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🍽 | [Yokogawa, Nishi-ku] “Nozomi”, a restaurant where you can take out Korean home-cooked food

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[Yokogawa, Nishi-ku] "Nozomi", a restaurant where you can take out Korean home-cooked food

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Traveling abroad seems to be difficult, but it's fun to feel the real South Korea nearby.

Hello.I'm Jumeru, a correspondent who loves to eat.During my stay home, I watched too many Korean dramas and want to eat Korean food ... → Continue reading

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Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kure, Saijo, Onomichi, etc., Hiroshima's local / outing information site

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Traveling(traveling abroad,British: overseas travel) IslandAll of海Surrounded byCountry(Island country), "Foreign countriesTravel"(British: traveling abroad) Or “International Travel” (British: international travel)ofsynonymTerm used as. However,PeninsulaAnd the nation of the baseDiplomatic relationsA nation that is in a state of discontinuity, or a nation that has diplomatic relations with most continents in the continent, is a de facto island country in terms of people's travel. The language of the country is sometimes used.


Japanese"Overseas travel" inJapanTravel from abroad (Outbound)), this section describes "foreign travel/international travel in Japan". Most island countriesOceania,Caribbean countriesOr, it seems that diplomatic relations with the base of the peninsula are almost cut off.South Korea,YemenRefer to the articles for each country for details.


1901Issued at the beginningHochi ShimbunFeatured article of "XNUMXth century sayings, It was predicted that overseas travel would become common during the 20th century.

Japanese travel abroadPacific WarFrom the middle to the postwar period,GHQHas been strongly regulated by. Traveling abroad is a business and inspection,Study abroadThere must be a specific certifiable purpose, such as1963(Showa 38) After April 4,cashとTraveler's checkTotal annual amount byForeign currency500DollarWithinOccupation,CompanyTraveling due to reasons such asTravel agencyAuthorized one by one through[1].. The general public is not for professional reasons or company reasonsTourismThe next time I was able to freely travel abroad as a trip1964(39) After April 4, up to $1 once a yearForeign currencyWas allowed to take out. further1966After 41 January (Showa 1), the limitation of the number of times "one person per year only" was removed, and you can freely travel abroad if it is less than $1 each.[2]After this[3]Overseas travel has begun to spread.

Population-based departure rate of major countries/regions (2018)[4]
CountryOverseas traveler
Singapore flag Singapore184.0%
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong169.5%
German flag Germany(2017)111.7%
British flag The United Kingdom107.9%
Canadian flag カナダ90.4%
Republic of China flag Taiwan70.5%
Republic of Korea flag South Korea52.1%
French flag France(2017)44.8%
Flag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia43.9%
United States flag The United States of America28.4%
Japanese flag Japan15.0%
Chinaimg.png Chugoku(2017)10.3%
Number of Departures from Major Countries/Regions (2018)[4]
Countryof people
Chinaimg.png Chugoku(2017)1 million
United States flag The United States of America9,304 million people
German flag Germany(2017)9,240 million people
British flag The United Kingdom7,173 million people
Russian flag ロシア4,196 million people
Canadian flag カナダ3,344 million people
Italian flag イタリア(2017)3,181 million people
French flag France(2017)2,906 million people
Republic of Korea flag South Korea2,693 million people
Japanese flag Japan1,895 million people
Changes in the number of Japanese overseas travelers[4]
Yearsof people

Overseas travel at the beginning of these liberalization was expensive (about 50 yen, currently[When?]It is about 300 million yen or so), and it is limited to some wealthy people, and it was a dream for the common people. TV program"Kaoru Kaoru's World Trip] Around the worldNarrationAttached video and "10 questions correct answer dream of Hawaii"TaglineBegins withUp-down quizIt was also around this time that programs such as "were popular. Also,SweepstakesIt was around that time that overseas travel was used asLet's drink Tris and go to Hawaii!Was also a buzzword.

It began to be generalized in the 1970s, and in 1972, the number of overseas travelers exceeded 100 million.airplaneAnd the dollarFloating exchange rateThe yen's appreciation and the decrease in travel costs have progressed since then, making it possible for neighboring countries such as South Korea and Taiwan to travel for a little more than domestic travel.

Late 1980s,Plaza agreementSubsequent sharpAppreciation of the yenAnd the progress of1988During the visit to the United States that took effect from DecembervisaDue to the exemption system and other factors, the number of overseas travelers has increased significantly.1995In the midst of the yen's appreciation, which had reached a record high of ¥1 to the ¥79 level, there were cases where domestic and overseas travel expenses were reversed, and although the yen was weaker thereafter, overseas travel Has generalized to travel to neighboring countries of Japan. There are many unclear points why overseas travel is cheaper than domestic travel, but one theory points out that there are differences in local prices and labor costs.

2001 yearsAmerican terrorist attacksAnd 2003Iraq warImmediately after the relevant incident such asSARStrend,2009 OfPandemic influenza epidemicSuch as epidemicInfectionAt the time of concern, there was a statistically significant reduction in overseas travel, but it has been recovering since then.

2013At that time, the number of overseas departures from Japan was the 13th highest in the world, but the number of overseas departures in terms of population is by no means high. By generation, men are most in their 40s, followed by men in their 30s, men in their 50s, and women in their 20s. In recent years, both males and females have grown significantly in their 60s and older (senior generation), but the number of young people in their 20s has been declining since around 2000. Males in their 20s were overtaken in their 2000s after the mid-60s, and females in their 90s, who had been the number one tourist by generation until the 20s, fell to less than two-thirds.[4]..Ministry of Justice "Immigration controlAccording to "Statistics", the number of Japanese overseas travelers was the second highest in the past.2000The number of overseas travelers in their twenties was 20 million,2010Has fallen to 270 million.2011Has recovered slightly to 281 million, but it is still in a sluggish state because, unlike the past, it no longer has a special impression on overseas travel, andRegular employmentIncome is lower thanNon-regular employmentIt is mentioned that the number of people has increased[5].

Information on overseas incidents, illness epidemics and disasters, etc.NHK World Radio Japan OfOverseas safety informationIt is possible to listen at. To listenShortwave broadcasting(SW) can be receivedradioIs required, but a small and lightweight oneOnline shopping,Consumer electronics storeOtherdiscount store,Home centerIt is cheap and easy to obtain.

Occurred from the end of 2019New coronavirus epidemicAs a result of each country issuing immigration restrictions, overseas travel demand in 2020 dropped sharply.

Overseas travel destination ranking

The countries and regions that are the main destinations of overseas travel for Japanese people are shown below in ranking format. Figures are related to the number of Japanese overseas travelers acceptedUnited States Department of Commerce International Trade Department, Tourism Authority of Thailand, etc.)Japan Tourism Bureau (International Tourism Promotion Organization)Is calculated by[4][6].

1United States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
349.3 million people
157.1 million people
56.7 million people
2.7 million people
United States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
359.6 million people
158.8 million people
62.0 million people
5.1 million people
United States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
360.4 million people
148.8 million people
74.6 million people
6.1 million people
United States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
379.3 million people
148.2 million people
77.3 million people
8.1 million people
Chinaimg.png Chugoku373.1 million peopleUnited States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
388.4 million people
151.7 million people
95.5 million people
35.2 million people
2Republic of Korea flag South Korea294.9 million peopleChinaimg.png Chugoku268.0 million peopleChinaimg.png Chugoku258.7 million peopleChinaimg.png Chugoku249.8 million peopleUnited States flag The United States of America
■Hawaii State Flag Hawaii
■Guam flag Guam
■Northern Mariana Islands Flag 北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島
338.6 million people
123.9 million people
89.4 million people
18.5 million people
Chinaimg.png Chugoku339.0 million people
3Chinaimg.png Chugoku269.0 million peopleRepublic of Korea flag South Korea231.1 million peopleRepublic of Korea flag South Korea229.7 million peopleRepublic of Korea flag South Korea183.8 million peopleRepublic of Korea flag South Korea302.3 million peopleRepublic of Korea flag South Korea244.0 million people
4Republic of China flag Taiwan196.9 million peopleRepublic of China flag Taiwan189.9 million peopleRepublic of China flag Taiwan189.6 million peopleRepublic of China flag Taiwan162.7 million peopleRepublic of China flag Taiwan108.0 million peopleKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand118.2 million people
5Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand165.6 million peopleKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand154.4 million peopleKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand144.0 million peopleKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand138.2 million peopleKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand99.4 million peopleRepublic of China flag Taiwan109.2 million people
6Hong Kong flag Hong Kong85.2 million peopleHong Kong flag Hong Kong81.3 million peopleSingapore flag Singapore78.4 million peopleSingapore flag Singapore78.9 million peopleHong Kong flag Hong Kong82.3 million peopleHong Kong flag Hong Kong81.1 million people
7Singapore flag Singapore83.0 million people Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu79.8 million people Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu74.1 million peopleFrench flag France68.2 million peopleGerman flag Germany60.5 million peopleGerman flag Germany73.0 million people
8 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu82.7 million peopleSingapore flag Singapore79.3 million peopleHong Kong flag Hong Kong69.3 million people Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu67.1 million peopleFrench flag France57.7 million peopleFlag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia68.5 million people
9Philippines flag フィリピン63.2 million peopleGerman flag Germany58.5 million peopleIndonesian flag Indonesia54.5 million peopleGerman flag Germany64.8 million peopleSingapore flag Singapore52.9 million peopleFrench flag France65.9 million people
10German flag Germany61.3 million peoplePhilippines flag フィリピン58.4 million peopleGerman flag Germany54.5 million peopleHong Kong flag Hong Kong63.3 million people Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu44.2 million peopleSingapore flag Singapore58.9 million people
11Spanish flag スペイン55.1 million peopleIndonesian flag Indonesia57.3 million peoplePhilippines flag フィリピン53.5 million peopleSpanish flag スペイン60.7 million peopleIndonesian flag Indonesia41.9 million peopleIndonesian flag Indonesia51.8 million people
12French flag France54.0 million peopleFrench flag France48.4 million peopleSpanish flag スペイン46.3 million peopleIndonesian flag Indonesia55.0 million peopleMalaysia flag Malaysia41.6 million peopleCanadian flag カナダ42.4 million people
13Indonesian flag Indonesia53.1 million peopleSpanish flag スペイン44.5 million peopleFlag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia41.8 million peoplePhilippines flag フィリピン49.6 million peopleFlag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia39.8 million peoplePhilippines flag フィリピン41.5 million people
14Flag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia46.9 million peopleFlag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia43.5 million peopleMalaysia flag Malaysia41.4 million peopleMalaysia flag Malaysia48.3 million peoplePhilippines flag フィリピン35.9 million peopleMalaysia flag Malaysia34.0 million people
15Malaysia flag Malaysia39.5 million peopleMalaysia flag Malaysia39.3 million peopleFrench flag France41.1 million peopleItalian flag イタリア42.2 million peopleItalian flag イタリア34.0 million peopleSwiss flag スイス33.5 million people
16Italian flag イタリア38.4 million peopleItalian flag イタリア38.6 million peopleItalian flag イタリア40.4 million peopleFlag of Australia (converted) .svg Australia34.2 million peopleSpanish flag スペイン33.3 million peopleBritish flag The United Kingdom33.2 million people
17Canadian flag カナダ25.1 million peopleCanadian flag カナダ29.5 million peopleCanadian flag カナダ30.4 million peopleCanadian flag カナダ27.5 million peopleSwiss flag スイス29.8 million people Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu32.1 million people
18British flag The United Kingdom24.7 million peopleBritish flag The United Kingdom24.7 million peopleBritish flag The United Kingdom24.6 million people ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢23.7 million peopleCanadian flag カナダ24.3 million peopleItalian flag イタリア28.1 million people
19Indian flag India23.6 million peopleSwiss flag スイス22.7 million peopleIndian flag India20.9 million peopleSwiss flag スイス22.6 million peopleMacau flag Macau22.8 million people ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢27.9 million people
20 ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢22.0 million peopleIndian flag India22.3 million people ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢20.9 million peopleIndian flag India20.7 million peopleBritish flag The United Kingdom22.3 million peopleSpanish flag スペイン18.1 million people
21Swiss flag スイス21.2 million people ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢20.8 million peopleSwiss flag スイス19.8 million peopleBritish flag The United Kingdom19.4 million people ã‚ªãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒªã‚¢21.4 million peopleMacau flag Macau16.9 million people
22Cambodia flag Cambodia21.0 million peopleCambodia flag Cambodia20.3 million peopleCambodia flag Cambodia19.2 million peopleCambodia flag Cambodia19.3 million peopleTurkish flag トルコ19.5 million peopleDutch flag Netherlands15.7 million people
23Macau flag Macau18.9 million peopleMacau flag Macau19.0 million peopleMacau flag Macau18.5 million peopleMacau flag Macau16.2 million peopleIndian flag India16.8 million peopleNew Zealand flag New Zealand15.5 million people
24Croatian flag クロアチア16.0 million peopleMexican flag メキシコ15.1 million peopleMexican flag メキシコ13.3 million peopleCroatian flag クロアチア16.0 million peopleCambodia flag Cambodia15.2 million people ãƒ ェ コ15.4 million people
25Mexican flag メキシコ15.6 million peoplePortugal flag Portugal14.4 million peopleCroatian flag クロアチア12.1 million peopleDutch flag Netherlands13.6 million peopleCroatian flag クロアチア14.7 million peopleCambodia flag Cambodia13.8 million people
26Portugal flag Portugal14.2 million peopleCroatian flag クロアチア14.2 million peoplePortugal flag Portugal11.6 million people ãƒ ェ コ12.4 million people ãƒ ェ コ13.3 million people ãƒŽãƒ«ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼12.5 million people
27 ãƒ ェ コ12.9 million people ãƒ•ã‚£ãƒ³ãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ‰12.5 million people ãƒ•ã‚£ãƒ³ãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ‰11.4 million peopleMexican flag メキシコ11.9 million people Egypt12.6 million people ã‚¹ã‚¦ã‚§ãƒ¼ãƒ‡ãƒ³11.5 million people
28Dutch flag Netherlands11.9 million peopleDutch flag Netherlands11.7 million peopleDutch flag Netherlands10.6 million people ãƒ•ã‚£ãƒ³ãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ‰10.8 million peopleDutch flag Netherlands11.9 million people ãƒãƒ³ã‚¬ãƒªãƒ¼11.2 million people
29 ãƒ•ã‚£ãƒ³ãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ‰11.3 million people ãƒ ェ コ11.5 million people ãƒ ェ コ10.6 million peopleBelgian flag ベルギー9.6 million peopleNew Zealand flag New Zealand8.8 million peopleBelgian flag ベルギー11.2 million people
30Russian flag ロシア10.5 million peopleNew Zealand flag New Zealand10.2 million peopleMyanmar flag Myanmar10.1 million peopleTurkish flag トルコ9.2 million peopleBelgian flag ベルギー8.1 million peopleIndian flag India10.3 million people
Departure total
-1895.4 million people-1788.9 million people-1711.6 million people-1621.4 million people-1663.7 million people-1740.4 million people
Notes: Since the aggregation standard has changed in each country, it is not strictly possible to compare figures for different years. In addition,north koreaIn some countries, there is no data on the number of Japanese overseas travelers accepted.
For the United States,Hawaii,Guam,北 マ リ ア ナ 諸島,プ エ ル ト リ コIn addition to the figures for the United States, including the number of Japanese overseas tourists, the number of acceptances for each region is added especially for Hawaii, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands, where the numbers for each region can be confirmed.

Travel form

The form of overseas travel isTravel clubPlanned byPlanning trip(So-calledパ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー), or to let the travel agency arrange transportation and accommodation facilities, planned by the traveler himself.Arrangement tripHowever, travel, in which travelers directly arrange transportation facilities and accommodation facilities without going through a travel agency, has become popular with the development of the Internet.

Planning trip

Planning tripIs managed by a travel agency that manages itineraries such as airmail, local transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, etc.Legal liabilityBear

The merit is that it frees you from the complicated arrangements that accompany overseas travel, and that the travel agency will provide compensation in the unlikely event. Also, in planning trips, the travel agency can purchase a large amount of transportation/accommodation at a low price, so it is often cheaper than a fully arranged trip.

The disadvantage is that the degree of freedom during travel is reduced. From the beginning, a part of the itinerary has a schedule that is unnecessary for travelers, so extra time may be taken. Therefore, we will include free time in the itinerary, provide only airmail and accommodation,Free PlanThere is also a plan like. It is also possible to spend free time on a prepared tour, mainly due to an additional charge (optional).

Arrangement trip

Arrangement tripThen, the advantage is that the traveler himself can make a free itinerary. On the other hand, local negotiations (transportation, accommodation, etc.) will be complicated. In addition, there is no compensation provided by the travel agency for planned trips, and the discretion and responsibility during the stay are basically left to the traveler. Therefore, at the travel destination, it is possible to participate in individual tours arranged by the local travel agency.

Arranged tripBackpackerIs an effective way to travel. In this case, cut down the cost of lodging and eating as much as possible (Motel-guest houseBy staying in), it becomes possible to stay for a long time. Naturally, it is different from the package trip (planned trip) with a fixed scheduleMade-to-orderIt is also possible to design a travel plan forInterpreter,tour conductorArrangement offirst classAnd super luxury hotelPrivate jet,Limousine car-HigherAn ultra-luxury trip usingBaby boom generationThere is a great demand for elderly people such asTrainAccording to any request, such as going on a local route of aircraft or aircraft and staying at a local hotelTravel business managerThey can also make a schedule and arrange it.

Cheap Package Tour

in recent years,East Asia2 nights and 3 days (including round-trip transportation and accommodation) in the low 1 yen rangeパ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ーIt's not uncommon to see an advertisement for. This price is between Tokyo and Shin-OsakaTokaido ShinkansenRound trip (around 29,000 yen) or less. For this reason, even students with a limited budget canGraduation tripIt is not uncommon for me to travel abroad with my friends. Similarly, due to the decrease in travel expenses, cases of traveling overseas with parents and children have become noticeable since the late 1990s.

But,Airport usage fee,Japan passportConsidering the total cost including issuance fees, it may not always be cheaper than domestic travel, especially in recent years.Crude oil priceWith soaringfuel surchargeIs added for several thousand yen (East Asian routes) to 5 yen (Europe, North American routes).

Cheap package tours have been around since 2000, and have become popular until today.DeregulationDepends on policyAirline ticketDue to the gradual liberalization of fares, foreign airlines operating in Japan, such as Europe and the United States, where deregulation had already progressed, wholesale to a travel planning company at a cheap price greatly discounted from regular fares. Becomes,DumpingIt can be said that there is excessive competition,E-commerceWith the advent of a travel agency that specializes in online shopping that operates at low cost with the progress oftour conductorAs a result of excessive competition up to wages, the tour price has become cheap.

In these cheap overseas travel fieldsHISWas a pioneer, but in recent yearsJTBMajor tour companies such as the group also plan and sell cheap tours and cheap flights.

Cheap flights

Take a cheap package tour, purchase a larger amount of airline tickets (IT fare) that apply discounted fare for comprehensive travel, and sell only that ticket portion "Cheap flightsThe existence of "" has also become popular.

In the past, the supply was smallBargainAlthough it was often sold out on the same day as the release was started, in recent years the inventory has become abundant, and the regular discount airline tickets (PEX fares, etc.) and means of purchase released by airline companies are comparable.


For cheap flights and package tours, you can specify seats and airlineMileageThere are many restrictions such as it is not possible to add, and it is not possible to receive refunds for changes in the itinerary and for no-shows (when you did not board without canceling)needsTherefore, it is necessary to consider it carefully.

In addition, since a cheap flight ticket is a kind of arranged travel product, it is operated by the sales travel agency at the stage where payment and delivery of the fare equivalent has not been completed to the airline or wholesale travel agency.BankruptcyIf you do, you will not be able to board even if the tourist pays. Package tours can be similar if the host travel agency goes bankrupt before the event. In that case, you can only get a refund (not the total amount paid) by compensation by the guarantee system of the travel industry group, and it is excluded if you are a non-member travel agency.

Terumi ClubAs mentioned above, it has been reported that a small travel company centered on several store operations or Internet mail order operations went bankrupt and encountered the above cases, so it was decided that a travel agency or sponsored travel company Not just "price is low", but "credibility" "after-sales care", etc.consumerHowever, it is necessary to consider it carefully.


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