Via Gion / Shimizu Yaki housing complex / Kurisuno For Otaku
  • Northbound platform
    • Route 82: bound for Shijo Omiya
    • Route 93/95:Via Kyoto City Hall, Kawaramachi Gojo, Kawada, Nishinoyama housing complex For Daigo Bus Terminal

West Japan JR Bus

  • Via Karasuma-dori, Ichijo-dori, Kaohsiung, ToganooShuzan /Kyoto StationRow

Kay look

  • hoop bus: bound for Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit

Confluence road


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  1. ^ History of Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau ~ Chronology ~ --Kyoto City Information Center (Kyoto City Official Website)

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  • Gion Festival ――It is the starting point of the Yamahoko cruise, which is the highlight of the festival.

Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 00 Minutes 13.3 Seconds East longitude 135 degree 45 min 34.8 sec /35.003694 degrees north latitude 135.759667 degrees east longitude / 35.003694; 135.759667


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