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🍺 | Wow ... I'm overwhelmingly grateful I found "Shochu", so take a look?

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Great ... I found "Shochu", which I am overwhelmingly grateful for, so take a look?

If you write the contents roughly
There is a wide lineup of classics such as shrimp and squid, as well as unusual types such as pork ginger-grilled jerky and Bincho charcoal cashew nuts.

What are you overwhelmingly grateful for?is what I think.This is shochu.Isn't it overwhelming? ... → Continue reading

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Cashew nuts

Main cashew nuts (in 100g)fatty acidType of[1]
ItemQuantity (g)
saturated fatty acid7.783
16:0 (Palmitic acid)3.916
18:0 (stearic acid)3.223
20:0 (Arachidic acid)0.266
22:0 (Behenic acid)0.173
24:0 (Lignoceric acid)0.101
Monounsaturated fatty acid23.797
16:1 (Palmitoleic acid)0.136
18:1 (oleic acid)23.523
Polyunsaturated fatty acid7.845
18:2 (Linoleic acid)7.782
18:3 (α-linolenic acid)0.062

Cashew(scientific name: Western Anacardium,English name: cashew [ˈKæʃuː],Portuguese name: Cashew [kɐˈʒu],Japanese name: Anacardium,Magatama tree) IsLatin AmericaNativeRhus family OfEvergreen tree.

そのseed TheCashew nutsIt is called and is edible.It is designated as a material equivalent to the specified raw materials for allergy labeling.

Seed section


South AmericaNorthern or northeastern regions, as wellWest IndiesEach region is the main place of origin,Rhus familyAnacardium genus OfEvergreen tree.scientific name OfAnacardium(Anacardium)Latin Ofana(Upward) and-cardium(心 臓), Which was named because the fruit set morphology looks like an "upward heart".

EnoughCold resistanceIt has a nature that dislikes heavy rain and humidity.Vegetation environmentAs for, there is a moderate amount of rainfall熱 帯Region orSubtropicalI like the area.

It branches well from the bottom of the trunk, and mature trees are 8-15 tall.MetersReach moderate.As the largest giant tree in the worldFederal Republic of BrazilPirangi coast near Natal cityEstimated tree age 117 years, branch area about 8300m2It is known to reach (about 70 times the size of a typical mature tree).

The leaves have a major axis of 20cmOval-shaped with a width of 2 to 15 cm, slightly hard and glossy, with smooth edges and alternate.

The flowers are inflorescences that are scattered at the tips of flower branches of about 20-25 cm, and are parthenogenetic.Amphoteric flowersMixed with 1 -5 per flowermmAttach something like that.The flower color is pale green with a reddish or yellowish white tinge.corollaIs pink for each petalStriped patternIs often seen.The flowering time is from November to January for early bloomers and from January to March for late bloomers.

It bears fruit and ripens in about 2 to 3 months after flowering.As for the fruit, the tentacle (floral pattern part) is enlarged and is about 5-12 cm.PearIt forms a red to yellow peduncle (peduncle) in shape, and has a grayish brown color at its tip.shellCovered inJewelType ofNuts (seed)Attach.The seeds are attached to the outer tip of the fruit, and the fruit itselfpulpSince it is only seeds and does not contain seeds, this part is commonly referred to as "Accessory fruitSometimes called.

As will be described later, both the nut (seed) part and the fruit part are edible.

Propagation / designation

1580 eraSince then, in the northeastern region of South America (currently northwestern to northeastern part of the Federal Republic of Brazil), which is part of the place of origin.PortugueseLocal indigenous peoples speak whenTupi languageThe name of this variety "acajú(Ukaju) ”was heard by the PortuguesePortugueseForeign word "CashewThe etymology is that it was introduced as "(Kaju)".After that, I moved out further and in English, "cashew(Cashew) ”has come to be called.

It was the beginning of the worldwide spread that the Portuguese recognized the native species as a practical tree and spread it to various places.From the beginning, taking advantage of this species' characteristic of branching well from the lower part of the trunk, in the coastal areaWindbreakIn addition to being planted as a tree, its fruits, especially seeds, were heavily used for food.1650 eraToIndia OfGoreIt became world-famous because a large-scale edible processing factory for seeds was built and the products were exported to various places.

Break the nut (seed) shell and find it insideJin ("nin", seed contents)The one that took out the part of

  • Portuguese orSpanishThen,Maranyon(cashew,cashew)
  • in English,Cashew nuts(cashew nuts)
  • ChineseThen,Cashew(pinyin: yāoguǒ)


For the flesh part, in EnglishCashew apple(cashew apple) Is often called.

Both cashew nuts and cashew apples are used for food, but cashew nuts are more widely known as an ingredient in the world.

Production / processing

It extends from Brazil, the place of origin, to tropical and subtropical regions with some rainfall around the world, with more than 30 prominent producing countries and a cultivated area of ​​351 million.HaIt is said to be a degree.

200 million annually in the worldTThe above is produced,2005In order of production volumeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(83 tons),India(46 tons),Brazil(25 tons),Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(21 tons).ChugokuThen.HainanIs the main production area.Also,West AfricaIt is inEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euCashew nut production is almost the only industry in the republic, accounting for 2015% of the country's total exports in 78.7.[2].

Harvesting of fruits by growers is generally done by hand, which is ripe and naturally dropped.Approximately 1-10 per adult treekgIs expected to be harvested.For the harvested fruits, the pulp (cashew apple part) and seeds (cashew nut part) are separated by hand.The pulp is shipped to the market for raw consumption or to the processing plant for processing, and the seeds are shipped to the processing plant as raw fruit (raw cashew nuts) together with the shell.

Fresh fruits have stimulating ingredients such as ya, andHydrocyanic acid glycosideIsAmygdalinSince it contains toxic substances such as these, when it is used as a food material, it is necessary to remove these components by high-temperature heating (so-called "skipping" process).Since it is difficult to take out the seeds (contents of seeds) as they are, processing factories generally carry out this process with the fruit husks attached.First, raw cashew nuts with shells are dried in the sun, steamed at high temperature (steam roast), and then roasted (dry roasted), then shelled, peeled, and quality-selected before being shipped as a product.Products are often sprinkled with salt and shipped for the purpose of improving seasoning and storage stability.

In the trading market, fresh fruit products such as Indonesian, Brazilian, and Tanzania are said to be excellent.For processed products, see the previous section.1550 eraDue to the historical background since then, it is said that processing factories and processing technologies are accumulated in India, and "Made in India" processed products are considered to be the best.



Seeds (jin)

Cashew nuts, which are jin (“nin”, the contents of seeds), are preferred for their chewy texture and rich texture, and account for about 50-70% of them.Fat percentageIn addition tocarbohydrate,protein,Vitamin B1IncludingVitamins,potassium-Rin-zincSuch asmineralWhen,5 major nutrientsIt is a popular ingredient because it contains abundant ingredients.

The salt-seasoned product remains as it isConfectionery,SakeIn addition to being often eaten as a cooking ingredient,stew,curryBoiled dishes likeCantonese cuisine OfCashew chicken(chickenStir-fried cashew nuts) etc.Stir fryIt is used favorably for such purposes.

In addition, the fruits of so-called second-class products (those that do not interfere with the taste but have spots of color or strong brownness) are ground and processed.peanut butterOften used to make "cashew butter" similar to.

Fruit flesh

The flesh called cashew apple is juicy andAppleIt has an aroma similar to that of, and is used as a raw material for processing as well as being used for raw food.

Cashew apples have thin skins, especially ripe fruits, which are very delicate and fragile, and because they are ripe, they do not last long, making them completely unsuitable for long-distance transport or storage.For this reason, raw food is served only in a limited area near the cultivation area.

As a processed productPuree,juice,Chutney,jam, And even as a fermented productFruit wine(Indian Fenny (en) Etc.) are known.

TanninIn areas where you don't like the astringency of the food, you may dispose of it without using it.


Seed husk

From the shell of cashew nut seeds, it is called cashew nut shell oil.greaseCan be collected and used as fats and oils themselves, as well as as a raw material for paints.

Cashew paintIt is,Cashew Co., Ltd.Developed by, the texture of the finished productlacquerIt is similar to and is still widely used today.However, since cashew is also a plant of the family Rhus family, its shellUrushiolContaining a large amount, during processingRashSuch asAllergic reactionThere are many people who cause this, and care must be taken when handling it.

Wood / bark / resin

WoodWooden houseIn addition to being used as a material for fuel, it is made into coal and used as fuel.Crushed barkdyeIn addition to being used as a raw material forResin TheRubber materialIt is used as a raw material for.


As a crude drug

  • Cashew apple juice has medicinal properties for gastrointestinal mucosal protection and antipyreticCrude drugIs used as.

As a traditional medicine / folk medicine

Aboriginal people of the Chukna language family use cashew fruits as traditional traditional and folk medicine.

  • Cashew applejuice-PureeIn addition to being taken as an antipyretic for influenza, it is also recognized as an energy drink and tonic.It is "wisdom of the ancestors" that empirically used the antipyretic effect of cashew apple.
  • Amazon regionParasites inhabitingFliesStung by a cow fly (horse botfly)皮膚ToSpawningIf you do, you can kill the maggot eggs under the skin by splitting the raw cashew nuts in half and rubbing them into the sting area.HypodermyasisIt is said that can be prevented.Although it is the "wisdom of the ancestors" using the poisonous and deleterious substances contained in the above-mentioned fresh cashew nuts, there remains skepticism as to whether or not the spawned hypodermyasis can be completely destroyed. , When applied in large quantities, there is a risk of skin inflammation and ulcers due to poisonous and deleterious substances.

Price quote

Both fruit harvesting and factory processing require human-wave tactics, and the cultivation and processing production areas are often of different nationalities, which requires labor and cost for import and export.AlmondAlong with relatively expensivenut.

In recent years, consumer needs have increased along with the conventional tendency of households in developing countries to become richer and improve their eating habits, and in particular, the prices of high-end products with uniform colors and white ones are constantly increasing.In the cultivation year when hot air damage is seen, sales of high-end products will decrease significantly and the market price will rise, and second-class products with brownish or mottled colors will also be dragged and the price will rise.

JapanIn many retail stores, the price is around 100 yen per 200g, but high-end products are sold at a high price of 100 yen or more per 300g.Generally similar to almonds,PeanutsIt is a little higher than that of.Some mass retailers sell at a low price, such as around 1 yen per kg.


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