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🍴 | No, this is a foul ... Gusto's "Bomb-class calories and deliciousness" "devil burger" is too dangerous

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No, this is a foul ... Gusto's "Bomb-class calorie and deliciousness" "devil burger" is too dangerous

If you write the contents roughly
The slightly spicy curry sauce goes great with mustard mayonnaise!

I found "food that is too dangerous" in Gust.That is this "Gust Burger"!Price 879 ... → Continue reading

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curry(Gan,British: curry, Tamil: கறி, Tamil Latin transliteration: kaṟi) Is a variety ofSpicesTo use together to season the ingredientsIndian cuisineFor cooking using the characteristic cooking method ofEnglishName. Turned around and based on thatEuropean cuisineOr, likewise, it is seasoned with various spices.Southeast AsiaAlso refers to such dishes.

Indian,Southeast Asiasystem,Western foodAll of the lines have become one of the internationally popular dishes, and the curry culture has taken root all over the world.


Curry is a pervasive dish in the world, but its definition fluctuates and is often the subject of debate.[1].. Shogakkan "Japanese Dictionary", Britannica "Encyclopedia of International Britannica", Kodansha "Dictionary that understands the world's cuisine"Curry powder,Curry and riceIntroduced as an abbreviation for multiple powdersSpicesIt is said that it refers to all dishes using sauces made by mixing[2].. Colleen Taylorsen is a narrow sense in "History of Curry" and refers to "spiced meat, fish or vegetable stew, such as rice, bread or cornmeal.carbohydrateIt is defined as ``food accompanied by'' in a broad sense, "all dishes seasoned with curry powder regardless of whether it is juicy"[1].

TamilThe potash (kari, Meaning soup ingredients) or kalil (karil, Fried vegetables and meat seasoned with spices)[2][3].. Other,BombayNamed curry, who was fond of eating dishes with chili peppersScottishLost property due to betting and betting theoryIrishCalled "Racecourse Rice" (Kalich Gausch), which was sold by horses to a familyIrishThere is also a theory that[4].

IndianOriginally, the word "curry" was not used, and individual names were used for each curry dish, but it seems that the description of the word curry can be seen in Europe such as Portugal from the beginning of the 17th century. Became widely spread throughout the world[5].

Curries around the world


Indian cuisineUses a lot of spices, so many foreignersStewsIs recognized as "curry." HoweverForeignerThe Indian stew called curry isSaag,Sambar,Colma,DarEach has its own name, and there is no dish called "curry." However, for Indian touristsRestaurantsFor convenience, Indian restaurants outside India often use "○○ curry" on the menu. This is the former suzerainEnglishmanThe main reason for this was that Indian food was collectively called curry and was introduced to the world.

There is no word "curry" in Indian native language. HoweverDravidianToVegetables・"Kali" meaning meat, meal, side dishesTamil : கறி, Kari), which is said to have been written in English as "curry".


ThailandToタイ 語でGane(แกงThere is a soup-like food called. It originated in the Thai court and has no direct connection to Indian curry. However, because of the similarity to curry that uses multiple spices,Thai curry(English:Thai curry) Called.

Thai food with a lot of water and spices. I often use raw spices,Red peppers,garlic,shallot,HerbsKind (GingerKind,lemongrass,KobumikanLeaves of,corianderStir fry "Gane Kroon"shrimp,chicken, Vegetables, etc.Wed,Coconut milkStew inNampula(Fish sauce) Is a flavorful dish seasoned with. Spicyness, color, fragrance, and taste vary depending on the materials used for the gane kloon and the materials to be cooked. To the representativeRed curry,Green curry,Yellow curryThere is. CookedScented riceI eat it overRotiI sometimes eat with them. Gane called "Yellow curry" in EnglishGane Gully(Moth)”.

As mentioned above, although there is no direct relationship with Indian curry, there is currently a recipe for Gane using curry powder. The curry powder in this case is called pon curry, which is called Pooh Pa pon curry (ปู ผัด ผง กะหรี่,crabStir-fried curry powder) etc.

Also, what is called curry in Thailand is Japanese-style curry rice that came from Japan. It is a common food locally,JapaneseIn some cases, tourists ordered Thai curry at a Thai restaurant and ordered "curry", which caused trouble.


Burmese food"Hin", a stewed dish that uses a lot of oil, which can be eaten as a common side dish inဟင်း) Is sometimes called "Burma curry", "Myanmar curry", etc. in Japan.Burmese Food #HinSee.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Vietnamese foodCurryVietnameseCurry (Curry), India Curry (Ấn Độ cà ri) Called curry powder, Tuong Curry (tương cà ri) Curry paste, chili, lemongrass, coconut milk,Tomato pureeAnd cook the ingredients withnoodles, RicefoodOrFrench breadEat with. It has a lot of oil like Hin in Myanmar, and it has the same salty taste as Gaen in Thailand.Fish sauce(Nukum) To attach.potatoOrsweet potato,onion,carrotIs similar to Japanese curry.eggplant,tofuShoji curry using such as (Curry Chai,vegetarian curry) And chicken curry gar (chicken curry),カ エ ルEknow Curry usingẾch nau cà ri).

The United Kingdom

British sailors on the voyagestewI wanted to eatmilkHad to give up because he didn't last long[6][7][8].. This was the beginning, and the British sailors devised a dish made with the same ingredients as stew, using the spices of curry that had a long life instead of milk, and this is one of the origins of British curry.[6][7][8].. I don't know exactly when the year will come, but the cookbook "Clear Simple Cooking" published in England in 1747turmeric-Ginger-pepper"Indian cooking method of curry" using is published, and this is the oldest document dealing with curry in English as of 2017.[9].

1772, Of the Governor of IndiaWarren HastingsTo EnglandColonyIndian "curry" food was introduced and became popular. What was introduced at this time isIndica riceToturmericIt is a "Marigatoni soup" that is a dish of vegetables and meat soup colored in[10].. However, it was extremely difficult for the British to master a wide variety of spices like the Indians. So the BritishC & BIs a mixture of spices in advanceCurry powderIt was commercialized as "C & B Curry Powder" and sold under the name "C & B Curry Powder".This made curry popular as a British home-cooked dish.1810ToOxford English DictionaryThe word "curry powder" appears in. In addition, value the sauceFrench cuisineFrom the influence ofWheat flourIt is said that the cooking method of thickening curry with roux was devised.

Indian curry uses various ingredients such as vegetables and beans,The United KingdomAs a ingredient in the currybeefThere was only a case. This is more than a middle-class home in England,SundayBigroast beefBaking habit (Sunday roast) Was there. I eat the remaining meat for a week, but as one of the cooking methods of the remaining meatCurry ricewas there. With the loss of Sunday roast habits,home cookingThe curry as is almost abolished. But stillPubAnd the student cafeteria menu,Frozen foodAs, there are certain needs.

Second World WarAfter the former colonialSouth AsiaregionalIndiaとPakistanBecame independent, the British accepted a large number of immigrants from both countries, and many South Asian immigrant communities and Indian restaurants were born. Was born hereChicken tikka masalaOf indian food Chicken tikkaIt is simmered with curry sauce. The Indian curry is the opposite of the English curry cooked with the remaining meat of roast beef and is now popular in Britain.BalchIs a British curry dish. This kind of environment is one of the reasons why home-made curry was abolished in England.

In England,BirminghamThere is a curry called (or fal) that originated in the Indian restaurant inhabañero pepperBased on Scotch Bonnet and Scotch Bonnet, it is known in Japan as super-hot spicy curry.


The British method of introducing a French cuisine-specific sauce to the colonial Indian cooking method has spread to the original France, curry rice andDry currySimilar to "ri z au cari[10], Or ri zo curry riz au curry[11])” was created. Also of the 19th centuryParisIn, in connection with the King of England who was also the Emperor of India,Edward VIIMany curry-flavored dishes called kaze have appeared[12].

In addition, the 19th century pharmacist Goth developed a mixed seasoning called "kari gosse" and provided it to restaurants throughout France. Heyday1930 eraToベルギー,モロッコIt was also exported to the factory during World War II.BrittanyBecame scorched soil, and now it is only sent to each restaurant through a pharmacy from a very small factory.[13].. contemporaryFrenchIs not good at spiciness, and it is said that many of the French-style “curie” utilize the spice flavor rather than spiciness.[14]In Southern France, this "Cali goth" is still used as a local flavor.


Curry was introduced to Japan in 1868 and it is said that British merchant ships brought in ready-made curry powder.[15].. Then in 1872Kanagaki RobunPublished “Western Cuisine” compiled by, and widely introduced by introducing curry recipes[15].. As a reason for the establishment, in addition to encouraging meat eating as a background of the times and being greedy for uptake and absorption of Western culture, it was possible to eat vegetables, meat and rice together and to respond at a cheap price Has been[16].. The thick curry with flour added to the one transmitted from the UK is hung on rice and eaten.Curry and riceIs widespread, and there are various curries arranged according to the region, home, store, etc.

SoupCurry or curry soupSoup CurryIn the example of a house food recipe, the ingredients used are solid curry, onions,Roast ham,cabbage,Salad oil,water,salt, Pepper. Some stores sell it under the name of green curry, and curries in Indian regions and Thailand are called curries similar to this, but they are soup-like, and some people call them curry soup because they are soup-like.[17].. There is also a soup shop, which is called "curry".[18].. Nissin Foods also sells green curry soup in cups. Of regions that use locally produced materialsTown revitalizationThere are also examples that are sold as[19][20].

Besides that, there are many Japanese original curry dishes (food),Curry nanban(Sprinkled with curry soupMackerel) Such asnoodlesKind,Dry curry,Curry bun,Curry bread,Curry croquetteand so on. Seasoned with currySnacksThere are also many.


Curry is said to have been introduced by people who migrated from England to the United States in the 18th century,Declaration of American Independence"Apple Curry Soup", devised by a wife who was one of the signers of the US, is said to be the first curry recipe born in North America[21].. After that, the recipe for cooking East Indian chicken curry, catfish curry, curry powder, etc. was published in 1824's "Virginian Housewife's Cooking", starting with "Cooking Guidebook" (1840). 1845), "Housewife's Assistant" (1846), "Home Recipes" (XNUMX), etc.[21].Duffel BagOn the Indian wharfCalcuttaDaily deliveries of tea, pepper, ginger, cardamom, saffron, turmeric, cumin, allspice, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, star anise, peppers, fennel, mace, nutmeg, curry powder, etc. Chicken curry, veal curry, lobster curry, etc. became popular.[22].

In the 19th century, the chances of curry being featured in popular cooking magazines increased, and there was a wide variety of original recipes such as Marigatoni soup, chilled meat curry, curry-flavored chicken jelly, and turkey curry. Curry dishes have become popular[23].. Among them, Eliza Leslie introduced that it became popular in the southern United States.Country captain chickenso,Franklin Roosevelt,George PattonI like it very much[23].. Country Captain Chicken thenUS Department of DefenseHas been added to the menu of instant foods distributed to soldiers by[24].. Other,Oyster barCurry of oysters that have spread widely, etc. are also curry dishes often eaten in the United States[25].

In 1952, the first curry dish specialized in curry, "Curry dish," was published byHawaii,アルジェリア,Australia,New Zealand,Canton,Chugoku,Japan,Cajun,West Indies,トルコ,Bombay,Calcutta,BengalCurry dishes from countries and regions such as[26].. When it was abolished in 1965, the number of migrants from South Asia increased rapidly, and along with this, many Indian restaurants were opened in New York etc.[27].

Other areas

Rice:Curry and rice.
Curry wurst(Germany): Curry powder added to roasted sausageketchupThe dish that was cooked.
: Stewed yam and chicken with coconut and spices.
West Indies
(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu): Seasoned with curry powderGoatA dish of stewed meat.
Kareido Aki (Jamaica): with coconut milk and curry powderAckieBoiledAppetizer.
(French Antilles): Curry of meat and fish using colombo flour.

Curry powder

Curry powder mixspicesKind of.18st centuryBritish in the second halfCross and blackwellIt was devised by (C & B) and commercialized for the first time.[28]..The manufacturing method of this "curry powder" was difficult to understand, and for a long time C & B's products dominated the market.

Effects of materials on the body

Included in curryspicesAs one ofAkikon(turmeric,C. longa ) Is contained in the active ingredientCurcuminIt is included.

As a physiological effect of curcumintumorAction and antioxidant action, antiAmyloidAction, antiInflammationThe action is known.

Anti-inflammatory effectEicosanoidThought to be due to inhibition of synthesis[29]. Also,Free radicalsHas the ability to capture,LipidPeroxidation ofActive oxygenDepending on speciesDNAPrevent injury. CurcuminoidGlutathioneTo induce S-transferase,Cytochrome P450Can be inhibited.

The physiological activity and medical usefulness of curcumin have been actively studied in recent years. AnticancerIn effect, cancer cell-specificApoptosisHave been reported to induce. Curcumin is also associated with many inflammatory diseases, including cancerTranscription factorIsNF-κBCan be suppressed[30].. In fact, the carcinogen was administered in advancemouse,Rat, Was fed a diet with 0.2% curcumin added,Colorectal cancerThere is a report that there was a significant decrease in the onset of[31].

I often eat curryIndia8% of cancers are the cause of death in China, 22% in China and 25% in the US[32].

2004 years,UCLAThe research team ofAlzheimer's diseaseExperiments using model mice showed that curcuminβ amyloidIt was shown to suppress the accumulation of amyloid and reduce amyloid plaques.[33].

There are also epidemiological findings that curcumin affects mental function. For older AsiansMini mental state inspectionShowed a relatively high score (healthy mental function) in the group that ate yellow curry more than once every 1 months[34].


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