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🍴 | You can buy authentic char siu for 24 hours!Chinese chain Fukushin's "frozen vending machine" is too happy

Photo A cold food vending machine in front of Fukushin "Kanamecho store" (photo taken by the editorial department)

You can buy authentic char siu for 24 hours!Chinese chain Fukushin's "frozen vending machine" is too happy

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How did this attractive vending machine come about?

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the chances of eating out have decreased.There are many restaurants that open in a short time, and the work is over ... → Continue reading

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vending machine

vending machine(I'm sorry,British: vending machine) Means that an unspecified number of peoplecurrency(currency) Or by inserting a card etc. that replaces it and paying the price automaticallyProducts(Of goods)BuyTo be able to receive services and servicesmachine[1][2].Vending machine(Jihanki) is also abbreviated.ticket,food voucherFor machines that sell tickets such as(Automatic ticket vending machineAlso says.


Vending machines are when you pay money (for example, cash (coins and banknotes))Electronic moneyTouch the card in)push buttonIt is a machine that can purchase goods (articles, information and services) automatically (=without human intervention) by performing operations. If you put in the price and operate the machine, you will receive the goods (in a machine with a mechanism to prepare fishing)changeCan be received.

However,Public telephoneAnd entertainment machines (jukebox,arcade gameMachines, etc.) are generally not included in the category of vending machines (although they provide services unattended and automated)[3].

From the point of view of the seller of the product, it is a machine that sells it automatically. Lack of manpowerPersonnel expensesIt is effective as a measure against soaring,Days Off,NightHas the advantage that[3].. Vending machineMech robotIt can be said that it is a kind of. From the product buyer's point of view, the vending machine provides the product even on holidays and nights when manned stores are closed.

The oldest vending machine in the world is said to have been the ancient Egyptian holy water vending machine described in Hero of Alexandria's book.The 1615 British vending machine that allows you to buy cigarettes with coins still exists today.In Japan, in 1890, Shuzo Ono and Takashichi Tawaraya each obtained patents for vending machines.

Vending machines can be broadly divided into goods vending machines and vending service machines.

Modern vending machines are generally composed of "money equipment", "instruction equipment", "storage / processing equipment", and "sales equipment".

Most vending machines operate electrically or by the weight of coins or a mechanism operated by the purchaser.[4].

in recent years,Electronic moneyOr at the time of purchasePointSome have the function of adding.Also recentlydisasterSometimes drinkGratisFunctions provided byAutomatic external defibrillator(AED) storage,無線 LANSome have added special features such as the access point function of.

Vending machines consumeelectricitySize,Light pollutionproblem,Minor Ofsmoking,DrinkingImpact ontheftFaced with various problems such as problems, measures have been taken to deal with the problems, and new models that have evolved have been repeatedly introduced.Even nowCashless paymentThe development and introduction of models corresponding to the above are gradually being carried out.

The following coins and banknotes are supported by general vending machines located on the street corners of Japanese cities:


First vending machine

The world's first vending machine is a device for selling holy water installed in ancient Egyptian temples.[5].. This device had a structure in which, when 5 drachma coins were inserted, the stopper was opened by the weight of the coins and water came out from the faucet.[5].. This descriptive illustration isHeron of AlexandriaIn the book "Pneumatika" (the original is lost, but the 1587 manuscript is in the Italian National Library)[6]..However, it is not known whether it was Heron's own invention or a description of his teacher's invention, and the inventor of this device is unknown.[5].. Also, it is not clear how widely used the device is.[5].

The United Kingdom

The oldest existing vending machine is1615In a British cigarette vending machine,Japanese cuisine tavernAnd was installed in an inn[5]..It is a mechanism that the lid can be opened and the product can be taken out by inserting a half-pence coin from the coin slot at the top of the box, but after the lid is opened, it is necessary to close it manually, and the innkeeper or servant closes the lid. It wasn't practical because it was closed[6].

In the UK1857To DenhamPoststampFirst time for a vending machinePatentWas granted[7].


The United States of AmericaThen.1884Granted patent for Fluen's automatic withdrawal device[7].

1888Thomas Adams developed a machine to sell his own gum and installed it at the station[6]..Also, the idea of ​​adding gameplay to promote sales to vending machines is1897Small by Pulver Manufacturing CompanyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfBonusThe attached one was installed. This idea spread as a new mechanism known as the trade stimulator,Slot machine,PinballWill lead to the birth of.

1925Has developed a cigarette vending machine that can sell a wide variety of products at different prices, and it is generally said that this started the history of modern vending machines.[8].


In Japan, it is not a vending machine for goods, but in 1876 (Meiji9 years)Ueno ParkThere is a record that an automatic weight measuring device was installed in the newspaper reading center inside, but the manufacturer and installation period are unknown.[6].

As a vending machine for selling goods,1890(Meiji 23), two patents were granted: a vending machine patent (filed in March 1888, patent No. 3) and a vending machine patent (filed in December 848, patent No. 1888). Patent[7][9].. Of these, Takachika Tawaraya made equipments upon request from the post office.Choshu clan(CurrentYamaguchi )ofShimonosekiAs a joiner, and exhibited at the 1890rd National Industrial Expo in 3.[9].. The vending machines at Tawaraya have already been equipped with the functions of slag remover (elimination of counterfeit coins) and coin return (return of coins when sold out). there were[10].. "Automated postage stamps," invented by Tawaraya in 1904 (Meiji 37)postcard"Selling machine" is the oldest existing vending machine in Japan,Communication MuseumThe name of Tawaraya is widely known as the first vending machine inventor in Japan because it is held in the exhibition and the above-mentioned cigarette vending machine was exhibited at the exhibition.

Meiji EraAlthough various vending machines were manufactured in Japan, most of them were one-off and experimental ones, and were not of a level that was generally established.[11].

1924(TaishoIn 13) Koichiro Nakayama entered the bagConfectioneryProduced a vending machine of the type, which is considered to be Japan's first popular vending machine.[12].

1951 OfAsahi ShimbunThen, as an article by an American correspondent,The New York TimesThe cup-type soft drink vending machine that existed in the office is featured. It has been reported that if you put in a quarter silver coin, four 25 cent bronze coins will come out as change, and that the cup will be set automatically and a fixed amount of soft drink will come out, and it is reported that it is dull at the same time Can be seen that this type of vending machine did not exist or was uncommon[13].

ShowaIn the early 30's, vending machines moved from rare machines to full-scale commercialization.[14].

Vending machines rapidly spread in the 40s. As a factor,1967(Showa 42)100 Yen-50 YenNew coins (White copperIs issued.[15].

In particular1967ToNational railwayIn urban areas as part of streamliningShort distance ticketIt is said that the introduction of a vending machine for issuing tickets had a major impact.

The number of vending machines installed all over Japan is20st centuryThe inside continues to increase,2000(HeiseiIn 12, it reached a peak of 560 million units.21st centuryAfter entering, it started to decrease,2007At the end of (19)Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers AssociationAccording to a survey of 540 units, 5,300% of which are for beverage sales,2008(20)12At the end, the trend continues with 526 million units[16].. Sales from vending machines also start at 2000 trillion yen in 72008(20) decreased to 5 billion yen[16].. The ratio of buyers in Japan is 9: 1 for men[16].. The highest value of industrial products shipped by vending machines in Japan isMieIs[17].. The largest number of vending machine productionYokkaichi[Note 1]So, about 12 units are produced annually.

stationThen.KioskIn order to reduce the inconvenience of users after the store is closed, or to reduce labor costs, the kiosk is often replaced with a vending machine. Also in recent yearsSuicaVending machines exclusively for payment of transportation electronic money have also appeared. This contributes to a reduction in machine maintenance costs by eliminating moving parts that handle money.[18].


Vending machines can be roughly classified into goods vending machines and automatic service machines.[3].

Internationally, vending machines are mostly classified as vending machines for goods (847619), vending machines for beverages, other vending machines, and parts (the following are heating or refrigerating functions). It is only classified whether to self-collect).

Is classified very finely, and is classified as a vending machine (58) among vending machines and automatic service machines (581). Vending machines are roughly classified into goods vending machines (5811) and service information vending machines (5812), and further detailed classifications are provided below.

Vending machine for goods

Generally, various containers that have been chilled or warmed (can-bottle-PET bottles・Beverages containing paper packages/cups,Cup noodle,Sweet bread-Confectionery,tobacco,magazine-News (Chinese)Many are easy to save. In special places, grind and extract from beans each time.coffee,Frozen foodBuilt-in (fried rice balls, fried noodles, etc.)microwaveThere is also a vending machine that is warmed up and offered. As for noodles, there is a type in which boiled noodles are boiled and then served with soup. In the case of cup noodles, some are served with hot water and come with chopsticks.

Transportationticket,Limited express ticket,amusement park,Theme parkAdmission tickets, etc.prepaid cardSuch as those that sell products in the form of tickets,Automatic ticket vending machineAlso called.

In recent years, customers have ordered oils and fats such as gasoline at a refueling machine, and they are responsible for all operations up to refueling.gas stationHas increased. Again, the refueling machine itself is a kind of vending machine.

The products handled by manual vending machines areChewing gum,チ ョ コ レ ー トSuch as sweetsNews (Chinese)And so on.

A newspaper vending machine (see the image above) opens the case by inserting coins in the amount of money, so the case is opened manually and a part of the stack of newspapers is grabbed and taken out. The last purchaser takes out the newspaper, as only part of it is set to cover the transparent window of the case from the inside to display one side of the newspaper. After that, it becomes clear that the case is empty. There is no mechanism to prevent fraudulent acts of retrieving multiple copies at once. Since it does not require electricity, there is almost no management cost, and since the vending machine and the product cost are low, it is not affected by theft damage so many are installed on the streets of the city and the main sales channel of newspapers. Has become one of.

Service information vending machine

In the Japanese standard merchandise classification, the vending machine (581) is classified into an article vending machine (5811) and a service information vending machine (5812), and the service information vending machine is a kind of vending machine. There is. Employment information vending machines and PC software vending machines are exemplified in the Japanese standard product classification. The international HS Code does not have such a detailed classification.

  • Employment information vending machine
  • PC software vending machines-onceSoft vendor TAKERU(Formerly "Takeru"). Blank the software downloaded or read from the built-in optical disc media.Disk media,Rom cassetteI wrote it on and sold it.

Automatic service machine

Like a vending machineTangible thingInstead of providing intangibleServicesEspecially the machines that provideAutomatic service machineCall[19].. The international HS code is in the category of “Vending machines for goods (for example, for postage stamps, cigarettes, food or beverages, including currency changers)” (8476). Although not distinguished, the Japanese standard product classification separates the vending machine (581) and the automatic service machine (582) from each other.

Classification of automatic service machines according to Japanese standard product classification (numbers are product codes)

Fine classification and handling items in Japan

Basically,1990(Heisei 2) Enter according to (partly added) revised in June. In the case of goods, it is divided into food type (food/beverage) and non-food type.

convenience storeAnd open 24 hourssupermarketThe number of items to sell has decreased compared to a year ago due to the increase in the number of stores. Currently, the most common vending machines in Japan areTicket-vending machineAnd drinks/ices in high demand, hard to buy face-to-faceコ ン ド ー ム.

Unusual vending machine

  • The founder of the movieKinetoscopeThere was also a coin-operated one in Japan, but in Japan8 mm filmmoviesThere was a playground equipment and a vending machine for Glico.
  • い く つ か のCrepeSpecialty stores have installed vending machines. However, since it does not last long, it must be replenished and discarded every morning, and it may not be sold on the days when the parent store is closed.
  • (I.e.The only canned beer in JapanCase sellingThere are vending machines.
  • People's Republic of ChinaNanjingIsShanghai crabThere are vending machines. You can buy live crabs for 1-10 yuan, which is cheaper than the market price. The inside is kept at 50-5℃ to keep the crab fresh, and when replenishing it is checked for dead crabs. Should a dead crab come out, provide 10 live crabs free of charge[21].
  • 2011May 1ToKasumigaseki StationAn apple vending machine was introduced in. It is cut to a size that is easy to eat, and you can choose with or without skin.[22].
  • Don QuixoteFor example, there is a store with a vending machine for discriminants that will engrave on the spot if you select a typeface.[23].
  • At pachinko and pachislot stores, there were vending machines that used pachinko balls and medals to buy cigarettes and beverages instead of banknotes and coins, but the lending face value has changed since the spread of 1-yen pachinko machines. Due to the frequent use of pachinko balls and medals for purchase, they are rarely used at present except for some privately owned stores.

Declining vending machines

The types of vending machines that have not completely disappeared, but are rapidly disappearing, include the following.

  • Liquor vending machine ――Vending machines for alcoholic beverages are the same as cigarettesPurchase / drinking by minorsIn addition to causingDrunk drivingThe number of fatal accidents caused by社会 問題Due to the change, it is currently declining rapidly.You will also need it when purchasing from a cigarette vending machine.TaspoNo special card for liquor vending machines such as[24]..In addition, due to the balance with drunk driving, many of the devices used for adult identification in liquor vending machines are in the form of inserting a driver's license.[25]..Most of the places where they are installed are the storefronts of private liquor stores.
  • Large-capacity PET bottle handling vending machine ――Many of the vending machines for beverages were filled with large-capacity PET bottled beverages such as 1.5 liters and 2 liters and sold, but they are open 24 hours a day.Convenience store,SupermarketThe rapid increase has made it easier to buy affordable items, and it has declined.Currently, there are only a few left in Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • Bottled beverage vending machine ――Before the spread of PET bottles, most of the beverages were in glass bottles, and when you insert coins and select a product, the door is unlocked and the vending machine that takes out the bottled beverage from inside was the mainstream. ..Bottled beverages are sealed with a so-called "crown" lid, which needs to be opened with a bottle opener, so the bottle opener was fixed to the vending machine.Even now, private liquor storesMom-and-pop candy storeAlthough it may be placed at the storefront of the store, it is rare to see it because the stores are closing in recent years, but at major retail storesDon QuixoteIt may be installed in such places.

Sales restrictions and installation restrictions

Some products have restrictions on vending machines. in Japan,tobacco,beerな どAlcoholic beverageFor vending machines of this type, there are restrictions on the sales time and the place of installation. In addition, the paper cup type beverage vending machine,Water supplyIt is directly connected to theHealth centerBusiness license (business of coffee shop) is required. The same applies to water vending machines installed in supermarkets in recent years. For milk and other dairy products, the business license from the public health center (dairy sales business) is still required.

Composition and structure


In the "Dainippon Encyclopedia", the composition of the vending machine isMoney device,Pointing device(Control device),Storage/processing equipment,Vending equipmentIs described as consisting of[3].

  • Money device : A device that discriminates the authenticity of the inserted currency and sorts the denominations, counts the amount, and issues change as necessary. Also referred to as the "heart of a vending machine." It is explained that coins are checked for diameter, thickness, weight, material, etc., and bills are comprehensively discriminated by combining external elements such as vertical and horizontal dimensions with portraits, patterns, watermarks, colors of printing ink, etc. In the case of a card, check the card collation and check the amount[3].
  • Pointing device: When you select a product with the push button, the sales instruction is issued.[3].
  • Storage/processing equipment: Storage of products and processing such as cooking if necessary[3].
  • Vending equipment: Receive the sales instruction (from the indicating device) and send the selected product to the "take-out port"[3].

"20 Year History of Vending Machines" explains that the basic functions of vending machines (and the units that carry them) are mainly composed of the following:[26].

  • "Selector(Also called “acceptor” and “accepted coin”) and “Rejector"(Also called "counterfeiting"): Check the authenticity of the coins inserted and determine the type of currency.[26].
  • "changer: Sending the coefficient of input coins, sending of sales signals, discharging change, etc.[26].

Structure for delivering products to customers

There are many types depending on the item, and this is not the only vending machine.

Items with a structure in which products fall

Can and PET bottle beverage vending machines

There is a stock of products on the back of the main unit and product shelves. If you insert a coin and press a button, the electromagnetic coil inside will energize and take out the product. There is also a vending machine with a belt on the bottom that makes it easier to take out items that have been dropped. However, this belt type is a method against the gravitational force that carries an object that has fallen once again to the upper side, so there is a continuous failure from the beginning of development.

Previously, it was necessary to adjust the machine side according to the product to be sold, but recently there is also a non-adjustment mechanism that automatically performs the adjustment. With this method, even if a product is mistakenly introduced, the product is delivered without being jammed, which helps to reduce breakdowns.

In addition, a small plastic bottle container has appeared, and there is a problem that the material of the plastic bottle itself tends to be clogged at the time of loading. However, from the perspective of being able to carry it with the lid on, the demand is still growing rapidly.

Normally, in a vending machine located outdoors, the take-out port is pulled forward. This is a hygiene consideration to prevent ingress of rainwater.

Bottled beverage vending machine

There are vending machines similar to canned drinks. The mechanism is almost the same as the vending machine for canned drinks, but it has the drawback that it is easily clogged like a PET bottle. Unlike cans, the bottle does not slide sideways, but rather toward the buyer.

General-purpose vending machine

In the case of vending machines for breads and confectioneries, the front is shaped like a show window, and when you press a switch, a spiral rack that rotates the spiral rack on which the selected product is placed drops the product to the front outlet. There is. There are also buckets that pick up goods and scrape the goods on the conveyor into the bucket. These are highly versatile and are used in addition to breads and confectionery. A unique example is hospitalization.

A structure that pulls out products

Bottled beverage vending machine

Although it is rarely seen in recent years, there is also a structure in which coins are inserted and the buyer pulls out the stocked bottles. By inserting money, the product that has reached the amount of money can be unlocked and withdrawn. Prior to the spread of canned beverages, this type of beverage vending machine was the mainstream. The bottle opener is fixed on the front of the vending machine,crownIt is a mechanism that the crown comes off by hooking and lowering the bottle by the principle of leverage.In addition, the detached crown is automatically dropped into the crown holder.

Currently someDon QuijoteBesides, privately runLiquor store,Mom-and-pop candy storeTo some extent, it is rarely seen at stores such as.

In addition, a vending machine with a structure similar to that of the former bottled beverage vending machinehotelYou can see it in the refrigerator. In this case, the post-payment method is adopted. Basically, the stocker of stocked beverages has a switch, and by pulling it out, the switch works. The refrigerator has a communication function, which is detected by the computer of the accommodation facility and settled at checkout. In addition to bottled beverages, we sell a wide variety of beverages such as canned beverages according to the shape of the stocker.

A structure that opens the door and pulls out the product

It is used when selecting products that cannot be given a shock such as dropping, or when selecting various products, or when handling large products.

Items with products on the disk

The structure is such that the products are arranged on several shelves on a disk and the products are separated from each other by a partition plate. About 1 to 6 products are lined up on one disk, and the products are circulated by pressing the rotation button. When the desired product comes to the front, the release button is released, the door is opened, and the desired product is taken out. It is used to sell side dishes and snacks, potted flowers, etc. in mass cafeterias, drive-ins, student cafeterias, employee cafeterias, and the like.

Coin locker type

For unmanned sales stands for agricultural products, the front door is made of transparent resin.Coin lockerSet up a cabinet like this, put products (vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc.) inside and "pay and lock the usage fee" The idea is to reverse the idea of ​​coin lockers, "collect goods by paying the price" fee collection Taking the method. However, it is not possible to confirm the freshness of the product by hand before payment.


Point addition function

When you purchase the productPoint CardAndSmartphone appThere are vending machines that have the function of adding points such as ,.


Disaster / emergency response

In the event of a disasterCookingAs a kind of the above, the introduction of a free bend function that can provide drinks in vending machines free of charge has started. This is in the areadisasterPerson who goes home on foot, etc. when the situation arises based on the agreement between the local government and the installation company (→People who have difficulty returning home) AndWater outageBy etc.Drinking waterIt meets the urgent needs of the local residents who have been cut off, and the internal beverage can be provided free of charge by switching the internal switch manually, remotely or automatically.[38].. InsideElectronic bulletin boardThere is also a type that has been installed, it is possible to change the message via the Internet line, so that information can be provided in the event of a disaster[38].. Regarding the method of offering products, unlike normal sales, the product is only released by pressing a button without throwing money, basically,power failureIn this case, since the vending machine itself does not operate, it is difficult to provide the beverage.

However, the products in the vending machine stopped due to such a power outage may be provided to the victims by the favor of the maintenance company and the store side.Nankai Electric RailwayIs 2007May 9Among the vending machines managed by the company,Namba CITYIn addition to installing 13 units with a free-bending function, the company announced that it will provide a total of about 1 beverages in stock at each store as a product in the event of a disaster.[39]..Also, as a free bend compatible model for installation in facilities other than facilities with private power generation equipment,batteryThere is also a vending machine that has an internal power supply, and when the external power supply is cut off, the beverage that consumes a lot of power is cooled and kept warm, the display lighting is stopped, and only the beverage serving function is operated.[40].

Since January 2005, a sticker with the address of the installation location has been affixed to beverage vending machines.This does not necessarily know where the caller is in an emergency, so the purpose is to convey the current location.National Firefighting CommissionStarted by asking the vending machine industry to "display the address of the vending machine"[41][42].

Automatic external defibrillator

Automatic external defibrillator The number of vending machines equipped with (AED) is also increasing.

Wireless LAN access point

Public wireless LAN access pointThe number of vending machines equipped with is increasing.Aichi Expo[43]Has been tested in and is named Free Mobile.Asahi BeverageWe are recommending the installation of a wireless router in the vending machine.

surveillance camera

TokyoAdachi-kuThen,surveillance cameraBeverage vending machine is built in to shoot the streets.Kirin Beverage Metropolitan Police DepartmentNishiarai Police StationOperates in cooperation with[44].

Problems and countermeasures

Standby power

Beverage vending machines consume a large amount of power and require as much power as a single household.Energy ConservationSince there is a problem from the perspective of, energy efficiency improvements are being continued.

On top of the casesolar panelSet up during the daySolar powerThere is also a vending machine that supplies electricity for night lighting.

Landscape problem

Light pollutionProblems andLandscapeThe negative impact on In the vending machine for a specific product, the design tends to be elaborate in terms of color and form because it also serves as an advertisement of the product, but this design may spoil the landscape. For this reason, there are vending machines that take the landscape into consideration, and in some cases they are designed to be inconspicuous when installed.

Passage obstacle

The vending machine may be installed outside the private land on a road that is a public land, which may obstruct traffic. In response to this, installers have responded to this and device manufacturers have also developed and introduced thin vending machines.

Garbage problem

Beverage vending machines have a problem that empty cans are scattered around. It is very important to improve the user's morals along with the installation and management of empty can collection boxes.

Tobacco/liquor sales

Sales of cigarettes by vending machines are regulated in almost all countries except Japan and Germany.As for liquor, it is almost only found in Japan that it is sold at vending machines in the world.[45].

In Japan, cigarettes,beerな どAlcoholic beverageThere are restrictions on the sales time and installation location of various types of vending machines. Tobacco and alcoholic beverage vending machinesNational Tax AgencyAuthorization and license are required,Adult identification vending machineFor vending machines other thanvoluntary restraintsIt has been on sale from 23:5 to XNUMX:XNUMX the next morning, and at the level of municipalities and prefectures.MunicipalitiesThe regulations often place restrictions on the installation location and sales time.

アルコール飲料の自動販売機の場合、成人識別自動販売機以外の自販機については、深夜から翌朝の間の販売停止については罰則がある。タバコの自動販売機は2008年7月以降、全部成人識別自動販売機となったことで、1996年4月1日より行っていた屋外設置のたばこ自動販売機の深夜(午後11時から午前5時まで)稼働自主規制について、2008年8月1日から解除された[46].. In addition, when the sale was stopped, all the push buttons were in the lit state of "".

Proposal was made to prohibit the installation of cigarette vending machines[47].. To address these issues, JapanWHOCigarette vending machines have been criticized by name since 2008CorporationJapan Tobacco Association(TIOJ) and otherstaspobyAdult identification vending machineThe introduction of. However, there is also the possibility of borrowing or lending the card or using it without permission. The effect of the card has been questioned because the number of guidances decreased and increased in Tanegashima, which was introduced experimentally.

For cigarette vending machines,Local tax lawAbove is from the installerJapanese tobacco industryAnd its affiliates receive orders and the location of the installer (whether a store or vending machine)MunicipalitiesAgainstMunicipal tobacco taxIs to be paid. about this,OsakaIzumisanoSome local governments,CompanyAttractionOrdinanceBased on the above, a vending machine installer handled documents that were sold in large quantities in another municipality], and manipulated documents as if ordering from a cigarette vending machine provided in only one administrative area, and received a large amount of tax revenue. It turns out. It is also known that the local government pays incentives to the traders in return. According to local tax law, there are no penalties for this kind of document manipulation,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsSays, "It deviates from the purpose of the local tax law," and wants to conduct a fact-finding survey.[48][49].

Theft problem

When vending machines became popular, we targeted themtheftAlso appeared. Psychological barriers to theft of vending machines are low because the victim cannot see the victim's face. Theft is divided into intelligent theft that causes the machine to misidentify and violent theft that destroys the machine.

1990 eraIn the first half, even the tricks of stealing coins appeared by misusing the high frequency of a self-defense stun gun and causing the coin sorter inside the vending machine to malfunction. Currently, measures are being taken and it is impossible. In addition, various attack methods have been tried such as putting a detergent through a coin insertion slot to damage the internal circuit.

In addition, South Korea500ウ ォ ンFalsified coins500 Yen coinAbuse as事件One after another, 500 yen coinsForced to recast.. A 500 won coin, which was about one-tenth the value of a 10 yen coin at the time (issue date:1982May 6) Is a 500 yen coin (issue date: 1982May 4) Is only about 0.5g heavier, and the mixing ratio and outer diameter of the raw materials were the same. Therefore, if you adjust the weight by making holes or scraping the surface to the extent that it does not penetrate, the vending machine mistakenly recognized it as 500 yen. In the case of banknotes, it is not possible to insert banknotes to reduce crimeBill validatorIs installed.

For mechanical destruction, physical measures such as installing a sturdy key and door may be taken. This is only a time consuming task until it is completely destroyed, and in the meantime, the expectation is that the crime will be detected or the crime will be abandoned. In addition, at presentMobile phone-PHS-無線 LANThere is also one that has the function of managing inventory information and making an emergency call for the destruction of machines using. To prevent such criminal activity, vending machines are usually installed in places where people can see. Exceptionally, outdoor installations are widespread in Japan, which is one of the characteristics of Japan's landscape.

2000 eraEnter cash (bill-coin) AndCredit card,Cash cardSuch asForgerySince the number of bills has increased, the ability of the discriminator (banknote sensor, coin sensor) has been strengthened.

From around the 2000s, some electronic prepaid cards, and vending machines (also from around the 2010s) that only accept cashless payments on mobile phones have been installed. These also have the side effect of making it harder for thieves to get targeted by not putting money inside the vending machine. However, the cashless payment method itself is still in a hurry to spread, and at the present time, it has a demerit to drop customers who have only small change.

On the other hand,2010From around the end of the generation, theft of new tricks to steal change by giving a shock to the machine and causing the equipment to malfunction has become one after another.[50].

Supporting various payments and cashless

(Although it also serves as a measure against theft for cash) From around the 2010s, as a payment method other than cash and credit cardMobile phone,FeliCaPayment method usingCmodeAndEdy-SuicaElectronic money, such asiD,PiTaPaSuch asPost payThere is also a vending machine that pays at. Especiallyliqueur,tobaccoIn the vending machine ofElectronic moneyThe exclusive use also has the effect of preventing sales to children under the age of 20.

In China in the latter half of the 2010s, vending machines (not only manned sales)CashlessThe number of vending machines that do not accept cash has increased.


In addition to the above crimes, there have also been murder cases in the past in which bottled beverages in which the contents of sold products were replaced with poisonous substances were taken out and left in the mouth.

Main manufacturer

  • Fuji Electric -Originally, the subsidiary Fuji Electric Retail Systems (former Fuji Electric Cold Machine) was in charge, but it was merged and directly managed.Sanyo ElectricVending Machines Division (formerly Sanyo Electric Vending Machines) was acquired and made a subsidiary (Fukiage Fuji Vending Machines), and then integrated into the former Retail Systems. In addition, the business withdrew at the end of 2017KubotaAfter-sales service and succession of overseas manufacturing subsidiary[51].. No. 1 in the industry.
  • Sanden -Acquired the cup machine business of former Toshiba equipment. Independent.
  • Panasonic Industrial Equipment Systems - Panasonicsubsidiary.The organization is under the umbrella of Panasonic Appliances Company. Withdrew from manufacturing in December 2020.
  • -Former vending machine department of Shibaura Works,Shibaura MechatronicsSubsidiary of. Also of Toshiba seriesToshiba equipmentIs disbanded.
  • Glory -Old Glory Industry. Merged with sales subsidiary Glory Trading Co., Ltd. and renamed it.
  • NEC Magnus Communications - Former Toyo Communication EquipmentOf the vending machine departmentNets S eye ToyoAbsorbed and merged.NEC Group(NEC Nets SIIsubsidiary).
  • Fujitaka


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