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🍴 | [Asakusa's oversized tendon] Depachika gourmet to enjoy with delivery


[Asakusa's oversized tendon] Depachika gourmet to enjoy with delivery

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In addition to lunch boxes and side dishes, we can also deliver fresh foods such as sashimi and meat (* products + separate shipping charges ordered by phone).

Popular tendon bowls and croquettes arrive at your house! A service that can deliver "Matsuya Asakusa" depachika gourmet "Depachika ... → Continue reading

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Fresh produce

Fresh produce(Seishinkuhin) is required to be fresh (fresh)FoodThat is.

In particularVegetables(Vegetables-fruit),fresh fish,MeatSuch asFoodstuffGenerally refers tomanufactured foodIs not included. Especially, fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and meat are collectively called fresh three products.


Japan OfdistributionIn the industry etc.Wholesale marketOften refers to items traded on the market, not foodflowers(Oysters)Are also treated as fresh food.

On the contrary, it is often distributed without going through the wholesale market.Bean sprouts,eggItems such asDaily foodIt may be treated as.

Also, depending on the vendorHam,sausageAnd somemanufactured foodIs also considered as fresh food.


Generally, fresh foods deteriorate rapidly in quality and are difficult to store.

It is impossible to mass-produce products of a certain quality with a single facility, and the production areas are distributed all over the country or all over the world.

Production and quality depend on climate and weather, and it is difficult to increase or decrease production in a short period of time in response to changes in demand.

Strict temperature control and speed are required for distribution, and skill and skill are required for production and purchasing.[Source required].. recent years,Cool courier(Yamato TransportWith the establishment of cold storage transportation such as ), food deterioration such as food poisoning is less likely to occur, and it has become possible to secure and expand distribution channels that deliver fresh food from distant production areas.

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