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🍜 | Menya Sei ~ kiyo ~ Impressions of eating shellfish soup ramen "Awatake" and meat dumplings at Yukoto store


Impressions of eating shellfish soup ramen "Awatake" and meat dumplings at Menya Sei ~ kiyo ~ Yukoto

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Tantake is a light soy sauce ramen made from oysters, clams, and clams.

Menya Sei ~ kiyo ~ which opened on May 2021, 5 I ate shellfish soup ramen "Tantake" and meat dumplings at the Yukoto store ... → Continue reading

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Shellfish stock

醤 油 ラ ー メ ン

Ramen > 醤 æ²¹ ラ ー メ ン

醤 油 ラ ー メ ン(Soy sauce ramen) is for soupSoy sauceI used sauceRamen.. Sometimes referred to as "Chuka soba" or "Shoyu ramen."

1910 (Meiji 43)Asakusaof"KukikenWas issued inTokyo ramenIs the first appearance and is the prototype of ramen[1][2][3].. In the ramen in Japan,Salted ramenSame as醤 油 ラ ー メ ンHas a long history. When we simply say "ramen", we sometimes refer to this soy sauce ramen.

Cooking method

How to cook at a ramen shop

The soup stock ischicken bonesAnd other ingredients are boiled for a few hours.pig bones,Beef boneThere are various ramen shops that use soy sauce as a ingredient for soup stock, but they are made into soy sauce-flavored soup using thick soy sauce sauce.Leek-onion-garlic-carrotIn addition, there are many ramen stores that add their own ingredients, and some store oil such as backfat and lard.

Commonly used ingredients

Menma, Other than chopped leeks, at many storesroasted pork filletYou can put thin slices on it, but this ramen with a few more char siu is called "char siu noodle". Several boardsSeaweedThere is also a store with such things.


In the amount you likepepperThere are many shops that have seats for guests to enter.

Various soy sauce ramen

Space foodIt is also accompanied. Also, because soy sauce ramen is the prototype of Japanese ramen, it is often the menu of ramen shops.

Local ramen (soy sauce ramen)

All over JapanLocal ramenMany of them are based on soy sauce ramen.

Central part
Chugoku, Shikoku


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  1. ^ Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum "Dawn of ramen" A ramen specialty store with the first store in Japan
  2. ^ BIGLOBE Ramen Empire Glossary "Kraigenken" The cornerstone of current ramen
  3. ^ However, before Asakusa's "Kiragenken" establishment,1909 (Meiji42 years)May 3Published inChinese cooking method applied to Japanese homes] [Author: Hasaburo Shibata (Women's Art Schoollecturer-Japan Women's Commercial SchoolLecturer), Chiyoko Tsugawa (Seijo High School(Lecturer) Preface:Tadashi Ishiguro,Masane Yamane,Kaetsu Publisher: Japan Family Research Association] already mentioned in the material "Soy sauce-salt-pepper-Egg eel-chicken-Soup-Shiitake mushroom-Bamboo shoot-SpinachUsingChicken noodles (chicken udon)", the recipe for ramen using soy sauce is posted. ("National Diet Library Digital Collection" read September 2018, 9.)

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