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🧁 | Municipal walks-The 6th AKB48 will take a walk in Katori-

Photo Municipal Teku Teku Walk-The 6th time, two people from AKB48 will come to Katori City-

Municipal Teku Teku Walk-The 6th time, AKB48's two people will come to Katori City-

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Please visit Katori City, which is full of such countless charms!

A new program "Municipal Teku Teku Walk" started at Ciba Tele!Guests can visit the charming cities, towns and villages of Chiba prefecture ... → Continue reading

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It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Katori(Katori) isChibaLocated in the northeastern part ofCity.

KoedoOne of the three cities.The city areaWater Village Hundred Election,MizugoThe zone isSuigo Tsukuba Quasi-National Park,Sahara cityscape TheHeisei XNUMX view-Important traditional buildings preservation area,Merchant townThe historical streets ofJapanese heritageCertified by[Note 1].


Mizugoと 呼 ば れ るNational Route 51Along the lineTone RiverIt is one of the nearby citiesstreetとWater transportationIntersectRiver portCommercial city[1].Sahara OfMerchant town,Katori ShrineIs the head office ofKatori Jingu Shrine OfTorii Mae TownIs famous asRiceShipment volume is the highest in Chiba prefecture.

SawaraTadataka InoIs a place where he was active as a merchantTadataka Ino old house(country'sHistoric site) Is saved.Also,National treasureIsTadataka InoThe Ino Tadataka Memorial Hall, where related materials are stored, is located.ToyohashiFalling water (100 sound scenes in Japan),Yokotonekomon Fureai Park(Top 100 historical parks in Japan),Fuma's Great Kusu(100 scented landscapes), Etc. full of history and emotionKoedo・ The townscape of the water town remains strong,Sawara Mitsubishi Hall(1914 Architecture), Shobundo Bookstore (1880 Architecture), Koboriya Honten store (1900 Architecture), Fukushin Kuremono store (built in 1892), Nakamuraya dry food store (architecture)1892 Many historical buildings such as architecture) still exist.

Katori JinguJapanese mythでKuniyuzuri of the great landlordPlay an active part inShojin GodIt is dedicated to (Futsunushi) and is also active when transferring the country.Samurai god(Takemikazuchi, the god of thunder) is enshrinedKashima Shrine(Kashima City) Is deeply related.


Located in the northeastern part of Chiba prefecturePrefectural office locationIsChibaIt is about 45 kilometers from.Tokyo OfCity centerIt is within 70-80 kilometers from.Urban employment areaInNarita metropolitan area(Narita City), And the commuting rate to Narita City is 12.7% (22 census).Tone RiverOn the opposite bank acrossIbarakiContact with.

Kanto PlainIncluded in the inland areaShimosa PlateauSpread,Tone River50 alongMetersThere are places whereelevationIs approximately 20-40 meters and is a plateau with gentle undulations.The area around the Tone River is a plain where the water town area spreads.Paddy fieldIs used for.KasumigauraOne of the basin municipalities.

Adjacent municipalities


Origin of place name

There are various theories about the etymology of the place name "Katori", such as "Kandori", "Kamitori", and "Katori". The notation "Katori" seems to be the oldest in existing documents.JapanThe oldest existingWakashuIsManyoshu"In" Volume 11, No. 2436, "as a contribution to the story,"Katori sea(Katori Sea) "[2].

 Please refer to the following for the details of Waka from "Manyoshu", Vol. 11, No. 2436.

From "Manyoshu" "Vol. 11, No. 2436"
Ofuna Katori Sea
Ofuna KatoriI'm wondering what kind of person I'm going to drop into the sea
OfunaKatoriWhat kind of person can I go down to the sea and not think about it?

Japanese NavyIt is also used in the name of the ship.


Katori-gunSawara TownESawaraIKatori
Katori-gunKatori VillageBKatori-gunKatoricho
Katori-gunAine VillageAKatori-gunKasai Village
Katori-gunHigashi Oto Village
Katori-gunNiijima VillageH
Katori-gunTsunomiya Village
Katori-gunOkura Village
Katori-gunMizuho Village
Katori-gunOmigawa Town
Katori-gunToyoura VillageF
Katori-gunKamisato Village
Katori-gunMoriyama Village
Katori-gunYoshibumi VillageH
Katori-gunFuma VillageDKatori-gunFuma TownGKatori-gunYamada Town
Katori-gunYamakura Village
Katori-gunBadu Village
Katori-gunKurigen VillageCKatori-gunKurigen Town
  1. 1890 (Meiji23 years)May 5
  2. 1897 (30th year of Meiji)May 5
  3. 1924 (Taisho13 years)May 4
  4. 1925 (Taisho 14)May 10
  5. 1951 (Showa26 years)May 3
  6. 1951May 4
  7. 1954 (29)May 8
  8. 1955 (30)May 2
  9. 2006 (Heisei18 years)May 3

Before the inauguration of Katori City

After the establishment of Katori City

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
Changes in Katori City Area (chronological table)
YearsDateTransition of administrative areas related to the current Katori city area
1889 (22th year of Meiji)May 4Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the following towns and villages will be established respectively.[8][9]
  • oldSawara
    • Sawara Town ← Sawara Town, Sawara Nitta, Shinohara Village, Nakajima Village, Nakasu Village, Nishishiro Village Kogaishima
    • Katori Village ← Katori Village, Yoshihara Village, Tada Village, Niijiba Village, Nippe Village, Kamazuka Village, Returned Village, Shimonomura, Kumi Uemura, Clove Village
    • Aine Village ← Radish Village, Osaki Village, Kannon Village, Nagayama Village, Motoyahagi Village, Fukuda Village, Ichiyama Village, Yokura Village, Toba Village, Makino Village
    • Higashi Oto Village ← Oto Village, Otogawa Village, Yamanobe Village, Morito Village, Katano Village, Kamiogawa Village, Seki Village, Shinji Village, Tamatsukuri Village
    • Motoshinshima Village ← Kaminoshima Village, Suda Village, Nishishiro Village, Nomayahara Village, Ishino Village, Iijima Village, Kawashiri Village, Oto Village Nitta
    • Mizuho Village ← Horinouchi Village, Yanaka Village, Tokizaki Village, Nishizaka Village, Jinai Village, Nishiwada Village, Western Tamura
    • Niijima Village ← Yasuji Kawamura, Oshima Village, Mishima Village, Sakaishima Village, Ogishima Village, Katozu Village, Isoyama Village, Tsukisu Shinden, Public Government Su Nitta
    • Tsunomiya Village ← Tsunomiya Village enforces the village system alone.
    • Okura Village ← Okura Village, part of Clove Village (Clove Nitta)
  • oldOmigawa Town
    • Omigawa Town ← Omigawa Village, Hongo Village, Yokaichiba Village, Noda Village, Shimoogawa Village, Hanegawa Village, Minamiharachi Shinden, Shindenda Village, Nakanuma Village
    • Toyoura Village ← Tomita Village, Masuda Village, Wakarego Village, Shimokobori Village, Ichinobe Village, Sanno Branch Village
    • Kamisato Village ← Kiyosato Village, Kamikobori Village, Mushihata Village, Kiuchi Village, Shirai Village, Yamakawa Village, Yagi Village
    • Moriyama Village ← Shimoiida Village, Oka Iida Village, Funo Village, Tamakawa Village, Kawato Village, Kitaharaji Nitta
    • Yoshibumi Village ← Gogouchi Village, Atamadai Village, Kubo Village, Izumi Village, Kaizuka Village
  • oldYamada Town
    • Fuma Village ← Fuma Village, Shitaka Village, Furuuchi Village, Nagaoka Village
    • Badu Village ← Tabe Village, Takenouchi Village, Omi Village, Kawakami Village, Yonenoi Village, Takano Village, Kamio Village, Nira Village
    • Yamakura Village ← Niisato Village, Kiriya Village, Ogawa Village, Hatoyama Village, Ohsumi Village, Yamakura Village
  • oldKurigen Town
    • Kurigen Village ← Iwabe Village, Sukezawa Village, Karike Village, Takahagi Village, Nishitabe Village, Sawa Village, Arakita Village
1890 (23th year of Meiji)May 5Ainemura changed its nameKasai Villagebecome.
1897 (30th year of Meiji)May 5Katori Village enforced the town system,KatorichoBecomes
1899 (32th year of Meiji)May 4
  • Higashi-Oto Village is a part of Motoshinshima Village (Nomayahara, Iijima, Kawajiri, Oto Shinden and Ishino, each part of Iijima)
    Merged withHigashi Oto VillageWas launched.
  • With a part of Niijima Village (Yasujigawa, Oshima, Mishima, Sakaijima, west of Yokotone River)Sawara Town(Part of Sawara Nitta)
    Motoshinshima VillageMerged with a part of (Uenoshima, Kamisuda, Nishiyo and Ishino, Iijima)IbarakiInashikiMotoshinshima VillageWas launched.
1913 (Taisho 2)Part of Kasai Village (Makino) was transferred to Sawara Town.
1924 (Taisho 13)May 4Kurigen Village enforced the town system,Kurigen TownBecomes
1925 (Taisho 14)May 10Fuma village enforces the town systemFuma TownBecomes
1951 (26)May 3Sawara Town, Katori Town, Higashi Oto Village, Kasai Village mergedSawaraWas launched.
May 4Merged with Omigawa Town, Toyoura Village, Kamisato Village, and Moriyama VillageOmigawa TownWas launched.
1954 (29)May 8Fuma Town, Yatsu Village, and Yamakura Village mergedYamada TownWas launched.
1955 (30)May 2
  • Sawara City was incorporated into Mizuho Village, Niijima Village, Tsunomiya Village, and Okura Village.
  • Omigawa Town and Yoshibumi Village mergedOmigawa TownWas launched.
2006 (18)May 3Sawara City, Omigawa Town, Yamada Town, Kurimoto Town mergedKatoriWas launched.
  • Transition table
Transition table of Katori city area
First year of the Meiji era--22nd year of the Meiji eraMeiji 22
May 4
Meiji 22-1920-64XNUMX-presentNow
Sahara villageMeiji 21
Sawara Town
Sawara TownSawara TownShowa 26 years 3 month 15 Date
Part of Sawara Nitta
Shinohara Village
Nakajima Village
Nakasu Village
Nishidaimura character Kogaishima
Makino VillageAine Village2th year of Taisho
Transferred to Sawara Town
RadishApril 23, 5
Kasai VillageRenamed to
Osaki Village
Kannon Village
Nagayama Village
Motoyahagi Village
Futian Village
Ichiyama Village
Yokura Village
Toba Village
Katori VillageKatori Village'April 30, 5
Town system
Yoshihara Village
Tada Village
New market village
Shinbe Village
Kamazuka Village
Return Tamura
Clove village
Meiji 9
Kumi Uemura
Oto VillageHigashi Oto VillageApril 32, 4
Higashi Oto Village
Otogawa Village
Yamanobe Village
Morito Village
Katano Village
Kamiogawa Village
Xinsi Village
Tamatsukuri Village
Kawashiri VillageMotoshinshima Village
A part of
Nomayahara Village
Nitta in Oto Village
Part of Iijima Village
Part of Ishino Village
Horinouchi VillageMizuho VillageMizuho VillageShowa 30 years 2 month 11 Date
Transferred to Sawara City
Yanaka Village
Tokizaki Village
Nishizaka Village
Jinai Village
WadaMeiji 3
Nishiwada Village
Western Tamura
Part of Yasujigawa VillageNiijima Village
A part of
April 32, 4
Niijima Village
Part of Oshima Village
Part of Mishima Village
Part of Sakaishimamura
Ogishima Village
Katozu Village
Isoyama Village
Tsukisu Shinden
Public official Su Nitta
Tsunomiya VillageTsunomiya VillageTsunomiya Village
Okura VillageOkura VillageOkura Village
Clove Village Character Clove Nitta
Omigawa VillageOmigawa TownOmigawa TownShowa 26 years 4 month 1 Date
Omigawa Town
Hongo Village
Yokaichiba Village
Shimoogawa Village
Hanekawa Village
Minamiharachi Shinden
Shinshin Tamura
Nakanuma Village
TomitaToyoura VillageToyoura Village
Wakarego Village
Shimokobori Village
Ichinome Village
Sannominme Village
Orihata VillageMeiji 9
Kiyosato Village
Kamisato VillageKamisato Village
Hatahoko Village
Youtian Village
Ryugai Village
Kamikobori Village
Mushihata Village
Kiuchi Village
Shirai Village
Yamakawa Village
Shimoiida VillageMoriyama VillageMoriyama Village
Oka Iida Village
Funo Village
Tamakawa Village
Kawato Village
Kitahara Nitta
Gogo UchimuraYoshibumi VillageYoshibumi VillageShowa 30 years 2 month 11 Date
Merged with Omigawa Town
Atamadai Village
Atama Kubo VillageThe first year of the Meiji era
Kubo Village
Izumi Village
Kaizuka Village
Fuma VillageFuma VillageMay 14, 10
Town system
Showa 29 years 8 month 1 Date
Yamada Town
Furuuchi Village
Tabe villageBadu VillageBadu Village
Takenouchi Village
Yonenoi Village
Takano Village
Kamio Village
Nira Village
NiisatoYamakura VillageYamakura Village
Kiriya Village
Hatoyama Village
Yamakura Village
Iwabe VillageKurigen VillageMay 13, 4
Town system
Kurigen Town
Sukezawa Village
Karike Village
Takahagi Village
Nishitabe Village
Arakita Village


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 27 census, it decreased by 6.48% to 77,499, and the rate of increase / decrease was 54nd out of 42 municipalities in Chiba prefecture and 60th out of 48 administrative districts.At the time of the first census, it was the third largest city in Chiba prefecture after Chiba and Choshi, but its position declined due to the rise of other areas.

Population distribution of Katori, Chiba, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Katori City and Japan (2005)Katori City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Katori City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Katori City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Government office

  • Katori City Hall(Former Sawara City Hall)
    • 2127 Ro Sahara, Katori City
  • Omikawa branch(Former Omigawa Town Hall)
    • 38 Hanegawa, Katori City
  • Yamada branch(Former Yamada Town Hall)
    • 300-1 Nira, Katori City
  • Kurigen branch(Former Kurigen Town Hall)
    • 700 Iwabe, Katori City

Police and fire departments

  • Katori Police Station(Former Sawara Police Station. Has jurisdiction over Katori City, Tonosho Town, Kozaki Town, and Tako Town)
    • Katori Police Station Omigawa Executive Police Box (former Omigawa Police Station)
  • Katori Wide Area Municipal Area Office Fire Department(Jurisdiction over Katori City, Tako Town, Tonosho Town)
    • Sawara Fire Station
      • Omigawa branch office
      • Yamada Detached House
      • Kurigen branch office
      • Uppurui branch office

National agency

Prefecture agency

  • Chiba Prefecture Katori Joint Government Building
    • Chiba Prefecture Katori Regional Promotion Office
    • Chiba Katori Prefectural Tax Office
    • Chiba Prefecture Katori Health and Welfare Center (Katori Health Center)
    • Chiba Prefectural Agriculture and Forestry Research Center Pest Control Division Kitaso Branch Office
    • Chiba Katori Agricultural Office
    • Chiba Katori Civil Engineering Office
    • Chiba Prefectural Education Agency Kitaso Education Office Katori Branch Office
  • Chiba Katori Civil Engineering Office Omikawa Branch Office
  • Chiba PrefecturalMizugo Omigawa Shonen Nature House
  • Chiba Prefectural Central Museum Otone Annex


City council

Constant: 22[10]

Prefectural government

  • Chiba Prefectural Assembly
    • Constituency: Katori City, Katori District Kozaki Town, Katori District Tako Town Constituency
    • Constant number: 2 people

National politics


Since the entire city is occupied by lowlands and plateaus, it is suitable for fields, and agriculture is a key industry.Nitta developmentbyUppuruiRice production is flourishing in the surrounding area, and the amount of rice shipped is the highest in Chiba prefecture.

Specialty goods


  • Katori Agricultural Cooperative
  • Agriculture and Forestry Statistics (from Chiba Prefecture Municipalities / Kanto Agricultural Administration Bureau 18 Crop Statistics, February 18 Livestock Statistics)
Total cultivated area (ha)Rice field (ha)Field cultivated land (ha)Upland rice yield (t)Sweet potato planted area (ha)Sweet potato yield (t)Number of pigs raised (heads)
1th place in the prefecture11700 (Katori)7950 (Katori)3750 (Katori)36600 (Katori)1690 (Katori)43100 (Katori)176700 (Asahi) 
2th place in the prefecture6780 (Narita)3940 (Asahi)3550 (Yachimata)18700 (Asahi)1300 (Narita)32100 (Narita)104350 (Katori)
  • Agricultural calculation amount (from the amount of agricultural output in 18 by the municipalities in Chiba Prefecture, Chiba Agricultural Administration Office, Kanto Agricultural Administration Bureau)
(XNUMX million yen)Agricultural outputRicePotatoesVegetablesBeef (for meat and milk)Dream Porkchicken
1th place in the prefecture4183 (Asahi)823 (Katori)665 (Katori)1772 (Asahi)376 (Minamiboso)1090 (Asahi)384 (Asahi)
2th place in the prefecture3213 (Katori)418 (Asahi)485 (Narita)1543 (Choshi)197 (Sodegaura)651 (Katori)356 (Choshi)
3rd place or less in the prefecture550 (Katori)144 (Katori)236 (Katori)


High economic growthDuring the period, there are department stores in Sawara cityKiyomiyaIn addition, it had department stores in local cities in eastern Japan.Cross shopHowever, the above two stores have also closed due to the tide of the times.Thanks to that, the station front was quite busy, such as coming from Narita City for shopping.HighwayAlongRoad Station / River Station Mizunosato Sawara,Road Station Kurimoto Benikomachi no SatoRoadside station was opened,Agricultural products direct sale placeAnd dining room etc.Local productionIs focusing on.

Onogawa"Spreading aroundKoedoVarious efforts are being made to utilize the old townscape, which is also called "", as a tourism resource.

Sawara StationOne of the largest in the Katori area along the national highway on the north sideShopping centerIsSawara City,ParnaBesidesAll stores,Volume storeSuburban type such asRoadside storeIs located.With Omigawa Apio in the Omigawa areaBeisia Food CenterThere is.

Company with head office / head office




high school


Junior high school

primary school

  • Katori City Tsunomiya Elementary School
  • Katori City Okura Elementary School
  • Katori City Omigawa Chuo Elementary School
  • Katori City Omigawa Higashi Elementary School
  • Katori City Omigawa Nishi Elementary School
  • Katori City Omigawa Kita Elementary School
  • Katori City Yamada Elementary School
  • Katori Municipal Kurigen Elementary School


  • Sawara Kindergarten
  • Katori City Tsunomiya Kindergarten
  • Katori City Ichiyama Kindergarten
  • Katori City Omigawa Kindergarten
  • Sabara Midori Kindergarten
  • Shirayuri kindergarten


Railway line

Central station:Sawara Station

East Japan Railway(JR East)
■Narita Line
Oto Station --Sawara Station - Katori Station - Suigo Station - Omigawa Station
■Kashima Line
Katori Station- Juibashi Station

Bus route

Bus routes operating in Katori City include high-speed and night buses that connect Tokyo Station and the Kansai area, general route buses that connect neighboring cities to Katori City, and general circulation buses that circulate at key points in Katori City. It is in operation.

Express Bus

■TaiziIndicates the main highway bus stops that stop in Katori City.
  Also,"Tone Liner (Sahara Route)Is the "" at each stop between the north exit of Sawara Station and Choshi Station.AsoYou can get on and off at some stops between Sawara Station and Hokota Station.

系統Transit pointdestinationOperating company
high speed Inuho(Asahi route)Iioka / Asahi /(I.e.-Kurigen・ DaieiIn front of the Yaesu exit of Tokyo StationChibakotsu,Keisei Bus
Isogo Station-Inubozaki
high speed Tone Liner(Omigawa route)TonoshoOmigawa-High-speed Omigawa Industrial Park-Sawara Katori IC-ShisuiIn front of the Yaesu exit of Tokyo StationChiba Kotsu
Choshi Station / Jinyacho
high speed Tone Liner (Sahara Route)TonoshoOmigawa Station-In front of high-speed Katori City Hall-Sawara Station North Exit-Kanzaki-ShisuiIn front of the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station
Isogo Station
Nocturnal Osaka-Choshi LineTonoshoOmigawa-Sawara Station North Exit-Narita Airport-Keisei Narita Station・ Yotsukaido ・ AkihabaraKyoto Station-Namba BT-
Minatomachi BT-USJ
Chibakotsu,Nankai Bus
Isogo Station
high speed AsoShin-Hokota Station・ In front of Aso Government Building ・Itako Station-Suigo Sawara・ Sawara Station ・Sawara Hospital-Katori Jingu ShrineTokyo StationSekitetsu Green Bus
Hokota Station

Transit Bus


National Development Trunk Expressway

General national road
Main local road
Prefectural road
Bicycle path
Road Station


Long time agoTomita ferry(Tomita-Tomita Nitta)Tone RiverTheferryWas.Tourist boats peculiar to water towns operate in rivers and tourist facilities.

  • Burekimera (Onogawa sightseeing boat business)
River station

Road Station / River Station At Mizunosato Sawara, there is a "river station" facing the Tone River.

  • Water Town JÅ«nikyo Tour (Katozu JÅ«nikyo Tour)[11]
Suigo Sawara Ayame Park
  • Boat tour in the park (small boat called Sappa boat)

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

XNUMX selections

Festivals and events

Folk performing arts

  • At Katori Jingu, the Shikinenjin Kosai is held once every 12 years as a ceremonial year festival.Year of the horseTo be done.
  • 2019 years(ReiwaFirst year)May 5ToEraBut"HeiseiFrom "Reiwa"ChangeAnd the congratulatory "His Majesty the Emperor's practice congratulatory float towing" was held[13].

Specialty products

Traditional crafts

Cultural property

numberTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1CraftSea animal grape mirrorKatori 1697Katori Jingu ShrineShowa 28 years 3 month 31 DateNone
2Historical materialTadataka Ino
Related materials
Katori City (Tadataka Ino Memorial HallStorage)22Maps, drawings, instruments, documents, etc.
2345 points in total 
numberTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1BuildingKatori Jingu 2 Building
  • Main hall
  • Tower gate
Katori 1697Katori Jingu ShrineJune 52, 6 (main shrine)
Added on December 58, 12 (Romon)
Attachment: 1 building tag, 1 name tag, 3 shrimp locks 
2彫刻woodenEleven-faced KannonStatueSawara I 1110Majestic TempleShowa 34 years 6 month 27 Date 
3CraftFuruseto yellow glazeDogKatori 1697Katori Jingu ShrineShowa 28 years 3 month 31 Date 
4Ssangyong MirrorKatori 1697Katori Jingu ShrineShowa 28 years 11 month 14 Date 
5CopperMakino 1752Kanpukuji TempleMay 2, 8All four points are hanging Buddhas. Designated as a "craft". 
6Ancient documentKatori Daisetsu Family Documents (381)KatoriIndividualShowa 60 years 6 month 6 Date
numberNameFolkloreDesignated dateRemarks
1Sawara float eventKatori16None
numberNameTypeAddressDesignated dateRemarks
1Fuma's Great KusuNatural treasureKatori City FumaMay 15, 10
2Yoshifumi shell moundHistoric siteKaizuka, Katori CityShowa 5 years 2 month 28 Date
3Tadataka Ino old houseHistoric siteKatori City Sahara IShowa 5 years 4 month 25 Date
4Atamadai shell moundHistoric siteAtamadai, Katori CityShowa 43 years 5 month 20 Date
5Shimosa Sakura Oil Field PastureHistoric siteKumiage, Katori City, Fukuda和 和 X Year XNUM X Month X NUM X
numberDesignation / registrationTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Country registrationTangible cultural property (building)Dyeing and weaving shop Taniya Dozo (Yumemurasaki Museum)580 Omigawa, Katori CityIndividual111 of
2Kounkaku1697-1 Katori, Katori-shiKatori Jingu Shrine121 of
3Katori Jingu Shrine, Heiden, Shinsen1697-1 Katori, Katori-shiKatori Jingu Shrine131 of
numberDistrict nameTypeSelection dateareaRemarks
1KatoriSaharaMerchant town87.1 ha
numberDesignation / registrationTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Prefecture designationTangible cultural property (building)Nishizaka Shrine Main Hall424 Nishisaka, Katori CityNishizaka ShrineShowa 48 years 3 month 2 Date1 Building
2Shobundo BookstoreSawara, Katori CityIndividualShowa 49 years 3 month 19 Date1 Building
3Koboriya Honten storeSawara, Katori CityIndividualShowa 49 years 3 month 19 Date1 Building
4Sobataka Shrine main shrine1 Okura, Katori CitySobataka ShrineShowa 57 years 4 month 6 Date1 Building
5Komeiin Amitabha637 Tada, Katori CityKomyō-in11 Building
6Mitsubishi Bank Sawara Branch Former Main BuildingI-1903-1 Sahara, Katori-shiKatori31 Building
7Fukushin Kuremono Store Store / Housing / DozoSawara, Katori CityIndividual42 Building
8Nakamuraya Dry Food Store Store / BunkozoSawara, Katori CityIndividual42 Building
9Shojo Soy Sauce Store Store / DozoSawara, Katori CityIndividual42 Building
10Former Yuso Shoten store / dozoSawara, Katori CityIndividual52 Building
11Nakamuraya store store / house / dozoSawara, Katori CityIndividual52 Building
12Katori Jingu Old Worship Hall1697 Katori, Katori-shiKatori Jingu Shrine191 Building
13Tangible cultural property (sculpture)Longwangmian521 Oto, Katori CityOto ShrineShowa 30 years 12 month 15 Date3 body
14Wooden eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu statue612-2 Orihata, Katori CityOrihata districtShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
15Wooden Amida Nyorai sitting statueKatori City Ichinobu 1008Zeno-ji TempleShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
16Bronze statue of Yakushi Nyorai612-2 Orihata, Katori CityOrihata districtShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
17Bronze statue of Amida Nyorai612-2 Orihata, Katori CityOrihata districtShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
18Bronze eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu statue612-2 Orihata, Katori CityOrihata districtShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
19Bronze statue of Kanzeon Bodhisattva612-2 Orihata, Katori CityOrihata districtShowa 33 years 4 month 23 Date1 body
20Bronze statue of Amida Nyorai and samurai on both sidesKatori City Fuma 2927ShutokuinShowa 42 years 12 month 22 Date3 body
21Wooden Kannon Bodhisattva sitting statue727-1 Nishiwada, Katori CityBairin Temple161 body
22Tangible cultural property (crafts)Katori Jingu Ancient God Treasures1697 Katori, Katori-shiKatori Jingu ShrineShowa 35 years 2 month 23 DateLump
23Bonsho (inscribed in Jōwa XNUMX years)35-1 Otogawa, Katori CityJodo TempleShowa 50 years 3 month 28 Date1 port
24Oto Shrine Japanese mirror521 Oto, Katori CityOto ShrineShowa 55 years 2 month 22 Date3 sides
25Tangible cultural property (old document)Tensho Land BookKatori City and othersKatori City and othersShowa 57 years 4 month 6 Date18 cases, 71 books
26Katori Branch Iiji Family Documents / Katori Ancient Documents 58

Kocho Jicho, 1 Shosho book, 1 festival old book

Katori City KatoriIndividual5Lump
27Tangible cultural property (archaeological material)Censer-shaped face-mounted earthenwareKaizuka, Katori CityOmigawa Town Shell Midden Historic Site Preservation SocietyShowa 34 years 4 month 24 Date1 individual
28Shiroyama No. XNUMX Kofun Excavated ItemsKatori City Cultural Property Preservation HallKatoriShowa 44 years 4 month 18 DateLump
29Itabi (inscribed on September XNUMX, XNUMXst year of Shogen)Chiba Prefectural Central Museum Otone AnnexSojiin21 units
30Itabi (inscribed in September of the first year of Shogen)594 Oto, Katori CityJifukuji21 units
31Itabi (inscribed on the XNUMXth day of October of the first year of Shogen)594 Oto, Katori CityJifukuji21 units
32Itabi (inscribed on the XNUMXnd day of August, XNUMXst year of Shogen)Katori City Cultural Property Preservation HallKatori21 units
33Sekiminezaki No. 3 side hole excavated gold copper head and shoulders extruded BuddhaKatori City Cultural Property Preservation HallKatori261 points
34Tangible cultural property (historical material)Kubogi bamboo window relicsTsunomiya, Katori CityIndividualShowa 47 years 9 month 29 DateLump
35Intangible cultural propertyMartial arts Tenshin Shoden Katori Shindo styleKatori City, Narita City, Shisui TownIizasa Ienao and Risuke Otake

Nobutoshi Otake and Shigetoshi Kyo

Showa 35 years 6 month 3 Date
36Tangible folk cultural assetsDemon dance face of Jofukuji Temple615 Shimokobori, Katori CityJofukuji Temple1530 sides
37Fishing equipment in the lower reaches of the Tone RiverChiba Prefectural Central Museum Otone AnnexChiba18251 points
38Intangible folk cultural propertyThe Dutch bandOgishima, Katori CityOgishima Kagura CorpsShowa 38 years 5 month 4 Date
39Yamakura Salmon FestivalYamakura, Katori CityYamakura Ward17
40Monument (historic site)Birthplace of Sato Takanaka450-1 Omigawa, Katori City, etc.KatoriShowa 12 years 3 month 19 Date
41Tenshin Shoden Shindo Ryu Founder Iizasa Choeisai TombKatori City KatoriIndividualShowa 18 years 2 month 19 Date
42Tomb of the first Koshiro Matsumoto377 Omigawa, Katori CityZenkoji TempleShowa 40 years 4 month 27 Date
43Kubogi Bamboo Window RuinsTsunomiya, Katori CityIndividualShowa 45 years 1 month 30 Date
44Shimoono shell moundShimoono, Katori CityIndividualShowa 53 years 2 month 28 Date
45Nomagome trace of Sakura oil field MakiKumiage, Katori CityIndividual5
46Monument (natural monument)Katori Jingu no Mori1697-1 Katori, Katori-shiKatori Jingu ShrineShowa 49 years 3 month 19 Date

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Person with connection

Works set in Katori City

  • NHK New Japan travelogue Women's Uppurui-Sawara City, Chiba Prefecture- (1979)
  • NHK New Japan Journey Again at the waterside where irises bloom-Sawara, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture- (2008)
TV drama
  • Docomo Shopping CM "Kawabe no Nijin Hen" (2012) NTT DoCoMo)
  • Sanko Confectionery Ken Matsudaira "Large Board Behavior" (2011) Sanko Confectionery)
  • Yamato Transport "Electronic Money"
  • NIKE Bukatsu "Every Morning Showdown" (2007) NikeJapan)
  • Nescafe"Summer Scent. Mikoshi" (2006) Nestle Japan)


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