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☕ | What is the current state of the cafe with excellent location in Hawaii Kai?


What is the current state of the cafe with excellent location in Hawaii Kai?

If you write the contents roughly
In such a case, spend a wonderful time at Hawaii Kai's Island Brew Coffeehouse.

Prepare for the procession!Whenever you come to the Hawaii Kai area, you almost always stop by "Island Brewhouse ..." → Continue reading

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Coffee house

Coffee houseWhat is (Coffeehouse)?17st centuryFrom the middle18st centuryOverThe United KingdomPopular inA coffee shopSo, it also played a big social role.


originallycoffee TheIslamic worldIt originated in. In the middle of the 16th centuryOttoman Empire(トルコ) CapitalIstanbulThe world's first coffee shop opened in[1]..Called Kafvehane (literally translated as "Coffee House"), it served as a coffee shop and social gathering place.

EuropeCoffee shops appeared in the middle of the 17th century (although there are various theories) and were a key point of transportation to the Islamic world.ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アIt is said that it was born for the first time in[2].

Oxford and London have coffee shopsPuritan RevolutionIt is a period.1650 ,JewFirst of all, a merchant named JacobOxfordOpened in England, making it the first coffee house in the UK[3].. (Oxford opened in 1654Queen's Lane Coffee HouseIs still in business. )

In 1652UKCoffee House opened in JapanRoyal reconstruction(1660 ),Great fire in London(1666 ) Increased over time[4], It became a hangout for many customers.At the coffee houseliqueurWithout issuingexoticWas considered a drinkcoffee,チ ョ コ レ ー ト,た ば こWhile enjoying[5],News (Chinese),magazineRead or with customersPoliticsI was having discussions and small talk.These discourses and small talksModernCivil societySupportpublic opinionIt became an important space to form the United KingdomDemocracyIt is said that it also functioned as the foundation of[6]. (French RevolutionInCafeIs compared to the role played by. On the other hand, the King of England at that time felt a crisis in political discussionsJames IDeclared the closure of the coffee house in December 1675, but canceled it in opposition.

As a result of the civil war that led to the Restoration, liquidity was created in society.Social hierarchyDue to the looseness of the social order, the habit of socializing across the hierarchy has been established, and the coffee house has served as an ideal place to form a group that transcends the traditional hierarchy of common concerns.[5]..On the other hand, the coffee house is a modern place for more closed socializing, specializing in specific occupations and purposes such as politics and economy.ク ラ ブBecame the mother of[7].

The coffee house also played an important role as a place for gathering information.Located in a famous store. In the middle of the 17th century, at that timeFinancial centerMetUK-The cityOpened near the exchanges of manybusinessmanGathered for information.In addition, many ship owners gathered at the store, and the store published "Lloyd's News" containing ship information.The store started to handle ship insurance business, and this isLloydsThe origin of the insurance company[8].

Women could not enter and exit, only male customers[9]..The coffee house prospered as a lively social gathering place,Queen AnneAlthough it reached its peak throughout the era[7],18st centuryAfter the second half, it declined,A bar,innIt is said that there were many stores that changed jobs to[10].

on the other hand,In 1717, the first tea house in England, the Golden Ryans[Source required]doing.Non-alternative to coffeealcoholAs a beverageBlack tea CitizenIt will take root in life.

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