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🧁 | Arrange the popular "Maritozzo"!FamilyMart's "Maritozzo-style" chiffon cake

Photo "Maritozzo", an Italian confectionery that is said to have a full-scale boom this year.Nowadays, the chances of seeing it at bakeries and supermarkets in the city are increasing.Introducing FamilyMart's new sweets, which are an arrangement of such trendy sweets.

Arrange the popular "Maritozzo"!FamilyMart's "Maritozzo-style" chiffon cake

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In Japan, the number of stores offering Italian bakeries and Italian confectionery stores has begun to increase.

Trendy sweets now! "Maritozzo" has been heard more often since around 2020, and it is said to be a full-scale hit this year ... → Continue reading

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