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🍽 | Yuko Ogura, son struggles to cook! "Mom is still sleeping ~"


Yuko Ogura, son struggles to cook! "Mom is still sleeping ~"

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In addition, free announcer Yumi Tokunaga revealed in an Instagram post on May 12 that her eldest daughter, who will soon be 5 years old, made miso soup by herself from the beginning to the end for the first time.

Around this time, the stay home continues due to the corona disaster.Yuko Ogura's son, Ai Sugiyama's son, Lodz ... → Continue reading

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Miso Soup

Miso Soup(Miso soup)Japanese cuisineInSoupOne of theDashiThemisoSeasoned withjuiceToVegetables,tofu,Silk,seafoodSuch asFoodTheFruitAndSoupIs a dish[1].With tasteAlso known as (Omi Otsuki, Omi Otsuki)[1].


JapanIn the food culture offoodProvided withSoupIt is a representative of cooking.

Honzen cuisineThen, the basic HonzenSoupIs miso soupDeafnessOne item, called a flat plate (hirazara)Simmered dishesOne item, andgrilled fishEtc.potteryWith one dish of SansaiOne soup and three vegetablesMake up the juice of[2].

Kaiseki cuisineHowever, rice, soup, and soup are served first, but this is also a lot of miso soup.[2][3][4][5].

Meeting mealThen, along with rice, it is called "stop bowl" or "stop bowl" (Tomewan).SoupIs served at the end, but this also has a lot of miso soup[2][3][4][5].

home cookingThen.The taste of my motherIt is also called, and it has been made in various places for a long time, and it is said to be a specialty dish or a dish that revitalizes the town.

In addition,simple mealAsCoarse mealIt is considered to be indispensable even in the dietary habits that are represented by. In particular, miso soup plays a role of increasing appetite when eating staple food, and at the same time, it is contained in miso.soy OfproteinWas once a major source of protein in the low-protein Japanese diet, andSweatIt also played a major role in replenishing the salt that was consumed.

Western cuisine OfSoupThere is an aspect corresponding to.BreadAlsoriceEach is a solid substance, and it has a poor taste and it is lonely to eat alone. Therefore, one of the ways to eat it is that they have something in common in that they eat it together with soup and miso soup, which have a salty taste. European soup has hardenedBreadThe aspect of softening and eating is due to rice and miso soup.PorridgeSimilar to.

Japanese cuisineTo something similarsoupHowever, while miso soup is eaten with rice, soup isliqueurTo be eaten and eatenSide dishDistinguished as[2].

In recent years,Eating outIt is said that making miso soup at home is less common than in the Showa era due to changes in food culture due to industrial development.


TokyoIn the suburbsWith tasteI call it (Omiotsuki). "Omi" means "miso" and "tsuke" means "juice"Wife words.Edo PeriodToEdoBegan to be used in the land of. It is sometimes written as "Otsuke", but it is said that "Otsuke" is further prefixed.Folk etymologyIt is based on the theory and is not accurate in nature.

Especially in this area, the solids in the miso soup are not called "ingredients" but are called "fruits" (such as "tsuke no mi"). It was only in recent years that it came to be called an ingredient, especially in the gourmet programs on TV.OdenSeeds are also called ingredients).

Also in Kyoto dialectDelicious.. "Omii" means "miso" and "delicious" means "sucking" and corresponds to "juice".

Kinki(Also, there are many settlers from KinkiHokkaido) Then the juice as a wholeOtsuyu(Or "Otsu" or "Otsu"). OtsuyuSuimono soupAnd miso soup may be used separately.

In fact, "Cod soup","Miso soup with pork and vegetablesUse a name such as ". But,Hot potIs usually not called miso soup when it is made with miso. Some people simply abbreviate it as "juice."

Outside Japan, mainly in English-speaking countries, "Miso soup(Miso soup) ".


The dish called miso soup has become widespread with the progress and spread of miso.

As far as we can confirm, the word "miso" first appeared in the literature during the Heian period. In the Heian period, miso was treated like a single dish rather than a seasoning, and was eaten directly. In addition, it was treated as a noble salary and a gift, and was a food that was unrelated to the general public. After that, when the mortar was brought from China in the Kamakura period, a cooking method called miso soup, which was used by mashing grain miso and dissolving it in water, came to be practiced. During the Kamakura period, samurai's frugality was encouraged nationwide.simple mealA meal called (staple food, soup, side dishes, pickles) was devised and spread among the samurai. After thatMuromachi PeriodIn Japan, miso was made as a homemade preserved food by farmers, and the cooking method was tried and errored among the common people, and most of the modern miso dishes were established. At the same time, miso soup became even more widespread. The usefulness of miso, which is not limited to miso soup, has been widely recognized since then.Edo PeriodSince then, miso has become an indispensable part of the Japanese dining table, and sales at miso shops have increased significantly. Since the Showa period, packaging and industrial miso production have been carried out, and products that emphasize convenience such as cupped miso that can be stored in the refrigerator and instant miso soup have appeared.[6].

It's easy to cook, you can make it in large quantities, andheatstrokeMiso soup that is highly effective in preventionSengoku periodToFoodThere is also a theory that it was devised as. Boiled taro stalks in misoPotato ropeTorn offJinkasaIt was a camp meal that you can easily make miso soup by putting it in and boiling it.Mitsunari IshidaThere is a legend that he said, "If you stir up grilled miso in boiling water and drink it, you will not starve all day without rice." Miso soup as a camp meal is often made by sprinkling miso on rice and adding hot water, and it is said that what was originally "miso soup" was later changed to a combination of rice and miso soup. .. Some of the miso that remains in various places is believed to have been devised by the Sengoku warlords (Kenshin Uesugi OfEchigo miso,Date Masamune OfSendai misoSuch)[7].

In the Edo period, it became popular at almost all household dining tables. For the common people, the combination of rice, miso soup, and pickles became the basis of a general dietary style. to thisNon-staple foodWhen one item is made,simple mealWill be. In Edo city, sell every morningSelling goodsI bought miso soup from ("Shijimi-sale" and "Natto-sale") and ate it with rice at breakfast. And it is eaten not only for breakfast but also as a soup with white rice at the time of meal.

It is also the basis for seasoning miso soup.misoWas originally a preserved food made by salting beans, and was eaten as it was. The reason why miso changes its character from preserved food to seasoning is largely due to the spread of miso soup.

Even today, it is an indispensable dish that is most closely related to Japanese food. For example, in a restaurantSet mealMany of them are based on a combination of rice, miso soup, and side dishes.

Cooking and composition

The material isDashiThere are only three kinds of elements, fruit and miso, but the key material of the soup stockKelpSortingShavingsHow to shaveBoiledDistinguishingmisoThere is a lot of depth in distinguishing and identifying.

Cooking time is short, from about 10 minutes to at most 1 hour. Miso soup made from rice or barley miso is boiled strongly after adding miso during cooking, and the aroma of miso volatilizes and the flavor is reduced. Therefore, after turning off the heat, miso may be added, or the heat may be turned off at the point of boiling or not boiling (this state is called "boiled"). As an exception, red miso (Akadashi miso) in the Tokai region, represented by Hatcho Miso, may be boiled after adding miso because it is soybean paste. Simply pour hot water into a cup of miso with dashi stock, dried seaweed and fu. For red miso, which can be boiled, make one day's worth at breakfast, and at lunch and dinner, just heat the pot.


There are various types of miso used, but when viewed by region, it can be divided into areas where red miso is preferred and areas where white miso is preferred, which is also a representative miso brand in that area. Often (misoSee). However, in the wake of food shortages after the warShinshu MisoMass production has begun nationwide with the technology of fermenting sardines at high temperature in 3 months, and this has spread nationwide, and many households still use Shinshu miso. In some cases, red miso and white miso are blended. A famous example is miso soup, which is a blend of Saikyo miso and Hatcho miso.

The standard amount of miso used for one cup is 15g, but there is a slight range depending on the size and taste of the bowl and the difference in the miso used. The salt concentration of the juice is about 1%.


DashiThe material ofKelp-Boiled-Bonito-ShavingsEtc. are mainly used. This also varies, but in recent years, solid or granular instant products (called dashi-no-moto) have been used. In addition, some miso is sold as "miso with dashi" by mixing the ingredients of dashi with the miso itself.

Main fruit

The fruit of miso soup(I.e.It varies depending on the local climate and the local climate, and an example is given here.


  • Miso soup--A cylindrical or U-shaped tool with holes that makes it easy to add miso at the end when making miso soup, and in the case of beaded miso, a tool that is used to dissolve everything. Hemispherical nets, which are also used in Western cuisine, may be used instead.
  • Stick--A stick used to rub miso. It is sometimes called a wooden range and sold together with miso strainer. If the miso strainer is a hemispherical net, a ball may be used instead.
  • Kezuriki shavings --It tastes good if you shave the bonito flakes and then take the soup stock.


Okinawa Prefecture's "miso soup"

Okinawa OfCafeteriaIsMiso soupThere is a menu called ". This is a big bowl with pork and pork (Luncheon meat), Sausage, tofu,Kamaboko (steamed fish cake),VegetablesKind,Chicken eggsMiso soup with lots of ingredients such as rice, pickles, and sometimes side dishes, even if it is not specifically labeled as a "set meal."

In Okinawa Prefecture miso soup, it is common to add oil when cooking, and if it does not actually contain meat,lard,margarineEtc. It is said that this is an Okinawan favorite "Ajikuta (rich taste)" and at the same time it is effective in boiling vegetables softly. Also pork,Kamaboko (steamed fish cake),Konjac,Shiitake mushroomEtc. made into white misoInamuduchiAndFish soupMiso soup made from fish (whole or chopped) called (Sakanajiru) is also popular.

"Miso soup" in Taiwan

TaiwanThen "Miso soupIs called. It is mainly served in the popular cafeteria and has a lighter flavor than Japanese miso soup.[8].

Vegetable soup using miso in Korean food

Korean PeninsulaToKimchiSimilar to Japanese miso soup using the leaf material left over when picklingChinese cabbage-RadishThere are "Ugojiku (우거 지국)" (boiled raw vegetables "Ugoji (우거지)") and "Shiregiku (시래기 국)" (dried vegetables rehydrated "Shiregi (시래기)") using leaves.[9][10].

Instant miso soup

The first instant miso soup in the sense that it is portablePotato rope.

In the sense that it can be made immediately by pouring hot water, "Beating nattoIs the originator. In addition to this, I used dried bonito as a local one.Tea ceremony(Kagoshima Prefecture)Katyuyu(Okinawa Prefecture) exists, and these are still being made.

In modern times1974(Showa49),イ ン ス タ ン トMiso Soup[11]Was released.freeze dryA cup of miso soup can be prepared simply by putting a pack of nuts and miso (granular) in a bowl and pouring hot water on it, so it is accepted by singles and consumers who do not have time to cook, and the instant miso soup series is expanded. And other companies have released similar products. After1981In (56), a product in which raw miso was enclosed in a pack.[12]Was released nationwide, and became a hit product in the Kansai region, with the top share changing.

After that, instant miso soup became the mainstream of products using raw miso. Currently a long-established miso brewing maker[13]Also released instant miso soup,Miso soup with pork and vegetablesAnd with shellClamsThere is a wide selection of products, such as those in paper or plastic cups that contain miso, and inexpensive ones that contain raw miso and fruits in a single bag. Part ofbeef bowlChain stores offer miso soup that is not subdivided but can be prepared in the same way.

In the 1990s, a strange style of drinking miso soup enclosed in a paper carton with a straw was proposed, but it was not accepted by consumers and was short-lived. Also,Soup powderAs an arrangement ofBean paste,HailstoneThere are also powdered miso, dried seaweed, and green onions added instead of. If you put it in a bowl and pour hot water in the same way as soup powder, you can make instant miso soup, and the skin in the middle becomes soggy and can be used as a substitute for fu. In some cases, dried ingredients for increasing the amount of miso soup are commercially available.


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Tokunaga Yumi

Yumi Tokunaga[2](Yumi Tokunaga,1975May 8 -) is JapaneseFree announcer.. ExTV Asahiannouncer.


IshikawaKanazawaI'm from

Kanagawa Prefectural Eda High SchoolAfter enrollment, in the second year of high schoolIshikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Girls' High SchoolTransferred to.Otsuma Women's UniversityGraduated from the Faculty of Social Informatics.

Job career

Joined TV Asahi in April 1998.

Since I belonged to the track and field club when I was a student, I was in charge of sports related programs and corners. "Get up early! Check''Yaji wide''Uchimura Produce] Etc. are in charge.

Also serves as a program plan from mid-2001 to the following year2002 Salt Lake City Olympics OfskeletonPractice aiming to represent Japan, and plan other programsTsugaru StraitCrossing long-distance swimming relay andArtistic swimmingDo a lot of sports experience locations.

Retired from TV Asahi on April 2005, 4.

After retirement, he was devoted to the housewife business, but every Tuesday from April 2007 to March 4.Asahi ShimbunIn the evening edition of the column article "Warrior's Hot Time" about athletes, I acted as an interviewer under the real name "Yumi Uchimura", but since I was given the first child, that job wasTakemi EmiI touched the baton.

January 2017, a collaborative companyAbemaTV内 のNews channelRegular appearance on "Keyaki Hill's NEWS" as a newscaster for the first time in 11 years at AbemaNews[3].

On December 2018, 10,Free announcerReturned to TV Asahi's "Hodo Station" as the main caster for the first time in 13 years[4][5].

Co-starring at "Hodo Station" on April 2020, 4Yuta Bucheon New coronavirusSince it was confirmed that he was infected with[6], Returned by remote appearance on 27th[7].

Person, personal data


Tsutomu SekineI am good at imitating the laughing face of.

Colleagues etc.

TV Asahi's synchronous announcerYasushi Komatsu[8],Chiho Ueyama,Ippei Ogi,Maki Nomura.


In August 2001, he married a synchronous employee who was the director at the time of the same TV Asahi.

Divorced with her first husband in September 2003.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMitsuyoshi UchimuraMarried to.

Currently there are two children (one girl and one boy).

Starring program


tv set

(Monday-Thursday, October 2018, 10-May 1, 2020[9])
(Monday-Wednesday, June 2020, 6[9] --September 2021, 9 <planned>)
(金曜日、2021年10月8日 - 〈予定〉)[10]


tv set

  • Get up early! Check(October 1998, 10-March 5, 1999, TV Asahi)-MC
  • Yaji wide(TV Asahi)
    • Weather Corner (September 1998, 9-Saturday, April 28, 1999)
    • Sports Corner (April 1999, 4-October 5, 1999, Monday and Tuesday)
    • 総合司会(1999å¹´10月4日 - 2002å¹´6月29日〈2001å¹´3月31日までは月・火曜日、2001å¹´4月2日からは月 - 水曜日〉)
  • Uchimura Produce(November 2000-April 11, TV Asahi)-Assistant
  • Super morning(April 2002, 9 --September 30, 2003, TV Asahi) --General moderator
  • SPORTS X (BS Asahi) * Moderator --April 2017, 4 --September 7, 2018


  • I read the bestseller. *NRNBack-to-back affiliated stations (produced by Tides Brick) --April 2015 --September 4

Internet video distribution


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