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🍽 | Miyako Hotel Gifu Nagara River "Rooftop Restaurant SOT △ DE" is now available


Enjoy cooking while gazing at the night view of the city Miyako Hotel Gifu Nagara River "Rooftop Restaurant SOT △ DE" Appears

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"Rooftop Field SOT △ DE" will be held every night from July 7st to the end of September except Tuesdays.

A rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy food while gazing at the night view of the city such as Nagara River and Mt. Kinka is at a hotel in Gifu City ... → Continue reading

 Gifu Chan

Gifu Prefecture's prefectural broadcasting station "Gifu Chan" is the "Gifu Chan DIGITAL" that delivers news about the prefecture. We will deliver seasonal topics from Gifu to the whole country.

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Tuesday(Tuesday) isMondayとWednesdayIs between週One day.

Name in each language

Japanese,Korean,Also,Romance languagesThe name ofSeven daysIs one of火星 Named after the day of (Mars).Also,Five lines thought OfTueTo fire.

English OfTuesdayIs the god of norse mythologyTyrComes from[1].

VietnameseThen means the sixthTuesdayIs also used to mean Tuesday,ChineseThen "TuesdayOr "Rei Tomoji".

Tuesdays of each country


The United States of AmericaThen.election OfVoting dayIs set to Tuesday.United States Presidential ElectionConcentrated days are "Junior Tuesday" and "Super TuesdayIs called.


AustraliaThen every year on the first Tuesday of November, a horse racing GI raceMelbourne cupIs done. There are many public holidays not only in Melbourne but throughout Australia, and it is Australia's largest sporting event that the public is paying attention to.


Service industry

Since it is the day after the beginning of the week (to be exact, the beginning of a weekday), Saturdays and Sundays are prosperous, and since it is the day after Monday, which may be a holiday due to Happy Monday, stores that have Tuesday as a regular holiday There is. Especially other than chain stores restaurantThis tendency is seen in[2].. There are various theories about this, and there is also a theory that it is closed on Tuesdays because it hates fires, fires, and books becoming a car of fire.[3].. Some car dealers are closed on Tuesdays for the same reason.

In the past, large supermarkets and department stores sometimes set Tuesday as a regular holiday for the same reason. this isLarge-scale retail store lawThis is because the regular holiday was set once a week until the deregulation. However, the setting of the day of the week to be a regular holiday is set by the operating company, and unlike the barber shop, not all operating companies have a regular holiday on the same day of the week (Jusco,DaieiWas closed on Wednesday). Since the mid-1990s, the situation has changed, with some stores opening all year round due to deregulation of the Large-scale Retail Store Law (later abolished).

TokyoMost of the dressing shops are closed on Tuesdays. This is based on the "Adequacy Regulations" in Tokyo, which is an ordinance established by the union established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (many closed on Mondays in other areas).[4][3].

NaganoThe real estate in Japan has a regular holiday on Tuesday. This is because many retailers are closed on Wednesdays, and because they are looking for a room on holidays, they are closed on different days of the week (in other areas, they are often closed on Wednesdays, but in some areas they are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. There are also areas where you can do it.Northern JapanSome areas are closed on Sundays[5]).

convenience storeThen new products will be released one after another. This is because, based on Tuesday and Wednesday sales, you can place orders for popular items on Thursday for the weekend with the highest sales.[6].

Special sale days will be held at major supermarkets (ion"Tuesday market" etc.


Two women's weekly magazines (2 weekly magazines)Women themselves,Weekly women) Release date (another weekly women's magazine)Women sevenWill be released on Thursday). In other weekly magazinesWeekly Asahi-Sunday Daily-FLASHIs on sale. On the other hand, the weekly manga magazine was not released as of 2015 (once it wasWeekly Shonen JumpとWeekly Shonen SundayIt was the release date of).

Works on Tuesday


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Fire with double-byte brackets


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