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🍴 | All-you-can-eat breakfast with a cup of coffee !? There was a shocking "morning service"


All-you-can-eat breakfast with a cup of coffee !? There was a shocking "morning service"

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The morning service, which was started by the shop mom with the idea of ​​"making customers happy by eating a lot from the morning," became popular, and the shop was a great success from the morning.

All-you-can-eat on one plate for 400 yen !? The morning service at the coffee shop "Blue Night" is 400 yen coffee ... → Continue reading

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Morning service

Morning serviceIt is,Japan OfA coffee shop,RestaurantsBut in the morning timeBeverage,ToastSpecific menus such asbreakfastIt is the name of the service provided at a bargain price.For short"Morning"


Morning service TheJapanglishAnd limited to this termEnglishThere is no, but there is the term breakfast special, which means breakfast menu including the meaning of this item.The morning service in English isキ リ ス ト 教In the morningworshipMeans[1].

The time zone when the morning service is performed is the business hours indicated as "morning",early morningからNoonUp to near.Depending on the store, when the morning service is provided outside the "morning" hours, even if "morning" is written on the signboard, it is simply a notation of business hours, and there are places where no special service is provided.

There are many places where the service is only for drinks and there is no additional charge.

In the literature, "Kansai University Economics, Vol. 19" (Kansai University Economics, Kansai University,1969) Is the first look. There is a description that "a coffee shop attaches eggs or toast to coffee as a morning-service, which is a common appearance these days."In addition, "Kokugakuin University Institute of Japanese Culture Bulletin Vol. 21-30" (1984), You can see the description that "in the vicinity of Gifu City, there is an old man who always eats breakfast and lunch with friends at a coffee shop every day."

As the originator of breakfast serviceAichiIchinomiya・ Aichi PrefectureToyohashi-GifuHashima-HiroshimaHiroshima cityAnd so on[2].

In history,1950For people who gathered in the morning for business talks in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, where the textile industry was thriving at that time.The store is peanutsBoiled eggIs the beginning of the local morning serviceThere is a theory that[3][4]..In addition, the prefectureToyohashiThere is also a theory that the birthplace is.According to the Higashi Mikawa Morning Highway Study GroupToyohashi StationAt a coffee shop called "Kouma" that was in front of meMealsIt originated from the fact that the bread that was served as a product was also offered to customers, and it happened at the same time as Ichinomiya.[Supplement 1]To be[5][6][7][8]..In Aichi Prefecture, it is said that the large number of coffee shop customers and coffee shops has caused commercial competition within the region and created these services (established in Nagoya).Cartoon cafeHowever, the process of its inauguration was similar).

Also, as far as the record remains, the store where the first morning service in Japan was performed isHiroshima city OfTakanobashi Shopping StreetIt is inRuhe Brazil 1955(ShowaIt is said that it started in 30 years).1956As the first of the "three major features of our shop" in the photograph of the shop at that time taken inMorning serviceIt is said that the reason is that there is a signboard with the letters[9][4][10][Supplement 2]..The menu at the beginning of the service is 1 yen per cup of coffee, while the morning service is coffee.Plain bread(Toast) ・ It was 3 yen for a 60-piece set of fried egg.this"Weekly Asahi』Was an article and the morning service spread nationwide[12][13][14][4][11].

In addition,Taizo HasegawaWritten by "The First Coffee Shop in Japan" The Father of Brazilian Immigrants "Began-The Story of Cafe Paulista" (2008According to Bunensha), "Yanaze instructed Paulista branches all over Japan to start the" Morning Service, "which is very common in today's coffee shops, and it quickly became popular.Furthermore, it was in the XNUMXth year of the Taisho era that we recruited overseas dispatched students for the coffee business from among our employees and dispatched them to Brazil to study. Is written in TokyoGinzaCoffee shop from Japan inCafe PaulistaIn 1919 (Taisho 8), ordered the morning service to the Paulista branch (Kyobashi, Horidome, Kanda branch, Nagoya branch, Kobe branch, Yokosuka branch, Sendai branch, Kyoto branch, Osaka branch, etc. in central Tokyo). It is written that it started.The Nagoya branch of Cafe Paulista was opened in December 22 (Taisho 1913) in Nagoya City.Minami Otsu Town(CurrentNaka-ku), And the number of visitors per day from 1919 (Taisho 8) to 1920 (Taisho 9) was 1 to 5,000, exceeding the number of visitors to the Ginza main store and other branches. Say it.

Current Aichi prefecture andGifuThen,breakfastStores that offer almost the same amount as drinks, but at the same price as drinks, stores that offer "morning service" at all business hours[Supplement 3]Is also appearing, and the fierce competition is intensifying.

And in recent years, the needs for these morning services have increased socially, and the trend is spreading nationwide.

またChukyo areaThen, the word "morning" is no longer a word for time zone, but "BonusIt is said that it is also generalized as a term that refers to "a lot of services"[15].

Morning service needs

When a businessman needs to go out early in the morning on an overnight business trip,rush hourIf you want to avoid the problem and go to work early, or if the worker wants to have breakfast quickly before starting work, restaurants such as the cafeteria are often not open yet (opening is generally from 10 to 11 o'clock).Therefore, there was a need for a morning service where people could easily eat while reading newspapers and magazines (provided in the store) at coffee shops and the like.

Also on weekendsDays OffEtc. at homeHousewifeFor the whole familybreakfastBecause it is difficult or annoying to prepare, the scenery of going to a coffee shop with your family instead of brunch on the weekend isChukyo areaIt is often found in suburban coffee shops.These circumstances are also behind the improvement in the quality and quantity of breakfast services.

Furthermore, as the morning service becomes more widespread, not only coffee shops but also restaurant chains are offering morning services.Many of the family restaurant breakfast services are available before the start of work, as there are many menus where you can eat a sufficient amount for breakfast.Club activitiesIn the time zone before and after the early morning practice中Gao ShengThere are also many stores that are packed with.

On the other hand, on the cafeteria sidekitchenDue to preparations, some stores switch from the regular menu to the morning service menu during the morning hours.

Service form

Chukyo type

Chukyo areaMany coffee shops in Japan offer breakfast services to customers who order drinks in the morning.In the Chukyo area centered on Nagoya, it is known that the quantity and services are orders of magnitude higher than in other areas.As mentioned in the above section, Nagoya is an area with many coffee shops due to historical background, and service competition involves some food service industries other than coffee shops, and the services provided are also diverse.Generally thick sliced ​​toast,Boiled egg,minisalad(Orfruits) Etc. are provided free of charge or at a low price,all-you-can-eatOrJapaneseAs a service ofUdon,rice ballI also put on.

Due to the fierce competition for services, even stores other than coffee shops sell products called Morning Service or Morning Set against coffee shops when they are open from the morning.In this case, the ingredients used in the main business are also provided,curryIf it's a shop, curryChapatiIf you are a udon shop, you can add udon noodles.

The variety of these morning services in the Chukyo area is too short to list and is often comparable to ordinary meals.There are stores that provide morning service for about an hour after opening, and coffee shops that offer "full-time morning" from morning to evening. "Morning" cannot be caught in the original category of breakfast service. Some stores offer "services".This kind of diversity and service competition is a style that cannot be seen anywhere else in Japan.Nagoya riceIt may be classified as (Coffee shop serviceSee also).


All-you-can-eat bread and boiled eggs for a Japanese set meal or just for a drinkbuffetSome stores take style.Porridge,Corn flakesSuch,stomachThere are many places that offer friendly menus.

business hotel

business hotelThen, for example,Toyoko Inn,Super HotelIn the morning, there are places where light meals such as bread and rice balls and coffee are provided free of charge.These are mainly found in highly competitive areas of business hotels.


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