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☕ | Korean-loving sanctuary “Kirakira Hanryu Shoten” opens a cafe ... I'm crazy about brilliant sweets!


“Kirakira Hanryu Shoten”, a sacred place for Korean lovers, has opened a cafe ... I'm crazy about brilliant sweets!

If you write the contents roughly
It's a cookie that isn't too sweet and has a good taste, so I was very happy even though I wasn't always satisfied with just one.

"Kirakira Hanryu Shoten", which sells Korean idol goods, will open a Korean-style cafe "Soul Terrace" in Kita 24 in June ... → Continue reading


An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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