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☕ | Cafés and parks are decided on the site of the group relocation in Wakabayashi Ward <Sendai City>


Cafés and parks are decided on the site of the group relocation in Wakabayashi Ward <Sendai City>

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In addition, a civic farm and a campsite will be built.

A prospect of building cafes and park campsites on the site of a mass relocation in Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, which was damaged by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. → Continue reading

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Municipal farm

Municipal farm(Shimin no Uen) is nonFarmerCitizens are smallFarmlandAnd non-profitVegetables,fruit,flowersActivities to cultivate, or provided by farmers for that purposeFarmlandOr, orMunicipalities,Agricultural cooperativeFarms provided by individuals, etc. by developing incidental facilities[1].JapanThen,TaishoThis expression has been used since the times[2].Leisure farm, Contact farmMay be used[1]..Currently, there are three parties, one that has institutional grounds in the Specified Agricultural Land Loan Law and the Citizen's Farm Development Promotion Law, which are commonly called the "Citizen's Farm Two Laws", and the so-called farm use method that does not involve a lease right for farmland. It is roughly divided into[3].

Municipal farms are considered to be a convenient system not only for city residents who want to experience farm work, but also for farmland owners who seek effective utilization measures for idle farmland.[4].

Early "citizen farm"

KleingartenWestern citizen farms, etc.1920 eraIntroduced to Japan in earnest from the second half1926ToOsakaYuzato Farm and Yamaguchi Farm established by the Agricultural Association are considered to be pioneering cases.[2]..In TokyoTokyo cityBy the agricultural association1933Oizumi Municipal Farm,1934Hazawa branch ward seed art garden was established by the Tokyo City Park Division[2]..All of these early civic farm cases1950 eraWas abolished by[2].

Postwar Japan's urbanization and civic farms

Second World WarLater in Japan, the influx of population into big cities was remarkable, and agricultural land in and around big cities becameSprawl phenomenonIt was rapidly converted into a residential land while causing[5].1968 OfCity Planning ActIn particular, it deteriorated the farming environment in urbanized areas and led to idle farmland, but as one of the measures to deal with this, citizen farms often institutionalized by incorporating mediation by local governments. Became to be done[5].

System after the second law of the municipal farm

1989Law Concerning Special Exceptions such as the Agricultural Land Law Concerning Specified Agricultural Land Loan (Specified Agricultural Land Loan Law),1990The Municipal Farm Development Promotion Law was established one after another.

2016As of the end of March, there are 3 municipal farms nationwide, and a total of 4223 ha of agricultural land is divided into approximately 1381 plots and provided.[6].

Number of municipal farms installed by establishment entity and method (2016The end of March)[6]
Established entitySpecified Agricultural Land Loan LawMunicipal farm maintenance promotion lawTotal
Specified agricultural land loan methodFarm usage methodSubtotal
Local government2,06225902592,321
Agricultural cooperative46942042511
Companies, NPOs, etc.29221021313

Farm usage method

The Specified Agricultural Land Loan LawFarmland lawThe "Specified Agricultural Land Loan Method" is adopted, which is a system for setting rights such as lease rights by making certain exceptions to the provisions of the above, and even if it is based on the Municipal Farm Development Promotion Law, it depends on the "Specified Agricultural Land Loan Method". Where you can[7], "The farmer (farmland owner) manages the farm by himself" in the form of "without setting or transferring the lease right or other rights for the purpose of use and profit", and part of the agricultural work related to it "Under the guidance and management of farmers", farm users "experience farming work at multiple stages" are called "farm use methods".[8]..Therefore, unlike other methods, the only person who establishes the farm use method is the farmer.[6].

Stay-type municipal farm

Under the Municipal Farm Development Promotion Law, it is obligatory to develop ancillary facilities such as rest facilities on farmland.[7],1990 eraUpon entering, the development of a stay-type municipal farm that attracts urban residents coming from a long distance by setting up rest facilities where accommodation is possible has been promoted in various places.[9]..Shaved mountain Kleingarten (at that time), which is considered to be one of the pioneering casesShiga Village,CurrentlyMatsumoto) And other stay-type farms often incorporate the word "Kleingarten" into their names.[9].

In contrast to stay-type municipal farms, municipal farms that are closer to the traditional place of residence are called "day trip-type municipal farms."[10].


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