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🍴 | Enjoy the rich sesame sauce and meat at 204kcal.Ministop's "pork shabu-shabu salad" is a dieter ...

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Enjoy the rich sesame sauce and meat at 204kcal.Ministop's "pork shabu-shabu salad" is a dieter ...

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Dried fruits are found not only on the surface, but also in cream cheese.

I came to Ministop to look for lunch.Recently, I'm running out of vegetables, so maybe I'll make a salad ... Alright, today, "Pork sha ... → Continue reading

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Cream cheese

Cream cheese(English: Cream cheese)Fresh creamorcreamとmilkMixture ofLactic acid fermentationLet meWheyNon-aged soft manufactured exceptcheese.. Because it is relatively moistNormal temperature,frozenIt is more suitable to store at 10 ℃ or less than to store in. Calmacidityとバ タ ーCharacterized by a smooth structure likeBread,bagelYou can apply it to your foodCheesecakeIt is used as the main material of. Also,Mashed potatoesYou can mix it insalad OftoppingAndsmoked salmonIt may also be used as a garnish.

The breakdown of nutrients is 55% or less of water,fat33% or more,protein10%, salt 0.8-1.2%.

Currently "Philadelphia Cream Cheese" brand products[1]Manufactures and sellsThe United States of AmericaFood makerCraft foodsAccording to, "The origin of cream cheese is1872In Americaニ ュ ー ヨ ー クDairy processor William Lawrence says "cheese with a richer flavor than ever before"Fresh creamIt started with making it from whole milk. " The birth of cream cheeseFrance OfWildebeest tel cheeseIt is said that he was inspired by. 1880In New York, cheese wholesaler AL Reynolds has begun selling cream cheese wrapped in aluminum foil called "Philadelphia."

In Japan, the Japanese corporationMondelies japanNotMorinaga Milk Industry(Manufactured by MK Cheese, a joint venture).

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