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🍴 | [Nakatsu] Fashionable lunch at the cafe "KNOT MARKET PLACE" which renovated the factory


[Nakatsu] Fashionable lunch at the cafe "KNOT MARKET PLACE", which is a renovated factory

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You can use it in various ways, such as enjoying your time or visiting for a girls-only gathering or a date.

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PrettyOnline is a Kansai information-oriented media for women. From gourmet information, outing information, event information, as well as fashion information to romance, you can fulfill the "more information" of an adult woman.

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Women's Association

Women's Association(Joshikai) is mainlyFemaleHold a rally at a restaurant, etc., and talk only with womenBanquetThat.


MaleEven if it's difficult to talk with someone, it's only womenstressThe point that you can diverge and talk as it isMeritIt spread and became established. The original spark wasMonte RosaIzakaya chain "LOL"Warawara" "Warawara Girls' Association"[1]A women-only plan menu.[Source required]Food service companies entered and spread one after another[2].

"Tokyo WalkerIsKansaiPopular inReader modelSay that they started a fashion-only meeting with women. Also, the American TV drama "Sex and the city』Is also analyzed that the influence is large.[Source required]What came to be featured in the mass media such as TV programs and magazines2008It is believed to be around2010ToNew Word/Buzzword AwardWon the top ten.The winner is the president of Monte RosaTeruhiro OgamiIs[3].

JournalistHiromichi KaragaExplains the environment of women working in the background of the women's association.Equal Employment Opportunity LawBy enforcement,Middle managementIn the environment of Japanese companies where the following "post-equal law generation" and "pre-equal law generation" who do not know the equal law such as the president and directors coexistCareer womenEven if he succeeds, he will continue to be troubled because his self-evaluation of "my ability as a worker when the element of women is excluded" is uncertain. The noise of "I'm a woman, so I want to be promoted", "I want to be promoted because I want to show that the company is not discriminating against women" and "I want to be promoted because I need a female manager" is constantly mixed in my self-evaluation. It is said that it is for. I analyzed that the simple solution was to join the "group filled with homosexuality", that is, "professional group for women only".[4].



  1. ^ "Girls" used to refer to "girls." In the 21st century, adult women are also called "girls", and they call themselves themselves, but this phenomenonIzumi Yonezawa"Birth of a "Girl"" (Keiso Shobo) Says that women are "lightly trying to get rid of the norm of good wife and wise mother" by calling themselves so.
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