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🍴 | Enjoy an exquisite lunch at a long-established Western restaurant near Fuse Station in Higashi Osaka, which has been in business for over 1947 years since its establishment in 70!Western restaurant Ki ...


Enjoy an exquisite lunch at a long-established Western restaurant near Fuse Station in Higashi Osaka, which has been in business for over 1947 years since its establishment in 70!Western restaurant Ki ...

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Demi-glace sauce that goes well with meat and seafood-based fried food are served with tartar sauce, which is a nice set meal that will satisfy your desire to eat both.

"Western restaurant Kikuniya" has a shop just a short walk from Fuse station in Higashi Osaka. Founded in 1947 ... → Continue reading

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Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce(English: tartar sauce) IsmayonnaiseBased onソ ー スA kind of[1].

To mayonnaise,onion,cucumber Ofpickles,Caper,parsley,ChivesEtc.ChoppedThick white sauce mixed with[1].oliveChoppedHorseradish,Dijon mustard,vinegarMay be added[2].The United Kingdom OfRecipesThen, capers, cucumbers for pickles,LemonJuice,TarragonAdd.

Fish and chips,Fried Shrimp,Deep fried oystersSuch as seafoodflyOften attached to.While based on the greasy mayonnaiseacidity,SpicinessIt is popular for lightening the taste and texture of fried foods such as fried foods because it is a combination of various ingredients.JapanThen coarseChoppedMadeBoiled eggIs often added[3].

Paul BocuseIs tartar sauceRemoulade sauceBy itself, it characterizes Remoulade sauceBack strainerIt wasAnchoviesWas replaced with Dijon mustard.[4][5].

FranceでTartar steak OfGarnishThere is a theory that it was made as a condiment, and the use of condiments and chopped vegetables as the main ingredients overlaps.

JapanThen.Showa 41First marketed in[6],Western foodIt has become popular with the spread of.Instead of picklesRakkyo OfSweet vinegarPickledPickled shibaEtc. JapanpicklesMay be included.Based on mayonnaise,Japanese Agricultural StandardIs not mayonnaise but "semi-solid"dressing".

History and etymology

The name of the tartar sauce isGreek mythology OfTartarusNot directly related toEastern EuropeThe peopleMongolian Empire Of遊牧民"Tatar"But,Western EuropeでGreekIt is called "Tartar people" due to the influence of "Tartaros", and the theory that the origin of Tartar is "Steak tartare # originI am familiar with.

Tartar sauce19st centuryYou can see it in the cookbook.The name isFrench Of tartar sauce Derived from. tartareEurasian stepsCame fromウクライナとロシアSpell Tartares in old French that occupied part ofTatars, But details are unknown[7].

What the 19th century people tried to describe by the name "tartar"1861 OfIsabella BeetonIt can be found in "Tartar Mustard" in Recipe 481 of his book "The Book of Household Management".Tartar mustardHorseradishVinegar,Cayenne, And ordinarymustardMade of.

Isabella is recipe 503 "Remoulade, or French salad dressing", originating from the Tatar region.TarragonThe manufacturing method using is described.ツ ァ ー リOf the Russian territory when intended a foreign atmosphere in Russia of the eraSiberiaSouthernAsiaWas often referred to as the Tatar region, so Isabella may have used the term source tartar as a descriptive term for tarragon mayonnaise, which is derived from the origin of Russian tarragon, but Russian tarragon is mostly used in cooking. I wasn't.This recipe number 503Auguste EscoffierThe current Remoulade source is standardized 40 years later.

1903 Auguste Escoffier wrote the recipe for Remoulade with recipe number 130.[8]..This is mustardAnchovies-Use both essences, but for the rest of the book, I used only the word source tartar.is thisオーストリア,BohemiaEtc. oldオーストリアIn general usage in the territory, sauce remulade and sauce tartar are synonyms in the restaurant menu.GermanThe dictionary "Langenscheidt, Maxi-Woerterbuch Englisch, 120.000 Phrases of 2002" defines tartar sauce as remulade sauce.

1890 From around1914 OfWorld War IUntil the outbreakHaute cuisineFinely chopped cow in the early days ofFilletMeat dressed in tartar sauce served as "Boeuf Tartare" or steak tartare[9][10]..From the interwar period to today, it was fashionable to serve steak tartare with the ingredients in tartar sauce.


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