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🍴 | Torottoro Shio Koji Salmon!Different "rice companions"


Thick salted salmon!Different "rice companions"

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In addition to salmon and hessian, we also propose various genres of pickles such as "burdock and shiso nanban miso".

"Rice ..." that can be ordered with the exquisitely salted and melty salmon "10% I am" → Continue reading

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Chili miso

Chili miso(Chilli miso) isRed peppersIt is a food made inseasoning,CondimentUsed asSpicy seasoningone of.From another name for chili pepperNanban misoAlso called (Nanban miso).

Manufacturing method / use

There are two types of meaning.

  1. Although it is called "miso", it is not a regular miso, but a finely-divided chili pepper (a variety of chili peppers such as green chili peppers, red chili peppers, and unique chili peppers are used).maltAnd salt etc.fermentationSeasoning to make.
  2. Chili peppermiso,Soy sauce,sugar,sweet sake,SakeAndgarlic,ゴ マThere are products to add etc.[1][2]..This has a strong element of licking miso.

casseroleTo usePonzu soy sauceIn addition toGrilled meat,Cold slave,RamenSometimes used for cooking such as condiments[3]..Type thingrice OfSide dishAnd sakeSide dishAlso.

There are unique chili miso in various parts of Japan, and the ratio and degree of spiciness of chili vary depending on the product.

Similar foods in Japan

Sendai's whole chili pepper soaked in misopicklesAnd of chili and misoBoiledThere is.

Also, the abbreviation for chili miso is "Mustard miso, But this word isMustardIt may also mean another dish using (mustard).

Similar seasonings from other countries

Chugoku OfPea soy sauceAnd South Korea OfGochujangAs the Japanese name for, the word chili miso is sometimes used.Doubanjiang with chili pepperBroad bean, Gochujang with chiliGlutinous riceIt is made by fermenting Jiuqu.

Indonesia OfSambarIs sometimes called "chili miso"[Source required].


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