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🍜 | [Shiga] Ramen shop "Tenka Gomen" opens on June 6th at Branch Otsukyo


[Shiga] Ramen shop "Tenka Gomen" opens on June 6 in Branch Otsukyo

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It's a shop that's attracting attention, so I can't wait to open it at Branch Otsukyo.

Ramen shop "Tenka Gomen" opens on June 2021, 6 at Branch Otsukyo in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Branch Otsukyo

Branch OtsukyoWhat is (brunch otsuki)?ShigaOtsu CityIt is a commercial complex located in.


With Otsu CityYamato leaseBut,Otsu Biwako Bicycle RacetrackA commercial complex jointly developed on the site[1]..Daiwa Lease's nationwide community-type commercial facility brand "branchIs the first foray into Shiga prefecture, and the business concept is "commercial facilities in the park."[2].. Selected as a business operator by setting out four themes: "formation of local communities," "promotion of lifelong sports and health support," "education support for children who will lead the future," and "creation of new businesses and employment for women."[2]..The site area of ​​the commercial facility site is approximately 49,700Square meter[3]The commercial facility consists of 8 buildings with a total floor area of ​​approximately 25,400 square meters.[4]..It was installed in parallel with Branch Otsukyo[3]..The total project cost including the park is the bicycle race trackDismantlingApproximately 60 billion yen including construction[3]..Otsu City will lend the land until the end of April 2050, and the city will receive 4 million yen annually, for a total of 8,400 billion yen.[3].

, restaurantIn addition, experience-based facilities and exchange spaces will be set up to foster local communities.[5].

Business hours are from 7 am to 11 pm[3].

Parking LotCan park 756 cars[3].Traffic jamWithout a gate to preventLicense plateWe have adopted a system to confirm receipt and delivery by[6].

Facilities and tenants

42 stores have moved into Branch Otsukyo,2019 (Reiwa29 stores were opened at the time of opening (first year)[1].2020 All stores are scheduled to open by the spring of (Reiwa 2nd year)[6].

The facility to move in isMaxvalu,Gu,Nishimatsuya,UNIQLO,Nitori,Montbell,Starbucksな ど[3][5].Cashless payment"SELF BOOKS", which sells books atyogaLeisure facilities such as "Community Park" where you can experience such things as "SG-Park" with a three-person basketball court and restaurants will also be set up.[3]..Store is scheduled to be set up, with a nursery spaceCall centerDo business[6]..Height 6.9 m (Meters)ofBoulderingThe facility was also set up[3].


Otsu Biwako Bicycle Racetrack2011 (Heisei23 years)OctoberObsolete[7]..The land where the bicycle race track wasCity Planning Actbased on"parkBecause it was an area of ​​"Otsu City"2017 (29)OctoberIn addition, we are looking for a business operator who will carry out the dismantling work of the bicycle race track, the use of the site, and the maintenance of the park to be attached.[7].. same yearOctoberDaiwa Lease had acquired preferential negotiation rights[7].

2019May 4The groundbreaking ceremony for Branch Otsukyo was held in Japan, and construction proceeded with the goal of opening in November of the same year.[7].. ConstructionOtetsu Industry[8].

2019 (first year of Reiwa)May 11Opened in[3].


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