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🍽 | Over 5% said "Eating out at dinner has decreased from a year ago", and over 1% of self-catering groups

Photo Eating out at dinner, 50.7% answered that it was "less" than a year ago

More than 5% said "Eating out at dinner has decreased from a year ago", and more than 1% of self-catering groups

If you write the contents roughly
When preparing dinner at home (multiple answers), 57.6% answered "side dishes purchased at the store", 38.9% answered "retort foods, instant foods, range-up products, etc.", and "stores". About 3% of the items were "lunch boxes purchased at", "commercially available mixed seasonings, cooking ingredients" and "cooked frozen foods".

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Retort food

Retort food(Retort food)air tightnessAnd seal with a light-shielding container and pressurizeheatingSterilizationWas givenFoodIs.In a broad sensecanningIs also included.In the food industry, it refers to all pressure-heated sterilized foods.Pressurized heat treatment (device)retortCall.

Retort pouch foodIn particular, refers to a product sealed in a bag-shaped container.In Japan, it is also widely known that this is called "retort food".This section describes retort pouch foods.

In addition, "retort pouch" (food) is also called retort pouch (foods) in English (hence)Japanglishis not it).Also, boil-in-bag (foods) is used interchangeably.


In Japan, according to the "Retort Pouch Food Quality Labeling Standards" (December 12, 12 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Notification No. 19), "Retort pouch foods" should be "plastic film or metal foil or a combination of these in multiple layers." It is defined as "a bag-shaped or other shaped container (limited to those having airtightness and light-shielding properties) filled with prepared food, sealed by heat melting, and sterilized by heating under pressure."[1].


Retort pouch foodsUS ArmyMilitary supply unit R & D bureau replaces canningPortable foodIt was first developed as.The aim was to improve the weight of cans and the problems of empty can processing.afterwards,Apollo projectでSpace foodMany have been adopted byFood makerAttention is paid to.But,AmericaThen, at that time, it was already in ordinary householdsFreezer refrigeratorIs widespread and variousFrozen foodWas not popular at all because it was on the market (because it uses an adhesive to bond the packages together)US Food and Drug AdministrationOne of the reasons is that the approval was not given).

on the other handJapanThen, at that time, the spread of freezer and refrigerator was delayed, so at room temperaturedistribution, A new alternative to canned food that can be storedmanufactured foodIt was expected as.
1968In February, Otsuka Foods Industry (currentlyOtsuka foods) From the world's first general-purpose retort food (Retort curry) AsBon curryWas released, although it was limited to the region.Next time1969In April, it was released nationwide after improving the packaging.The advertisement at the time of the Bon Curry release was that it could be eaten immediately by warming it for 4 minutes.As you can see from the promotion, convenience is more important than preservation.Instant FoodIt became popular as a kind of.

Even now that many retort foods are sold, more than one-third of sales are made up of retort curry.Many for curryspicesThis is because even if a heating unpleasant odor called retort odor is generated, it does not easily affect the texture.

Adopted by the military and the Self-Defense Forces

Was the original purposeMilitary rationAlthough it is widely used by the U.S. Army and the Self-Defense Forces, it has the disadvantages of being inferior in long-term storage compared to canned foods and vulnerable to impact and damage, and as a portable food for field warfare, "Package Cannot be heated over direct fire (with boiling water)Hot waterBecause of the drawback of "to put it on or need a chemical warming agent)", it is not so popular as a military portable food in the world.

Even in the Self-Defense Forces, retort pouches and canned food were used together, but according to the Yomiuri Shimbun on February 2016, 02, the conventional canned food for combat food was used.[2]From retort pack type[3]It was reported that the Ground Self-Defense Force decided to switch to.[4]


Retort pouch

A bag containing retort food is called a retort pouch (hereinafter abbreviated as pouch).Pouches are generally on the food sidepolypropylene, On the outsidepolyester (PET) such asSynthetic resin,Aluminum foilLaminated (laminated)the filmMade of空 気,moisture,LightIt is a device to block the food and seal the food inside.

As a food label, it cannot be labeled as "retort pouch food" unless a pouch bag made of a light-shielding material is used.[1]..Products in pouch bags that do not have light-shielding properties are referred to as "pressurized foods".[5].

Container type

Flat bag
envelopeA flat bag.
paperOften sold in boxes, such as currybeef bowlIt is used for.
Standing pouch
The bag is designed so that the bottom can be expanded, so it can be displayed on a shelf without having to put it in a paper box.
Emphasis on cost reductionPrivate brandIt is used for products and stews.
Molded container
Lunch boxA film is attached to the upper surface of the plastic container, which is sealed.
Retort riceIt is used for.

Pressurized heat sterilization

As a general rule, sterilize by pressurizing and heating at 120 ° C for 4 minutes at the center of the food inside the container or in a state where heat equivalent to that is applied (the temperature and time are adjusted depending on the contents).As a result, it has the highest heat resistance among general food poisoning bacteria.Clostridium botulinumIs said to be able to sterilize.However, since there are bacteria with higher heat resistance, they are not sterile.Aged deterioration such as spoiling the flavor of food cannot be completely suppressed when stored for a long period of time.

In the industry, sterilization with an F value of about 120 to 1 is usually added with a numerical F value (F value = 1 at 5 ° C for 10 minute) indicating sterilization efficacy.

Cooking method

Cooking in traditional retort pouch foodsHot waterUse (soak in boiling water for a few minutes to heat) or transfer the contents to tableware.microwaveThe method of heating with is described as a general cooking method (of course, there is also a method of taking out the contents and heating with a frying pan or a pan).In particular, if aluminum is used for the packaging material, the microwave oven cannot be used as it is in the bag.

However, in recent years, retort pouch foods compatible with microwave ovens have become common.This was achieved by developing a special film material that does not use metals such as aluminum for the packaging material, has a steam removal mechanism that removes water vapor generated in the bag, and has excellent heat resistance and storage stability.In addition, although the short storage period was a bottleneck, products that can be stored for more than a year have also been developed.

Typical retort food


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