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🧁 | Open today in the Nishijin area of ​​Kyoto!A special dessert menu at the breakfast and snack shop!Make sweets ...


Open today in the Nishijin area of ​​Kyoto!A special dessert menu at the breakfast and snack shop!Make sweets ...

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In addition to the menu introduced this time, cold tofu and honey French toast are also available, and you can eat in various baked sweets and canules that will be on sale in the afternoon in a fashionable showcase. Not only that, there are also products that you can take out, so you can buy the best products as souvenirs in Kyoto.

"Sweet Tsukuru" that I introduced the other day.Last time, I would like to introduce mainly the breakfast menu ... → Continue reading

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Kanure(France: Canelé)France OfWestern confectionery. The official name isCanelé de Bordeaux[1](Cannelé de Bordeaux).


Bordeaux Convent in France (fr: Couvent des Annonciades), A confectionery that has been made for a long time.BeeswaxIt is characterized by adding (Mitsuro) and baking in a small mold called a canelé mold.In the first place, canelé means "grooved".The outside has a dark brown color and is hard and fragrant, but the inside has a moist and soft texture.

BordeauxThen.WineTo get rid ofChicken eggs OfEgg whiteWas using.Therefore a large amountegg yolkIs said to have been devised as a way to use it.[2]..Nowadays, trade associations have been created to preserve traditional canelé, and Bordeaux has more than 600 manufacturers.[3].

coffeeThere is a type of coffee canelé in which the liquid of the above is mixed with the dough.


In the potmilkTheboilingLet me thererum,バ タ ー,sugar,Flour,Whole egg,egg yolk,vanillaAfter adding, strain the dough and let it sit for half a day.Inside the caneléBeeswaxAnd pour in the rested doughovenBake in.Instead of beeswaxバ タ ーMay be used.


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