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🍴 | Thirty One Ice Cream What is the No. 13 flavor for 1 consecutive years?Close to the secret of its popularity!

Photo The most popular popping shower for 13 consecutive years

What is the No. 13 flavor of Thirty One Ice Cream for 1 consecutive years?Close to the secret of its popularity!

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However, although popping showers are also sold in Thirty One Ice Cream outside Japan, there has been no example of being ranked number one for 13 consecutive years like in Japan.

The "flavor general election" held by Thirty One Ice Cream in April this year.4 years after landing in Japan, 47 ... → Continue reading

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Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins(Baskin-Robbins Inc.)AmericaOne of the largest in the worldice cream-parlor-chainOne of. It has more than 40 stores in 7300 countries around the world. in JapanThirty one ice creamKnown by the name of.

What is Thirty One?31"There are 31 types of ice cream, so I want you to enjoy different ice cream every day for a month."32Type or28Many stores have different types of ice cream, which is why even numbers (1x4 because one case contains 4) is more economical because the refrigerator is square.[1].. In fact, 1200 ice creams are made, but most Baskin Robbins stores in the world usually have 32 to choose from.


The founder(English edition)と(English edition)Two people. Baskin was Robins' sister's husband. They both love ice cream and dreamed of having a store. Robins' fatherState of WashingtonTacomaHe runs an ice cream shop in and Robbins liked helping the shop.Second World WarRobbins from 1942 to 1945armyEnlisted in BaskinNavyI made an ice cream there and gave it to my colleagues. After the war, the two decided to open separate stores at the recommendation of Robins' father. First1945To RobinsCaliforniaGlendale"Snowbird" was opened in. And the following year, a retired Baskin came to the state.Pasadena"Burton's" was opened in.

Both Baskin and Robbins then expanded in southern California1953United inBaskin-Robbins(Baskin Robins)". Achieved 1960 stores nationwide in the mid-400s, and in 1967 Baskin and Robbins named Baskin RobbinsUnited fruitWas sold for an estimated $1200 million, and overseas stores began to open in the 1970s. Currently all storesFranchise.

After leaving the founders (Baskin died in 1967 and Robbins in 2008), he moved around under various parent companies, but in 1973.The United KingdomFood companyJ. Lions(After repeating the mergerAllied Domek) Was acquired. In 2005, Allied DomekFranceLiquor makerPernod RicardAnd Baskin Robbins when it acquiredDunkin DonutIs owned byHolding company"Dunkin Brands GroupWas announced for sale. Dunkin Brands Group since 2006Investment fund OfBain capital,Carlyle GroupandThomas H. Lee PartnersIt is jointly owned by.

Countries and regions in which we operate

Deployment in Japan

With Baskin-Robbins in JapanFujiya OfJoint Venture OfBR Thirty One Ice Cream Co., Ltd.(British: BR 31 ICE CREAM CO.,LTD.)ButChain storeIs being deployed. Highwayservice areaA small store like the one in may have an assortment of less than 31 types. Also, at some storesCrepeAre dealing with.

Initially on registrationCompany nameToThe alphabetCould not be used, so the trade name is "B.R. Thirty One Ice CreamHowever, in 2007, the notation was changed to the current one.

Signboards such as stores used to be called "31 Baskin-Robbins 31 ice cream," but recently, "baskin BR robbins XNUMX ice cream" has been increasing. The part of this logo that is blue is blue, but the part of the "BR" other than the vertical bar of B and the part of the vertical bar of R are red, and you can read it as "XNUMX" (Baskin・See also Robbins logo).

In Japan, the name "Certainone" is almost common, but in the home country of America it is called "Baskin Robbins", so even if you say "Certainone" to Americans, it is almost incomprehensible, and conversely in Japan. "Baskin Robbins" is hard to communicate[2].

By 2021, there are 1300 flavors available[3].


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  2. ^ The name "sirty one" is common in JapanTaiwanIs only and is a neighboring countryChugoku, South Korea,Hong KongIs called "Baskin Robbins". In addition, it was opened to Taiwan because BR of Japan signed a franchise contract with a private company in Taiwan through a contract with the US headquarters.
  3. ^ BCN + R. “Thirty One's first "flavor general election" is underway!Limited time offer”(Japanese). BCN+R. 2021/4/6Browse.

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