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📝 | Cooking researcher Ryuji wants to convey the joy of cooking "If you can find the" best recipe ", your life will be much easier ...


Cooking researcher Ryuji wants to convey the joy of cooking "If you can find the" best recipe ", your life will be much easier ...

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In addition, we are offering a gift of Yebisu beer in this program.

Customers gather at one store "your time" on a quiet street in the afternoon on Sunday.Over the counter ... → Continue reading


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Yebisu Beer

Yebisu Beer (Ebisu)(Ebisu beer,Egg beer[Source required], YEBISU)Sapporo beerManufactured and sold by100% malt beer Of商標.Premium beerare categorized.


It is the predecessor of Sapporo BeerNippon Brewery CompanyBrewed with a German engineerbeer[2].. The name at that time was "Ebisu beer"[2].. at first"Daikokuten”, but because there was already Daikoku Beer in Yokohama,Ebisu”(Ebisu)2000 eraHave been found in[2].

Ebisu beer is1900 eraAlready has a global reputation[2].

1943(Showa18 years)Distribution systemAnd disappeared once the name was unified to beer,1971It was revived as a beer (heat treatment) using 46% malt for the first time after World War II (Showa 100).1980 eraI fell into a slump in the first half,1986In 61, the package design was changed anddraft beerBecoming1988(Showa 63)Comic"Delicious Shinbo”Taste of the 16th Year (Part XNUMX)” (Volume XNUMX)[3].. For a long timePremium beerAlthough it had become the top stock in the market, in the mid 2000sSuntory OfThe premium maltsAs a result of the rapid growth of2006(Heisei18 years) of Yebisu brandLever caseIn October of the same year, the Yebisu Brand Strategy Department was launched to start selling multiple products bearing the name of "Yebisu".[3].

The Ebisu mark itself is displayed as a brand, and the symbol "star" (*), which is always used for Sapporo beer products (excluding licensed products from other companies), is not attached to Yebisu beer.

Commodity composition

  • Products sold all year round
    • Yebisu Beer (Style The(English edition))
    • Yebis Premium Black (Style isSchwarz beer.. Ebisu <The Black> was renewed in May 2013 and changed its name)
    • Yebisu Premium Ale (Sale year-round from February 2019, 2. Full-scale ale type beer. Part of Cascade Hop)
    • (Sold from May 2016, 5. Like Yebisu beer, Haratau Tradition hops are used, and some royal leaf hops with rich umami and fragrance are used. Canned products have been discontinued)
  • Limited sale products
    • Amber Ebisu (cans for a limited time from October to December,HokkaidoSold all year except) (Style is amber)
    • Yebisu <The Hop> (Great East Japan EarthquakeBecause of this, sales were suspended, but we abandoned the resumption of shipments and ended sales all year round. afterwards2012May 4Toチ ェ コLimited use of a limited number of produced "Elite Saats Hops"Pilsner)
    • Yebisu ASUKA CRUISE (Nippon YusenGroup ofCruise liner"Asuka II(Only for ships) (Style is Dortmunder)
    • Yebisu Stout Creamy Top (commercial barrel limited sale from July 2009, 7. 3 ml cans are sold in limited quantity from September 320, 2012 (previously released at convenience stores from August 9)) (Japan Definition of beer[4]InstoutAlthough classified asBottom fermentationAnd close to Black Forest)
    • Fuku Yebisu (The 2014 Zodiac Design Can at the end of 2015 and the Yebisu Medetai Can at the end of 2015 were released as "Fuku Ebisu" after the end of 2016. Each year, different cans such as Mt. Fuji, a crane, and a turtle are drawn. The colors of the cans from 2015 to the end of 2017 changed from white to red when cooled.* End of 2010 and 2011 , But cans are normal, but limited packs with "Candy Ebisu 6" and "Fuku Ebisu 2011" written on the package of 2012 cans respectively have been released. It was launched as "Fuku Yebisu" at the end of 2011 for the first time.)
    • Reprint special Ebisu (sold for a limited time from April 2019, 4. Reproduce the heat treatment process of 23, which was the prototype of the current Ebisu beer)
    • Yebisu Japanese mellowness (limited sale of year-end gifts since 2016. Products using domestic malt and domestic hops (partly from Furano in Hokkaido))
    • Yebisu with Joel Robuchon French Pils (sold for a limited time from November 2019, 11. It will be the last life with Joel Robuchon using light champagne malt and two hops of "Nelson Sovin" and "Citra" Jointly developed product) (Pilsner style)
    • Yebisu Shizuku (Limited release at Seven & i Group liquor stores from December 2019, 12. By adjusting the balance of miscellaneous taste and astringency by the grain skin separation manufacturing method, it has an elegant and dignified taste while retaining the original thickness of Yebisu. Products made with the aim of
    • Ebisu ginjo (on sale from April 2020, 4 for a limited time only. Realized a delicate taste with no savory taste by separating the husks. Some of the refreshing scented domestic hop "Little Star" is used.)
    • Yebisu Premium Hop Blend (Limited release at Seven & i Group liquor stores from December 2020, 12. Two types of Bavarian hops are blended to give a high-quality bitterness and aroma. Combining hops and finishing with top fermentation to give a pleasant scent and bitterness) (Style is Golden Ale)
    • Yebisu Premium White (released for a limited time from March 2021, 3. White with scrutinized wheat malt, fragrant hops, and a refreshing scent reminiscent of white wine played by top-fermented yeast, and a pleasant richness that continues to linger. Beer.[5])
  • Discontinued products[6]
    • Silk Yebisu (limited quantity sold in 2009. It was sold all year round from 2010, but it was discontinued in 2017 with the release of Yebisu Hanayabi) (Dortmunder + wheat malt)
    • Ebisu super long-term aging (limited release in 2005 and 2009) (style is Dortmunder)
    • Kaori Kaguya Ebisu (Released for a limited time in 2013, 2014 and 2015.France-ChampagneUsing local malt and Nelson Sauvin hopsJoel RobuchonJointly developed product with) (Style is Dortmunder)
    • Yebisu Royal Selection (Limited sales in 2014 and 2015. Convenience store sales only in 2014) (using 5 types of malt: Pilsner malt, caramel malt, wheat malt, crystal malt, Munich malt)
    • Deep taste Ebisu (on sale for a limited time from November 2015, 11. In 10, it is a limited edition gift for mid-year gifts. A product that uses more malt than usual to achieve a deeper richness and texture)
    • Yebisu Summer Rich (2014 midyear gift limited sale. Not sold separately at stores) (Alcohol content 7% on the rocksBut you can drink it.)
    • Yebisu Winter Koku (2015 year-end gift limited sale. Not sold separately at the store) (alcohol content 5.5%)
    • Yebisu with Joel Robuchon Gorgeous time (sold for a limited time in 2016 and 2017. Kaoragi Gorgeous Yebisu renewal product)
    • Yebisu with Joel Robuchon Reverberation time (sold for a limited time in 2016 and 2017. Jointly developed with Joel Robuchon using European malt and rare hop "mosaic")
    • Yebisu #126 (Sold for a limited time at Seven & i Group's alcoholic stores from June 2016, 6. A product with a smooth taste that suppresses astringency and bitterness by adopting the "dual smooth manufacturing method")
    • Yebisu #127 (limited sales for a limited time at Seven & i Group's alcoholic beverage stores from August 2017, 8. Same as Yebisu #1, adopts "dual smooth manufacturing method")
    • Yebisu Japanese Tsumugi (Sale of year-end gifts limited in 2017. Products using carefully selected domestic ingredients)
    • Yebisu with Joel Robuchon Special Cheers (Limited sales in 2018)
    • Ebisu Scented Rouge (Limited sale from November 2018, 11. A product with a rich taste like red wine using caramel malt and flavor hop "mosaic")
    • Yebisu Hanamiyabi (It was sold all year from March 2017, 3, but production will end in 7. It was the first Yebisu brand to use top yeast.White beer)

Until birth

  • In the Meiji era, it rapidly became westernized and beer penetrated, but inferior goods are on the market.[7].
  • 1887 (Meiji 20) A small and medium-sized capitalist invites a German engineer to create a Japanese beer brewing company to reproduce the authentic taste.[8].


  • 1887(20th year of Meiji)May 9 -Established a limited liability Japanese beer brewing company. The president is Zouzo Kamata.
  • 1890(23th year of Meiji)May 2 -Released "Hibei Sake".
  • 1893(26th year of Meiji)May 2 -Changed company name to Nippon Beer Co., Ltd.
  • 1894(27th year of Meiji)May 12 -``HibitsuiBlack beer"Add.
  • 1895(28th year of Meiji)Sino-Japanese warIncreased sales due to. Establish a system to increase production and top production in Japan.[7]
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)
    • May 8 - firstBeer hall"Ebisu Beer Beer Hall," which has been named as, becomes popular[7].. The knobs are radish slices, shrimp, boiled fluffy, peas, etc.[9]. However,Osaka Brewery Co., Ltd. The1897(Asahiken) was opened in (30th year of Meiji).[10][11]
    • October-Completion of the Japanese brewery factory (after Sapporo Beer Ebisu factory → closed in 10).
  • 1900(33th year of Meiji)- Paris Mangoku ExpoReceived "Gold Award" in 30 countries[2][7].
  • 1901(Meiji 34) It sells well and we can't keep up with the delivery of wagons.Freight station for shippingTo make.[8]
  • 1904(37th year of Meiji)- St. Louis Mangoku ExpoWon the Grand Prix at[2].
  • 1906(39th year of Meiji)May 3 -Sapporo Beer (Sapporo Beer), Japanese Beer (Yebisu Beer), Osaka Beer (Asahi Beer) merged to establish Dai Nippon Beer Co., Ltd. The presidentKyohei Magoshi.. Head officeTokyoEbara-gunMeguro VillageLarge character Mita 247.
  • 1941(Showa16 years)May 12 The outbreak of war. Gradually, barley hops are difficult to obtain. Shortage of electricity and coal.
  • 1943(18)May 3 -BeerDistribution systemAfter that, the trademark was unified to "Musake" common to all companies and disappeared once.[7]
  • 1966(Showa 41)- Shibuya WardPlace nameEbisuIs officially born. From 1928 (Showa 3), the place name "Ebisu-dori" existed in the "Ebisu" area in some areas.
  • 1971(46)
    • May 12 -Renamed Meguro Factory to Ebisu Factory.
    • May 12 -Yebisu brand revival after 28 years. The only premium beer made in Japan with 100% malt. In a bottle.[7]Initially, a small amount of auxiliary material was used, but after half a year, it was changed to 100% malt.[12].
  • 1972(47) Released canned beer. Not generally accepted, but sold to tourists through the Railway Kosaikai. The gold color used is the brand color that is still used.[7]
  • 1983(58) Draft beer, metallic red color, gold frame, small Ebisu statue with the word "raw". A form that pushes draft beer from the brand.[7][13][14]
  • 1986(61)-Gold label revival, illustrated Ebisu statue. Draft beer becomes commonplace, and the brand is restructured to emphasize tradition and modernity.[7]
  • 1988(63) July 7-Ebisu factory closed.
  • 1991(Heisei3 years)-Changed to almost the same design as today[15].. For the purpose of enhancing the sense of quality and quality, a deep gold matte surface that is similar to beer, an image of Ebisu that has been restored to a pictorial representation, and a slightly classical serif body are used for the logo.[7]
  • 1994(6)-On the site of the Ebisu factory,Yebisu Garden PlaceOpened.
  • 2003(15)May 5 -Added "Yebisu <Black>" (Resurrected after 60 years).
  • 2005(17)-Limited release of "Yebis super long-term aging <blissful luxury>"[16].
  • 2006(18)
    • Held a gift campaign for "Hiroshi Keishi"
    • October-"Amber Yebisu"[17]Limited release.
  • 2007(19)
    • May 3 -Renamed Ebisu <Black> to "Ebisu <The Black>".
    • May 4 -Largest in JapanCruise liner"Asuka IIReleased "Ebisu ASUKA CRUISE Maroyaka Aging", an onboard limited original Ebisu beer.
    • May 4 -Added "Ebisu <The Hop>".
    • November 11-Can sell "Amber Yebisu" for a limited time.Capital AreaReleased 1L of barrel amber of "Amber Yebisu" for restaurants in 3 prefecture 10 years.
  • 2008(20)
    • October 10-"Amber Ebisu Can" and new "Amber Ebisu"GiftLimited release.
  • 2009(21)
    • May 3 -Limited release of "Silk Yebisu".
    • May 7 -"Yebis Stout Creamy Top" is available for sale on barrels only.
    • October 10-Limited release of "Amber Ebisu" cans.
  • 2010(22)
    • May 2 -Sales of "Silk Yebisu" throughout the year
    • February 2-"Yebis Beer Memorial Hall" opened.
    • May 2 - May 4 -"Takumi Ebisu" present campaign brewed to commemorate the 120th birthday.
    • May 6 -Limited release of "Yebis Super Long-Term Aging" (first release of "Yebis Beer" 120th anniversary limited edition product). Limited release of "Yebisu Beer <Father's Day> Pack".
    • July 7-"Ebisu Beer 14 cans beautiful carton" limited quantity released.
    • July 7-"Successful business! Lucky Yebisu can" is released in a limited quantity ("Ebisu beer" 28th anniversary commemorative limited edition second release).
    • May 9 - Cruise liner"Asuka II"Ebisu ASUKA CRUISE Maroyaka Aging," which was the original Ebisu beer on board, was released as a canned beer nationwide ("Ebisu Beer" 120th anniversary commemorative limited edition 3rd release).
    • September 9-September 16-Held the second "Ebisu Beer Festival".
    • November 11-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • December 12-"Ebisu beer beautiful carton", "8 cans with Yebisu beer cool tote" limited sale.
    • December 12-Limited release of "Medetai, Medetai, Ebisu Beer".
  • 2011(23)
    • May 2 -Renewal of "Silk Yebisu" taste and packaging
    • Around March-"Yebisu <The Hop>" is no longer available for sale all year round (discontinued due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, but abandoned resuming shipment)
    • September 9-September 16-Held the second "Ebisu Beer Festival".
    • November 10-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • November 11-Limited release of "Silk Yebisu Winter Design Can".
    • December 12-"Ebisu beer beautiful carton", "7 cans with Yebisu beer cool tote" limited sale.
    • December 12-Limited release of "Fuku Ebisu".
  • 2012(24)
    • May 2 -Established February 122 as "Ebisu Day" on the occasion of the 2nd birthday. Limited reprint sale of retro label design cans at the time of sale on February 25, 1890.
    • March 3-Ebisu Beer "Yebis de Tsunago Fuku no Wa Campaign" pack is released in Tohoku and Kanto prefectures in 7 prefectures.
    • 4月 - 8月 - 「ヱビスビール12缶美麗カートン」と「シルクヱビス12缶美麗カートン」を4回にわたって予約受注発売。(「エビルビール12缶美麗カートン」は4月25日、5月30日、7月11日、8月1日からの4回、「シルクヱビス12缶美麗カートン」は4月25日からの1回のみ)
    • May 4 -A limited quantity of "Ebisu <the hop>" Czech "Elite Saats hop" is used and a limited quantity encore is on sale
    • May 5-"Ebisu Beer Silk Ebisu <Father's Day> 30 cans pack" limited release.
    • May 9 -Limited sales of 320ml cans of "Yebis Stout Creamy Top" (May 8Advance sale at convenience stores).
    • September 9-September 14-Held the second "Ebisu Beer Festival".
    • November 10-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • May 10 - May 11 -A lottery for "Ebisu One Year Aging" 1,000 sets online limited sale will be held.
  • 2013(25)
    • May 2 -Limited release of "Smoked Goyabisu".
    • May 5 -"Yebis <The Black>" was completely renewed and released as "Yebis Premium Black".
    • September 9-September 11-Held the 9th "Ebisu Beer Festival" (Eve Festival on the 16th and 5th, Main Festival on the 11th to 12th).
    • November 10-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • October 10-Yebisu Beer wins the "30 Good Design Long Life Design Award".
  • 2014(26)
    • January 1-"Smoked Kaguya Ebisu" limited quantity released.
    • Minor change in can design. Change r from cursive to block. The image of Ebisu is enlarged, and the color of Noh writing is reduced.[7]
    • Early May-"Yebisu Natsu no Koku" is a limited-edition gift for mid-year gifts. There is no single sale at the store.
    • May 5 -"Ebisu Royal Selection" is sold at a limited number of convenience stores.
    • September 9-"Amber Ebisu" cans for a limited time. The contents are renewed.
  • 2015
    • February 2-June 9-"Baccarat Beer Tumbler" gift campaign implemented.
    • April 4-May 24-5 people will be able to experience the tasting of Yebisu beer at the "Baccarat Onology Beer Tumbler with Yebisu logo" for all Yebisu tours during the period. Limited sale.
    • June 6-Mitsukoshi-only mid-year gift product "<Sapporo> Hiroshige Utagawa Ebisu Beer" is released and will be delivered sequentially from around June 15.
    • Around July-The contents and package of "Yebis Premium Black" will be renewed from the production in mid-July.
    • August 8-August 18 (excluding 8th)-A special summer vacation project for elementary school students and their parents at the Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall "Let's make a summer vacation free study "Yebisu Beer History Newspaper"" Held.
    • August 8 and August 25-By Seibu Railway and Sapporo Beer, you can enjoy "Ebisu Beer <Draft Beer> in the limited express Red Arrow" "Ebisu Beer Limited Express". In addition, we will carry out an “Ebisu Beer <Draft Beer> All-You-Can-Drink Night Express Tour” aiming to appreciate the sea of ​​clouds at dawn at Chichibu's power spot “Mimine Shrine”, leaving Ikebukuro at midnight. (8st and 27nd collaboration between 100 year premium brand "Yebisu Beer" and Seibu Railway 100th Anniversary)
    • September 9-"Amber Ebisu Crystal Amber" cans for a limited time.
    • Mid-October-"Yebisu Winter Koku" is sold as a gift for year-end gifts only. There is no single sale at the store.
    • October 10-Started accepting orders for Mitsukoshi-only gifts for gifts "<Sapporo> Mitsukoshi Kabuki Costume Ebisu Beer". Delivered from November 15th.
    • November 11 and November 6-By Seibu Railway and Sapporo Beer, "Yebisu Beer <Can> 11 kinds drink all-you-can-eat night limited express tour" is carried out. (28rd collaboration between 4 year premium brand "Yebisu Beer" and Seibu Railway 100th anniversary)
    • November 11-Limited release of "Deep taste Ebisu".
    • December 12-Selling "Ebisu Medetai Can" (the sea bream designed on the package changes from white to pink when cooled)
    • December 12-December 15 (except 12th, 25th, and 19rd)-"Ebisu Premium Night Tour" where you can experience tasting of Yebisu beer at "Bacara beer tumbler with Yebisu logo" at Yebisu Memorial Held.
  • 2016(28)
    • January 1-"Ebisu with Joel Robuchon gorgeous time" limited release.
    • March 3-"Ebisu with Joel Robuchon Reverberation Time" limited release.
    • March 3-Renewal of Yebisu Beer taste and packaging
    • April 4-August 13-"Ebisu Original Baccarat Glass <Pair> Gift Campaign" implemented.
    • May 5-Released "Ebisu Meister".
    • May 5-"Yebisu Meister" barrel raw sold as commercial limited products all year round.
    • May 5-"Ebisu Tokaido Shinkansen Journey" is released in a limited area (the first can of the Toei Expressway Shinkansen original design "Ebisu Beer").
    • May 5-"Ebisu Father's Day Design Can" is on sale for a limited time.
    • May 6 -"Ebisu #126 (Ebisu Ichiniroku)",Seven & i GroupLiquor stores andOmni 7Limited sale at.[18]
    • July 7-July 26-Ebisu Memorial Museum special project Summer vacation free study "History of Ebisu and Ebisu Beer" is held.
    • September 9-"Amber Ebisu" cans for a limited time. Limited release of "Ebisu which became the name of the town. Design can".
    • May 9-"Ebisu Tokaido Shinkansen Journey" is released in a limited area (the first can of the Toei Expressway Shinkansen original design "Ebisu Beer").
    • September 9-"Ebisu Meister" 27ml can is newly released.
    • Mid-October-"Yebisu no Mago" is sold as a gift for year-end gifts only.
  • 2017(29)
    • February 2-10, 12-Held "Yebis Valentine Tour" at the Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall.
    • February 2-"Ebisu Sakura Design Can" is on sale for a limited time.
    • Around February-The package design of "Yebisu Meister" was renewed from the production in early February.
    • March 3st-March 1th (Except 3nd and 12th)-At the Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall, we hold the "Launch Memorial!
    • March 3-March 3-"YEBISU Hanamiya FLOWER LOUNGE" is opened at Tokyo Midtown Atrium where you can enjoy "Ybisu Hanamiya" before its release.
    • March 3-March 10-At the Tokyo Midtown Atrium, hold an event "Season x YEBISU PREMIUM LOUNGE ~spring~" to enjoy seasonal food with Yebisu Beer.
    • May 3 -Released "Ebisu Hanayabi". As a result, the sale of "Silk Yebisu" has ended.
    • April 4-Japanese railway headmark charm with "Yebisu Beer" and "Yebisu Meister" sold at convenience stores only (26rd Japan Railway Headmark charm).
    • May 5-June 9-"Ebis VIP Members" recruited for 6 units only.
    • Mid-May-As a mid-year gift set, the "Deep taste Ebisu" set and the "Ebisu <the hop>" can set, which were selected as the first place in the autumn 5 "Ebis Premium General Election", are on sale.
    • May 5-Limited release of "Ebisu Tokaido Shinkansen Journey" in a limited area (Ebisu Tokaido Shinkansen original design can 25rd).
    • May 5-Limited number of "Yebisu Beer <Change When Cooled> Design Cans" is released.
    • June 6-June 1-"Ebisu <The Hop> 6 Tour" is held at Yebisu Memorial Hall and Kyushu Hita Factory Welcome Hall.
    • Around June 6-Isetan Mitsukoshi-limited gift item "Tokyo National Museum limited gift <Sapporo> Thirty-six views of Futaki Suruga Satsuno Tanokami Yebisu Beer" is released.
    • Around June-November 6-"Ebisu Original Baccarat Glass <Pair> Present" campaign is implemented.
    • July 7-July 7-At the Tokyo Midtown Atrium, an event "Season x YEBISU PREMIUM LOUNGE ~summer~" is held to enjoy Japanese summer with seasonal food and Yebisu beer.
    • July 7nd, 22rd, 23th-25th-Held "Ebisu Quiz Rally", a free summer vacation study for elementary school students as a special project of Ebisu Memorial.
    • July 7-Limited release of "Yebisu Beer <Change When Cooling> Design Cans" and "Ebisu Hanabibi <Can Change When Cooling> Design Cans".
    • August 8-"Ebisu #1 (Ebisu Ichinina)"Seven & i GroupLiquor stores andOmni 7Limited sale at.
    • Around August-Renewal of "Yebisu Meister" taste and packaging from production in early August
    • From August 8 to July, 11 pieces of Ebisu Beer <barrel raw> purchased in the car of the limited express "Yufuin no Mori I" operated by Kyushu Railway Company as part of the recovery assistance plan for the heavy rain disaster in northern Kyushu. Implemented a campaign to donate yen as reconstruction aid money.
    • Early September - South KoreaStarted selling at (Yebis beer sold overseas is "Sapporo Premium Beer")[19].
    • September 9-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time. Limited release of "Yebisu Beer <Change When Cooled> Autumn Design Can”.
    • September 9-"Ebisu Tokaido Shinkansen Journey <Autumn>" is released in a limited area ("Ebisu Beer" Tokaido Shinkansen original design can 14th).
    • September 9-Limited release of "Yebisu Hanabibi Halloween Design Can".
    • October 10-October 6-"Seibu Railway Yebisu Beer Limited Express 10 with Secret Station Bar" operated.
    • October 10-"Ebisu Wa no Mou", "Ebisu Japanese Tsumugi" and "Ebisu Meister Bottle" are released as gifts for the year-end gift.
    • November 11-Limited release of "Yebisu Hanabibi Winter Design Can".
    • December 12-"Fuku Yebisu" limited release.
    • December 12-December 20-Christmas special project "Yebis Premium Night Tour" is held at the Yebisu Beer Memorial Hall.
  • 2018
    • January 1-"Ebis with Joel Robuchon special toast" in a limited quantity sold.
    • February 2-Renewed the taste and packaging of "Yebisu Hanabi". "Yebisu Beer Sakura Design Can" is sold.
    • March 3-March 9-"Sakura and Yebisu. YEBISU premium lounge" will be open for a limited time at Tokyo Midtown Atrium.
    • April 4-"Yebisu Beer Railway Headmark Charm Design Can" is available only at convenience stores. At the same time, the "Railway Headmark Charm Popularity Vote" will be held until June 23.
    • May 5-"Ebisu <The Hop> 8" limited time sale.
    • May 5-June 8-6 Recruiting 18 Yebis VIP members only.
    • May 5-"Ebisu Hanayabi design cans" sold in limited quantities.
    • July 7-July 24-"Yebis Beer Limited Express 7 for Lions" operated.
    • November 9-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • October 10-"Yebisu no Mago" is a limited gift for year-end gifts.
    • October 10-Japanese railway head mark with metal charm "Yebisu Beer" limited to convenience stores. (*The top 10 types of headmark charms, which received the most votes from April to June, are included.)
    • October 10-Limited release of Yaoco's limited-edition year-end gift product, "Yebisu Beer Yaoko Kawagoe Museum Original Design Can Gift Set".
    • November 11-Limited release of "Yebisu Kaoru Rouge".
    • December 12-"Fuku Ebisu" and "Ebisu Meister Ebisu Beer Gift Box" are sold in limited quantities.
  • 2019 (Heisei 31 /ReiwaFirst year)
    • Early January-July 1st-"Ebisu super long-term aging 7th anniversary" gift campaign.
    • February 2-Released "Yebis Premium Ale".
    • March 3-"Ebisu Beer Yoshimoto Imagawa 19th Anniversary Memorial Hall" sold in Shizuoka Prefecture only.
    • April 4-"Reprint special Ebisu" limited release.
    • May 5-"Yebisu <The Hop>" is a limited edition gift for mid-year gifts.
    • May 5-June 7-6 Recruiting 17 Yebis VIP members only.
    • May 5-At the Yebisu Memorial, started a tour "YEBISU Guided Tour" in English and Korean for foreign guests.
    • May 5-Limited number of "Yebisu beer fishing festival campaign design cans" are sold at convenience stores nationwide (first). A limited number of Yaocho limited-edition gift items "Yebisu Beer Yaoko Kawagoe Museum Original Design Can Gift Set" are on sale.
    • November 9-"Amber Yebisu" cans for a limited time.
    • October 10-"Yebisu no Mago" is a limited gift for year-end gifts.
    • Around October-"Ebisu Meister The Royal Leaf 10" 2019 people limited gift campaign.
    • October 10-Limited number of "Yebisu beer fishing festival campaign design cans" sold at convenience stores nationwide (second edition).
    • November 11-"Ebisu with Joel Robuchon French Pils" limited release.
    • December 12-"Yebisu Shizuku" is sold exclusively at Seven & i Group liquor stores.
    • December 12-"Fuku Yebisu" limited release.
  • 2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)
    • February 2-25th anniversary special limited commemorative product 130 million yen Yebisu (commemorating 130 years of Yebisu beer birth) Limited to 130 sets at Sapporo Beer Net Shop.
    • Around March-The packages of "Yebisu Beer" and "Yebis Premium Ale" were switched from the manufactured products in late December 3 to the 2019th anniversary design package.
    • March 3-"Yebisu beer Paris Expo wooden box style beautiful carton" is released in limited quantities.
    • April 4-"Ebisu super long-term aging 1th year" 7 sets of 2 limited sale at Sapporo Beer net shop.
    • April 4-"Canned Ebisu Beer Nationwide Treasure Ship Campaign Design Can" is available only at convenience stores.
    • April 4-"Ebisu Ginjo" is on sale for a limited time. Yebisu Beer "Hit the gem of TOKYO produced by refined craftsmanship" campaign pack (21rd edition) is on sale in limited quantities.
    • July 7-Yebisu Beer "Hit the gem of TOKYO produced by refined craftsmanship" campaign pack (7th edition) is on sale in limited quantities.
    • July 7-September 14-"Yebisu Premium Counter" will be held for a limited time at the special venue in front of Takanawa Gateway Station on the JR Yamanote Line.
    • July 7-Yebisu Beer is now on sale in Taiwan.
    • August 8-"Amber Yebisu Premium Amber" cans are on sale for a limited time.
    • November 11-"Ebisu Meister The Royal Leaf 4" will be on sale for a limited time at the restaurant Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall.
    • December 12-Limited sale of "Yebisu Premium Hop Blend" cans at Seven & i Group liquor stores[20].. Limited quantity of "Yebisu" and "12 cans of Yebisu with beautiful carton" are on sale.
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)
    • January 1-In the 7 business policy, the renewal of "Yebisu Beer", "Premium Black" and "Premium Ale" was announced.It was also announced that Weizen and Amber Style will be on sale for a limited time.Due to increased household demand, sales of canned products exceeded the previous year's level for the first time in four years in 2021.[21].
    • March 3-"Yebisu Premium White" will be on sale for a limited time[5].

Place of origin

Nutritional component (per 350ml)


  • At that time the factoryTokyoEbara-gunMitamura (currentlyTokyoMeguroMita)[2].. Initially, they were loaded in horse-drawn carriages, but as the sales volume increased,1901(34th year of the Meiji era)Ebisu stopWas made[2].1906A passenger station built near the freight station "Ebisu Stop" in (Meiji 39)Ebisu StationIs[2].Shibuya WardA place name that exists inEbisuIs derived from Yebisu Beer[2].. Also, after thisJR EastAt Ebisu StationDeparture melodyOf Yebisu beerCMIs a songThird manThe theme music of has been introduced.
  • Asahi Group FoodBeer yeast "Ebios" is named after Yebisu Beer. Post-warDainippon BeerAt the time of division, EbiosAsahi beerSince it was succeeded by, the company has become a different company from beer.
  • On the labelEggMr.Red snapperI have a bottle of Yebisu beer, one of several hundred bottles of large, medium and small bottles.probabilityThere is a sea bream tail on the back. thisLucky ebisSay. Broadcasted on August 2007, 8I don't know if it's a lie or an overkill urban legend"(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.In the system), Sapporo Breweries acknowledges the existence of Lucky Yebisu.As for can products, on July 2010, 7, a product designed with Lucky Ebis called "Business Prosperity! Lucky Ebis Can" was released.In addition, the lucky Yebisu can was put on the market with the 28 year-end gift "Yebisu beer can set", which is the 130th anniversary of its release.[22].
  • Prewar ChinaDalian"Yebisu Beer" had been sold at, but it was hardly sold. The reason is that this areaJapanBefore it came under the control ofロシアIs a region that was strongly affected byRussianThen.Female genitaliaIt is said that this was because the word "ebisu" was similar to the word meaning "," and was disliked.
  • Released1890(Meiji 23) However, what was written on the label was the Japanese sake brewing company of that time.1887It is (Meiji 20), and "BORN" and "1887" are written (from the left) across Ebisu. (* Due to the renewal on March 2016, 3, the release year was changed to "BORN" "15")
  • ヱIs the characterWa lineBelong toRomajiNotation is not WEBISU or EBISUYEBISU andYa lineBut this is oldRomajiHow to spellEh・BothyeIt is a remnant that was sometimes spelled out.Japanese yenTheYeFor the same reason, the notation is n. Long time agoEdoTheYeI also spelled do[23].. In addition, it opened on the site of the factoryYebisu Garden PlaceThe English notation is also YEBISU.
  • On the Yebisu beer official website,2009(21) "Let's go by Y train!" Among them, YEBISU special ekiben "Yebisutei", a high-class ekiben was planned, and the first "Hotaka Nozen" was launched in 2009 (21).May 7Since it was sold in limited number of 1,000 at some JR stations, it became a popular event where you could line up every day. In addition, the second version, "Fuyu Nakazen," was launched in 2009.May 12Was released in limited quantities at some JR stations, and it was also very popular.
  • In a corner of Yebisu Garden Place, which is the site of the factory in Ebisu, Tokyo, there is the "Ebisu Beer Memorial Hall" commemorating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Ebisu.One of the above-mentioned lucky Yebisu cans is one of the monuments made of Yebisu cans at the entrance of the memorial hall.
  • According to the official website of Yebisu Beer, "Ebisu super long-term aging seventh year mark" (not for sale) was won and manufactured. (Scheduled to be shipped in late February 2020)


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